Sunday, November 20, 2016

Buzzing Around Me Like Flies

Raining today, and no picking. I didn't know for sure at first so I was cleaning the grape processing equipment anyhow, which I routinely do every before each day. The winemaker boss man didn't say anything, so I assumed I was doing the right thing. As it "happened" four bins came in, and on top of the 2 bins we had, it was sufficient.

The Quebequois couple I regularly work with didn't come in, by arrangement with the winemaker, so it was all up to me to get the conveyor, de-stemmer, crusher and must pump sanitized and ready. (Normally, they do the latter two, and I clean the former two devices). Once done, and in consultation with the to-be manager in 2017, I was to sanitize a particular tank. I installed the spray ball on top when on the catwalk and noted that there was a thin layer of wine on the bottom of the tank. Once back down I cracked the valve a little, but there was no wine flow. I began to open the man-way and some wine came out. I closed it up, though confused as to why anyone would leave a skiff of wine in a tank. I asked around, and was told it was OK to drain it. I began to do so, but some one else came and phoned the winemaker for advice. He conveyed that it was good wine but since it had already been let out, just to leave it run. I thought this was inexplicable at the time, but I followed his instruction, and proceeded to sanitize the tank.

Once the winemaker came back I caught shit for letting the small amount of wine out of the tank. Like WTF; it could of been recovered if I had been given the direction to do so. Another WTF; the to-be-manger was on the phone to the winemaker minutes beforehand as to elicit direction to give to me. Another WTF; what was a 1/2" of wine sitting in the 87hL tank (8' diameter) for? (Asking for oxidation, if nothing else). Anyhow, the whole deal seemed like a total set-up to give me shit. This, IMHO, starting with the absence of the Quebequois couple who always looked after prior tank sanitization for the last 5 weeks, and so it goes. And what is it about these "catch shit" set-ups, at least the third of this winery gig of 6 weeks now, that seems so important for the perps?

Anyhow, this dysfunctional day continued until late afternoon when the French guys finally helped out with the fork-lifting of grape bins, and them finding out what the additions were as the tank gets filled. The winemaker isn't into personnel management, and it showed in spades today. Then and there I decided I needed to exit this place ASAP; these "catch shit" set-ups, letting me "spin in the wind" (do-squat) of no work direction or oversight, and the regular chaotic work place.

Co-workers buzzing around me all day at work. what is the deal? Is it that I started at 0800h instead of my usual 1100h? No idea, but when they put on two ambulances (in opposite directions) on the highway as vehicular gangtalking coverage during my 30 min. commute, something big is up. Neither was in an emergency, there were no prior accidents, so both were just cruising around. I don't know what the deal is about their activities, but the inordinate number of ambulances that need to cover me is just ridiculous.

Another semi-deranged behavior by the above mentioned cellar hand that misguided me on the tank cleaning mentioned above. He was running a pump near the grape receiving equipment which needs four electrical outlets, 3x480v and one 600v. Needing these outlets creates problems with coordination with other workers as they need the same outlets for the pumps to do pump-overs of the wine in the tanks. Said cellar hand had his pump running nearby and I didn't perturb it any, and I never do. He grabs the 480v cord I had laid out and  said he needed an outlet for the pump and I said he already had one, which was obvious. I asked him if he needed another outlet and he said he didn't, but continued to wrap up  the power cords that I had laid out minutes previously. I didn't say anything more, as it seemed he didn't want to translate  (or explain) just what he was doing and what for. Anyhow, I got onto a few other things and then later asked him where he put the power cord and he said on the grape receiving equipment, so obviously he didn't need it. I picked up the cord and set up the equipment, still respecting his use of the pump as it was still running. So what was that all about? This guy intervenes and undoes my work, for no seeming reason and no listening to any logic that I provided. I call it semi-deranged, if I don't call it perp obstruction.

Above mentioned cellar hand also pulled this same stunt about two weeks ago; the conveyor was plugged into this panel for cleaning in the morning, and he unplugs it, wraps up the cord and lays it down on the floor and then walks off. (I "happened" to see him do this from the other side of the grape receiving equipment some 25' away).  I assumed he needed the outlet so I got onto something else for five minutes. I later see the cord still sitting on the floor, and plugged it in, and he didn't need the outlet at all. So what is it about plugging in, or out, power cords that so interests the perps that they send in this sabotage artist in twice to unplug my cord? And the latter incident mentioned above, where he seemed impervious to reason?

