Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Eleven Years On

This is the 11th anniversary of the onset of this continuous abuse at the hands of a highly organized party with the ability to access one's mind in real time and by remote means. And to inflict telekinetic (action at a distance) abuses relentlessly and constantly all day long. And no reprieve when at sleep either; my dreams have become more lurid, technical and without the normal fail-safe means to bail out. (Formerly, if a dream got ugly I would wake up and that would be the end of it, but now this "circuit breaker" ability is suppressed to keep me in ugly dreams for longer, or until the planted show is over).

It all began, in my total ignorance of what has transpired before, in April 2002 when working in Seattle and my co-workers were looking at me strange for no seeming reason. Then the ex was acting weird on the phone. Then I was getting dithered in getting my income tax return together. The then girlfriend, Ms. C was also acting strange. The other girlfriend, Ms. L, had split town a week earlier. Then this ominous foreboding of something terrible and traumatic was about to unfold. Like what?, I kept asking myself, and for what?  I hadn't done anything illegal, had no bad habits to invite weirdness of others, so WTF?

Some dudes were lingering outside on the balcony of a nearby apartment, which was strange as the building was so quiet. Then some strange dudes tailed me into the 24 Hr Fitness at 0100h, seeming to be packing a gun holster under their gym clothes while running on the treadmill. Then a vehicle full of business-like males stopped outside my parked vehicle on the street, as viewed from the lobby of the said fitness club. And it got stranger with these males surfacing in the building and I didn't know how they got there as I was monitoring the entrance way and somehow they got into the change room to hang around. I had taken the hard drive out of my PC (familiar?) to dispose of it there should there be something incriminating that someone else had put on my PC. I parked my car on the street instead of the parkade below the apartment building just to be "elusive" though in hindsight I cannot think that it would of amounted to anything helpful. I had taken my medications with me and yet they weren't to be found in my locker. When I got back to my apartment they were there in the bathroom and it was no recall mistake on my part, someone did move them from my locker back to my apartment ahead of me. This was a Sunday night, going into Monday morning.

Eventually, I fell asleep on the floor, and the next moment I was aware of was when six men in suits (or sports jackets) were holding me aloft horizontally and transporting me into my apartment. After that, many strange things transpired. For some reason I thought it was a police raid, complete with barking dogs and rattling chains on cages outside. There was strange lights arranged one above the other outside the window. The front door shifted in its frame, there were light flashes that were dazzling, and some particular kinds of light, brown in color, that would immediately cause me to collapse in a sudden influx of tiredness. Other light flashes would display, and too, some grey tracks of seeming bees were buzzing and I was following them with my vision until they crossed paths and I didn't know which was which. A hole was being sawn into the floor of my apartment, and I could see that it was at least 2' diameter and the cutting tool from below and the cut floor beginning to drop into the apartment below. There was a screwdriver that deformed, its metal shaft "melted" by roughly 90 degrees while in my hand and not the least bit warm. And then this barrage of high strangeness subsided and I expected to see a party to arrive and explain all this, but that didn't happen. Objects of mine appeared from nowhere, and small cylindrical batteries would roll into my proximity. The apartment was strewn with CD's and debris by the end of this high tech invasion/abuse. Though the hole in the floor and the lateral shifting door were back to normal; no evidence of it afterward.

By then, it was clear I was getting telepathic dialog and instructions that was perfectly clear, rational and relevant. I was instructed to take my Victoria Masters Swim Club jacket to a certain hotel suite in the same building, and eventually did. On my way back, going through the courtyard and not the building, I encountered an organized group of adults standing side by side and in two ranks for a team picture. Once back in my apartment, some personnel did appear, and one teleported through the bathroom wall in a shimmer of metallic light, eventually standing in the bathtub. Another male showed me a balloon and I followed him and he demonstrated that he would flush the toilet and force the balloon into the toilet's throat, which as it turned out, stayed there and blocked the toilet for a week until I got a plumber's snake. (I would also use the bathroom at work to lessen the impact of the toilet's obstructed state.)

I had no idea what time of day all of the above transpired, except that by the end of it I had enough and wondered what it was all about. I recall having a bath by the end of it all (probably by way of telepathic instruction), but no further ahead as to why all this had transpired. I went to bed wondering what all of it was about, and even, if it was for real.

