Friday, November 11, 2016

Pit Lamping Redux

And what is it about pit-lamping, (shining lights in the face of the victim), that is so important of late? Not to mention the increased (3x pre-04-2002 normal) "stray" reflections that find their into my face.

And I suppose, driving at night as I do for the duration of this winery job for 6 weeks is just the thing, though I suppose this wouldn't be "pit-lamping" as such as there is the excuse it is a public roadway. But most often the oncoming vehicles of differing headlight types, come in in threes. And at the same location several days in succession, e.g. at road bends, two lane merges into a single lane.

And then pit-lamping me twice in two days while eating lunch in my car at work. Ditto for making said lunch while in my residence and then a pickup truck "happens" to have arrived outside and parks to ensure their headlights are pointed through the chain link gate, through my window and onto me in the kitchen area. Also two days in succession. And quickly dealt with by going to the window and closing the venetian blinds.

An additional stunt is when I arrive at my residence after a 30 minute night time drive, (again, pit lamping of a kind with the oncoming road traffic), the assholes extend this lunacy by having me fumble my keys at the locked gate, and with my key fob LED flashlight, they make sure to extend my egress and too, ensure that the flashlight also gets fumbled and flashes into my face.

A visit to the wretched urologist. Though, the PSA test is trending the right direction, as I am now 4.3 when below 4.5 is normal. (in the US and other places, 4.0 or less is normal). The test is trending the right way, as I was 5.9 in 05-2016. Still, it is unlikely to be the end of my cancer, so on with more expensive supplements, and upping the ante with various cleanses etc.

Said urologist doesn't make any mention that my supplements might actually be working, citing "normal fluctuation". And of course he doesn't ask what supplements I might be taking, and if I feel they are working etc. He just doesn't want to know.

And more on the doesn't-want-to-know (or help) front; I mentioned the urination urgency problem came back in 09-2016, and he doesn't ask about it or even offer any advice. How ridiculous is that? Almost as ridiculous at the time he had his secretary phone me after two of his Rx medications didn't solve the urination urgency problem in early 2015, and she said (on his behalf) to go to my GP. As in (an all time) WTF; I present with an urology problem and the urologist sends me to my GP.

Said urologist further distinguished himself today after I asked for a referral to the Cancer Treatment center in Kelowna, by saying that he encouraged it "along the lines of what we talked about last visit". What utter bullshit; we did not have any conversation about this, and I only subsequently found out this option about this from elsewhere. Elsewhere was the Okanagan Prostate Support Group in Kelowna, something else the wretched urologist "happened" not to tell me about.

Another interesting moment with the urologist was when somehow the topic got onto me saying that conventional medicine is at a dead end in thinking that cancer is a somatic cell mutation problem. I got the intimidative, "You mean to say that the medical community in all the hundreds of millions of dollars of research a year (in Canada) has got it wrong?" I mentioned that Royal Rife had cancer beaten in the 1930's, and all 44 of the associated doctors who worked with his equipment and methods had a banquet to celebrate the end of cancer. A year later, the AMA beat up on Royal Rife and threatened the supporting doctors and that was the end of that. An incremental world atrocity, right here in America. Anyhow, the upshot was that the urologist isn't much of an actor, and there were all manner of tells to roundly indicate this whole skit was either rehearsed ahead of time or that he knew he was bare-faced lying. Same difference.

A flight at 0645h from Kelowna, non stop to Victoria. Which meant getting up at 0330h and driving there. The airport security confiscated my keychain which had a 1" knife blade on it that I entirely "forgot" about it. Funny, they missed it before. But, they allow 6" scissors, so what it the deal, and any schmo can modify scissor blades to make them lethal and because the metal is overlapped when closed, the security folks would not pick this up on their scanner anyhow. Go figure. (And of course the timing was such that I didn't have sufficient time to take the keychain penknife back to my vehicle).

A half full Q400 flight, maybe an 80 place aircraft. But why this cluster (of 20) around me in the rear of the aircraft, save the seat beside me and the seat opposite? And in keeping with the ongoing multiracial gangstalking show, they put the obligatory negro stalker, one seat ahead and on the opposite side. Then a negro aircraft person when we landed. The last flight I took they put on a negro flight attendant.

