Monday, August 07, 2017

Bigger Smoke

Very smokey from forest fires today; apparently from Montana and BC this time. Which of course dropped the sunlight levels, and temperatures. It was to be 32C today, but I doubt it wasn't more than 28C. And of course, diminished light levels, something the perps just love to do.

And what is with Youtube, or at least, I think it is them? The incomparable Eva Cassidy, singing Nightbird, one of six songs of hers when she and her band went live at Blues Alley. The video image, never great, just got degraded into fuzzy pixellations. Did someone want to screw me around as they know I like to watch this so much? [Later, I see the pixellations have been removed].

Plenty of smoke in the air again; all in keeping with having full sun but attenuated light penetration. Plus the early morning reddish-orange-ish glow gets on my nerves for some reason. Decades ago, the then-wife purchased some 5 year warranty incandescent light bulbs which had an orange-pink glow. I couldn't stand them, and she seemed pissed that I replaced them with a white color temperature bulb in a week or so. I am sure that wasn't a coincidence. If I like white light, that is, high color temperature bulbs, then why is it a long running hassle to get and keep them?

My second IV vitamin C infusion today. Now at 50g, which is in the oxidative range apparently, which belies its usual status as an antioxidant. All too complicated for me, just get me ready for the upcoming irradiation treatment for the prostate cancer I got stiffed with.

In the vineyard, three co-workers today; one new young woman who didn't want to say hello, the older French guy who speaks very little English, and the young single mom whom I met yesterday. And she is pretty, and nice to look at too. I get plenty of leg views as the foliage on the trellis wires blocks everything else. No real engaging conversation with anyone, save the boss man when he is around.

But again, same with the last vineyard, why do the co-workers place their packs and coats in my row, and then go work on another? Is this some kind of victim homage or something? Even more strange is that they place their belongings in my row before I get there and start the row for crissakes. Even I don't know which row I am going to go into next until I get there. The French guy was a case in point; he always puts his lunch bucket in his row and proceeds to work the same row, now a week's worth of observed habit. But today, he places his lunch bucket in my row, before I got there from the opposite end, and then moves over one row to start leaf plucking there.

Similarly for the young woman I met yesterday; I am 60' into the row, having started it with no one in it, I look up, and I see she has started my row from the top for 20'. I look up to see what the deal is, and then she heads to another row. And no, I wasn't wearing camo, and it was a 100' or so. Like WTF; even the sane ones at the last gig were pulling this stunt on the odd occasion, and the less predictable ones were doing this way too often to be a coincidence. Call it cross-employer coordinated co-worker fuck-up collusion or something like that. I never saw any of this "accidently-on-purpose" bullshit at the larger crew job I did for the past two years on my weekends.

I got to work on my own today, only the French guy was there, and in another part of the vineyard. Almost on my own; a boom truck arrived with three day-glo linesmen and proceeded to work on the pole some 40' away. I have long remarked on the proliferation of boom trucks on the gangstalking show, and here they were, doing some legit looking work next to my vineyard activities. Then in the afternoon, they continued to the next pole and replaced it with a metal one and transferred all the connections and hardware to the new pole. Anyhow, they ran the boom truck engine long enough that I didn't bother listening to music through my headphones all day.

Another day of smokey skies; continuing the local dimming project it would seem, when it would of been scorching hot (35C), but was moderately hot (30C).

The vineyard owners dog was tethered near where I worked, which became a PIA, though it wasn't out of character from what I learned from the owner.

What was the deal last night over leg cramps? I go to bed earlier at 2030h, and then the assholes pummel me with leg cramps for the next three hours, keeping me awake all the time of course.
Saturday, and a day off for a three day weekend. It is called BC Day here, and a month ahead of Labor Day. All kinds of local activities are on, though I usually avoid them, crowd clusterfucks being the norm. The boss man didn't seem to want me to work this weekend, even if the single mom will be working the Monday. Just one of those things it seems, where the schedule is planned ahead, and I submit.

Laundry day, and seeming motorcycle day too. Two of them parked on the street, and another two mobile before I got to the end of the street I live on. Then one more all for a 5 minute trip to the laundromat. I got to dry my laundry outside today, something the perps have assiduously avoided for most of the year, no matter the weather.

And what was it that the perps needed to stalk my ass today when out on laundromat trips? Huge vehicular trains for all roads, at the laundromat, at my parked vehicle there, and on my ass at the LD store. Was it my usual Saturday arms and front torso shave, no supplement intake, or my rare combination of shorts and underwear? Who knows why the perps go berserk, on top of one of their favorite stalking/harassment events, doing laundry. And it didn't go unnoticed that the pair of usual washing machines was disrupted; one of them is out of order. And the alternative washing machines of the same make were also tied up. So I used a dissimilar washing machine under the dryer (plus the regular washing machine).

Continuing smokey skies, a seeming need to limit the light levels but keeping the heat up. Though mostly, I spent my time indoors. I really don't know how much of a tan I am going to get from the deal. I checked LD for bronzing agents, that is, improving the results of an outside tan, but to no avail.

Sunday, and a hike to McIntyre bluff, and still smokey skies. Some four parties coming down while I was uphill bound, all seeming to have at least one member with a red T-shirt. Curiously, no one coming my way when downhill bound. I see the adjacent farm's 12" water mainline was dug up while traversing the vineyard, some 4' down. The perps have a never ending need for me to witness, touch, repair or otherwise become involved in water supply or irrigation issues, (or the water supply I drink from), so this wasn't anything new. And thanks to the smokey skies, no tanning happened.

I bought some 35lb of tomatoes at the associated farm at the trailhead farm store, plus some other groceries. This evening, I converted the tomatoes to pulp, after parboiling them, a 3.5 hour job. The perps like this activity of food preservation, as this is the third successive year of

Monday, the holiday day here in BC. Continuing smokey skies, again, getting the heat without the light, the ongoing experiment in "local dimming". Perhaps to map to global dimming in some respects.

My fickle friend, he of injured status, still recovering from his split knee cap injury came over. He brought the munchies, (red colored tortilla chips) and I provided the wine, this at 1500h in the afternoon. Two bottles of wine later he needed a nap, and so I let him nap on the floor with blanket. Sleep he did for an hour while I was in the bedroom reading a book, and he got up with a cough and once up, it was apparent that he barfed his guts up on the carpet without having sufficient warning, a pink color it was. Anyhow, I helped clean it all up and all was good. And I drove him home.

Straight out of the perp play book; no warning of bodily emissions, and lo, a major mess to clean up. And do the perps ever love a mess.

And it is confirmed; the perps have hacked my one year old stereo amplifier and it only functions in the R channel, no matter the input source. Like WTF; why do they continue to sabotage the shit out of my stereo gear? Readers from last year may recall that a reliable amplifier (but older) got sabotaged and had to be sent to Chicago twice because the didn't fix it properly. That stunt prompted me to get a new amplifier that would be more maintainable, and lo, it too gets sabotaged. Now this amplifier has to be shipped to England for warranty repair, hoping they are more competent than last time. Thanks a lot assholes.

Anyhow, I am a day late on my weekly schedule, and time to get this posted.

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