Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sabotaged Email Sending

I started on the significant assignment after a forced nap (didn't need the sleep), then timed awakening  for dinner, then after dinner, and then when getting started, noise outbreaks; noisy vehicles outside, jabbering gangstalkers,

Then when sending an email, why, it got blocked and then when I looked at it, why, it had been sent 8 times for crissakes. Then, when looking at this very blog to record that fuckery, why, it became inaccessible all of a sudden. I can see how easily the whole world could get fucked by operating on the "cloud", the networked mainframes, and then the network getting wobbled all over.

Thudding and room vibrations while I am online, and flipping through web pages, some of them deeply colored. Earmuffs on the entire time, but if they want to add a concurrent noise with shaking the room, they don't have any problem with getting through my earmuffs.

Water hammer noise is getting through my earmuffs as I write this; the perp excitement seems to be over doing extensive bookmarking of useful web pages for a Viticulture assignment.

Last night, a legs shave in the bath, followed by a shower to get the soapy scuzz off me, and then skin cream to trap the water in, all in the service of keeping skin moisture up and its tan enhancing properties. It seems to work, as my legs are much more tanned than the rest of me and I get tanned evenly at the tanning salon.

That was yesterday, a big stakeout and gangstalking, and having me wait 1.5 hours because of a sudden Saturaday rush of persons needing tanning, when the place was empty the same time the week before. But hey, they had me walk around, get and pack groceries, some of them brown colored, and chocolate too. And we all know how the perps go nutzo over presenting brown colors to me in metered and incremental doses. And too, many brown vehicles were courseing around me for the first 10 minutes after the tan when I was walking back. Not just the light colored metallic tan colors, barely different from the silver-grey gangstalking vehicles they like to place around me ad nauseum, but honest mid and deep brown metallic vehicles, some three at a time in various confluence configurations. This insane choreography of matching gangstalking vehicles, by colors, vehicle type (SUV's, sedans, trucks together) and even design features (e.g. low sloped rear windows), has now reached a new level after ten years of this insane depraved abuse. The perps have finally had the temerity, (or whatever scientific purpose they have), to place multiple and mobile brown vehicles around me, but only after getting tanned, as in browner skin, and wandering around with brown colored grocery items for 1.5 hours. Fucking ridiculous, and plain fucked in the head, them that is.

 03-04-2012, 1300h
Kept inside for most of the day so far, and only outside time has been to get my laundry done, and lo, if that didn't get me the most dreaded of noises, the Harley Davidson motorcycle noise. As mentioned, this place overlooks the road beside Riverside Park in Penticton, BC, and that has been the "parade route" for excessive numbers of noise making vehicles for all the time I am here. Now, even if still winter and about 5C degrees, the perp assholes have put on the motorcycle noise they know I loathe most of all. I haven't run to the windows to part the curtains to see if it is real motorcycling indiots, or if is a noise-only event, but one can be sure they like to grind me down with this particular noise anytime of the year.

  03-04-2012, 1600h
Clearly, doing laundry was extra exciting for the perps today, putting on a bicycle-attending stalker at the stairway when I had finished putting the laundry on in the washing machine. (A separate outside accessible laundry room here at this motel). Two more visits to get the laundry dried as they have arranged 45 min. dryer time per load, and it isn't enough. Back again to re-start the dryer, and again for the final time to retrieve the lot. And lo, if the bicycle stalker wasn't attending to his bicycle again, and lo, if there wasn't also a vagrant stalker hauling his stash of bottles and cans to his bicycle in the middle of the parking lot. And lo, if he wasn't bent over as I passed by, like a good and well trained gangstalker asshole, bent over at the waist to stretch his spine.

And I notice that the perps like to hold me up in getting on with my assignments; they pulled a 1.5 hour nap attack when I was set to get started yesterday afternoon. And I wasn't short on sleep, I didn't need a nap, all I wanted to do was get going after the morning had been sandbagged but the strangely delayed suntanning session.

