Sunday, June 05, 2016

Phone Tag

Contacting Do Not Post tonight brought on an answering machine again, and it seems this was a setting on the phone that wasn't normal going by my earlier phone message. And of course the earlier calls to me this evening were when I was at yoga and the phone was in my vehicle. Save the last call when I was driving and had one hand on the wheel and the other on my chocolate bar fix.

I cannot count the number of times when contacting someone anew results in a phone tag session that goes on for days, often a week. What is it that the perps need to disrupt  communications with someone, especially for the first time? These incidences increased ten fold since 04-2002 when they first went berserk/overt on me. They like me to hear the voice via voice mail at first, and seem to be having me hang out for at least two days since I heard it with no response. And I am sure the other party has a host of technological hassles or life circumstances hassles that prevent a ready response.

Yoga brought on the Bob-Job dude again, the wacko in brightly spotted capris, and we are talking about a male here. Star Girl was back after some 4 months, this time developing more ugly tats down her L forearm to trail the absurd star tats at her L wrist. So why was she sent to yoga tonight? For me to glimpse more fugly tattoos or for me to see her very attractive lithe frame?

The Bob-Job dude was busy on the stalk after class, standing in front of the winsome mop-head girl who has been so visible in the lobby upon my exit for the last four yoga classes. I fear I am getting more cynical about my arranged and orchestrated existence, as it seems they have me timed to the last microsecond for what I see, think or hear. So the perps have me wondering about the significance of every player who crosses my path. Are they there for the Unfavored freak show, or are they there for a momentary dopamine kick, i.e. attractive or otherwise interesting? I don't care most of the time, but the perps do want me to dwell on their design considerations much more than I ever did before.

As I type this, the across-the-back-lane HD motorcycle noise has cranked up.

A day of tucking at the quiet vineyard, no road noise of major significance. The boss lady did her usual crank up the production inference, suggesting we would get done early today. Well we didn't get done early, but did with an extra hour of effort, the two of us.

The perps put on a C-177 Globemaster III military cargo aircraft for three passes in this Okanagan Valley, the last below the mountain tops and perhaps 500' above the lake. A big 4 engine aircraft and very wide too. Back in 1994 or so, they had the US equivalent (C-17) pass over my house at 400' above terrain on its way to the local air show (with traffic control permission to fly so low). A few days later I went to the air show and walked through the same aircraft. Mighty impressive to say the least; such a wide cargo carrying aircraft. And so, finally, about in 2005, the Canadian government got its act together and dumped the ridiculous arrangement with contractual Russian cargo aircraft and got their own C-177 (US C-17)  fleet. And why are the perps flying aircraft from Trenton, Ontario for three passes over a TI victim in a nameless vineyard in the Okanagan Valley?

We have done  a number of remotely stationed military aircraft fly-bys over the last four years; a Cormorant rescue helicopter for 5 passes over what became my regular hiking groundsin 2012, a CP-140 Aurora submarine tracker for 7 passes over an inland lake 400 miles from saltwater in the glide path of Penticton airport no less in 2014, two Snowbirds to fly low as I changed up my sun block bottle in 2015, a CF-188 Hornet (US F-18), two of them departing from the Penticton airport two weeks ago, and now the C-177 Globemaster for three passes. Funny how they find me at different locations, from Oliver, Skaha Lake, Penticton to Naramata.

No major aircraft visits from the Canadian Air Force today, though a biz jet came in over the lake, presumably to land at Penticton airport.

This morning, it felt like I got hit on the head in the night, but without the pain. As in clogged, fogged and demotivated. Mighty strange, as I had my bi-weekly testosterone last night, and normally I am much more with it the following morning. Walking the vineyard to get wire repairs done, and then again to get the gopher abatement done seemed to be the cure. I wonder where this one is going, or is it a temporary moment in remote mind manipulation and research? Or have the perps now learned to remotely defeat this medication, which seems they have done with every successful one I have taken. We shall see.

A house is being built there, and at least 12 pickup trucks or vans of trades. All males, and now this faux jocularity and whooping it up and other overblown male banter. Ridiculous. If I was looking for that I would go to a basketball game.

More wire work when I got back to the N vineyard, but that is all part of the job. No complaints there.

Continuing eye stinging attacks each day as I finish work, nearly all timed to have me drive one-eyed, sometimes alternating for crissakes. Eye drops are at hand, but the assholes just bring on the eye stinging anyhow. The ostensible reason, aka plausible denial rationale, is that it is the sulfur applications to the vines via the sprayer. Why didn't it happen nearly so often before? And why did this bullshit erupt on food crop farms back in Victoria, pre-2012 (pre-vineyard work)?

