Sunday, March 06, 2016

Longer Work Days

A day at my alternate employer #3 owing to some lame-assed excuse at the regular employer (2), mentioned in a past blog posting. (The Shift key is on the fritz for some reason).

This employer has now started work days at 0700h, cut down to two 15 min. breaks in the day (no unpaid 30 min. lunch time as before), and is now going 9 hours a day. All to get the vine pruning done, even if a crew of visa Mexicans comes this week. They only have a month left before the canes need to be laid down on the fruiting wire, usually the bottom trellis wire. first day for the week started with these new time demands, and of course no one told me two days ago when I was there. So of course I arrive at 0730h, as we did for the last two months. All in keeping with the perp agenda to have me arrive late, and offset my start time, often in alternation with others' arrivals.

And why this litany of suffering, in the so-called "civilized world", aka the First World? One of the pope's top  advisors denies knowledge of a pedophilic priest in Australia and why he was transferred so often. Don't these asshole's get it? They deny, obstruct, lie etc. all the way to the top and ultimately cast public disparagement, cynicism and contempt upon the RC organization all over the world, especially in the North America. And who in the western world is going to take this outfit seriously, never mind their litany of historical horrors they have perpetuated and attempted to bury when attempting to get mind-share over all other religions? It makes one cringe as to what their secrets might be. Or, to play the devil's advocate, perhaps that is the supra-role of the RC church; to foster and sustain human suffering, for the masses in general, (e.g. over population), and in specific cases of pedophilia and other like abuses. The outrageous travesties suffered by the Duplessis Orphans in Quebec in the 1950's and 1960's comes to mind. Food for thought anyhow.

Then this travesty of justice in Ontario, Canada, where the Chief Pathologist was both incompetent and supremely malicious to put some 20 families into excruciating legal turmoil, if not jail. The latest was that a 25 year old manslaughter conviction that was overturned. I heard the victim/appellant interviewed on the radio tonight, and she only pleaded guilty to save her family from being broken up by the courts if it went to trial. Some justice in that when one is innocent and pleads guilty to lessen the potential burden of a trial, a crapshoot at best IMHO. In My Humble and Cynical Opinion (IMHCO) I should add.  And to tie it back to this; the perps just LOVE to create duress and stress on innocent people, and apart from creating extra psychic energies to remotely detect and analyze (IMHO), I don't know what they get from it. Unless they are so cynically deranged that they find it funny.

An athlete`s foot eruption, another perp invoked hassle no doubt. Given their fetish over feet, footwear, and the ground I walk on, why am I not surprised. I precautions, but of course they can dither ones mind to create opportunities, not that they need to do that even.

My low iron (ferritin, 30 micro-grams per L) is very rare in males I came to learn last week from my visit to the MD, and I "happen" to be one of them. Interesting, those magnetic molecules that circulate in our blood and no doubt foil the perps' remote neural monitoring habits who have trashed my existence, and still keep at it. And too, keep me in a densified magnetic field, as measured at 1600 Gauss in about 2010. It was 200 Gauss during the intense abuse days in Seattle. And too, they keep masers and plasma beams, both magnetic phenomenon, circulating around me all day long. My bedroom is like a "thousand points of light" once I turn off the lights for bed. FYI; normal background earth magnetism is 0.5 Gauss.

Wine making duties at Employer #1 in this region. I have three concurrent employers in this ever rotating cycle, as well as the financial reverses to keep me at it.

And in the course of winemaking at this garage, why, all manner of things going; three pumps later I finally get going on the racking. The pressure washer was working and then it packed it in. Not to mention many spillings and forced "forgets" as if I was a green rookie. As in total recall domination and depredation by remote means.

A 10 minute rageification over the function of the garlic press tonight, and again last night. The assholes ran me out of onions and I "happened" to have this garlic that needs to be used up, and "happened" to recall that I brought the press back with other belongings after Christmas. I used it plenty for 5 years to 2011 or so, and then got spooked by finding that garlic messes up the transference of information from the brain's hemispheres and stopped eating . It was a useful kitchen implement and I used it plenty and knew how to operate it handily. All such knowledge was completely "lost", as in obliterated. And I never forget how to operate simple tools, and somehow this occurred.

A long day of red wine making; this time with another person running the cross-flow filter and I did much of the hose connecting, some pumping and pressure washer cleaning. And what is so important for the perps that they release my grasp of the fittings (tri-clamp; gasket and clamp), not once, but three times before they let me connect it? The hose, ornery 1.5" to be sure, got moved off the fitting, causing more wine to leak, and just plain manipulation of my fingers for adverse consequences. And of course if speed and fine motor skills were more critical, say, when wine was flowing out (not under pressure), why, that is when more of the finger fumbling fuckery was laid on me.

And lo, if the water pressure was up and the pressure washer worked today as it was needed all day. And the specialized electrical cord, European to US 3x230v cord showed up, making that pump connectable, unlike yesterday.

