Sunday, November 13, 2016

Ladder Larks

Sunday, a day off, and in the new format of not putting down jottings during the week, here I go. That is, the perps have decided to manage me in exquisite detail, more than micro-manage even, and screw any routine of mine no matter how small. Especially those routines that work reasonably well.

An example would be keeping track of my revenues and expenses in Quicken, and looking at the monthly reports. Often which would prod me into action to spend less on such and such, and guide my financial behavior. And too, reconciling it and keeping track of my bank account. Now, all that has devolved since 10-2015, and I don't keep on this any more, which just pisses me off. I do look at my bank account monthly to pay bills, but it would seem that I am not allowed to keep on top of the details of where money comes and goes. Any sudden behavior changes are automatically ascribed to the perps who I have come to find can remotely influence all neural activity. As strange and invasive at it seems, it is a reality for me in these imposed circumstances. Not unlike other TI's, marginalized desperadoes of no choice.

And what is the ongoing and utterly ridiculous obsession of the perps over ladders of all description? This was immediately apparent in the year they went berserk/overt on me 04-2002, when they made their presence loud and clear in an opening apartment invasion of considerable unconventional methods. And I have been run and ruined since, not to mention constantly abused and harassed. Infuriating me is their first and best move it seems.

Back to ladders; since they went berserk/overt they have paraded ladders on pickup trucks and vans, aka, the Ladder Patrol, around me everywhere in traffic. Sometimes running three or four vehicles in succession, often with different ladder orientations; on pickup truck racks where the ladder is horizontal, propped up the the forward rack (and wedged where the tailgate meets the box bed), at a 30 degree angle or so to the road surface, and the inevitable stacks of ladders on trades vans. I have never seen so many ladders in motion all my life in those heavy vehicular gangstalking years, 2002 to mid-2006 until they financial screwed me out of me owning a vehicle. Mind you, the Ladder Patrol didn't give up, it is just that they needed less of them as I was walking mostly, save public transit trips. In the latter case, the on board freak show rotation caught my attention more than what was outside.

So it was last week when at work in the winery when I was up a particular kind of ladder that has steps with side rails, and is mobile with four wheels and a mechanism to lift two of the wheels at the entry to stabilize it so one can climb the steps. So here was I up 14' on the top step attending to barrel stirring, and this building maintenance schmo release the wheels and starts moving the ladder. Like WTF; I yelled down below to tell him that I was on it, and he resets the wheels down and doesn't bother with an apology, or even look up as to what damage he may have done. (Or anything that may be coming down on him; I had a small bucket of cleaning solution up there). So, I called down, why did you move the ladder? And he says, he wanted to access the air conditioner that was behind, it, and I said, "and without looking?". Still he doesn't make eye contact, or in any way appear to atone for this utterly irresponsible safety violation (IMHO).

After this, and still up the ladder, he still hangs around, even though he wasn't part of the regular winery crew. The boss man comes up the ladder, looking sideways curiously (who does that normally), and when at at the top he asks me if everything was OK. I say it is now, but not when the mofo below was moving the ladder. He appears to understand and I tell him that I am finishing up, and he goes back down. As do I in a few minutes. The ladder moving mofo is still hanging around and finally gets to his air conditioner, and still does nothing to atone for his outrageous safety violation. Like WTF; what was normal about any of anyone else's behavior in all of this?

I use a 7' step ladder each day at the winery, about 2x per day to attend to cleaning of the taller equipment that we use. There is no end of buzzing around me before, during and returning the ladder so say the least. Why, they even keep the door open for me when I pack it out. How civil.

Moving on from ladders, there the matter of hose fittings that is a huge deal for the perps. Not only do they often not fit when they should, but the perps constantly scramble me as to which way to turn them, being DIN threaded fittings. Of course I know which way to turn a nut or threaded object, close to 55 years now, and lo, if the assholes don't dither me when undertaking this basic winery function of joining hoses, some 2" ID. And of course I deal with water hoses too, 1" diameter or so. And too, there are some fittings that adapt between the two of them. In the aid of this situation, I ordered a part from the destemmer manufacturer to adapt a European tapered fitting to the North American NPT, as the winemaker wasn't too engaged in getting the part. And lo, two days ago, two independent delivery personnel arrive together through the door, and I was 30' away. One was was bearing a new 1" hose line (100' or so) that the winemaker ordered, and the other was the Fedex guy delivering the destemmer adapter part in a 8"x6" envelope. Once I later got the adapter fitting on the destemmer, it was that same water hose that I connected to it, as it has an internal sprinkler cleaning system. What an astonishing coincidence; both these new connectable items arriving in the hands of two independent individuals who arrived in the building at the same time. Hats off to ECCO, the Earth Coincidence Control Organization, though the obviousness was over the top IMHO.

A solid morning of imposed mental fuckery this morning (e.g fittings that don't fit) all over setting up a pump, sanitizing the hoses and doing barrel filling. And a few of these in front of the boss man, though he fucked me up in his ever hyper "helping", though he did apologize for it. OK; I get it, straight from the perps- full time commercial winery work is not in my vocational future. Back to the vineyard as soon as I can, but that won't be for a few months, and isn't an entirely fuck-up free activity as I have come to know all too well. All I have to do is gracefully exit from this winery job, and hopefully in a week or so when the harvest is done.

Enough for a post I figure, and to keep my Sunday posting routine. (And which was screwed up due to being out of town last week and then harvest party Sunday night).

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