Sunday, October 06, 2013

Upping the Brown Ante

A new escalation in the perp brown games, as in those related to my bowels. No question they have been busy blocking toilets all over town and in my residences for the past 11 years. Last night they pulled a new one; a big fart became a brown and wet one to my surprise, as I have never, ever, had this occur, and in the rare instance of a sudden crap onset I had sufficient physiological warning to make it to a toilet. Not only did I get no warning, but I got the wrong sensation altogether until after the fact. Needless to say I was extremely enraged, but of course the clean up was more important to attend to. They pulled this stunt just before I was due to go to bed, and checking the web site of another TI I know. So... the soiled clothes sat around here until tonight and when I went to the laundry the next evening.

I got screwed out of getting up at the regular time as someone messed with the alarm setting, when I set the alarm every night, and am quite sure I did it. Which meant another weekday of no full shaving, just face and neck. This is the second time this week I have been screwed out of shaving the regular areas, (additionally, armpits and swim trunk region). I suspect the morning time get-up routine will be disrupted more, as they don't stop when they go on a tear.

A blocked toilet, followed by a phone call (read, EMF device at my ear) over cancelling my suddenly too-expensive data plan (internet access). The perps like to run up power bills and other utilities, and I would not be surprised if they did it to my ISP last month. The charges trebled for last month when I did nothing exceptional. So.. onto the landline provider, as in cable, instead of the cellular phone access.

A variety of tasks attending to the vineyard harvest. I was cycled from vineyard, bottling, plastic cleaning (picking buckets), humpfing plywood, and wine-making in one day. I could not describe my days as routine or dull of late, and the perps do so like to create interuptions when I am on task, especially at the beginning phase and the completion phase.

Me and some 14 women classmates at yoga yesterday. Many new faces, and they put three cute girls around me and one wincing larger woman. It would seem that this advanced yoga is too much for some of the shills they plant. It was the same loathsome (and Unfavored- large gut, bald head, fugly shorts, over 20 y.o male) instructor again, doing his pacing around again, and being rather sparse as to instructions at times, though, as always, the rest of the class seemed reasonably capable, as if they had done a rehearsal. Said instructor, did his namaste thing at the end of the class, and said; "thanks for coming, especially for those who came on short notice". Like WTF; that sounds mighty organized to me; when the format is for individuals to assemble at a given time and day of the week. Some four months ago, the same male instructor identified two young women (on my R side, one next to me, and one a mat away), as "you guys" in reference to their ability to perform a pose. They did not seem like regular yoga practitioners, though they were supple, and I assumed they were dancers. I hadn't seen them before, or since, and I can only conclude that they were part of some organized effort to have students from an allied, but different practice, to participate in yoga next to this victim (me). If you have any other interpretations as to what this might be about, please let me know in the comments.

Another busy day of grape harvesting, but it is now done; or at least the 95% that goes to the contracted vintner. Hence these short and sporadic postings this week.

A rare Sunday evening laundromat visitation, and a fresh set of freaks and loitering Fuckwits there. Though, at least one shiftless male in a ball cap and another one stepping in my way and pretending to be unaware of it, and then said Fuckwit stops in his tracks to look at his cell phone. How could anyone be so unaware of other pedestrian traffic 4' away? But the strangest of all was this woman, about thirty and grossly overweight, who had some 9 washing machines on the go simultaneously, and of course, the two that I used ended up in the middle of her washing machine spread. She was with this skinny woman of 50 in a while ballcap, and the relationship situation was most curious. The latter woman just had to check the laundry machine next to mine after the first one had loaded it. An excuse to get closer and to bob her head and point the crown at me it would seem. These head bobbings, noddings, and faux bows are all the rage of late.

Then when the dryer cycle was on, this same woman/woman pair had 10 dryers on the go simultaneously, again, with mine in the center. I have never seen someone with so much laundry at a laundromat in all my life. And when I gathered up the items from the dryer, why, the shiftless male passed behind my back, the fat woman had to attend to the adjacent dryer, and the ball-capped skinny woman was on stock-still sentry duty 8' away. A clusterfuck of three gangstalkers on me as I take my laundry from the dryer. Can we say "tedium ad nauseum"; it has only been 11 years of being hounded in laundromats. Just before that, as I was about to enter the laundromat (after looking at my cell phone in my stopped vehicle), the burglar alarm went off "for some reason", and I had to put my hands to my ears, like the Fuckwits, to block out the intense noise. They had me entering the premises and walking some 10' into it, before a strange male came from upstairs and putzed with his keys to turn off the alarm. Funny how those things "happen" to me.

I will post this tonight (Sunday), even if the content isn't much, as I can then start from a clean slate.

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