Sunday, February 21, 2016

Babe to Biddy Swap

And what is it about the perps that they need to bait me with the babe, and when expecting further engagement (checkout context only), why, they swap in a biddy some 30 years older? 

Last night at SOF supermarket, the blonde young staff member just  "happened" to be doing cleaning around the unattended checkout. So I assumed (per planted suggestion, but one I would of made myself in normal circumstances), she was the checkout cashier, but of course I could not see what she was doing entirely as the checkout set up obstructed my vision. So, what happens next? Why, this biddy cashier arrives from much further away and handles my transaction. Fine, checkout cashier swapping is nothing new, even in mid-job, or at least, since all this imposed abuse began in 04-2002.

Tonight when I phoned the tanning salon the babe answers the phone and I make my reservation. When I get there it is the biddy at the desk who handles my intake. The babe arrives a few seconds later to help the biddy with the name etc. as if she didn't know, as I have seen her at least 20x in the past three years of going there once a week in winter. They never have two staff on at once, it is always one, so why the extra biddy instead? 

The answer is the perps just plain like swapping attractive for unattractive.Just like they promote female ass size (to this male) at yoga. In this case, they seem to want to detect exactly when and how that I determine a female ass to be attractive versus excessive (unattractive). The instructor since the Darling Pixie  departed in 08-2015 is as tall as I am and has an ass that is just about at the maximum size I would personally consider attractive. That she has a tattoo on her foot makes her all the more perp-desired I suppose. Go figure and see if there is some harassment continuity with Rachael O's write up here.

Pruning in the rain for the morning, and the assistant boss man said that I could not use the electric pruners as they aren't weather proof. He was quick to take them from my hand and place them on his plastic lunch box for crissakes. So... I used hand pruners, aka secateurs for the rest of the day. Both were sharpened with diamond stones at length the night before, and lo, if both pairs of secateurs didn't become dull in less than an hour. And just what is it about the perps they need to sabotage EVERYTHING with it comes to cutting edges, attempting to sharpen them and all else related to sharpening and grinding steel?

Last week, I got a new blade for my secateurs, and as it "happened", the person with the keys came late (strangely) and so I used my secateurs for pruning the row of vines along the driveway. Ordinarily I use the electric pruners, but as they were charging in the locked building, I had no key, why, I started my work with the hand pruners. Funny how all  this fuckery goes on over pruning vines, and any other plants for that matter. 

Saturday, and pruning vines with hand pruners all day today. There was some minor sabotage of the cutting edge of the pruners (secateurs) , unlike a few days ago (above) when they unmistakably dulled the sharp edge of the blade twice inside of 1.5 hours. In this latter instance, the secateurs were cutting very sharp, and I could use them much faster, but as regular readers will know, competence and efficiency ARE NOT ALLOWED in TI World, and they dulled the edge. I say it was unmistakable as I took a few minutes to make a saw cut on a large dead vine head and when I resumed my secateurs were harder to use as the blade was dulled. Then it "happened" again in the same sequence; I put the secateurs in their holster for a few minutes to make another saw cut and lo, when I resumed using them, why they were markedly duller than before.

And per Saturday crew, I  was with my Punjabi co-workers, who were very talkative all the while I was pruning nearby. Of course I don't know a word of this language, so again, I was treated to all day dude talk in a foreign language interspersed with ample amounts of male jocularity, another perp noise specialty.

The combustion-scape was alive and busy while in the vineyard. At least 10 single engine aircraft overflights, one noxious dirt bike drive by, and a Quad drive by with the obligatory child on board too. Add in at least three burn piles about a half mile away,  and one could conclude the perps like a good fire to go with the noise-scape. Not forgetting they (I assume) burned the opposite hillside with the Testalinden Creek Fire of six weeks last  summer.

And what is it about playing music the perps need to sabotage further? Two nights ago they blocked two online sources for playing (streaming) a certain album, so I decided "screw it", and bought it, downloaded it and then listened to it on a player I have on this spare PC. (The regular PC is still at the shop, now two months). Then tonight, I want to listen to another album  downloaded (and repaired at great length due to major mind fuck sabotage), and so I use this same player. And lo, this player won't play for some strange reason, so I am obliged to use the VLC player that came with this PC, and one that I have never used before. Just what is it about music sources the perps are so intense about?

Sunday, working at the former full time employer from 2012-2014. [Cue screaming at the Pyschopaths while this browser tab hopped to another one, totally unbidden by me. They have been on the rag tonight; at least 30 outrageous mind-fuck or telekinetic incursions since 1830h, all scream worthy]. Another trick of a few minutes ago was to block access to my blog postings, while the mouse would work anywhere else on the page or in other browser tabs.

I was making up the last tank of bentonite additions to his wine. Bentonite is a clay material from the Benton formations of Wyoming to add to wine to clarify it, as it acts as a charged particle to attract the suspended solids to it and then drops to the bottom of the tank. But as it is an earth material, and the perps are totally nuts about earth materials from clays to metals and everything in between, why should I be so surprised that they love to put on extra noise and adversity when mixing clay compounds up. And to think, all those white wine drinkers out there take in a little of the "bentonite energies" whenever they take a drink. And too, the perps would want to separate the stainless steel tank energies from the wine too. And it just might that the main research subject in this is me. Why else in a mind controlled life would they want me to make wine as a hobby for 20 years, and after a 10 year absence, have me re-start this as paid work?