My watch's date is magically out by one day, as in adding a day. It registered Feb. 29 OK, and Mar. 01,02 etc. but somehow slipped a day and now reads Mar. 06. That "caused" me to write down the wrong date the entire day in Viticulture class, today. I cannot count the number of times the perps have played this game, from stratight ahead mind-fucks, to watch sabotage, but they get no end of thrills of having me get the date wrong, behind or forward, it "happens" in equal measure. I reckon since this depraved abuse they started in 04-2002, they have fucked me writing or typing the date incorrectly, not including typos, at least 400x. Fucking hilarious for the juvenile minds that govern perp-dom.

Brownstalking on the way into class at the college this morning. A brown uniformed Fuckwit was packing a cardboard box 50' away, and legit it was, as he was headed to some newly placed dumpsters that recycle cardboard. But lo, if the Fuckwit didn't "happen" to enter the classroom an hour later or so and ask the instructor to take a spare table, itself a light brown formica with deeper brown particleboard underneath. He is at least the 8th act that has arrived in the classroom in some guise in the last two months of classes.

A forced nap at the most unusual time, after reading some 10 pages of a viticulture paper, a sudden nap attack at 1730h, normally dinner time for me. Naturally, everything got backed up as I started making dinner in a post-nap state, being made to feel "floaty" and disengaged while chopping the chicken meat. And how many times have I complained of extra arranged noise at that occasion, as well as arranged noises? Probably a few times, though on the abuse level it isn't too big. Though it has been consistent for the nine years of making my own regular chicken quesadilla mealtimes, another anomaly also. I never would of stood for eating the same food day-in, day-out, bur for some reason, (har, har), I don't mind, so to speak. And if one is doing an experiment on rats, what do they feed them? The same thing of course, to eliminate the diet variables.

And it should note, the floaty sensation is linked to decreased amygdala activity in one's brain, the site of psychic energies say the sort-of experts. So... all those poor folk suffering this along with the rest of the symptoms of anxiety attacks, guess what? You could well be invaded by the Psychopathic Confederacy if you will allow this moment of unsupported conflation. Yes, I had anxiety attacks once, and I had no idea what was happening to me at first, as the doctor said I was healthy. A total feeling of dread goes with it, and little did I know at the time I was invaded and controlled, known to my then wife, employer and others.

More "brown stalking" this morning; a cardboard box bearing pedestrian ahead of me, and just when I caught up to her to pass by, why, flattened cardbox box happened to be lying on the ground next to the sidewalk on her side. Funny how that "happens".

A morning on learning about Transportation of Dangerous Goods, and fairly detailed it was too. Thankfully the final quiz wasn't too much of a surprise. And lo, if the instructor didn't have his cardboard prop too, to show us what all those numbers and letters mean that are printed on the side.

The class freak was in full dread mode today, like yesterday. No rear hanging bag hat to hide it, though I am never sure what is worse to look at. And he made sure he was on show when I went for lunch, "happening" to make fast exit from the room so he could be seen coming toward me when in the lobby. And fucking disgusting it is to see a head full of dreads, about the most well-named hairstyle there is.

And more sabotage; the Songbird music application won't import all my music when it did before. There isn't much variation on how one does things in Songbird, save appearances (skins). Another piece of sabotage IMHO, and I haven't yet found Windows Media Player  on my Windows 7 machine either. It has been long understood that the perps govern every instant of my existence, and music and movies are under tight control. Even in the long past I could never understand why I went off music for years at a time, but now it makes sense in this model of having a totally run life, though what they get from this I cannot say.

More cold temperature perversity at the college today. The classroom has been cool most mornings, and a number of us are in folded arms mode to conserve body heat. At lunch time, a few of us go to the new building and eat in the cafeteria where there is some sun streaming through the S. facing windows, and limited warming. But today, for some insane perverse reason, the kitchen staff opened up a side door when it was about 2C degrees outside, and with the perps' ability to create wind anywhere they want, why, the wind came gusting some 50' inside and chilled us down. I "felt" it the most, and hightailed it out of there to get back to the classroom, and kept my coat on for the afternoon, something I don't ordinarily do. The rest of the table stayed there for some 20 minutes, also odd, as they were equally displeased with the kitchen staff's games. Anyhow, yet another way of having me prematurely part company and have a just-used seat there at the table, something the perps have long managed for, these musical chair-like games.

