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[Prematurely posted on 02-07-2017- my apologies]
A good 6" of snow overnight Monday (yesterday) got my attention for driving in it on the way to the vineyard job. Surprisingly, it wasn't on the vines, even if it was soft and fluffy. I suppose this is keeping with the perp games over water in all its forms; frozen, liquid and vapor (at times, e.g. keeping me unaware the kettle is boiling). And of course, driving on snow is a big deal for the perps as they love games with rubber. And too, at the vineyard, having me walk in the tire tracks of the foreman's pick up truck, the easiest ground to walk on in these snowy conditions.

After lunch, things suddenly started going wrong; a phone call where it got cut off before I could answer it, I cut the wrong vine or cane,  I cut a trellis wire with the electric pruners, a phone call from the ex's son whom I haven't heard from in 10 years. Mondays are extra shit days as things seem to be arranged to be going wrong. Funny, they didn't hack me on the vineyard job all last week (3 days), and not for Monday morning, and then after lunch, it all went for a shit.

Today, a mid-day interruption in the form of a dental appointment. I hate dental appointments in the afternoon, but for some reason the dental office phoned me up to change the time the day before. Like WTF; I never had this problem keep happening so often as now. The dentist had her face mask on so I got to look at her eyes only while she was talking to me, another stunt the perps like, partial face coverings. Later when she took off her mask, she wasn't anywhere as pretty as her eyes. The dental assistant had a coughing jag, that took her out of the room for some 6 minutes, all in keeping with the very common perp tactic of removing stalkers once they come close; this happens all the time in at yoga when waiting for the class to start. A strange Asian woman was at the counter with the dental office assistant, as if she was being trained. I cannot count the number of times someone is placed side-by-side with the regular staff as if in training, and yet I never see them again. I suppose they wanted some "Asian female energy", and all the more to do the work of writing down my appointment times on a card, and later, giving me the receipt. And of course, being present when the financial transaction was conducted.

As part of the deal, I got a wax casting for a crown to be later made up. Interesting the wax is red and then turns white over a few minutes until it is set. Talk about a made-for-perp event, changing colors in one's mouth. I cannot count the number of times the Fuckwits (paid-for stalkers) parade around with things in their mouths, looking totally stupid, e.g. stir sticks, suckers.

The I returned for work for two hours, and then the aircraft over flights poured on. Then they had me cut a trellis wire again, then immediately dumped me on my ass in the snow, and when getting up, I see they screwed me out of pruning an obvious vine. So what was the point of that, putting these three obvious stunts in sequence. No question they got me riled up at first by having me not see the trellis wire and cutting by "mistake".

Yoga, last night, down to 10 participants, and the babe count was way down. The very attractive babe in the separate top at the W side was gone after being a regular for four weeks, as was her equally attractive neighbor. The dude count was two around me, this time one to the W, another to the S, triangulated this time. Last week it was this absurd and extra-obvious arrangement of having the dudes arrive on either side of me. One of them returned from last week, this time wearing some offensive cologne that I could smell from 8' away. The perps have a way of placing and enhancing smells into one's nose, or maybe directly stimulating the brain.

And today, I have the lower abdomen aches and stiffness in greater degree, presumably "from" yoga, even if I never had this problem in taking yoga for the past four years each week. Said sensations have been of concern for me as I have thought this might be due to metastatic prostate cancer, but of course I got blown off about this from my doctor visit on this past Saturday. These aches and stiffness have been ameliorated by re-starting paw-paw, which adds to my metastatic prostate cancer theory. And of course this is great mind-fuck fuel for the perps as they play up my notions of mortality, e.g. making a will, how I will attend to the details etc. All to heighten the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) that is such an essential component of perp games, and all the better (for them) it is all about pondering one's own mortality. I say it is big game, as they don't seem anywhere near done their non-consenual human research, the ongoing disruption about what foods and supplements I take in what order and their respective order and timing.

More snow, about 2" in the afternoon and continuing into the evening as I write this. About 200m visibility, but that didn't stop the aircraft overflights, not that I could see them. One helicopter was buzzing around for 20 minutes, not your average airport arrival.

