Sunday, February 14, 2016

Back to Blogging and the Rest of the Online World

I had to purchase a refurbished PC to get this posting up. My regular PC has been in the shop for seven weeks and counting. I cannot believe that a simple RAID 1 job (duplicate hard drives) would take this long. And so as it "happens", I purchased this PC which is a near identical model to the one I purchased for my mother at the First Feral Family house as she hadn't updated hers for Windows XP, and so it was cheaper by far to purchase a refurbished one that came with Windows 7 pre-loaded.

But as it "happened", as soon as I got my perp-abetting mother's (new, refurbished) PC up and running, why, I could not access my blog,  TI World (this one). I do appreciate that the whole Google/Blogspot empire runs on server farms somewhere, but why on earth would a new desktop PC have anything to do with accessing my blogs? I could log into my Blogspot account just fine, and then I would click on the "Blogs" button and it would not work in any way, no matter how often I tried it. Hence my online blogging access being in hiatus for the last month. Or perhaps that I have now resumed going through the regular modem the problem "fixed itself".

I did manage to pay my bills via my Android phone, but other things crashed on it, including the most absurd event where I tried to access my charge card account. I entered my card number in the Android entry dialog box and the numbers went in reverse order. That is, each new number appeared to the LEFT of the previous number, and the whole card number string was transposed. I have worked with computers of some kind since 1974 and I have NEVER, EVER seen anything like this. I don't think one could lay such an imbicilic data entry "problem" at the feet of the Android developers for all my vexations with that under-developed platform. 

Ditto for my unemployment benefits online form filling on the Android platform. After completing some 90% of the form, why, a simple data entry box somehow error-ed out and I had to abort the whole deal. All to fill it out at the employment office online PC a few days later at 0800h when I had time to do this as I had a 0900h dental appointment following. As usual, the dudes moved in beside me in the latter phases of online form completion.

Though I am not out of the woods yet; the Windows 7 product key code for this PC wasn't accepted for some mysterious reason, and I checked it twice at each entry, not including the first attempt when I put in the dashes when they didn't appear. [Update; I used the MS Office product key by mistake, har, har, and found the MS Windows sticker on the back of this PC.]

Another repair job that was to be completed in my 4 week absence from Penticton was the repair of my amplifier, sent to Chicago for that particular make of electronics. I managed to get my emailing with the repair shop done, and paid them via PayPal on the Android platform (a first), but I haven't yet received it.  Those lovely looking ELAC speakers I purchased some 10 weeks ago are gathering dust. Once again, another single source electronic device somehow "crapped out" (was sabotaged IMHO), and has taken an extended amount of time to get back to me. Another front to attend to; perhaps I will get a spare amp/receiver to deal with this infernal fuckery.

And what is behind two concurrent and both much delayed repairs to electronic goods? No idea, even if one was shipped to Chicago, and the other is four blocks away. Both still not back. Some of the reasons might be that they wanted me to:
  • hand write journal entries (hadn't done any for 8 months)
  • use the Android phone for online access, e.g. pay  bills (financial transactions are a big harassment theme), and the odd search
  • keep me offline for the most part, as mentioned, the phone display is pathetic and so klutz prone with a touch screen, a perfect medium for extra conventional fuckery
  • and as of yesterday, re-use my 3 years old LCD display (also VGA instead of HDMI) that was to be sold but somehow never"happened"
  • use a new cheap black colored keyboard instead of my almond colored trusty Topre
And who knows what else, as they are so deep into colors, light sources, information sources and changing those parameters and all kinds of others we naive humans have no idea about.
That bullshit day of the year again, and pardon my cynicism, but I think I earned it fair and square. Married 20 years to a spouse that was surely in on the harassment and orchestration gig from the get go. Then some 10 years into the show she suddenly became an atagonistic asshole and never let up, even when this was brought to her attention. Sudden and unbidden behavior changes smack of remotely applied mind control, don't they? And she was in the know, to the level they allowed her to be.

A day off, the first in three weeks no less. My part time wine maker employer doesn't need me today, and I am OK with that. Perhaps I can deal with "recovering" from the three weeks of forced online restrictions.

Another front of remotely invoked abuse is the urination urgency games again, so often tied to key perp moments (when going from inside to outside, changing tasks, task completion, realizations of some other pertinent event, changing directions (e.g. row ends in the vineyard), etc.) I wen to the GP drop-in clinic to see what could be done, following the "advice" of the 2015 all-time blow-off from the urologist after two medications didn't work. The urologist said "go see your GP", and here I have a urology problem. Thanks a bunch asshole.

So I went to the GP two days ago, and wasn't relieved of further clinical weirdness either. I explained the circumstances without castigating aforementioned urologist, and the GP asks me, "what am I to do?". Like WTF; I see him because I don't know of any options and then he asks me what I can do. Not much, especially if I don't have knowledge of the urinary tract or self prescribe medications. I later explain that it just might be a neuropathic problem, as not only do I have ADD (=dopamine deficiency), but also have an array of symptoms similar to Parkinson's disease (=later life dopamine deficiency) except for dyskinesia and micrographia. I added, that in the least, the dopamine deficiency theory is a good place to start, even if it might not be the source problem. And what does the GP do? Why, he just stares at me for two seconds or so, says nothing and goes back to looking at my records on the adjacent LCD display. More inexplicable weirdness from this GP. Then he prescribes an Rx that is prostate/bladder related and he tells me that it will take four weeks to see results. OK, I get it; two doctors gone weird.

The "good doctor" in Kelowna, whom I see for hormone therapy, at least had the decency to reply to me when I mentioned my dopamine deficiency theory; she said, "there is nothing I can do". Not very helpful, but at least I got a reply that was more than a stare. No discussion or clinical engagement, and no validation either of course. And if you think I am going on about dopamine too much, don't forget that the Assholes gave me dopamine blocking medications against my will for a total of 8 months in two visits back in 2002-2003. (This following when I was prescribed dopamine agonist medications that were very successful.) Lets see; give a dopamine deficient patient (per SPECT scan) a dopamine blocking agent to knowingly make them worse. I will never forget that criminal clinical atrocity as long as I live. And furthermore, in my experience, shrinks are fucking criminals until proven otherwise.

The perps like me to sharpen and grind metals, and so a half hour session this afternoon to first cut, then grind the lower jaw of my bypass pruner/loppers so the jaw can fit into smaller spaces in the vines. This was done for three other makes and models of pruners, and I have no idea why they can't make them to get into the narrow crevices that vine tending requires. That is, all save the manufacturer of a certain electric pruner I use at my current employer. But as the perps will absolutely not let me place the hand pruners where I want at first go, having me place the lower jaw above or below the intended cut line, why am I not surprised at constant sabotage over cutting vines, or anything else for that matter? Yes, it is that bad; they jerk me out of an good paying IT job in 2002, render me unemployed until getting some spot farm work in 2008. In 2012 I get to take a viticulture course and become a vineyard laborer since, and while using my primary cutting tool, they simply will not allow me to place it where I want to make the pruning cut 99% of the time. As insane (them, that is) as it is utterly depraved.

Onto food shopping, and counting my blessings that I am allowed to be online again.  

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