And there was a profusion of masers and plasma beams coming off the intructor in the afternoon today; I suppose that wearing my coat for the first time in the classroom might have been the perp excitement, as they are decidedly nuts about clothing colors, fabric types, and what is worn where- inside or outside.

Tractor driving, class gangstalking is relentless; this most strange habit of at least one of them planting themselves immediately in front of me to block my line of sight, always the taller males.

Obstructed at gym, the assholes made me suddenly tired after one quarter mile lap on the treadmill. I managed to get another lap done while running, and then it was too difficult to do anything but walk another lap. I had been doing four lap runs twice a week for the last three weeks, and suddenly this tiredness onset. Nothing new to me, as they did this to me for street running in 2003, and I had given it up until recent weeks, and the odd permitted treadmill runs in 2006 and 2007, when I was allowed to exercise with the insane level of gangstalkers around me, herding me here and there.

I was also obstructed from getting on and writing my assignment, the third obvious time this past week. (Other methods were forced nap attacks just when I wanted to get going). Then when allowed to put some work into it they fucked the Save, and it didn't/couldn't be saved. then the automatic Open Office recovery was blatantly stopped "automatic recovery interupted",  so I ended up with no saved changes after 40min. of work. Just to think they were pulling this shit all the time in 2002, and here they are, back at it.

negro stalking hang-around by the negro cleaner, changing his hours so to hang around, as normally he is around at 1530h, but lo, if he didn't change it for me at 1630h. Then another negro was hanging around outside the gym on the other side of the door, so when I decided to pack it in, why the fucker went into lead-ahead gangstalk mode, making it utterly clear he wasn't waiting for anyone, but there for stalking.

then the assholes obstructed another save on the above assignment file, doing exactly the same thing, hanging my Save again.

And it seems that the Job Bank site shutdown was on the heels of no viticulture jobs for two weeks, seeming to prolong the no-job activity they had already started under a different guise. Only orchard jobs now it seems; another suckdown maybe, get the training and then no jobs materialize. Done it, as in having it done to me in 2010 and the assholes are pulling the same shit again. They also screwed me out of a GIS job in 1990, after ten months of training, as I was assigned to a database development project instead.

A morning of learning about workplace hazardous materials and then a field trip to Oliver, the second time this week, to tour the Kubota dealership, and then a farm implement manufacturing plant.

Constant internet fuckery going on tonight, even my Google searches are getting blocked, and was only seeking the next page. Another site, where I was intently reading about a grape varietal problem, suddenly got swapped out and a page came up in the same livery, that they had retired the site. Hilarious, swapping out web pages as I am reading them and putting on the excuse that the website had retired just then.

Other excitement for the perps, going by the accompanying noise increase, was that I opened up a cover letter file that was given to me by a female classmate, (also very attractive) as a template to work from in order to enhance my own cover letter. It always seems to me that the perps are curtailing my cover letters, and I find myself "stuck" on what to say.

As part of the vitculture class, a tour of the Slimline plant in town, they make Turbo-mist sprayers for orchard and vineyards. An exam after that, with the perps running interference on which answers were correc, screwing me out of at least 4 of 25 marks. A delayed lunch, then a barbque at the instructor's property, some wine, two hamburgers, one sausage and then 20 min. of tractor driving, then it was time to go, 1700h

Dude babble and floor scraping sounds have been arranged next door for me to overhear. The noise came through at the same noise level after I put the earmuffs on. Then later, pounding and vibrating this place on and off for 15 minutes.

A legs shave last thing before be, always a big perp event too.

A Saturday, and the usual bus trip to the tanning salon. I t was nowhere near the zoo it was at the same time last week, more in keeping with the apparent low demand at this time of year. But having made a reservation so I wouldn't get screwed like last week, why, I still had to wait 10 minutes because they fucked up my reservation and put me into the booth, when I always use the lie-down bed. And of course there was someone occupying it, so 10 minutes waiting on the lime green covered couch. And I shouldn't of been too surprised by the lime green gangstalkring vehicles and clothed persons afterward. As with last week, great numbers of vehicles surging in arranged clusters, usually a brown one ensconced among silver-grey and white vehicles, and in clusters of 6 to 10 vehicles. Sometimes they are all going over the speed limit, and other times well under, adding a new variation to the arrangements, coordinated vehicle speeds among the vehicular gangstalkers.

