Sunday, June 26, 2016

Yoga on the Dock

Summer Solstice yesterday, and regular Monday yoga was outside and at a Japanese Garden site with a small waterfall behind us. We were on a wharf (or dock) over the large pond with 18" koi fish circulating around. Talk about a whole different energy field for yoga. My least favorite "noise pals" were out too, the very loathesome HD motorcycle noise and probably some gurgling hot rod mufflers too. The helicopter was out overhead as well as a few noisy fixed wing aircraft. An all round noisestalk with yoga being outside.

And this wharf was made of plastic boards, one of those composite plastics made of particles of other plastics and formed together. And it was of sufficient age that it shed small plastic particles on my yoga mat which was hosed down afterward at home. As always, the perps find the "ground" I am on as interesting as the clothes I wear etc.

They scripted a high cloud cover overhead for yoga, a mottled kind of cloud, with lots of small puffy clouds with blue interstices. I suppose they might have done this kind of sky when I am doing yoga inside, though I have no specific memory.

I arrived at yoga directly from work, no changing of clothes, as there was insufficient turnaround time to get changed. Somehow, I remembered to bring my yoga mat to work but not my yoga clothes. Go figure.

There were a number of new yogis, the most notable was a do-rag dude in shoulder length hair and ridiculous lime green shorts below his knees. A blonde woman was next to him, she with a head band. Presumably this was some kind of Unfavored (do-rag dude) and Favored (blonde woman) stalk show, a very common gangstalker configuration as regular readers will know. Though, the woman's ass seemed to double in size whenever she did the chair pose, to the point of fugly. Given the number of times the perps like me to check assess of late, I reckon this "variable" ass size stunt was highly scripted.

And the perps seemed to have me in a semi-stoned state; not quite de-realized, but not quite my normal self. Same tonight.

And too, they have been hitting me in the genitals with some kind of mild irradiative sensations. All day yesterday and today. And both days at the same job, doing the same thing, handling the cases of empty bottles and placing them on the conveyor for wine bottling. And I wore earmuffs all day today, and they are keeping up the same sensation on me now as I write this some four hours later (no ear muffs on for the record). It doesn't matter how many times I rub my head and ears to remove the sensation, it comes back within a few minutes.

I was looking into alternate cancer cures last night online; what a wilderness of hearsay. I don't know where to start, and some result in increase body odor. And it just so "happens" the boss man chastised me at the end of the bottling shift to tell me to wear anti-antiperspirant.

Given that I spend two hours or more on the bottling line at my station, I am ever so grateful that the urination urgency problems of last year, and this (until April) are over, as is the bowels problems they laid on me for the last two months, ostensibly from intake of amino acids I was using for ADD. I gave up on them two weeks ago and am much better for it. I took the amino acids in an attempt to deal with the urination problem, but to no avail. Which was precipitated by the urologist being a total jerk and not seeming to want to treat my urination urgency problem of 02-2016 in that memorable blow off I will never forget. It was "the Vesicare (the Rx) results will vary. If it is not working, go see your GP". Like WTF; I am presenting with an urological condition and the urologist tells me to go see my GP? The supplements worked until 10-2016 when they mysteriously didn't, so I did see my GP, the drop-in clinic kind, as it seems the perps won't let me have a single GP, and lo, if he didn't solve the urination urgency problem with Tamsulosin. (The GP doing his own high wierdness as documented in a posting of that date). So what was that all about? To give the urologist some asshole cred, and to make him look incompetent? Well, they succeeded, and obviously this theme has more legs, as the perps stop me cold from recalling this bizarre behavior whenever I am at his office (3x since). Maybe I will get to blow up over this in one final future scene and get moved onto another specialist.

On the bottling line all day. The perps put on some Repetive Strain Injury symptoms in my elbows, so I moved onto taping the boxes as they were packed. No fun that, and plenty of co-worker activity around me. And too, when going up the stairs at break, one even obviously so, stopping at the base of the stairs while looking at his smart phone, letting me past, and then following, and then on his smart phone again when congregating at break.

I got hit with another nap attack tonight, meaning I get screw all done in the evening. They seem to be hammering me heavily with tasks/activities that sit for weeks that should of been long done. Ditto on the bottling line today; there are a few other duties to do, e.g. helping feed the empty bottles to the person unloading them, but all too often another case came down the line for me to attend to before I could get what I wanted to done. This "happened" at least 20x before I gave up on attempting to be extra helpful.

And screaming at the assholes tonight, post nap. They pulled the lid of the water jug out of my hand when attempting to put it down, top side down. Instead, it landed down side down. Once the vessel was filled, and I was placing it the fridge, why, they ran the same lid into the self instead of where I wanted to place the vessel, under the shelf. One gets fucked, and fucked again over the most banal events, time after time. What is the matter with a billion+ budget organization that they hound the living shit out of me, literally and figuratively, for 14 years and hasn't the gumption to show up and declare themselves? As bizarre as it is psychopathic.

