Sunday, January 10, 2016

Doddering & Ditzing Show

Back to everyday reality, that is gangstalk reality, now that the so-called "holiday season" is over. (As in holiday from what? The gangstalking is intense here in the Gangstalk Capital of Canada, Victoria, BC).

And my perp-abetting mother was full measure for amping up the idiot show; the doddering, ditzing and otherwise dip-shitting was on. Another trick is her finger fumbling, especially when finishing up an transaction, making out that she cannot put bills back in her scarlet purse that fits in a matching scarlet handbag. This stunt show was best demonstrated  when I drove her to the doctor's office and then hung out at the re-furbished Hillside Mall in the meantime. And of course, a forced piss while there, at least 10 on the morning and I had no prior coffee or tea.

Then another forced piss at the next mall where the supermarket is; all these shiftless dudes doing the "do-squat shop"; just hanging there looking a the merchandise for extended looking. One skinheaded Chinese Fuckwit, as tall as I am (5'11") came straight at me within 12" and just when I asked what the fuck he was doing he laughed. Don't they do "excuse me" in China? And I don't want to go there to find out as former neighbors traveled there, twice in fact, and reported on the incessant air pollution and the garbage flying around. No thanks; I get enough of the latter here, and not by coincidence.

While at this same supermarket, it was "Camo Duckie" as the most persistent and ridiculous Fuckwit gangstalker. White haired and in a camo colored jacket; absurd. But as this town seems to be taking a turn for the worse in weirdness, including the elder-stalkers, it should not surprise me. And before we entered the supermarket, while pushing the shopping basket I was held up by a five way ambulatory cluster fuck in front of me where everyone seemed to stop for everyone else. One of them, an Asian, was standing in one foot in front of a brick pillar not even looking at the outside produce. (And might of been the same Fuckwit mentioned above who came straight at me. I say "might" because I am not always allowed to recognize faces anymore; even passing Fuckwits would never be forgotten and now it "happens"). Said pillar staring Fuckwit pulls back from the pillar just as I was entering the doorway and looks at me, and just then I realized he wasn't looking at any produce but doing a total "just stand there" and I looked at him like he was totally nuts. Which he would of been in conventional non-orchestrated circumstances.

Once inside I told my mother to get the spinach for salad material, next to the mushrooms, Camo Duckie immediately moved in beside her to get the adjacent mushrooms. And lo, if he didn't fumble around for an extended duration while my perp-abetting mother ditzed around, and lo, if she didn't need mushrooms too for yet more side-by-side time with Camo Duckie. And what is it about decision making and taking advice that is so important to the perps? They can't crawl up my asshole far enough in these circumstances, and surely they have fucked other victims in these same situations.

I finally got out out on my own and got a tan in at the salon that ripped me off last year for a two year pass that just plain disappeared on their system in less than a year. But they have my particulars and the rest of the intake details and that makes it easier. And they didn't ask about selling me for a pass again to remind me, but instead offered the drop-in rate. It was my old neighborhood when I lived here until the end of 2011, and I also got shopping done for my daughter's Christmas presents. That is because she was away over Christmas in this ever changing musical chairs game when some folks just need to leave town when I arrive. Not just my daughter, but my brother split for Thailand on Christmas day, and won't be back before I am gone.

I put in 16' of house wire to get a light fixture an in unlit corner of the crawlspace. I have some 200 hours of house wiring experience (and a prior evening course) from past houses I owned as there was always an upgrade or a renovation going on. That was until 2000 or so, and then I was renting after that, and then the assholes came down on me in 04-2002. And so this would be the first time I have fixed any house wiring since, but one would think I had no experience as I felt like a total retard who had not done it before. Knowledge is supposed to be cumulative, but not in TI World. And of course I did not have my tools here, having flown in, and so what a finger fumble shit show it was to put one connection box, two connections and one light fixture in. And of course the perps cranked up the extra-conventional fuckery, especially in dealing with the wood chips from drilling the joists; they defied two vacuum cleaners, and when finally cleaned up with the broom, why, more wood chips showed up afterwards. I got them cleaned into the dust pan and left it alone for a minute, and lo, more wood chips "showed up" once my back was turned. My perp abetting mother was doing her best to help the perp cause by pounding the floor above in the living room, when she wasn't thumping and banging on things in the adjacent bathroom downstairs. She just had to clean up the garbage can it seemed, aka, gangstalking the victim in the First Feral Family house.