Anyhow, it is getting late and I should post this to call the week done.


Anonymous said...

Now that you've mentioned Rachael O's blog, it appears they are at the point where the perps are driving for her institutionalization, mostly a mental institution. They had her framed up for making alleged threats to cops. No doubt the cops were involved in this, and it's scary that they are able to successfully pull off institutionalization of innocent TI's who are not criminals and are of sound mind.

It's so funny that perps would drive for institutionalization, because it always appeared to me that they, being of sick minds, were the ones who belonged in prison or in a mental institution. They do seem that way, but on the other hand the perps do know what they are doing. Probably they want her in there so they can have complete control. Also, she was homeless and was sleeping outside a lot, and I know this seems silly to say this, but I think they actually wanted her in a safe place. But only to help fulfill their goals, of course.

They have succeeded in putting TI's in mental institutions or prison. Not fair, of course, but they do manage to get complete control of some of their victims' lives.

AJH said...

Having had this very same imposition done to me in 2002 and 2003, with the shrink finally admitting that I was harassed, I have a few thoughts on institutionalizing TI's.

First, let it be clear, the police will/can make something up about a "complaint" and you are put in there, not that they bother to verify the complaint of course. The "complaint" is merely an excuse to do the perp's bidding, plain and simple. It is not a free country (US or Canada IMHO).

Second, the psychiatric symptoms are so broad that they can get you for something; e.g. paranoid psychosis, delusional etc. What I have to say to that was unavailable to me at the time, have the shrink phone Dr. John Hall in San Antonio Texas, a MD who is also a TI and who wrote a book about TI experiences, "New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America". Doctors give other doctors way more credibility and to get to the real facts without the fluff.

Third, they will gangstalk your ass in there, especially around aisle corners, in and out of the elevators and the food line up. And while the gangstalkers might seem like patients, they are not for the most part. In my experience, there might of been two legit patients out of 30 in there at the time. The perps have a way of clearing out legit patients in advance and populating the place with operatives acting like patients, possibly for weeks or months in advance. Or at least, this is what they did to me, as they nearly all had their gangstalking acts which were repeated by many others at many times since. One patient/gangstalker even went out of character and didn't have his limp when I observed him from the corner of my eye. Once both my eyes were focused on his new gait, why, he suddenly reverted to his limp again, all without looking at me looking at him in surprise.

Fourth, as everyone is eating much the same food off the same plates and crockery, they get the chance to "harmonize" whatever color and other energetics from all food bearing surfaces between the gangstalkers and the TI victim.

Fifth, the doctors will feed the TI victim medications to blunt or dull down one or more neurotransmitters. I have ADD and by definition a dopamine deficiency. So what did they give me? Why dopamine blocking agents to make me worse. I felt better in days when I dropped their meds to no surprise.

Sixth, the doctors will lie and fabricate to get you to take their medications and justify their actions on paper. If the doctor says your case is "bizarre", ask kindly as to what specifically is bizarre and how. Ask to see the doctor's notes (aka "chart") at the end of the consult session (if written), or the start of the next one to see what they wrote for the last one. Challenge them on any of their self serving details and fill in the facts for them. Challenge the doctors (kindly) as to whether this is typical/atypical pyschosis (say), and why is it so, and what particular symptoms make it so. Also add that since some 6,000 people responded to Dr. John Hall's book for help with similar complaints, how can it be that so many have the identical complaint. (Which would make it untenable that it be a psychiatric condition).

Answering the comment directly, you may well be correct in that they wanted her to be "safe", that is, in a much less threatening, though, controlled environment (meds aside). You can be sure that there are a myriad of of perp objectives behind all this, aforementioned change in foods, homogeneity of environment e.g. bedding, building, chairs, tables etc. Adding in my perspective, it may well be a turning point for the better in the longer term, though it cannot be known at present.

Anyhow, enough said, and this is for you too Rachael wherever you might be.

Anonymous said...

I see Rachael made it out of her predicament OK. She mentioned something very important: that if they do attempt to write you off as being mentally ill, that you need good character references that can vouch for you as being of sane mind. Also, a lot of the harassment seems geared towards making me move to a different location and making me pursue a different line of work. Now they're dangling this vague notion of "City of Angels" as the ideal place to move to and work. Sort of like a Utopia. But they never spell it out explicitly; only that it's "the place that I love".

It seems like this whole stint at UPS was them all along. It seems logical that they'd want me to work in a physically demanding position to see how I fare and progress. To see how well I make it through intense labor situations. And now perps are giving suggestions to make a career change to something like engineering, programming, or research-oriented. I'm sure my seguing from physical to far less physical and more mental is going to be part of their "tests".

AJH said...

Rachael seems to have got out OK. I thought that was the shrink's job, to establish sanity. Character references are probably better, as I would not trust a shrink as far as one could spit.

The perps love moving TI's residences, no question. Ditto for moving one from office work to physical work, and (maybe) back again. Though I haven't made it back, in that they keep me on farm and vineyard work, and make sure I cannot do tractor or forklift work either. (I have a ticket for the latter).

Thanks for the comments.