Saturday, July 07, 2018

Pit Lamping Predominance

And why is the gangstalking becoming more understated, and the pit-lamping (targeted headlights (or other light sources)), becoming more predominant of late? Can I not turn a corner, be it in ambulatory fashion (say, when working/walking in the vineyard), or when driving, and not get beamed with headlights? All these Fuckwits just sitting in their vehicles, "happening" to have their headlights on. Yeah right.

Tonight at SOF supermarket, the "usual" games, posting dithering Fuckwits at places where I want to go, to which I respond by changing my route and coming back later. Which is game for getting mind-fucked (remotely applied dithering) out of returning, something else they like to play. I just don't understand why they need to post these Fuckwits ahead of me, have me change my route, (usually with extra back tracking), all for the same groceries I buy every week. This played out three times tonight; at the hot chicken counter, the deli counter, and then the chocolate section. In the latter case, one of the male Fuckwits saw the need to scratch his crotch, another gangstalker specialty I have come to know. And for the record, I go grocery shopping around 1900h to reduce the stalking count.

At least tonight, there were none of the typical babes, who then have dudes planted beside them or in front of them as part of the couple gangstalking vignettes they so liked to plant around me. This is it, there isn't any high end grocery stores in this town.

Speaking of headlights, they had me install a new pair of halogen bulbs in the Escape last week. Then yesterday, I had to go to the Ford dealership to get the new turn signal bulbs installed, because it requires body panel removal, and I don't do such complex tasks anymore because things go "wrong" far too often. So I sat there for 30 minutes and waited in the customer waiting area, among a constant flux of gangstalkers. The friendly service counter woman of past visits was decidedly distracted this time; no chatting and no broad hints, e.g. "I don't have a boyfriend". She did pass by and wave at one point, so it wasn't quite a full "pretend not to know me" stunt, but she was decidedly made too busy for casual banter while I was there. And so what is about the perps that they engage people who later go emotionally AWOL, or otherwise pretend no to know me, time and time again? I don't know or care; just leave me the fuck alone.

The vineyard boss man was exceptionally terse and uncommunicative today, and as it turned out, in a rather bad mood. I learned from the woman crew member that his girlfriend left him a few weeks ago because he was hiding his drinking problem. He told me via text that his girlfriend "broke it off" a few weeks ago, but I didn't know about the latter drinking issue.

Which might explain his sudden behavior change today. He grumpily stated we were missing shoots in tucking, so we had to do vine rows individually, not doing two at a time by walking the aisle and going back and forth between two rows. Like WTF; we weren't missing shoots as I was looking at the others' (two) work all the time. Anyhow, we just spent two weeks doing it the way he prescribed, (two rows from a single aisle) and now he invokes this ersatz BS as a reason to change the tucking method. Well, if we were missing shoots for the past two weeks, why didn't he mention it for crissakes? I don't buy it, and see this as an exercise in berational fuckery. Back to walking on eggshells again, as in heightened anxiety, a situation the perps just love to create.

Regular readers will recall one behaviorally errant and unpredictable co-worker who had this same effect last year, and after the fourth such unprovoked stunt (July 06, 2017), I quit to join the place I currently work. And now within a day of a year later, we are back to walking on eggshells again with another co-worker, the boss man this time. Woo-hoo, haven't we had enough of this? The ex was also good at "charging the home climate" with her behavioral variances, to put it mildly, and now we get to do this again, and again. And Ms.C, the perp plant who was taken to be a girlfriend at the time, 2000-2003, was also known for her senseless confrontational drama queen tactics.

And on the re-tread trail, this long standing fuckery over income tax deductions. After working at the above mentioned outfit for a year, they finally get it together to issue pay stubs. Not issuing them is illegal, as there is no statement of earnings, but hey, even with a certified accountant in the role of vineyard owner, these things can be arranged. The deal is simple: I pay an extra $50/check in tax so I won't get screwed for more when it comes to the following year at tax time, so I have a refund, instead of tax payable. Because if I don't, I will end up having to pay some $600-800 in taxes, and usually don't have the cash on hand. It has worked for the last four years, but this year I find, after getting a pay stub for the first time, it turns out that this isn't been done. I ask the accountant to increase my tax payable each check, as he says he never got the instructions. Like WTF; why is it that someone has to screw me over this for? Just paying tax like a prudent law abiding citizen isn't allowed in Fuckover Land.

