Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Red Meat

The diet front, (read, imposed diet), had a major change last week. I was allowed red meat. And no less, I cooked it up. Long time followers will know that when I lived in Victoria, the Gangstalking Capital of Canada from 2003 to 2011, I would visit the First Feral Parents on Sunday evenings and have red meat (typically) for dinner. All the meals I made on my own were store rotisserie cooked chicken for lunch and dinner. That is, I bought a whole cooked chicken and had it hot for the first meal, and used it up for the next two weeks in tortillas or other combination dishes.

But for the first time since all this abuse-athon began, aka the Day the Perps Went Berserk/Overt in 04-2002, I was allowed to cook red meat, and of course, eat it. For the record, it was ground buffalo meat, and required no meat cutting on my part, another perp fixation.

It was my birthday yesterday, I am now 61 y.o. my daughter phoned to say a late card was coming, and my mother phoned too. Even my Kamloops brother got in on the act and sent a text message. Just another day abuse in Perplandia of course. Way back when they would send these telepathic messages before my birthday and tell me that they would cease operations for the day, but they never did. And I never believed they would either, from the outset.

Yoga with the darling pixie instructor again; it seems they are changing up the regular crew and I don't recognize many of them now. They put on another male of the ten or so class members, he in charge of heavy and audible breathing, like his past infrequent appearances. And back to their mirror blocking games again.

A hot weather phase now, up to 38C. Though today the atmospheric smoke haze lifted by mid-day and it got hot. All these fires, and not just locally, but in Washington State, Saskatchewan etc.

For vineyard work, it is leaf plucking, where one removes the leaves covering the grape bunches, still in the small green berry phase. The boss lady said it took 24 man hours last year, but I cannot see how I would cover the vineyard in three full working days.

On the PC sabotage front,no audio on this here PC now; it wont' play through a registered device (which ended at least 6 months ago after being a successful solution to using a single pair of headphones for the PC and the player). Now it won't play through the PC with a dedicated pair o headphones from the PC jack.

I got nailed for a 2.5 hour nap attack on a week day, though to be fair, they ran me for two days an hour short of a full night's sleep. Yesterday, the birthday greetings via phone came on at 2100h, just when I wanted to go to bed.

Hot outside again,with smoke of wildfires in the air, the perfect "dimming" tool to reduce the light but keep the heat on, some 37C today.

And work productivity strangeness again; I did 4 rows of leaf plucking in the first two hours of the day, and concluded I would get close to 16 rows done. (The rows are about the same length and not materially different in composition). Toward the end of the day I realized that I would get much less, so for the last hour I checked my progress and got two more rows done. Yet, over the day, I got a total 12 rows, or 1.6/hour. So how did I not get close to 16 rows, or 2.0/hour? I have no idea, as it seemed to me I was working at the same place, and as mentioned, there were no major work load differences between the rows. The perps like pulling these productivity misconception/sabotage stunts, and I assume they do something to me so I don't notice until the end,.

I am screaming at the assholes each time I get back from work this week, today no exception. The usual suspects; pulling items from my grasp, dithering my finger motor control, sending me to the wrong cupboard/drawer etc. It is most odd they they pull this same stunt with the same timing, i,e, returning from work), that is, when I get in the door.

More hot weather (38C) with "dimming" applied, the smoke from forest fires it seems, though the perps like to have combinations of weather, e.g. hot summer sun without the same illumination, and of course with.

I am not to wear spandex shorts in the vineyard any more, but instead, the baggy-to-the-knee kind, the Okanagan Valley standard summer wear. The spandex shorts were so comfy, and now these soggy (from sweat in the heat) cotton shorts.

The perps have started up their income tax hassle again. First a letter from the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), telling me I have a credit of $121. This was the "warm up" letter as it turned out. Two days later, the same CRA sent a request for documents to substantiate my deductions, something they could of done themselves as I was dealing with another branch of the Canadian government on this one. On the latter, all is legit, but I had to make an evening time trip to the local big box stationary store to get the documents scanned. Apparently, I can submit scanned documents via my tax account.

Sunday, and one at home, no major outing ambition today. Instead, I had a sharpening bee, getting a number of blades sharpened with my worn sharpening diamond stones. I haven't done any sharpening for months, and suddenly, a hectic "need" comes on. One being that I am to sharpen the boss lady's hand pruners.

Long time readers will know that the perps have a total fixation over sharpening tools, and all the better that it be with diamonds instead of sandstone or ceramic whetstones. Don't ask me why, but they do.

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