I don't know, but one can also say ditto to joining hoses together, or to pumps and tanks. And ditto for attaching nuts to bolts and the rest of the fuckery that goes down when I assemble of disassemble objects.

This same guy asks me to hose down some wine lees on the floor as I was nearby with a hose in hand and so I immediately oblige. Some 10 seconds into this, he grabs the hose from my hand and then proceeds to do the hose down, and a shitty job at that as it was incomplete. More semi-deranged behavior from this individual. He must be a perp operative to act so weird and not be concerned as to how is is cumulatively perceived. Not to mention the ridiculous top-knot (not quite a man bun) hair style he wears.

A leg wax scheduled tomorrow, but no prior notice of appointment when they routinely do so all the time. Have we not encountered appointment games before? Wrong times, wrong week written into diary and then "detected" in time, placing an appointment sticker from the doctor's office in my diary and lo, if they don't change the date on me so I have this obstructing (and useless) sticker covering up the date, etc. So what is it about perp fuckery that they need to piss with appointments, save the content/exchange, in all its myriad trivia? Don't know, but it has long been noted, and accelerated fuckery since the perp sickos went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002.

Worked 15 hours yesterday to see the last of the grape harvest through; that is, attend to the "receiving" of de-stemming, crushing and pumping to the tank. Plus all the prior and subsequent equipment cleaning. Next week will be different, but after 11-16-2016 per above, when there was screw all to do because of no (or limited) picking that day, I am not too optimistic. The perps like to have me "spin in the wind" and have no-work periods at work while everyone else has their heads down doing other things and the boss man is functionally AWOL.

Anyhow, I have a new short term job starting next week; even if only for two weeks it gives me the excuse to get out from the harassment and deranged co-worker behavior over winery work. That would additional to perp harassment when they scramble my head over operating equipment I know how to operate, pumps, fork lifts (when I was allowed), and anything else. Not to mention a few set ups like the one mentioned above.

The wonderful Quebequois couple I worked with for the last 6 weeks had their last work day. And lo, sometime around 2200h, another Quebequois couple "arrives" who seem to be their replacements. Tres bizarre (en francais) to say the least; there wasn't any legit work for them to do as we were in deep on the grape processing, and it seems awfully strange to have a couple replace a couple as work crew and start in the last hours of a very late Friday. The Quebequois component isn't too odd in that the winery is owned by a French company and the personnel are nearly all French speaking. And the three French (from France) young vineyard guys will be now freed up too.

I gave the option for the boss man if he wanted me for next week and he said yes, so I am mystified as to how all this is going down. Perhaps they want me for "exposure" to the new couple as they settle into their new job. I get "shopped out" as mentioned, aka, "victim touring" in my parlance. Or perhaps a final week of hell to convince me that working in commercial wineries is not in the cards and that I am to stick with vineyards.

Speaking of victim touring, they put on a 250+lb fat man in coveralls wandering into view while I was on the conveyor and grape sorting. Said man was doing his regular duty as a building facilities technician, but he sure got my attention as I was deep into grape processing. (The building section is leased to the owner of the much larger facility, so their staff do regular service inspections). There is no question as part of the Unfavored freakshow that the perps like to put fat folk on or around me, but this time I seemed to have a small startled reaction. All to elicit my abreaction responses I assume, from the days they may have abused me aged 2 to 5 when they deleted my recall somehow. As mentioned many times on this blog, I was forming long term memories at aged two, and suddenly only at age 5, with some minor exceptions. Certainly no abusive episodes are recalled, but not recalling where I lived for those years is mighty peculiar to say the least.

Speaking of service inspections, the asshole who moved the ladder I was on (a wheeled version that was in locked down position) last week also "happened" to cruise by and mentioned that he might of not apologized for moving the ladder. I gave him a lame "thanks", when I should of reamed his ass. He didn't apologize at the time, but just hung around avoiding my intense stare. Why he didn't apologize then for such an egregious safety intrusion I have no idea, let alone senselessly loitering afterward can only be attributed to this nonstop perp perversity managed abuse-athon that I live in (IMHO). As it turned out, the ladder moving culprit was a negro, something I didn't detect until today for all the hair and beard netting wear the building lessor staff wear.

Sunday, and in typical perp fuckery for a day off, they had me sleep into 1000h all to punch a hole in my day. This constant battle with them over getting up early to have more free time is yet another distinguishing feature of this micro managed fuckery. Even when starting work at 1100h they would have me get up at 0830h over the past 6 weeks or so all to minimize my free time before setting off to work at 1030h.

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