Back in around 2006 I also had to pay US taxes on US income, and had an accountant to handle the US tax matters. So what "happens"? Why, he "forgets" to make the quarterly payments (which I didn't know was required in the first place) and I had to pay a fine of some $400US or so. This constant fuckery over paying tax, when is my avowed practice to keep my nose clean and comply with the law and make prudent choices to prepare for taxes is just not allowed by the Fuckover Assholes. It would be interesting to hear from other TI's as to their tax woes. As I said before, and often do out loud; every good (prudent) practice must be sabotaged (from the perps' perspective). A variation on "no good deed goes unpunished", perhaps a perp sponsored agenda theme as well.

A special birthday today; I am 2**6, that is, 2 to the power of 6, (or, 2x2.. six times), =64. Perhaps a numerological diversion for us IT folks, that is all. The last binary exponent birthday, as I really don't expect (or want) to get to 128 y.o. No cards, and the feckless daughter didn't even deign to call. Nothing too unexpected. My mother did though. The dentist and yoga center sent me emails at least, so I am not totally anonymous.

The boss man settled down to his usual taciturn self today, and was even making conversation by day's end. And as it turns out, the 3 day/week summer student, all of 19 y.o., is going to be laid off after next week. I miss having someone to talk to in English, having worked with E. Indians and the like on past vineyard jobs. He is a good kid, and I try not to sound like a obsessive crank on issues he knows not of. Which is what I do always, but in his case I make the extra effort. (That is, I don't get into the alternity topics, nor do I discuss the Great Capers, like cancer, wars, and other Deep State subterfuges). Not too much conversational ground with him, but at least he is keen to learn about vineyard work and I tell him what I know relevant to his questions.

As for my other co-worker, Ms K, she can be conversationally avoidant at times, and prefers to flake out on the grass at lunch time, should our lunch times coincide. She did fill me in on the aforementioned boss man's drinking issues, and later told me he was trying to date her last year, even if she had a boyfriend at the time. And she said the boss man's evening time texts (in profusion) were "inappropriate", and that he was getting shit-faced (drunk) every evening. She also said she wasn't trying to lead the boss man on, which I can believe. Being cute and female can bring on a lot of woe I am beginning to understand.

Saturday, and I worked for 6 hours, just to get more hours in for the two week pay period. I met the vineyard owner and chatted briefly. He seems like a good head, and offers appreciation for my vineyard work efforts. None of the typical "treat me like a freak" vibe I get from most folks.

Perhaps the gangstalking is becoming selectively applied of late. Today's after-work visit (always a high stalking event) to the alterations shop brought on the obvious gangstalking. A "couple" of sorts, was on duty, leading ahead of me and then following me out, and neither of them had any particular dealings with the woman at the counter. The woman was inside the alterations shop when I arrived outside, the dude was exiting his vehicle to lead-ahead stalk me inside. I followed, and I thought the dude, (and the woman I saw for the first time) would be served ahead of me, but no. I got my repaired coveralls, paid the $10.50, while this couple just stood around. Only a minute later at my vehicle, they exit without any alterations in hand, and the woman had a bag of nectarines. Like WTF; here they were ahead of me, and didn't get served in some kind of pre-arranged dodge, and then virtually follow me out, without any apparent purpose of being there. The "couple" thing was also fudged; she seemed to be old enough to be his mother, but wasn't, so what was that all about in putting two disparate individuals together? And do the perps put on selected Fuckwits just to loiter around while I engage in a financial transaction? Yes, and they have consistently done this since all this shit came down, 04-2002.

Which wasn't unlike a visit to the bank the day before; I wait in line for US$, and the massive fat guy ahead of me moves to the next available teller. Meanwhile, this agitated woman of 30 y.o or so, was ahead of him, but stays behind. She is now in front of me, leaning on the teller counter, and is twisting and turning, lifting her foot so I get to see the sole of her boot, and acting agitated. Then when the next teller calls out, she moves ahead of me, leaving her sweater at the counter where she was. So she hung back for some reason, acted like a drug addict, while the teller staff ignored her, and her leaving her garments temporarily behind. Like WTF; surely the tellers are trained on security issues and yet they do squat.

I am off to the USA tomorrow, hoping for a better crossing than the last time. A two day trip to Bellevue WA if all goes well, but we shall see.

Enough for a posting and I will catch up on the subsequent news next week.

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