Sunday, February 19, 2017

Feeling Better

BC Family Day today, a province wide statutory holiday. Hence a Monday off to do whatever.

But I am feeling better, continuing on the MMS program; yesterday was brutal, and I was hanging in there. It is one of those "get sicker before getting better" scenarios, much like as mentioned on the parent website. We shall see in time as to whether I beat metastasized prostate cancer or not, if that is what in fact I have. If not, I would be more than glad to bail out of this abusive hell I have been kept in since 04-2002.

And even if I dropped the price of my used Camry by $600, still no response. The perps have ways of doing this; blocking access to people to view items for sale. This "happened" twice in long past real estate listings, both to significant financial detriment. In fact, they manage my affairs to ensure financial adversity at every turn. Why haven't they put me on the homeless program these 14.5 years of insane and relentless abuse and be done with it? Don't know, but it seems that semi-middle (non-homeless) class living is also under intense research for all the psychic energies it may entail.

I saw the film on DVD last night, "The Lady Vanishes". What a PoS; all those glowing IMDB reviews, save a few, and it seems it was all about a spook-fest over some irrelevant bullshit, with more than a few plot holes. Though the pre-WWII hints didn't go unnoticed. Who says the spooks hadn't invaded the film industry in the 1930's?

Saw the "Thirty Nine Steps", part of the Hitchcock series of DVD's I had kicking around. Better than the above mentioned film, but with a few loopy plot holes too, just not as many. As above, more spook-fare, though cleverly done. I am done with this set of 20 Hitchcock films after two of them; too many fedoras and spooks in long coats. I have no idea as to why I have an aversion to such imagery.

And I will never forget the time that I got my new glasses on in 2010 or so, and was about to depart, and there were two fedora wearing men in long coats clumsily coming through the door of the optician. Why the perps put this ridiculous act on then I will never know, but it will be another one of those "never forget" vignettes.

Another "never forget" vignette in 2005 or 2006 was Monica Lewinsky in a matched blue spandex outfit on a hiking trail, leading a party of four; immediately behind her were two Asian male twins dressed in these ridiculous identical outfits (sports jacket and shorts), save one was in blue, the other in brown. As I recall the fourth member was male, but I was so astonished at this entourage, that I forget what his outfit was, or perhaps, it was unremarkable.

No valentines from the perps today; more achy sensations in my hip and lower back, more of the metastatic prostate cancer reminders they want me to know about.  I take my MMS1 and MMS2 meds each hour or two, respectively, and hope for the best as it is my last chance. I don't think conventional clinical care has an predictable way out, though I will find out next week when I visit the radiation clinicians.

New aches and pains shooting up my back in the later afternoon. And some lower hip rotation pains too. Doesn't sound good, but I am sticking with the MMS protocol. I suspect that backing off the paw-paw changed the dynamic some as well, but it was giving me kidney pressure again. More mind planted drivel from the perps about the cancer is diminishing, but who would trust the guys that gave it to me in the first place? Not to mentioned all my efforts to deal with a dopamine shortage for the last 18 years, and lo, I find out that low dopamine is associated with prostate cancer.

All day pruning vines, and the new guy got started into it today. Thankfully the rain held off until 1600h when we finished up for the day.

Saw the urologist today. He said that based on my PSA of 7.9, it is very doubtful that I have metastatic prostate cancer. My prostate was normal per his (ahem) professional determination. And he checks for a distended bladder, but that is fine. This would be the downside of going to a specialist; if the symptoms are outside of their specialty, they aren't interested. And when I go to the cancer clinic next week, just what are they going to determine? If it is not metastasized, then sorry, go see someone else; just my speculation.

So WTF. I have pains in my hips and up my back (today as well), and pressure on my kidneys. The urologist didn't have any other insights as to what ails me. And I wasn't feeling so better today, but still keeping up on the MMS program, because if I am in it up to my knees I might as well keep going and very possibly nail the prostate cancer for the long term. Hope springs eternal in the health ailments game it turns out. I haven't been exposed to chronic-like discomfort conditions before, so all this is new to me.

All day vineyard pruning today; the snow is almost gone, and it even got a little warm today. Warm, because I was in long johns and three sweaters and a ski jacket, and my climbing boots. That is fine by me, ever sensitive to cold nowadays.

Still more pains in my L hip and up my L back today, but less kidney pressure; not much different from yesterday so I don't know what is going on. Like I said, I have never had a debilitating type condition before, so all this protracted suffering/healing (if it is that), is new to me.

Today's planted notion of what ails me is "some growth" is going on inside me. Some explanation that; every day I get a new planted notion and it gets rejected by day's end. Earlier this week they were telling me that it was a hernia, but I didn't think it to be so even then. A day later the assholes floated the notion that it was Lyme Disease, even if I have never had a tick bite, but that happens apparently.

Saturday, and a haircut mid-day. And also a work day as it "happened", as we didn't work the holiday Monday this week and had to make it up. That is part of the deal at sign-on; one must work weekends to make up a 40 hour week.

The hair stylist was decidedly into the butch look; the short male sides, but with more on top. And no less, wearing a bow tie. And mighty hefty she was too, and wasn't older than 24 or so. And she made a point of pushing her gut into my arms and back, depending on where she was working. And she seemed so reluctant to take much hair off, so after three passes  I finally gave up and said it was enough.

More pruning all day, and some rain coming on in the afternoon. A new employee today; another male pony-tail, the second in the crew of five. One who started earlier this week looks to be a mulatto; it would seem this is a "starter negro" assigned to me. Given the selective introduction of negroes at specific moments for the 14.5 year duration of this insane harassment, it would suggest the perps are upping the negro ante for longer term (all upcoming summer).

On the health front; aches and pains came on in the afternoon and are still with me this afternoon. That is, aches, pains and twinges in my hips, up my spine and into my arms. No yoga for awhile. I don't know for sure what this is, but it has all the markings of metasized prostate cancer. I continue with the MMS therapy, now two weeks on it.

Sunday, and I got to work for 4 hours to get my hours up to 40 for the week. This seems to be a big deal at my new employer.

Major vehicular gangstalking on my way back though, and all the more noticeable where I stopped; a specialty grocer and the tanning salon. This is the second instance in two weeks where I made the same stop at the same grocer after work and got innundated with extra obvious stalkers, e.g. the shiftless males who don't even seem to know how to shop.

Anyhow, time to get this this posted for the week just past.

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