Friday, March 16, 2012

Australian Week


Day 1 of my work practicum at a vineyard, and lo, if the perps didn't pull an all day snow-light rain today, limiting my view from the window of the viticulturalist. He is Australian, so it was difficult to understand him at times, though he has lived here for two years, and is doubtless familiar with accent understanding abilities.

I am renting a light metallic blue Hyundai this week, an OK vehicle in all. Naturally, the blue vehilcle stalking ramped up, and they like to arrange at least three or more blue colored vehicles around me at intervals. The greyscale colors also predominate of arranged vehicles, and they are trying me out on more red colored vehicles in a single glance, up to six at a glance and quite a increase of the usual red vehicle ensconced among a greyscale color escort. I suspect the red piping on the inside of my stretch wind-proof pants is the attraction for the perps, as they had purged me of red colored clothing back in 2002, when it would strangely get mangled in washing machines and experience accelerated wear.

And it is to rain all week, and lo, if the perps didn't screw me out of bringing my raingear up to this city. Funny how that happens, the first week I get to do physical work. I have a pile of notes to type up, and I am going to call today as blogged, unless something bizarre erupts.

Out and about in the vineyard, an overhead helicopter in near full time attendance, white with a light green tail; and lo, if it didn't find me again when 30km away, driving back on the highway.

One of the vineyard staff has a brigh yellow truck, and she was having an extended conversation with the viticulturalist, before during and after my lunch in the office. She was a graduate of last year's class in viticulture.

An unfriendly woman with a black colored vacuum hose arrives at the lunch table, and with a plastic box-  and gives me a stare.The she leaves the items at the table, and takes off while I am finishing lunch. And lo, if she didn't pop-up at the hallway corner when exiting the lunch room.

I arrive with the vehicle in Penticton and utilized it to do some shopping, somehow having a "need" to get more Nutella at a large volume discount store. And lo, if I don't meet one of my classmates, and he holds me up with conversation at the chocolate section. He was also in brown, a fugly lighter yellow toned brown. A 70 y.o. , ancient crone in blonde hair also came by, invoking some conversation- yuk.


More bizarre vehicle passing games on the highway, not that I was going much more than the speed limit, for the third time in three days.

When approaching Skaha Lake, a bird was in place over the lakeside bluffs, staying motionless in mid-air, as the wind was sufficient to keep it aloft. An interesting diversion as the bird was motionless, and lo, if they didn't then re-direct my vision to an overhead helicopter, my regular one this week, visible at the same size, orientation and apparent speed as the bird.

At the vineyard/winery, a family with two kids came to visit the vineyard manager, and strangely hang outside of his office in the hall and smile, while the boy looked terrified. Neither party seemed to know the other and the rationale of introducing them wasn't clear either. Kid-stalking again.

Another oddity of a vehicle passing me, this time on a back road when I was travelling in excess of the speed limit in a residental area, and this woman with two kids staring at me passes by. Not your normal mother

A Chicken Run, stopping off with the rental car at a certain supermarket and then going home to eat some and then making chicken quesadillas. At least 20 tromping walkbys after that, while cutting it up and making dinner. Exciting times for insane assholes

I see that Songbird, the music library won't work now; my go to media player, because it played FLAC files unlike that wretched Windows equivalent, is now broke, even after re-installing it. Having me without music is just where they want me; all the on-off album listening/purchasing of the long past is now better  understood in terms of perp manipulation. Plus, making sure the then wife was a total ignoramous about music, another way of keeping me out of the mainstream.

Last day of driving the blue rental Hyundai I had this week, and no perp games of scraping or damaging it, like they did to me in 2002, and fucking me out of $600 in repair costs. Plenty of similar light metallic blue vehicles on the road in the vehicular gangstalking parace and escort. They fucked me out of remembering to fill it up, and with a pending $55 charge by Budget to do the same, I was back in the vehicle and drove to the nearest gasoline station. I was told it was a Mohawk, but no, it was a Husky, and why do I constantly get such deliberate disinformation all the time? Then I was asked if I wanted a ride back to my hotel, and I said yes. And lo, if the offer wasn't retracted as the person who was to drive was gone. With only three staff there, how did she not know? And the strange dude who is the lot boy, came to stare at me from behind the counter, appearing to be there for no other cause but to stand there with his motorcycle helmet in his arm. Like WTF; why are so many seeming normal people behaving so strangely.

And with the vehicle, just before turning it in, I drop into the suntan salon, to set up an appointment in the next two hours, if possible. Not only two ahead of me in the line, but three more women who came in and just sat there on the couch, not seeming to be involved in getting a tan, though it looked like all of them were regular tan salon customers, going by skin tone. Sensing that I wasn't going to get in soon, I explained that I was passing by, and the attendant said the lie-down bed was availible. So I took a tan, still dressed in my outside work clothes, boots and long underwear on. And when I get out, the salon attendant is barrelling at me as I step into the hallway, and another five people have arrived to loiter in the salon lobby for some strange reason, this at 1430h on a Friday. Like WTF; just blatant loiterers pretending to be part of the crush. Last week's tanning session should put paid to any notion this this is "normal' ebb and flow of tanning customers in March on a weekday afternoon.

Anyhow, I will be doing pruning for pay tomorrow, all day if it goes OK, Sunday as well. Now that the perps have be into my overdraft at the bank, and a $400 hit for car rental, they decide to pull me out of it, at least for now. Funny how that "happens", though they have kept me in an overdraft state for five or more months at a stretch, though they seemed to lessen these indebted durations in the last three years. I say so what, if one adds up foregone income since 04-2002, that is a $500,000 bill, and none of this month-to-month existence, in and out of farm work each year. All the while, drawing this ridiculous "disabled" income to barely get me by. Then add on the imposed chocolate eating "need", often $250/month so the perps can play brown food color games. Then add on the unneccessary shopping "needs", like those steel toed boots that haven't been worn in 4.5 years, due to the sudden decrease in jobs after they were purchased. I reckon last year's sudden shopping "needs" screwed me out of $1000 bucks. Some of it was needed to upgrade my wardrobe, but not all of it. Tiresome intrusion into every aspect of my now-squalid existence. Welcome to the New Perp Order.

Now to be posted to stop my retrospective analysis of perp abuses.

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