A phone call from the youngest brother about my prostate cancer, another perp invoked condition IMHO. If they are irradiating me with magnetic radiation constantly as it seems. over 1800Gauss back in 2009, then it is highly likely that my cancer is either a byproduct or a designed condition. Either way, it is another Fuckover scene that I must address in some way. A bone density scan next week as the first of two tests to see if the cancer has spread any. And plenty of pelvic twinges and minor aches continue, though they could well be playing it up just for fun. How sick is that, give a TI victim cancer and then spoof him so it seems worse before any further tests can be done? As sick, as in depraved, as it gets.

A 2.5 hour nap attack this evening. Talk about a hole in one's plans to get things done. Which seems to be the managed theme of late; so many obvious tasks are not getting done of late. I need to get a 12.5' shelf made, as the support brackets are up, and the perps won't let me get to a lumber yard or phone someone I know who could do the job. This has gone on for three weeks. Other smaller tasks like getting on with testing for dopamine are also getting hacked. It would be nice to know my dopamine levels before IV iron treatments in two weeks, and the doctor seems to be dragging her feet, and the clinic cites a new regulation that says the doctor must see the patient first before ordering tests. How absurd, as I have seen this doctor multiple times, though not since 02-2016.

The last day of bottling wine, and the mobile bottlers will be on their way. Plenty of rain in the afternoon today, and so we got wet attending to the garbage in getting it ready to take away tomorrow.

Rain most of the day, hence no vineyard work of significance. Mainly, it was garbage detail; removing the accumulated garbage from four days of bottling. That is, extra bottles, cardboard, plastic overwrap and other plastics that served to hold corks and other closures. And too, many extra unwanted pallets, as a number of them are unsuited or the wrong size. My ever fussing work colleague was cranked about how many pallets were in the bed of the pickup truck, but I persevered with a "lets see" perspective. Not that he has much experience in these matters, but I do appreciate his opinion. Sometimes I think he is a disruption agent, as his ideas don't often work out compared to my deeper practical experience. And too, he often prompts conversation around recent perp planted themes; too much of a coincidence.

The perps gave me bags under my eyes over night. I am 61 and look under 40, but today they gave me this face modification that suggests I am older. I wonder what the portent is, as they haven't screwed with my looks since about 2004. And they have permanently kept me at this age; that is no aging from the under 40 look.

Another new "feature" today was some minor pain in my pelvic region and down my R leg. This would be consistent if my prostate cancer has metastasized. More spoof games or harbinger of a serious cancer upgrade? They spent all day running thoughts of the metastasized theme, down to how and who of asset disposition and how my final exit would be arranged. On the other side, they also run thoughts of "there is a way out of this", and with the added proviso that I needn't under go surgery and would be otherwise whole. Other planted themes relate to a second life as a baseball pitcher, one that has been played in mind for over a decade. I am not really athletic, being a klutz, and a governed one at that. I just don't care, I want to be left the fuck alone, but this isn't an option they tell me.

And I am reasonably energetic tonight, and feel totally normal and no nap attacks tonight.

More numeric alliteration in today's date. Sunday, and another work day at a different vineyard. Yesterday, the same at somewhere else. There, the foreman explained he had my pay check but that someone stole it and that I would be paid out next week for all my time including yesterday's 10 hour work day. How absurd; I had direct deposit with them last year, and for this calendar year I had to re-apply for direct deposit which I did. Everything was working pay-wise. Then they cut me off the payroll because I was a part time worker, but the guy in charge said it was a mistake and that I was a valued employee. So, I submit another direct deposit form with my voided check, and somehow they forget to process this and instead cut me a check that got stolen from the foreman's briefcase. Ok, I get it; getting paid is a total perp governed event they just love to gangstalk me over, but these shenanigans over getting paid from this employer and their bureaucratic bumbling is ridiculous.

Though this would not be the first time that an extended delay in cashing my paycheck has been arranged. In fact, it is the recent norm and I am most curious as to why they want to delay this event for me, and have everyone else cash their checks shortly after receiving it. Is there some kind of time component attached to the psychic event of receiving money? I don't know, or care, but I just put this out should anyone want to offer some kind of analysis of perp behavior rationale.

Yesterday one of the Mexican workers did a gangstalk on me at the break. He walked past me while on the break and in my car eating to go to the brown plastic portable facility some 80' behind me. After some 10 min. in there he emerges and stands nearby to look at his phone. After a few minutes he walks some 12' closer to my vehicle and again stops and looks at his cell phone again. Twice more he does this, these incremental approaches with a cell phone look-see. Like, can we get any more obvious than that. Most folks who finish up at the portable facility want to get the hell out and back to their lunch. Not this dude, and having the cell phone and doing whatever color calibration they do, or whatever else that makes cell phone such a obvious perp stalking accouterment. Loiter time is also important, and cell phones serve as a prop/excuse to do so.

Anyhow, enough action for the week and onto another.

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