Monday, October 21, 2013

Thankless Giving and all That

Thanksgiving Day in Canada, a day off for the regular workers, but for winemakers in this region, (Okanagan Valley), a very busy time. I was to rack (transfer and leave the sediment behind) the white wine juice with the pumps, some 1200L or so. That makes us very small in the commercial wine world to say the least. And lo, if the serially connected pumps didn't fail at the same time and I had to hand bail the juice with buckets carefully lowered into the bins so to not disturb the sediment. That some two hours was devoted to dismantling the pumps to no avail should also be noted. And that I thought I would finish up early today before this wretchedness sandbagged my plans.

And why have the perps gone silly over creating messes upon messes of late? From coffee grounds that magically appear on my stove top, to smears from nowhere and "errant" droplets flying straight at me.

 A partial work day due to getting a home installation of a different ISP, modem etc. The installation tech was totally avoidant in not looking at me, almost to the point that he looked stoned, putting on that disconnected far-away look. And even if I leave work two hours early, why, the same oncoming single lane vehicle trains are arranged by color and vehicle type. I get to watch the vehicle in front of me weaving from shoulder line to straddling the center line, in the identical pattern of so many lead-ahead gangstalkers for the past 11 years.

Nearing my residence,. there was a big black unmarked , tinted windowed (both cab and canopy) pickup sitting at the corner, projecting 6' past the stop line. Talk about making a statement, as I make that corner most every day, and there is absolutely no reason to do so, as there are adequate sight lines in both directions at the stop line. So I give the driver a gander, and here he is staring at me with some kind of black uniform on, as he had some kind of shoulder insignia. I stare back at him while making my L. turn, and then he gives me this quizzical look for no reason. Not your average police officer, and probably not one at all; so maybe eye-ball to eye-ball with one of the Thems.

And just when I wanted to go through the bibliographies of two recent books and bookmark them on Amazon, why, they
stripped out the Amazon Wish List button for some reason. Likely to force me to use the browser bookmarking alternative method instead. Such is the absurd pettiness of this singular imposition, aka, life-trashing.

I see that the ISP installed a yellow network cable. I can fix that easy enough, or at least, that was what I thought, but I cannot find a substitute cable and am made to "forget" to buy one every time I am out.

A work related order finally completed; it took three deliveries/retrivals, and at no time did they say any of it was backordered. I had to tell them what was missing each time.

More order shenanigans; the once reliable and prompt raw food supplier in Naramata "somehow" forgot to send me an email that my order was ready yesterday. I phoned them today to find out where it was at. When I said I didn't get an email  I got "oh". Not even a pathetic "sorry". And intense vehicular gangstalking for a Thursday at 1400h; at least 8 parties of motorcycles, and a single lane construction wait/constriction as they were digging and then burying yellow plastic pipe for a gas line extension. Most curious, in this rural area. Nice drive though.

Vehicles on me when driving to the food suppliers, and then another to take over when arriving, and then when departing. In keeping with the usual minimal interaction of picking up an order at this place, I grabbed the one box with my name on it. It was at least 60lb, very heavy; as it turned out, the box of 12 jars of coconut butter was inside this larger box. And strangely, it was propped up on styrofoam corners inside the larger box. I suppose someone wanted some separation between the two boxes, not forgetting that they were both brown, though not the same tone.

Speaking of brownstalking; a mid brown metallic flake colored pickup was tailing me for at least 10 minutes. This is the first time EVER in 11.5 years of this insane abuse that the perps have directly tailed me with a brown colored vehicle, behind or leading. Even on a "usual" day they might allow some metallic flake tan colored vehicles to cross my path, but never tail me at length.

Friday; a tanning tonight, after they didn't respond by phone last evening. Again, more perp scripted silliness. I started at 15 min. last week and wanted to up it to 16 minutes, and the attendant says to me. "sixteen minutes again?" Like WTF; how did she know that was what I had in mind?

Vineyard and winemaking work; four fermentations on the go; two red and two white; all in picking bins covered with plastic sheet. Temperature control is at the behest of the Great Outdoors, though we know who can fix that.

Pump repair/installation, a relief from the endless cleaning that is the essential theme of winemaking.

Crazy silly extra vehicular gangstalking this morning; seemingly, because I used a new razor insert to shave with. New hair cutting devices/blades are always a big deal for the perps, as is the new teflon rub strip, another fetish of theirs.

The vineyard puppy is nutty; if it hasn't seen me over a few minutes, it barks at me as if I was an unknown stranger. This dog is getting worse in this respect, not better.

Yoga; this awful woman in dreadlocks managed to get in front of me; I loathe the sight of this unusual and too fulgy hairstyle, and instead of tattoos, I get this Unfavored freak. At least she stayed away from me in the lobby when the class was over.

The much Unfavored male yoga instructor was wearing a red shirt just to look extra Unfavored, as we are at four on this guy; male over 20, large gut, bald head, dumbshit baggy shorts that go below the knee. No mention today of any "thanks for coming on short notice" like two weeks ago.

A faux bum/vagrant in the foyer of the bank at the ATM machines, leaving his plastic bag there, and then going outside to do stand-around duty W facing when I exited, and then S facing when I was driving by to depart. Caucasian, seemingly, with a flat mashed out negro nose. I have found the perps can change nose, eye and all facial features relatively quickly, so who knows what the real story on the vagrant was. Wearing a red hoodie is a signature perp garment. As mentioned many times, the perps are expecially silly over red colors at dusk times.

Saturday; legs waxed, onto work to perform winemaking tasks for the rest of the day. The now-speckled red legs are surely a preamble to stirring the cap down on the red wine batches.

I get out of my vehicle with my work bags, and get screwed around with the gate latch for the upteenth time (especially of late),  and this male person starts talking on the other side of the fence. I am still pissing with the lock when this wacko male cyclist in helmet and the white rimmed glasses (perps seem to love that prop) stops by and asks about where the landlord is. I motion to the house some 20 yards away, and then he makes out that the landlord might have been working on his race vehicle in the garage (where I now live, and it is a residence, likely a former garage). I cannot be 100% sure, but this place has been rented out for at least four years, so why ask me about it? Then the guy asks me if I was at the races, and I said no, as I hadn't been. Like WTF; clearly I wasn't into racing cars like my landlord was, and why should anyone assume that he would include me in his hobby when I live in a separate nanny suite? Anyhow, the perps like to plant wierd freaks in front of me, and they like to put on extra noise, especially from aircraft, whenever I pass through this gate, so it stand to reason that the perps want to combine this into a single disruption agent.

Sunday passed, and I was busy all day on wine bottling. Last night, I had a sudden "need" to get on with September month-end accounting in Quicken, something the perps have an inordinate interest in. It went smoothly, tracking and recalling figures and lines between my Quicken and my online bank statement. An extreme rarity that they didn't rage-ify me at least once. Then when I went into October and reconciled the statement, why, all of a sudden I was beset with cognitive and recall problems, transactions that didn't appear at first, and arrived on the web page when I was in Quicken, or vice versa. Just the usual fraught and rage-ified month-end accounting I have come to loathe.

Anyhow, that kept me busy for the evening, hence no posting. I will attempt to get this one done tonight as it is only a bunch of jottings presently.

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