A major piss off stunt from two years ago was when my perp-abetting mother and ex took me to the airport and because there was extra time, they offered me some breakfast. And lo, 20 minutes later there was a horrendous line up at security. I had to jump the line to get to the front and get to the gate, and have my baggage put back on (the gate attendant said).

A group funeral at the care home, my father included in the those that died in October. I was the only one wearing a suit of some 20 males of 40 people. I find that strange, but perhaps dress codes have accelerated downwards, though it would be my first funeral in 15 years or so.

A First Feral Family visit a nearby Marks store after the funeral, as my brother owns two in another city, and my mother was chasing a sale item. And lo, if there wasn't a two fire truck "event" at the supermarket in the Broadmead Plaza (40 stores or so) with all the staff mustered near where we needed to park. That means, flashing red emergency lights etc.

My out-of-town (Victoria) brother, sister-in-law and niece took the same airline and flight (and same embarkation city) as I did, offset by a day, arriving and leaving a day earlier than I did. Which might mean something in this whole coincidence controlled world that I inhabit, and not out of choice.

I met up with the farm worker friend at MacDo's, and lo, if there wasn't some negro she knew but didn't explain. I hadn't visited one for a decade or more, since my young daughter's infatuation with the place.

No emailed boarding pass that the airline routinely does, and did for my outbound flight, so I phone and they say it is the time change; how lame is that, so I log onto the airline's web site and get my boarding pass. This constant game of fuckery as to where and how I obtain information, and this is just one more. In the some 9 or so return flights I made over the last four years, this is the first time they somehow "screwed up" in their normally efficient operations.

A flight back, negro couple two across the aisle and one seat ahead; And it was a negro couple, with her hair bun perched just above the seat back. To get into lead-ahead gangstalking position after exiting the aircraft they dogged me at the exit ramp doing a dip shit confusion routine so they could precede me. Then when I can, I bail out the exit outside, and lo, if they didn't do the same thing 120', paralleling me through the building.
Don't ask me what the deal is about the perps putting on female (mostly) hair buns, save what they allowed me to know, was that at alien sites (apparently), the bun wearing females are considered to be the "breeders". Yes, there is an alien motif component to all this, recessed chins and skin headed males also predominantly featuring in the Unfavored stalker features demographic. I haven't consigned hair buns, except on males, to the Unfavored categories, but it is interesting that this hair feature keeps getting prominence in this gangstalking show.

And if it wasn't enough from this 3 day visit to the First Feral Family to eat too much dairy, glutenous and sugared foods, why, they add more for my return flight. I was given 5lb of pine mushrooms (said to be contraindicated for cancer), and a 1lb ball of cheese my mother bought in Amsterdam. She "happened" to be on a week long junket in Europe when my father died; another piece of artful perp timing, though to what end I have no idea, but they definitely wanted her elsewhere for the termination (IMHO) event. And all the more curious that she didn't visit her sister in the UK, and in fact, didn't go there at all, only continental Europe.

Sunday that I returned, a harvest party; many more things I should not eat or drink; alcohol, doughnuts etc. All was well, and I met up with my vineyard employers of the last two years. As far as i know, I am to return to work there, but she wasn't committal like last year when she had me lined up to return at the end of the season in September. She doesn't leave anything to chance, especially vineyard labor. I wonder what is up.

And more memory fuck games while there, and too, imbalancing games in the guise of being drunk, which I wasn't. Incautious alcohol consumption tho', another anomalous behavior trait.

And the clocks return to standard time; and what is it about time changes that invokes predictable hassle over this again; the manual has gone missing again, and I cannot get the time reset via online manuals. This same shit went on year after year, when I had the manual but "somehow" it didn't work. I took it to the watchmaker each time, and he did the same thing I did, except it worked for him. Back to these electronic devices fuckery again. watches seem to be a particular "problem" for the perps, killing two steel mesh metal banded watches early in the harassment onset of 2002. They just did not want me to have a steel mesh banded watch. Now, it is a rubber banded watch, a digital one at that. Just one more insane pissing match with the assholes who run/ruin my existence.

Anyhow, I am five days late getting this out due to late work days and the usual forced late sleeps in the morning with added errands as well.

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