Sunday, May 13, 2018

Are Shrinks Shills?

By way of the title, I am engaging in some speculation here, and no, I don't want to hear about a paranoia diagnosis by way of these idle reflections.

But I have my reasons; that is, I "happened" to be working with someone at my employer of 2012-14, who started there a month ago. I was there because my regular employer didn't need me for a week, the second time in three weeks. And it so "happened" that this guy was ADD (or ADHD), a hyperactive one, and likely never to get out of that problematic behavioral rut and get a decent job unfortunately. A moderate to serious case, and he doesn't take any medications at the moment. But as it so "happened" he visited the same outrageous quack that I did, in late summer of 2017, and I saw this same quack-doctor, in 10-2017. That I came in with quantifiable data, a brain scan and a dopamine test, and got totally shanked and obstructed was detailed in a prior blog posting. I recently launched a missive back via RateMD and excoriated the quack, though I could see I wasn't the first.

Anyhow, this co-worker of a week at my former full time employer also got rebuffed for any kind of ADD diagnosis and got nowhere with this same mofo-doctor. Said doctor didn't even ask any diagnostic questions as to whether this patient actually had ADD (or ADHD). Which begs the question; what is this doctor playing at? Is he selecting for certain patient types so he can pass them onto drug testing trials for money, or has he a particular bias in not treating ADD? And assuming this co-worker is not a TI, then just why is it that he got turned around with no medication treatment, when in my opinion, he needs it. Or, are shrinks lined up with the Thems, who decide in advance who gets treated adequately or not? I don't know, but in my experience (though a TI where everything seems to be arranged in advance), if there ever was an aberrant cadre of mendacious (mostly, not all), fools in the medical profession, it is the psychiatric practitioners. And yes, I need a larger sample set of others getting similar results from other doctors for this to be any more than speculation. Hold the diagnoses please.

But we do know that psychiatry has had its history of protected outrageous criminality; a case that still sits in my craw, and may have some personal intrusion in my life when I Iived in Montreal as a child aged 2-3 y.o, and then 4-5 y.o., is that of the infamous Dr Ewen Cameron (27pp) of Montreal's McGill University. That he brain trashed patients using no researched protocol from the 1940's-1960s is on the public record. Not widely acknowledged is that he also worked on children (for some curious reason), which included an orphanage in the basement. These would be children of the Duplessis Orphans, another contemporary chapter of infamy in Canadian history. And suplying his "patients", uniformed experimental subjects more like, LSD in the 1950's, presumably getting his supply from the same outfit that he got his funding, Crooks In Action.

A rainy start to the day, hence starting an hour later than normal. The perps like to change up start times for regular gigs, and probably not just for me either. Those epic traffic jams, rapid transit problems etc. forcing people to be late for work just might not be all that random as one thinks.

Vineyard work in two locations today; de-suckering, move vineyards, then weeding and hoeing the row, the three of us, one being the part time woman who is pretty, though she doesn't flaunt it, and is rather shy. Or at least, is adverse to making much contact with me, but seems more comfortable with the boss man.

A whole day of de-suckering, as in bending over and cutting off those shoots coming from the trunk. Additionally, there are old stubs where former workers of past years didn't cut them flush to the trunk for some reason, and are perfect harbor for more suckers. Some even were missed, as there are 2'+ of canes running along the ground. This would be a big problem if they used herbicide, but at this vineyard they don't as it is organic.

Then a two hour nap attack this evening after reading, which immediately followed when getting back home. This perp need to render me into a sleep state after reading for say, 30 min., has been prevalent all these past 4 months. They even nailed me with a nap attack on Monday this week, but only for an hour (unusually short) so I could make yoga in time. How thoughtful of them.

As is often the case, listening to music on my headphones got interfered with; the boss man was banging on steel posts, the tractor wasn't far away, the rain came on, and then by the afternoon, I didn't have my audio gear at hand when the weather cleared up. No music listening goes according to plan; interruption with noise or even obstructing it for a time is given. And I suspect the reason is that listening to music creates dopamine, and if there is one consistent theme in this 16 years of abusive insanity, it is the perp's need to regulate this vital hormone and neurotransmitter. It isn't enough that I am ADD (low dopamine situation); I have to be fucked with all the more and up and down regulated per Psychopathic Nonconsensual Human Experimentation plan. And any and all treatment (e.g shrink visit) must be blocked or thwarted. Thanks a fucking bunch assholes.

An some strange dreams last night; the ML person was featured in them, something they haven't done in the 16 years of this assault. Yes, I might get 200+ planted images or interactions per day of this person, though we have never met, (though seen once live on a hiking trail of all places), but never until last night did this person show up in my dreams. I have had the most strangest dream invasions since this show began 04-2002, from long past IT personnel, from IT projects that I was never on, and many other characters for whom I have no idea why they would show up 20-30 years later. But last night crossed a new psychic threshold in terms of inserting this person into my existence.

Saturday, and working at the 2012-14 employer to help out. I thought I would resume work on his tasting room landscaping, but instead, worked with the ADHD guy on trellis wires and irrigation repair.

Sunday, and another day of work to keep the employer's winery ambitions going. Even my co-workers agree he should just stick to grape growing and make enough wine for himself, instead of attempting to go into commercial wine making. Long on vision, and short on specifics is the short summary. But as one co-worker (of a different employer) opined, "I'm just the clown, not the cowboy".

And two days of unrelenting sunshine, and another two to go, per forecast. Out with the shorts, and to get some on-job tanning done. Though I find it most curious that I am not getting as brown skinned as fast I was last year. Normally the perps in their sunlight related games have me get a tan, and then (seemingly) have the weather be cloudy to prevent immediate follow-on tanning. Given that it is mid-May, perhaps they are aren't yet into full on sunlight exposure games with the usual litany of on-off tanning opportunities, especially when it comes to weekends.

Enough of the show for a week, and onto another.

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