And some laundry got done today, the perps timing of a long haired male Fuckwit to be outside the laundry room door when I exited. The same Fuckwit managed to time his next gangstalking about two hours later, just as I was about to enter my apartment with my laundry. Said dude had tied up both washing machines with giant loads of clothes, and I wasn't about to start pulling his laundry out of the washing machine.

I was finally allowed to complete on getting a hair cut; a burst of one way vehicular gangstalker when I exited the shop. It was a training school, so I got a haircut for $11, and the trainee at first, and the instructor as well.

Heavy duty tromping dudes outside, heard through the earmuffs, at least once/min. for 60 minutes, while editing a document on the PC. Then a colossal crap, and for once, no toilet plunging and related games.
The the alarm clock went off by itsel.

Some pounding and vibration heard through the earmuffs as I switch to another window/tab in my browser; exciting moments for the perps, insane abusive depravity as I see it.

A "tab attack", where all open tabs got closed without warning by means of some fuckery around the lame (and sabotaged IMHO) Firefox tab group interface, about the dumbest interface going with implied mouse commands and the fuzzed out background that one cannot get back to. This was arranged after a run-up of water running noises heard through the earmuffs, and then when I slammed them down realizing I had been fucked out of 20 open tabs in the middle of attempting to detail some facts related to the paper I am attempting to write, why, a sudden onset of vehicle noise outside. This insane procession of vehicles past a park on one side and this residential and hotel area on the other, and this route is not a major one out of town. So why all this vehicular gangstalking outside? Anyhow, a total invasive disruption/Fuckover stunt, when writing this paper has been nothng but an total adverserial experience, on top of typo sabotage.It is fucking insane, outrageous and utterly stupid to be cognivitely sabotaged down to my very last deed and thought.

I am in the process of fixing a flight reservation for which Irecieved no email or confirmation number. I haven't flown anywhere for over nine years, so no doubt the flying experience is going to be severely sandbagged, from making reservations and on from there. The perps have a pressing need to understand something about human interaction with the earth, and take every moment to exploit this, from elevator games/gangstalking on up. Now, they let me "graduate" to making a flight in late March. We shall see if it happens. I have only being on hold for 15 minutes after a pissing match with the voice recognition software they are using as their "help" system.

The last time they let me fly was to Salt Lake City from Seattle in the fall, so to speak, of 2002, when I returned to work for a while, only to get screwed again in in December, as in not allowed to keep a job due to pummeling head pain that was blockable momentarily by putting my arms over my head or loitering near metal objects. It usually took them no longer than a minute to re-aim the beam at me to bring on the head pain again. I suspect the assholes have neutered my brain's pain responses since then, and are delving into the same places, without the pain sensations. Occasionally I get a deep pain jab, often at a moment of cognitive realization, say, getting screwed by the assholes as I attempt to pick something up, always a major fuckable event.

I finally got a person to speak with about my non-reservation as it turned out. And too, repeating the name, email address, credit card and phone number twice, the first time for the person to look for my reservation and possible credit card charge, and then again to make the booking.

Separately, an address change is going for the fourth round; unrelenting fuckups that are being made by a real person. somehow, the adress change didn't go through in time, so instead of getting the journal a week later after it being re-directed, why, it spent  six weeks in limbo (somehow), and I didn't recieve it until early March instead of mid-January. It was the professional foresters monthly journal, and contained the notice of the annual meeting taking place in the same city I vacated after 10 years of being kept there (Victoria, BC). So.. all my forestry colleagues who attended the annual meeting, converged on the city 6 weeks after I departed for this viticulture school gig that I am now on. And too, someone didn't want me to know that, so they kept the journal in circulation so to speak, as in witholding my mail until it was long over. Nice of them, controlling whom I see and even ponder about.

I got to get this off, as I will be on a work practicum this week. Strange things are bound to happen, and I rented a vehicle to get there and back.

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