Only five forced pissings on the day, often at predictable moments like when taking measurements, when making notes (including of measurements), when changing tasks and when about to start connecting hoses. Lucky me to have the hounds of hell messing with my urination at their critical moments. If only if I knew why.

A day of fucking hell on the wine making front; the Aussie who designed the filling system (which I hadn`seen or used before), takes on a hectoring and badgering manner, and the perps complementing this adversity by making me like a like a retard today. And we went through four wine pumps to get the optimum flow for the filling machine. Do the perps ever love productivity sabotage or what.

I picked up my amplifier at the PO after 2.5 months away, having sent it to Chicago to get 8 transistors fixed, each part worth about $1.20 according to the bill. A $600 jerkaround in all, including shipping. The city of Chicago comes up a few times on the perp name dropping imperative; my co-worker of the summer time of 2012 went there to do her Master's in journalism. About one year later she "shows up" in yoga class, the only time since, and I ask her "how was Chicago?" (intending to lead into asking if she finished her degree, how did she like it, and what she is doing now etc.), and all she said "it was fine". I worked with her for three months, hadn't seen her for a year or so, and all I get was that lame-assed answer. At that moment she "happened" to be sitting down some 4' from where all the blocks were stored in the cubbies and the rest of the class was milling around getting their blocks too. It was no circumstance to continue the conversation, (doubtless planned), and that was the last chance I had to speak with her. About two weeks later, some unidentified person mentions "Chicago" from that same direction when I was on my mat 15' from where she had been located. Apart from a two hour layover to catch a flight there, I haven't been to Chicago and have little interest in doing so. (I am sure there are many interesting things to see there, and this is not meant as a knock on the Windy City). Yes, I know the prez (Obama) is from Chicago, but so what, lots of folks are.

It is always a big deal for the perps to have me pick up a brown cardboard box, this one containing the amplifier, and sure enough, they had me wait for two protracted customers. The one closest to me was a fat girl with this major mop of fugly crimped hair, enough hair volume for two people's hair of the same length. I don't think I have seen anything quite so hideous short of an afro-do. (Or was it a wig on their favorite fat girl they like to tell me about, initials ML). They even put the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mendacious Plods) in the store where I picked up the parcel, a blonde woman officer no less, some 30' away and doing an appearance for whatever perp reason. At least five other mofos/stalkers were on me before I got out the door, and at least that again in the parking lot. The fugly brown shorts wearing dude with the babe who crossed my path on the way in, just "happened" to cross my path on my way out, and both choosing to course around my parked vehicle on the driver's side on their way through. Funny how that "happens".

Then at least 15 screamings at the perps once I got back to my residence  and began making dinner. Pulling out things from my hands and fingers, flicking food, forcing me to go to the wrong cupboard etc. Have I not been through enough fucking grief today? Not according to the Abuser-General. Then some 20 ants show up in the kitchen.

Sunday, and work at the vineyard/winery, at employer 1. Mostly I was working alone as directed, so no "co worker" adversity.

I see that I am mentioned as a perp in someone elses TI blog. How absurd; I go through this unconventional daily abuse-athon, now 14 years nearly (and over 1700 blog postings), and now the implied suggestion is that this is all made up. All over a helpful (I thought) lifestyle change suggestion. OK I get it; don`t offer help anytime, including donations.

Time to get this posted for the week.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's insane. But I just figured it was the product of being isolated from society and being "fenced in" by perps all the time. You just don't know who to trust. Probably she was mad because you suggested some farm work. A lot of TI's trying to go "full on" taking on the perps, doing rebellious stuff like not working so as to not feed in to the capitalistic system. Myself, I just don't believe in doing that. I have a labor job that is not in my educational field, yet I took it. I've been there since Nov. 2014. It wouldn't be my first choice in employment, believe me, but I took the job because I needed the benefits and income. And now there is a potential contract job coming up that involves embedded programming (C++ and Java). I was set up to meet the female recruiter face-to-face, but they switched her up for some OK looking blonde hotty. The other girl wasn't there. But I feel it could be the perps swapping out, because the previous girl was a brunnette, and I'm sure swapping a blonde for a brunette was all part of their plan in the first place.

And they had some skeevy-looking females posted at one street. Turns out it was "punishment" because I had walked too far and passed up the garage. I'm sure those unfavored girls were an opportunity for them to get in some psychological testing. They looked like cheerleaders who didn't make the cut or something. Probably that was a symbolic reference to something that they want me to recognize.

I hate to sound mean, and I hate to put anyone down, but the perps deliberately post females and males in various places with various degrees of "yuck" factors. So what was I supposed to think? It's not my fault the perps are trying to gross me out. Nothing personal. It's just what they do.

I missed the street (Fourth Ave) and instead I kept going till I found a garage at Sixth Street. When I got there, the dude in the office came right out and did some posing. I'm not used to driving to the city (this case it was Pittsburgh, PA). Nice city, but the perps ruin it by posting gangstalkers in various places. I had to walk about 1.5 miles from the garage to the recruiter's building. I marveled at the view of the Point, where the 3 rivers meet. Stunning view from the office. Cities are kind of dirty, but they have some beauty to them as well. So it's a trade-off. The job isn't in the city, but in the suburbs closer to home.