Though in hindsight, on the day, the perps might have been extra excited/active as I got screwed into missing my normal morning routine of having a shower, shaving etc., only dental hygiene was allowed. All due to my mother's early (for her, 0930h) doctor appointment. It just seems the perps go extra nuts when such exceptions are arranged.

Extra action with Farmworker Friend who arrived a week early to remove vegetation I had dug up in the First Feral Family backyard. I told her to come about Jan. 15 or so when all the digging was done, but no, she suddenly "forgot" and came today. And in keeping with the showering and shaving obstruction, my perp-abetting mother occupied the one bathroom with the shower just as I finished breakfast, artfully (IMHO) blocking it until I was diverted to another activity which ended up being a half hour delay. Once  unclothed and about to have a shower, why, Farmworker Friend arrives 40 minutes late, and so she attended to much of the garden waste hauling while I was engaged in the bathroom. Finally, I got to help her out for an hour, taking the landscape debris to the municipal compost site, but it always seems that shaving and showering disruption is such a big deal for the Psychopathic Confederacy.

Along the street route they had dug up part of the road, and had the laborer standing in the trench doing digging, a common repose for gangstalking road digs. On the way back, why, they were digging on the other side of the road, the same crew, again forcing us into one lane as before. (A four lane major thoroughfare, McKenzie Ave. for locals).  This was the second successive day they had dug up the road in about the same location, at a major bend (direction change, note, a common perp nutzo location).

Again on McKenzie Ave, this time my second trip after dropping off my mother at the old folks home to visit the First Feral Father, the gutless and feckless wretch that surely cast me into this insane hell. Said FFF Father is totally addled with dementia and barely makes it out of sleeping mode during daylight hours.

On the way home the perps arranged one of their faux vehicle accidents/events, again traversing McKenzie Ave. Two police cars, one on the curb, both with red and blue lights flashing and no other vehicles nearby, and nothing smashed up, and no road debris. One yellow-jacketed Police Criminal was speaking with a brown hatted woman, a seeming pedestrian, and then she just plain wandered off, crossing at the crosswalk. This was a traffic controlled intersection and the event disrupted me from making my usual L turn there, from the L turn lane. The perps are that nuts to obstruct me at a frequently used intersection, especially with the flashing red and blue police criminal light show they so often arrange for me.

They pulled this same road works stunt last week on Royal Oak Ave; dug up and one lane alternating E bound when outbound, and 20 minutes later inbound heading W, why they were on the other side of the road by then and alternating traffic flow to the opposite side. That takes coordination IMHO.

No rest for the TI; a visit to LV Tools, long one of my favorite stores, and the perps know it. Ergo, extra heavy gangstalking and bizareness. Today, the male shorts show was on, coursing in and out of my peripheral vision, the shorts-in-winter thing/look has suddenly erupted here in the Gangstalking Capital of Canada. Plus the excess of male staff members for whatever reason. Add on the discontinued item stunt, all to substitute a less useful model, this for my mother's need (caveat there) over a can opener. I "happened" to purchase one from LV Tools about two years ago, and it is a good one. Hence, the perps need to then pump up the yapping and planting the notion as to how good it is and then today, dash the deal as my mother wanted to get one just like it. But no, a stupid design is the current selling model and it needs two hands to operate. If in doubt, screw it up. And no less, I must open less than 2 cans a year as I rarely buy canned food. But as food packaging of all kinds needs to be tested on this victim, down the energetic qualities of the metal and the plastic lining they now put in cans, the victim "needs", (per perp non-consensual human experimentation and abuse objectives) to be tested for this too. Go fuck yourselves, I don't want canned food.

