Sunday, June 19, 2016

Two Employer Shuffle

That is, two employers in one day of work. I was seconded to an alternate employer for the last three days, and still there today until 1030h, when the primary employer called and wanted me back to attend to some vineyard trellis work. As the work site was nearby, it wasn't a big deal. This might seem like a "so what" to most folks, but for the Psychopaths who run/ruin my existence, (not called a life anymore), it is a big deal. As to why or for what means, I have no idea. Regular readers will know, as may other TI's, the Psychopaths (aka perps, too cute of a name for what they do), are besotted with all concepts of employment in all its facets, from who, what gender, what location, remuneration, work tasks, employment cessation (seasonal work), work longevity etc. Just think of all the concepts and parameters of having work, and the perps are manipulating it somewhere for some strange end.

And when transiting between employers, of course the vehicular gangstalking was out on this very remote road, even leading ahead of me and making the same peculiar R turn at a fork as I had to, and lo, if they only went 200m and then pulled into a parking area and turned around. No sane mission would of caused anyone to not only coincide (har, har) to lead me on this remote road, but also to turnaround for no seeming reason. Vehicular gangstalking doesn't get any more obvious than that.

Then on the way home, past the regular employer's vineyard, why, they put on a vehicular accident with the fire truck out and attendant flashing lights and single lane alternating traffic controlled by said fireman in the capacity of traffic control techs. And all this some 100m N of where I and my work colleague were on traffic control duty some five days ago. Another designed coincidence IMHO. And seemingly, this wasn't a faked accident, as there were some debris on the road, though I did not see a second vehicle. [The linked story indicates three vehicles collided].

On-off rain, as it has been for the last 5 days, save one. But more often, big dark clouds gather, threaten rain, and then skirt by without unloading. The threat of rain seems to be much of a perp objective as the real thing. Or is it the change in sky colors, from light grey to deep grey? Plenty of past harassment experience suggests that, but in reality I have no idea, and I don't care. Just leave me the fuck alone and I will do fine, even with the latest clinical insult (see prior posting).

The perps are on the rag tonight; at least 10 screamings at the assholes. Pulling items from my hand, creating extra kitchen mess, fucking with the on switch for this LCD display, etc. and as a background, planting notions about the prostate cancer imposition they laid on me a week ago.

It was bad enough pushing a rope over the dopamine (and iron) deficiency problem for the last six months, and now they laid on a new one, "prostate cancer". Worse yet, the "good doctor" wants me off testosterone when it is prostate protective. On the other hand, she prescribes something to help my immune system. On the phone last week she said, "together we can beat this (prostate cancer)". Some chance of that. BUT interestingly enough, she did suggest an iron transfusion as I don't absorb it much from my diet or supplements. Though, she has yet to call me back to set up an appointment. How "together" is that? Baited and then jerked with, that is all I know from any clinical so-called "professional", save the urologist, an unmitigated jerk. The dentist is excepted though.

Some 211 page views of last week's posting, far exceeding the usual 20 to 40. Now back to 20 or so a day later. No comments. So what is the attraction or is it all spoofed?

More sixes and numeric alliteration in the date. Exciting times for sickos.

I got hit with a two hour nap attack this evening. Talk about punching a hole in my free time, as I worked all day on warehouse and then vineyard work. I count the nap attack as two hours as it took 30 minutes to get from awake (while horizontal) to out the bed and vertical, as in being mobile. Prior to these nap attacks and all the rest of the abuse since 04-2002, I never had any problem getting out of bed. Not only do I now get hit with nap attacks, but also get hammered so hard it takes 30 minutes to arise. Even while on my feet, post-nap, I didn't feel too energetic, and some two hours later, I still feel woozy. I did some shopping afterward, so no doubt a heavy two hour nap attack was the preliminary "warm up". As always, I did not need the sleep. And too, my financial transactions are of intense interest, from coin machines to sending checks in the mail to paying cash or by debit card. Just to think the assholes have been hounding me over this in covert mode for 47 years before they went berserk/overt in 04-2002.

To the "good doctor's" credit, per above, I am now scheduled for a iron IV in the coming weeks, following my polite email prompt. Also on the medical front, I am scheduled for a bone density scan in two weeks. From what I understand, one imbibes a radioactive solution which is taken up over the next few hours, and then one is scanned. No doubt this serves the Greater Fuckery, aka, the perp's agenda in some fashion. It wouldn't be the first time I have been scanned for some kind of clinical intrigue. I had a MRI in Seattle back in 2001, and still don't know quite what it was for. Later, I initiated a SPECT scan which settled the ongoing hassle about getting treated for ADD, which later became my trump card to the train of mendacious clinical atrocities and that followed. The theme of which was, "I am dopamine deficient, (per SPECT scan) so why are you giving me a dopamine agonist to make me worse?" Before 04-2002 little did I know that my dopamine is of intense research interest to some sick minded human nonconsensual human research agenda where they won't declare themselves, but run and ruin one me from the shadows. Imagine how many others could be naive subjects.

Saturday, and a very laid back one too, though I did get my laundry done at the laundromat. And suffer some outrageous driving; the ubiquitous fat tire truck (tandems on a pick up truck), "needed" to cut in front of me when there was all manner of traffic ahead. Meaning that it was a totally pointless move as he couldn't get past the traffic and go as fast as he would of liked. An all black pickup truck that was raised some, as well as having flat black rims all round.

And to add insult to injury, the perps hit me with a four hour nap attack last night. Which means nothing of substance got done after dinner. I woke up at 2300h, did my normal pre-bedtime routine and then went back to bed. As usual, I was not running a sleep deficit to warrant such a colossal amount of extra sleep.

The perps are busy stoking the metastasized cancer rumor they have planted on me, all to increase the FUD over the prostate cancer they gave me, per June 7 biopsy results. That is, plenty of aches and sensations from my pelvic and lower back regions, just where such a cancer would start metastasizing. I get a bone density scan in two weeks and a CT scan in another two weeks, so I won't know until then.

Reading prostate cancer treatments for the past 3 hours; I got interested in the proton beam therapy, but later find out that it would be $200,000 for uninsured patients. That is a whole lot of cash, and no such facility in Canada anyhow. I still haven't got past the "let it rip" (eat meat) notion yet as it would serve the purpose of bailing out on this abuse-athon I live in.

Sunday, and a day of work to finish the tucking in the vineyard. Tomorrow, and the rest of the week, I will be on the bottling line. Good to have the vineyard complete, given that it is a changing work-scape.

No day in the vineyard would be complete without getting the stinging eye treatment at the end of the day, this time a 9 hour work day. I have had this particular abuse all six working days of the past 7. And nearly always timed for the work's end, be it a 8 or 9 hour day. And coming on all the more while driving home, making for a one-eyed trip

Ditto for the HD and other motorcycle noise. About every four minutes they put on a motorcycle of some kind. I even got an oncoming phalanx of six of them, all with the classic near vertical windshields (or is that a police motorcycle style?) at 0650h on my way to work this am. Being a Sunday, I thought it was way over the top that all these "pals" could get it together and do a drive by gangstalking. Anyhow, if it isn't a motorcycle noise, it is a bad muffler car, another obnoxious noise. And too, the noise trail is modified so the loud motorcycle is heard for many minutes, and doesn't diminish normally.

I spoke with my perp-abetting mother on the phone tonight; she didn't seem too surprised that I had prostate cancer. No actress she, and it showed. She tried to sound interested, and spoke of the possible treatments, but it seems the whole deal was pre-arranged. Such are the dealing with the First Feral Family

Anyhow, enough said, and onto a new week.

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