I went to work the next day, discovering my vehicle parked on the street with two traffic tickets on it, and drove it back to its assigned parking location. And my very first gangstalker was in place; some dude sitting in a chair in the apartment lobby with a grin on his face for no apparent reason. I had never seen the guy before and wondered why anyone would be there. Again, high strangeness was at work with my first observation of two women colleagues dressed and made up, far out of character of their usual attire. I mentioned to someone else that I had an interesting day yesterday (per above), but they didn't want to make any entreaties as to what it was. No one said anything about my missing day of work, which was very curious. Some of the staff would tail me anytime I got up and went somewhere, they would have a need to cruise by.

At the end of the day the perps started their abusive campaign in full; they drilled me with substantial head pain that could be evaded if I walked around (in my apartment). But of course I could do nothing else. One night the head pain was so bad I walked at least a half mile in downtown Seattle to take a hotel suite. On the way there I got zapped by a electromagnetic pulse of some kind. The night at the hotel was one of being in a siege state; plasma beams came through the window, and some came from elsewhere. Once I put the TV on, a cathode ray tube model and one that emits a magnetic radiation, the pain beams stopped. And their efforts to attack me escalated. At one point this man in a suit stepped out of the elevator with a 1970's style cell phone in his hand. I might of got a decent night's sleep, I don't recall the details of the next three weeks of insane abuse.

Another night in the hotel was a nightmare; their abilities to attack the room with plasma and maser beams were much better, and I wasn't allowed to get any sleep from the head pain abuse. Eventually, I went to the second floor washroom and seemed to get some relief there, all a 0300h to 0500h in the morning. This was when the great-stakeout games started at 0500h in the streets of Seattle. these dudes, often in pairs, were loitering around or else seemed to be cueing themselves as to where I was. Whenever they got close, say 10ft, the pain beams would start up again. It seemed to be that proximate gangstalkers were the essential requirement for them delivering a jolt of pain to me. These Fuckwits would circulate around me, and they came in greater number if there was any metal objects nearby. It was clear that any metal object or magnet provided instant relief from being zapped. There were at least two such zapping stakeouts in the streets of Seattle that followed the above apartment invasion.

A whole lot of other abuses started as well, with employer abettance, in the following weeks and all of it getting worse. I won't go into the details of where I was and when for the next three weeks, but it was clear there was family involvement as well. And for the sake of brevity, I wont go into the details of the long vehicle trips that I took at all hours of the morning with some 50 to 100 vehicles tailing me and then one driving from the cluster behind me to the one ahead every few minutes. These all night vehicular sojourns offered me relief from the head pains they would constantly shoot at me as I was encased in a steel body, and the way it seemed (then), it offered protection. I often got sleep at the I-5 rest areas in my vehicle, or at least until they started parking vehicles around me and then the head pains would start up. I was also subject to light beam and zapping attacks while driving on two occasions, the vehicles around me being sources of these beams while mobile. I could block the effect of these beams with some sound deadening material, a lead sheet encased in foam. It became my shield in effect, and I often used it to gain some precious sleep. For all the sleep I lost, I was never tired during the day and never needed to catch up.

So here we are, now in Penticton BC (formerly Victoria BC until 01-2012), 11 years later and the same assholes are still hounding me, though mostly without the debilitating head pain. There is absolutely no limit to what they will arrange around for whatever reasons they have.

From digging 100ft deep foundation levels in downtown Seattle, to soil pits miles away, but in distant view on my regular hiking trails, the perps will not cease exposing me to soil as one of their regular habits. Of late, it is mud flecked vehicles that stay parked in the same location for weeks, all to show me their dirt or soil backed by the vehicle color. And the relentless stream of gangstalking, either in vehicles and their uniformly bizarre driving antics, to the Fuckwits who stand in place (street theater) or do 360 degree sidewalk spins.

And the constant noise-stalking, timing a foreign noise at the instant I mention or think of  any of their favorite themes; time related, war and strife related, money related, and of course, the freakshow that manages to find me with yet more demographic group specimens, aka the Unfavored; fat Fuckwits, red hair, geriatrics, public boors, males in ballcaps and the rest of their ilk.