A half hour phone conversation with Do Not Post tonight; she seems like a legit TI, and questions were honest and direct. The reception was terrible though, at least on my end. A mere continuation of the phone and voice mail tag, is to have shoddy reception. This is no reflection on my caller I want to add, and nor was the delay in responding to my voice mail messages, mentioned above. Continued conversations are expected.

So while the phone conversation was in progress, I get two calls, re-directed to my voice mail about work tomorrow. I respond, to both parties, but both were unavailable. And one couldn't get a text message through to me. So what is the deal about this that the perps constantly must script phone and text tag all the time? Both are new phone callers, though one party I have met in person twice, having worked for her a few weeks back. This time it is at the same vineyard, but she won't be there so I will be working for someone else. This constant choreography of switching personnel I work for, a follow on from phone tag it seems.

I had an iron supplement last night as I was getting so tired in the previous evenings. But I paid the price; two Immodium moments on the crapper so far. But I do feel I have a normal level of energy tonight, not the demotivated suck down I have come to know and loathe. Still no action on getting my resume completed though, now three weeks of vexacious obstruction so far.

An hour's conversation with Do Not Post tonight. A legit TI it seems, and thankfully the reception was better, though I suspect VOIP (Magic Jack) has a ways to go to get it cleaned up to current day landline telco standards. Not a whole lot to report, and it seems she has had her difficulties with family too. In that respect, as far as my family goes, (aka, the First Feral Family) my attitude is "fuck them all". They knew all this abuse was coming down since 1996, and played dumb when it did in 2002, and they are still hard at playing dumb. Or are evasive saps. So fuck them. Worse yet, they knew I was a TI from birth and didn't say shit. I suspect my brothers were in on the act in and about 1965, when I was 11 yo.

Easier said than done of course, not everyone has that degree of independent mind, and where there is significant emotional interaction, then small steps are needed. Leave the crazies behind as there is absolutely no headway anyone can make with these people. Which should apply to politics as well, but I won't get into that topic for now.

And why is it when I am on the phone for an extended time do I get other texts or calls coming in? This "happened" Tuesday, same caller and similar extended phone call duration.

The back lane dude and HD motorcycle noise show has gone quiet this weekend for some reason, though that doesn't stop the odd hot-rod muffler noise from coming by. Most curious as it seems they poured this on for the last two months, even with dude bantering parties on Mondays to greet me as I came back from yoga. And now, with with good weather, nothing.

It was a Sunday off, and good weather, as in sunny and warm, over 30C today. Off to a hike and then off-trail to my favorite skyclad tanning location where there is no one else, not even a gangstalker for 3 hours. (And not even a low level aircraft, truly exceptional). I learned from the above phone call that one can get prana energy from the sun, and if true, then that must be yet another human nonconsensual research component of all of this relentless abuse. That there are many human races in varying skin tones suggests to me the perps are hard at trying to figure all this out. Not my problem, so why am I in the middle of this insane abusive and relentless research project where I am not allowed to even pick up a pencil without cognitive and physical interference? And to rile me up all day long.

Anyhow, time to get this posted for the week.


Anonymous said...

This whole back and forth seems to have been orchestrated for the purpose of frustrating the hell out of you. Of course, that is one of the many goals of the perps in the first place. That is just a theory, of course. Another theory is what happened to Rachael O. of ongangstalking. In her case, she was getting a lot of jamming via remote influence, and it seems like it was pretty heavy in her case. Her case seems to be different from other TIs, as she is the descendant of a documented radiation experimentee. So perhaps in her case, the perps aren't real interested in doing psychological testing on her. She had a blog, she had the documentation of the govt. experimentation. So it seems they were trying to shut her up by putting her in jail or another institution. What would be consistent with her being in jail since Apr. 4 is, there is a ban on cell phones and computer use in prison. They have complete isolation there. Inmates aren't allowed to communicate with the outside world, with the official explanation that inmates would be able to intimidate witnesses to their crimes or be able to get info to the outside that would affect the outcome of a case. But I think another plausible explanation is that there is abuse happening to inmates, and they don't want any whistleblowing on what transpires there beyond barred concretee walls. I'm sure there is experimentation going on there, and the ban on electronic communication prevents news of these abuses from getting out to the general public. That's why the perps lay the groundwork to deceive the general public by feeding them lies about the target, so it looks like they deserve to get "punished" via harassment and skits. A lot of targets know the real truth, that the perps are sick cowardly abusers who care not about the targets' well-being, but the results of the experimentation. There are perps at many levels, and it would seem that they are under orders from an authority above them to carry out the campaign against the target. And it's highly illegal. Hence, any target who is coming after them to expose them gets the treatment where they are banned from any place where they can expose the perps. If all else fails, the go for the jugglar and have them put in jail (illegally and unfairly). I understand that they don't particularly care much for human rights and fairness. The only thing that matters is the ruthless treatment they give targets, and by making them react with their multitude of assholes and harassment skits, they can try to make the victim look mentally unstable or very mean or unreasonable. But the general public is fed lies and controlled with a well-funded front from all sides. They don't know how bad they are being treated and that they are being abused constantly. To them, it looks like the target is simply violent, mean, or insane. The public is kept dumbed down. By enforcing a ban on cell phones and computers in jails and prisons, they prevent this info from getting out to the dumbed-down, controlled public.