I hope I get to use my C++ and Java skills.

AJH said...

The perps love to play games of too fat, skanky, strange, freakish etc. with respect to females, as viewed by male TI's, and then later dial it back, often feature by feature. Say, skanky lipstick or rouge only on a well dressed and shaped babe. The combinations and permutations are endless of course, and male reception to these variants is endless too.

I hope you get some good IT experience, hotties or not! It is nice to do IT work, and I miss it even after 14 years of being harassed out of it. A decade before that I was doing VMS/VAX work and doing programming and liked it a lot, and one reason was that something useful got done. Not always the case in a government job. But somehow after a three year break doing more bureaucracy work, I got back to IT in the GIS realm and my programming skills somehow were failing me. I figure it was the perps taking me down, as I could not figure it out at the time. After that I got more into the data modelling and IT business analyst work (CASE tools especially), which I liked a whole lot too. All the best in Pittsburg.

As for the first paragraph content, she is mighty stressed, and it seems other folks making positive and/or aiding comments, got dumped on too. I think you are right though, there is an anti-establishment rebelliousness streak that runs deep and that needs to be met. I was coming at it from the accommodation stability angle, but obviously it wasn't a fit for her. Each TI has their own course to take in these trying circumstances, and I suppose that is paramount. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I understand exactly what your mentality is. I read your page of terms and relate to most of it. However, I cannot accept the idea that the common people that you meet in your life are complicit in what you are experiencing. I used to believe that in my own case and episodically I still do. But moreso I have come to believe that even if someone is sent into my life that they are not aware of it. I dont know if its an AI or what but the speed and sophistication of what we have experienced is well beyond anyone's comprehension.

Anonymous said...

And so you know. As I was contemplating your blog and my response, there was a bang on my ceiling that caused my un-shut closet door to creek open. Which was mildly frightening. About ten seconds later a car alarm started sounding off. To those skeptics out there, this is a real phenomenon that I and our very articulate blog author here have experienced for years. And I dont intend to discredit you by saying maybe its an AI. My own thoughts are in constant flux but obviously with how quickly the human brain works, it would take a heavily augmented human brain to harass you in the way you are specifying.

AJH said...

Answer to; "I understand....", and "And so you know..." (assuming being from the same Anonymous).

I too find it difficult to believe that the common people that I meet in my everyday life are complicit, and there isn't a hour of any day I don't think about it (re-evaluate this mental construct). In some cases, say 20% or so, interactions seem normal and straightforward and perhaps they aren't directly complicit. But given the strange looks, blank stares, scared shitless look etc. I get from those I haven't met for the remaining 80% I haven't met before, the model of complicity seems to be applicable. Sometimes regular folk will "warm up", (normalize) on later interactions, and after that I don't detect the hesitating looks. Or less often, someone who becomes friendly through 1x/week interactions, say a yoga instructor, later becomes unfriendly for no seeming reason.

On a technical note, some TI's have reported a white glowing light around them, detectable only on photographs, as they never have seen it directly. So if that were true in my case, and it isn't selectively turned off, that would make everyone complicit as they would see this glow. I have not detected any such glow around me by any means, but there has been a long history of my photographs getting modified, even a few minutes later (digital image).

So yes, the magnitude of this harassment/research imperative is astounding, and it has a long way to go from what I tell. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Well. As far as I can tell, most people can barely keep their own shit together. If they were to have as full an understanding as would be necessary in order for you to feel suspicious of them, they would have had to sacrifice their entire life to be that accutely aware of all of YOUR life's details. Thats of course a rediculous scenario. Another scenario is that they are paid or coerced actors, in which case you could not view their offense in a personal way and it is better to just treat them as your equal. Plus in the latter scenario they would be as subjigated and controlled as you are by whatever the fuck is in control.

AJH said...

Answer to: "Well. As far as I can tell..."

Not sure what you mean about "they" having a "full an understanding" and how that correlates with me being suspicious of them. I am suspicious of everyone in these circumstances, unless I am mind controlled out of this now normal notion (since overt harassment began in 04-2002).

That is totally separate as to how much they know of my circumstances, and I have no way of knowing what they know about me in advance. I am quite sure the perps have fine tuned the involvement of regular folk, aka shills, and how much they can absorb about the greater harassment/human experimentation picture, and take careful measures not to overwhelm shills with too much knowledge over and above what they are to do in the skit, that is, involvement with me.

I do treat shills as my equal unless they piss me off for some reason. If they do piss me off the perps usually make me dumbfounded, so it is very rare that an intense verbal exchange ever occurs in public.

So yes, shills could be totally controlled, though as I mentioned, the majority of the time I get stares, weird looks, looking away while speaking to them, hesitating dialog, truncated dialog and the rest of the interaction strangeness that is so common. Thanks for the comments.