Along the way the perps have enlightened me on neutrinos and how they are mostly coming from the sun, though some pass through the earth, where others come from the sun directly. The amount of shade, orientation, directionality all come to bear on the perps and their endless games of combinations and permutations of all things that matter to them. And it is all things, including clothing color, thoughts and reactions and food ingestion, time of day etc. And it includes one's thoughts getting dithered; slowly they have learned more about how I know there is a perp, a perp stunt, and all their telekinetic fuckery and forced forgets and finger fumbling.

And yet the perps quest isn't about mind control research as the central objective; the only mind-thought action they cannot yet control is my attention switching, something they have been assiduously hounding me with coincident noise for at least the last six years. It seemed the last major thought incursion, as in remotely applied neural influencing, was my long and short term recall. It was in early 2007 they were fucking with my long term recall and eventually my short term recall was corruptible by mid-2008.

Other things they slowly introduced me to was shape-shifting or morphovers as I have called them. Very often a perp will pull a prominent stunt and then even ten minutes later a perp of the identical build but different clothing and face will appear, as if to jog my recall as to being kindled by the first perp. I would of never figured that one out on my own, save for the many specific examples they provided of some of my former swim team colleagues (who may have  become perps following a year absence from the club), with the same build and hair but a different face. Once I had that one figured out, the same Fuckwits would show up on a hiking trail speaking with a foreign or English accent, and the instant I figured out who it was the person stopped speaking in mid-sentance and his hiking colleagues didn't prod him to continue the story. So even speech can be modified for their chose perps or abusers.

The few positive changes the perps have delivered are age regression, (am 58, look 38), a straighter back, with changed walking gait with my abdominal musclature much improved, and more stronger at exercise with much less training. And no one in my family says a thing about the more obvious changes noted. Which is why they get the name, the First Feral Family, ones who sell out their own at birth for crissakes. How sick is that?

So the question on all TIs minds is what is all this for, this highly organized, infinitely funded and hugely networked covert organization with the police, military and government in their pocket pounding the crap, literally, out of selected innocent victims in a supposed free country. Yes, I received an education of startling breadth and depth as to how the real world is run, and by whom. Some call it conspiracy, but based on my experience and all the connections I see, the conspiracists are largely correct.

As are the lone wolves who speak of endless energy from the ether (or the omniplasma continuum if you prefer), and how our present understanding of electromagnetic and gravitic energy is impoverished beyond appalling. Thomas Townsend Brown wrote a paper titled How I Control Gravity that should of radically changed the world, but is still largely ignored. (See link to Hello Stupid). Wilheim Reich wrote about orgone energy, and got his books burned in Nazi Germany an the USA. (Or else the rogue scientific thinkers get early cancer, starting with James Clerk Maxwell). The perps hound me each time I fill up the tank with gasoline, and seem to thrive on having oil and like petroleum products spill.

Another major facet is a huge geographic component to the perps' games, as well as an elevational one; be it stariways, elevators or aircraft, they are on my ass all the time. And having things burn up, including said gasoline in a reciprocating internal combustion engine; what is in it for the perps? And to me, the biggest question of all, is why do the perps stay hidden, and not chose to expedite their painfully plodding research (my pain and suffering) by cooperating? But as alien visitors have had extensive contact with past civilizations, it would seem that staying hidden is a vital component of their research methods. Could it be that the perps are the mortal representatives of the same party?

Then there are the arranged coincidences, harkening a likely facet of ECCO (Earth Coincidence Control Organization) of which Dr.John C Lilly wrote about from his contacts with them or representatives thereof. To continue the "greatest hits" list of the perps, (from my perspective) are the rabid stunts and gangstalking when undertaking a financial transaction, be it mailing a check, dropping coins into the meter on the bus, coin machines (that invariably don't deliver for me), and all manner of debit transactions, price variations and on and on. Another major perp theme relates to using cutlery and cutting up vegetables or meat; the perps go squirelly over this, arranging extra noise and extra First Feral Family gangstalking. Another theme mentioned above is food; color and kind and from what source and what packaging it was in. And likely related to that, is hounding me with garbage trucks, which carry intermixed waste, providing golden perp opportunities for yet more energetic interactions. Another major perp prop and/or theme is water; where it came from, what vessel was it in, what are the pipes and means that carry it, which includes arranging faucet valves in my presence at least twice. Arranging mini-showers on me or my car, or have someone turn a sprinkler on to partially douse my vehicle. Then the downstream uses of said water by plants or animals, and often sprinkling some rain in with irrigation water. Likely related to all this is the perps' abiding interest in having me make wine, and working in viticulture.