If I have it correctly, it was Lincoln Steffens who said the general public doesn't give a shit about abuse and corruption in their govts., as long as they get to thrive with a good standard of living. To me, this country has been slowly turning into a garbage dump, partly because the perps are fighting so hard not to be exposed.

AJH said...

Answer to: "This whole back and forth seems to..."

Yes, the perps do love to rile me up and frustrate me. And all the more when meeting someone anew, either by phone call, or in person. And of course they like to manage the progression too, from text (or email) to voice message, to phone call to in-person contact. (And too, all the way to romance). They just love to slow down this kind of incrementally progressive interaction between persons. And too, taking it to the next level, all the better when the persons in contact fall out (disagree) and give up on each other. (Which includes marriage IMHO).

As for RO's fate as this is written, it is a "who knows" for us folks missing her blog entries as of 06-10-2016. You could be correct in speculating her being incarcerated for some faux charges, as it seemed that there was some false accusations from LEO's in the prior weeks. That would explain her total shut down of blog entries. My personal experience is that is a police state in the US and Canada at least, and all they need is some faked complaint and you get whisked off the street into purgatory and fed medications that make one ill. (Or worse,the abuse as you suggest. No question that the media stories are managed, as my experience is that the NY Times did a total hit piece on TI's, when I gave them a cogent and logical progression of my story to one of their reporters for over an hour. The fact that I have been age regressed to about 35 y.o. when I am 61 (now) should be a newsworthy event, but can I get any one to acknowledge that? No, not even my family, they just play dumb. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my family does the "play dumb" routine, too. It's along the same lines of, I must be imagining things, etc. Right. OK. I've imagined years of this, I'm sure. And I do feel pretty bad right now as to what might be happening to Rachael O. right now. An asshole perp had the audacity to phone in a false tip to the feds in MA. And in NH, the cops knew who she was before she got there, and were trying to say she was being a threat or whatever, which is complete bs. Last August, a cop here in town had the audacity to pull the same crap with me. All I was doing was exercising my freedom to talk a walk in public, when this officer pulls over all excitedly, and starts insinuating that, first, I am trying to rob a place, and when he couldn't pin that on me, he was trying to say I must've been drinking, when it was 100% clear I was not. Then, after he clear me, he says, "well, cause if you're drinking, I'd have to take you to the station". An obvious stunt that was pulled with RO.

The perps have no mercy whatsoever. She's been through so much, and now they have the audacity to pull this. She did state multiple times that she was warned to leave the US, to get an attorney, and she got a V2K telling her she was going to jail for a long time. Amazing what they can pull: putting a person through hell for decades, and then they have the audacity to arrange for them to go to jail, instead of the perps. And they are called perps for a reason: they are perpetrators of crimes against citizens, as though they have no rights. So that implies that they are criminals and belong in jail, not their victims.

And the latest BS they've pulled is having a laptop battery delivered to the wrong house, and now the post office is trying to say it was left with the next door neighbor, and that it's all on me to talk to him to get it back. If that were true, you'd think the neighbor would've taken it to my house by now. It's been over a week, and still no package. I should've known not to trust USPS. Probably UPS would've been a better choice. In the tracking, it claims it was delivered to my mailbox, when it was not.

AJH said...

Answer to: "Yeah, my family does the..."

RO has had a tough grind for sure. And then the perps pull yet more stunts on her, though we don't know what.

Cops are agents of the perps mostly. Apart from two gun pulling events in 2002 for no substantial reason, and delivering me to the hospital, they seem to be in gangstalk mode mostly. (Like grocery shopping while in uniform, how absurd is that?) I say mostly, because often times things go wrong for the cops too, and I suspect this is managed as well.

The perps just love batteries, and their imbalanced energetic field properties, and any interaction between these fields and the bio-fields of the TI. All the better if the battery gets shunted around the neighborhood as the perps see it. How ridiculous that the PO delivers something to a neighbor. What if the neighbor has an ongoing feud with the intended parcel recipient? Your aren't ever going to get it back if that is the case. The PO should stop being so lazy IMHO. Thanks for the comments.