Still on the MMS1 therapy, and it seems to be holding up OK. The MMS2 therapy could not be found anywhere online on the weekend, "out of stock", and the perps keep dithering me after work so I don't get to a pool supply outfit. The one place I did look had the "pool shock" product (calcium hypochlorite) adulterated with other products, e.g. "4 in one", so it seems the greater Thems are closing in on allowing this product to be available in pure form. It makes me wonder if this whole health care realm/industry isn't one big jerkaround for mass experimentation along with added patient vexation and possibly demise.

And while pruning vines all day the perps pollute me with whatever mind-fuck games that are on script. For the past week, as mentioned in this blog, they have inundated with me notions of my demise along with supporting lower abdominal sensations, aches and stiffness, which suggest metastasized prostate cancer. (All of which can be remotely spoofed). They even had me planning to purchase a walking cane, as it seemed walking was even becoming labored. But today, they planted notions that the cancer was now getting better and it will be all over soon. Awfully nice of them, coming from the world's worst prevaricators, for whom malevolence is just another passing notion. Anyhow, the MMS therapies will continue for a few weeks and I will report on this every few days.

Scaring me to death, notionally, isn't a new mind torture for them in my experience. Back in the helter-skelter high abuse days of 2002 there were at least two such events in Seattle, and they pulled another in 2003 when back in Victoria. So here we (might) have it again; my own notions of my demise are greatly exaggerated after going through senseless amounts of grief in believing it to be so. I am not out of the woods yet by any means.

And what is with the sudden inundation of black hairs? At least three on my keyboard, some on the kitchen counter, and five in the bathroom. All discovered within 10 minutes or so, as I cycled from one area of my residence to the next. "Normally", they have me discover this many planted hair situations over the whole evening, some 4 hours or so.

Another day of pruning in the vineyard, 12" of snow on the ground now. Not much fresh snow during the day, but at least 4" in the night, all to be plowed this morning. It was at least -8C, and the the wind started up to reach 20kph. Not the best outdoor working conditions, but I was warm

The lower abdominal sensations, possibly metastatic prostate cancer were abated some, but came on more in the afternoon, and into this evening. As usual, I got skunked twice on getting MMS2, so we shall see where this goes.

I was driving home on a two lane in-town secondary arterial with no commercial shopping within blocks, and there was this cluster of some 8 women on the sidewalk, like they were all a little stunned, standing around as they were, for no determinable reason. Some had barely adequate clothing for the cold and snow conditions. As I am driving by looking at this strange collection and attempting to discern if there was a legitimate reason, and then this negro male becomes obvious as the women separated and my angle of view changed. So what was the point of this total clusterfuck idiocy? I have commented on the babe-then-male gangstalking arrangements before, and now for the first time, we have a women-then-negro arrangement. (That is, Caucasian women, none were lookers of any degree). Fucking absurd, and all for 2 seconds of view time as I was driving past.

Friday, and pruning work in the vineyard. It was below freezing this morning, and by afternoon it was +7C. Like a chinook, except this is the wrong place for it, these sudden warming trends all in a single day. Needless to say, the snow melt started up and is now slush where it is aggregated.

One the metastatic cancer front, if it is that, I got some shooting pains on my L side, and my lower abdominal region felt stiff, when it certainly should not of. Yoga is becoming a problem in that the lower abdominal aches and stiffness set up in the following days, now four later. Normally if I finished yoga, I never noticed any sensations as I am reasonably flexible. Needless to say, all this FUD as to what I have, and what damage it is doing and where it is taking me is running my life, as in questioning my own mortality. But the perps have pulled these games in the past where I figured I was done for, all to have a last minute reprieve.

I get some reprieve from these aches and the odd pain from MMS1, and have upped the dosage all this week. I started the MMS2 tonight so we shall see where it all goes.

Saturday, and a day off per Mon-Fri workday schedule at the vineyard. I started the MMS2 program in earnest today, and it does feel horrid for 20 min. after ingestion, though much less than chemotherapy I am sure. Now 1430h, and I am feeling less lower abdominal aches and pains, and even a little more energetic.

The gangstalking insanity was all over me after I departed the laundromat with my just-clean towels and did some shopping. I ended up at the tanning salon after an hour, and even that was a gangstalk, with these Fuckwits clustered outside, then three more waiting inside, and when I got out, another three loitering clustered Fuckwits outside.