Enough themes for the perps to be hounding for another 11 years I reckon; what does the sun, the water, the delivery of water and plant and animal uptake, food and its digestion, colors (of everything, and including the landscape and sky), magnetic energies (and the ever present masers they arrange around me), arranged coincidences all have to do with each other and me? Only the perps know, and they aren't saying, no matter how long they have watched us Earthlings and formeted titanic struggles and wars, some of which are ongoing. I don't know of course, but one can be sure this is one of the most significant experiments, of a cosmic nature I suspect.


Anonymous said...

Funny how some nights, I can lay there for hours at a time without any hint of tiredness, while others, I can not only fall asleep within a few minutes, but I wind up sleeping for 12 hours.

Like Tuesday, I woke up at 6AM, and I was kind of tired all day long. I was nodding off in the chair in front of the TV, sometimes napping for an hour. And there were several naps. But Wednesday, I slept for 12 hours, and did not nap all day, never felt tired, and lay awake for hours in bed with not a hint of tiredness. It's absurd, my sleeping patterns. It could be because I ran out of milk, but my patterns aren't the normal cycles.

Anonymous said...

Our objective is simply to make you realize that you have a mental illness. Unfortunately it has proven much more difficult than expected. You are a very stubborn individual.

- The Perps (aka your brain)

AJH said...

Answer to: "Funny how some nights..."

Sleep is under total control; naps come whenever they want. One time, I got the PC back from Seattle after six months of storage there, and they hit me with a two hour nap. I reckon they wanted to "explore" my PC in its new environment. When starting a new book last summer (2012), they hit me with a four hour nap, and I had not incurred a sleep deficit. In my experience as a TI, disruption of diet would have absolutely no bearing on sleep needs. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: "Our objective is simply..."
This comment is just too stupid to be remotely humorous. It is published because I love to beat up on this ignorant piffle. The perps can make one deranged or clinically commit-able without ever revealing their hand. All major phenomenon have been witnessed by other parties and my family has gone strange and never objectively inquires. (Changing their behavior and playing dumb). Two shrinks say I am being harassed, and that should be enough for anyone to ask some objective questions, but they don't, as you have ably demonstrated. Don't comment here again until you have developed a coherent narrative as to what is going on for me and thousands of other TI's.

Anonymous said...

The perps have been pulling stunts to make me think I am mentally ill. One stunt is: they will wake me up with fake snoring sounds. Or when I wake up, there will be sounds that seem like they are directly stimulating the auditory cortex of my brain. For example, there will be this haunting sound, and it repeats at exact intervals, like 5 seconds apart exactly. Aren't they sane/smart enough to use a random function in their code to make it appear like the sounds were occurring randomly? When hallucinatory sounds like that occur at exact intervals, and I can feel that they are stimulating a region of my brain, then surely, I will know it was the perps messing with me, and that the sounds were not the result of me being mentally ill and hallucinating.

I'm not sure why they don't change up their tactics, and insist on doing the same stuff over and over again over a 12 year span. I'm on to their tricks, so I know it's not me imagining things. Yet they insist on using the same old tricks over and over again anyways.

And of course, repetition have been defined as doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. And the commenter using the word Stubborn implies that the perps are expecting different results. Hence, the perps are the ones who are insane, not me. End of proof that the perps and the other commenter signing his name "the perps" is insane.

AJH said...

Answer to: "The perps have been pulling stunts..."

There is no question as to sanity, theirs and everyone else's in the mix, and the TI, is a huge research area, even one's the perception of it at each fleeting second. As Rachael O so astutely observed, "if you made it this far, there is nothing wrong with you".

As for noises, the perps like to reply them until they are embedded as background noise and then add on new noise at the same time. They often do this with running water, say, at the kitchen sink. Here, they have a walkway in front of this suite, and after some four months of residence, they now put on the outside tromping and pounding noise with suite shaking vibration while I am running the water to clean the dishes. I call it "noise-mapping", but I am sure it is very sophisticated technique to further delve into one's psyche by remote methods. Thanks for the comments.