And a two male gangstalk guard to cover me before and after going to the washroom at LV tools plus a third (woman though) on aisle block duty 8' away,. for both entering and exiting. This after totally screwing me that  the washroom was at the other side of the building when I knew exactly where it was from several past visits. Believe me, I don't forget where washrooms are these days, as I never know when the assholes are going to spring a piss attack.

Others gangstalk detritus was adding fat stalkers, then the babe in the big shiny down quilt car coat didn't miss my attention. Then they added a middle aged and larger woman, not quite the babe, in an identical jacket later, same color too.

Prior victim-prep was to have me shave my legs this morning, allowing me to get up earlier than the usual 0900h for once here at the First Feral Family house. I don't know what the perp's preoccupation is over shaving, and shaving in more places now than I ever did in recent years (since about 2010 or so), but it is all part of their umwelt/harassment-sphere. Something about that teflon rub strip it would seem, though they do go nuts over cut hairs, and too, plucked hairs now.

Stopped in at the ex-s' daughter's business, per suggestion of the ex when she visited before Christmas. That morphed into a visit in the evening when she and her husband came around as I put one of my coffee tables on offer. (I am clearing out the crawlspace of my stuff as I don't expect my perp abetting mother to be keeping the FFF house for more than a year, but I have been wrong on that one before). So I gave them the coffee table I made in 1988, and kept the one I finished in 2002, post perps invasion. Same broad leaf maple wood interestingly, though from different trees, - both sources of lumber were cut by me from my chain saw milling days.

I then gave them my fishing rods, save one. I made them all from blanks and assembled the cork, guides, etc. My perp-abetting mother had to be there all the time I was speaking with them,- part of "giving away" neural energetics readings the perps seem to need to stalk me over among other things.

Back from a two day trip to Vancouver to visit my daughter, as she "happened" not to be here over Christmas in Palm Springs. I haven't visited there for at least three decades, and as she lives in the same Kitsalano neighborhood that I did when I attended UBC, why, I suppose it was a big deal for the perps. Not that I recognized it much as there has been so much residential building infill, and the number of tall buildings has probably trebled in the downtown area, including the West End. A drive around Stanley Park, then dinner near Kitsalano Beach overlooking English Bay, and then back to the motel with the First Feral mother. The perps fucked my head as to getting back and sent me over the wrong bridge. That begat a 20 minute drive around Richmond to find my way back, my perp -abetting mother putting on the ditz again, e.g. "lets stop at a gas station and ask", and like dipshit games just like the ex did. I know my way around Vancouver, and some of Richmond, so how would I fuck it up? Besides, I successfully navigated to a PC business in Richmond 5 years ago, with no extra driving around, so how is it that I got so screwed up?

And too, the perps like ferry rides, and it is a 1.8 hour trip to cross from Vancouver Island to Vancouver and adjacent municipalities. And too, my perp-abetting mother gets to put on the ditz all the more.

A winsome young blonde woman sat opposite for the N bound trip, and another woman sat opposite two seats away, though she came and went. The latter woman even got coffee, placed it on the seat beside me and then wrapped her coat around it, and then departed for 20 minutes for crissakes. She then came back, picked it up, sat in the seat opposite and drank it. She kept her head down most of the time she was in the seat for whatever reason.

No such luck with adjacent seat mates on the way back; after the seat set in front was warmed up by two women and a man, a couple arrives and he sits immediately in front of me. And lo, he was a skinhead, and kept his unsightly pate 2' in front of me for most of the trip. I read the newspaper and kept his visgage obstructed as much as I could. For once, my mother didn't try to disrupt me to force more inadvertent viewings.

Anyhow, time to get this one posted for the week as this PC will be down for a few days here at the First Feral Family house as no one thought to bother to get XP upgraded for crissakes.

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