Sunday, July 01, 2018

Skipped a Week

No, I did not lose a week, though that can happen. I just found things a little too boring, and was no doubt demotivated to boot, therefore, no posting for the last week. (In terms of losing time, my experiences have been few since this harassment began 04-2002, but it is in the order of a few hours where I have no clue as to how the time passed).

I got my kick start after yoga tonight. For the last three weeks there has been 4-5 yogis (class members), a rather low turn out these Monday nights at hot yoga. No matter. Then tonight, about 15 show up, all new to me, no yogis from past classes. Most peculiar. And some yoga tourists too, including the dude with the fugly tats and wearing a ball cap through the class. Another first in ridiculousness, in that he really hadn't been to a class before, but hardly the last. And just where do they draw all these characters from, as I never see them around town in any capacity, save the odd one. For a town of 35k, I would expect to see a few more. So just what is the point of arranging this high turnover at yoga, which is even getting more so this past year? I have no idea, but it continues in its own orchestrated fashion.

And the blonde lady at the Ford dealership two days ago was ever more chatty, and revealing; "I don't have a boyfriend" this time. A while ago it was, "I don't have a husband or children", in justifying the attention she devotes to her dog which was there at the time. Another one with tats down her arm, and there was a few others in yoga tonight.

A rain-out at the vineyard job today; the thunder had started, the clouds were closing in and I decided to call it off, as I had two others in my care. And a good thing too, because after a 10 min. drive home, the heavens opened and intense rain and hail pelted down. Inconveniently, it came on just as I pulled into my lane parking, and before I got out to go into the house.

Last night there was a severe thunderstorm and power went out in many communities here-abouts. Which made for wet vineyard work this morning, and wearing rain gear to work. All in keeping with the ongoing game of water source exposures I suppose; weather, then imbibing irrigation water, and then the intense rain storm later. In between we had sunshine, enough for me to wear sun block, and then the clouds rolled in, with prior spitting rain.

I attended a wine industry social event last night, uncharacteristically for me, but then again, I hardly get such invitations. About 120 folks there, and I didn't know a soul; I met a few, and then we were divided into teams, and went to various stations to perform team tasks. All good fun and all, and lo, if our team didn't win and we each received a bottle of wine and a pair of flip flops. The latter didn't fit as they were a woman's size, but I gave them to the woman at work.

Three from my work did show up finally, but at least halfway through, and by then I was in the team doing our tasks, and I didn't get to speak with them. I have never seen so many overweight young women in all my life. I am quite unfamiliar with so many young people being obese, though I get quite a few such stalkers, though both old and young. As in the gut strut, I call it. And I felt cognitively clobbered last night the whole time; what in the fuck are they doing to my recall now?

Going back a few days when I was at the vineyard with the winery. Why is it that I cannot visit the bathroom and not have a (gangstalking) entourage? I went to the winery and no one was there for the 40' that I traversed, including passing through the tasting room. Upon my exit, why, the owner, the tasting room supervisor, and some other visiting dude (also witnessed (aka stalking) in the parking lot a few minutes ago when I was at my vehicle), all clustered together to block my egress at the doorway, post piss. Like WTF; from no one, to three of them, all pretending that they weren't blocking the doorway and collectively taking their time to allow me to pass through. Who arranges these ridiculous vignettes, and why are people, especially in clusters, so fucking rude?

Back in 2015-16, while at another winery, I had just taken a piss and the boss lady arrived just as I exited, looking obviously contrite. I just don't get it; why relentlessly hound the literal piss out of an innocent victim for 16 years on top of a prior 47 years of covert surveillance?

I saw Lindsay Beaver and the 24th Street Wailers last night, and what a great show it was. A three piece band, with the lead singer doing stand up drumming at the same time. The guitarist was sensational, even doing a song (competently) with the guitar behind his back. The bassist wasn't quite so flamboyant, but was every bit up to the task. Lots of humorous banter among the musicians and audience too. It was rock and roll, and electric blues at its best, and I had no complaints. One of those shows to remember for all time. And they even let me purchase a CD this time, unlike the performance last time where the clustered the sales desk and then pissed me off enough that I hightailed it out of there.

The stalking there was low key this time, no one slamming into me while I was seated at the back wall like before. And the attractive and delectable breasted waitress wasn't there either thankfully, she of the grim countenance and a massive chest tattoo. She did plenty of "see me" stalking last time, even if she wasn't my waitress. And no pronounced staring at me from the stage performers either, another trait that seems to "happen". In fact, last time, the lead performer had me lined up for a protracted stare while she was initially approaching the stage for crissakes. Like, how did she "happen" to single me out from 40' away, and wasn't she more interested in getting to the stage anyhow? As it "happened", she was dead opposite me once she took her stage position.

Mostly cloudy but warm these past three vineyard days. Pleasant to work in, and no major sweating and inconveniences of insects biting me.

Canada Day, the equivalent of July 4 south of the border today. I worked in the vineyard again to catch up with my hours, and add a few for next week as it will be punctuated by various meetings and appointments which I shall detail in due course. One such takes me south of the border for the first time since 2003, and has begot a lot of angst these past two weeks. Again, all will be posted next week.

And lo, yet again, I switch to a new block of a different varietal (Gewurztraminer to Pinot Gris in this instance), have lunch for 10 minutes, then start tucking vines on the latter, and the boss man arrives. I was working all by myself until then, not unusual for weekend. This is about 1230h, but hey, it is a national holiday on a Sunday for crissakes, and that is just fine. But the timing, per past and consistent gangstallking and orchestration, is impeccable. So just what is it about switching working from one varietal to another that so interests the perps that they send in someone, or arrange some kind of skit or event? I don't know, but it has been so consistent that I have mentioned it past postings. And sometimes what happens in other vineyards is that an odd off-varietal vine somehow escaped being pulled, and while doing one varietal for, say, a week, a single different plant instance occurs. Or another variant of the varietal switching is where a single row switches from one varietal to another. This was true in the 2015-16 vineyard, and I could always detect the difference in the leaves or plant form, and then suddenly I somehow missed the change, and thought I was working in one varietal when it was the wrong one.

I know, the above ramble on switching from working in one vine varietal to another and the consequent orchestrated hijinx sounds a little botanical and/or academic, but guess what? This same shit erupts when I switch from one clone of one varietal to different clone, say, Clone 115 to 777 of Pinot Noir, which is the case at this vineyard. Is there a botanical "vibe" for each of species, (e.g. Vitis), genus (e.g. vinifera), variety (e.g. Pinot Noir) and clone (e.g, per above), that the perps want to detect between me and the plant, for either situation of witting (knowing about the change) or unwittting, where they make me clueless about the change in mid-row of vines? It just seems that way, as this shit show with respect to vineyard work (and coincident stalking and interuptions at varietal and clone changes) has gone on for 6 years now. By "vibe", perhaps it could be elaborated upon, and describes something like: a fundamental energetic organism interaction between humans and plants to each respective phylogenic classification (taxonomy): Kingdom, Division,... Family, Genus, Species, Varietal, Clone, not only in name, but to the actual organism. Anyhow, any outside speculation about this topic is welcome in the Comments section.

Enough for the week, and onto another of being a prisoner in disguise. Who knew such a song title would describe my, and other TI's plight so succintly? Or would this apply to everyone on this bio-lab called planet Earth?

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