Now later; the MMS2 felt horrid enough that I puked it up.  So much for getting better. Perhaps the MMS1 will keep me in there.

Going back over the last two years, there was at least three times with different parties that I mentioned MMS1 and it super-oxidative properties, such that it would cure malaria and some other difficult-to-treat viral diseases. Each time, the other party just said nothing. I find it astounding that such a significant paradigm changing therapy got absolutely no discussion or interest. Which concurs with my ongoing perceptions that my conversations are arranged, and in keeping with this sudden "clam up" response I get, no matter the import of the topic. I have called it "sudden conversation termination", a unique and strange interaction with others that suddenly erupted when all this shit came down in 04-2002. And in this case, it suggests this episode of MMS1 was planned some two years ago at least. Bait me to talk about the product, have the other party do a "go-blank", and then eventually (years) have me use the product. All part of being in this rabbit hole, though I could do without metastasized cancer, (if that is what I have in fact), and the rest of the symptoms that at least emulate it. I see an irradiation cancer specialist Feb. 22, so we shall see what comes down on that account. In the least I should be able to get an officially metastasized cancer determination. And maybe a pain killer medication prescription just in case.

Turns out that my MMS2 dose was twice what it should of been, once I re-read some different instructions. Even at that, I had a problem with the first dose first thing in the morning before having food. But I do feel better, creaky/achy hip joint wise. And no pain in my lower lumbar region. I quit the paw-paw again two days ago, so there might be some transition issues there too. The paw-paw was giving me pressure on my kidneys, and now two days later it seems to have resolved. We shall see; it seems the challenge is to keep the MMS1 and MMS2 schedule without losing any food.

Yellow in, yellow out. It is just about everytime on the hour that I take 10-12 drops of yellow colored MMS1 (in water) that I am forced to piss, either immediately beforehand or afterward. The pissing urgency problem has been going on and off, depending on medication efficacy, for two years. And though at a tolerable level thanks to Tamsulosin, but no thanks to the urologist who didn't tell me about it, the pissing problem is exquisitely timed for the intake of yellow dyed water the MMS1 mixture. And all the better I presume for perp color matching games when this takes place on the snow when doing vineyard pruning work. And leaving those yellow tracks behind. No wonder they timed the start of this seeming metastatic cancer problem almost exactly to the day I started the vineyard job, Feb. 01, 2017. It seemed after the first three days that I would not be able to continue at all, not due to the job itself, but being able to operate pain/ache free.

In fact, after three weeks and forgetting about my job application to a large vineyard and winery operation, they phoned me Feb. 02, asking if I was still interested. This would of been full time, and would of been on the viticulture staff, and would of involved Geographic Information Systems work. They asked for a phone interview Feb. 06, Monday, and I said yes. Well, as it "happened", I felt like shit due to these seeming metastatic cancer problems, that I had to tell them on the Monday that there were health conditions that were of prime consideration, and would not be a candidate. On paper, this was a dream job; full time, some of it outside in the vineyard, and utilizing GIS technology as I had been trained on, taking a year long course in it. The job would of taken me out of the manual vineyard labor scene into which I have been cast into since 2012, following four years of manual crop farm work. And thanks to the timing of these health problems, I had to turn down an interview for a job that offered huge prospects of getting out of the manual labor rut. Thanks a bunch assholes.

Ahh, the bait and switch phone calling; My TI sometimes Sunday caller phoned, but I never heard the phone ring because someone turned the ringer off. She left a message and then said she would call in 10 minutes, but that of course often means 20 minutes. And lo, if my perp-abetting mother doesn't phone just when I was expecting my TI caller. I cannot count the number of times where I get set up to expect a return caller, or text message nowadays, and lo, it is not, but someone else. The "dashed expectations" stunt. Been there, had it done to me so many more time since all this shit rained down on me in 04-2002, and it hasn't let up.

One more day off for me; a government mandated day off in February, called BC Family Day for crissakes. [Just now, an almost total delete of this posting due to an imposed finger blunder; been thee and had it done to me also].

I best get this posted before anything more peculiar "happens".

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