Monday, November 10, 2014

Wheezing and Gasping at the Next Yoga Mat

The perps got me up an hour late in the continuing games over light levels, the recent shift to Standard Time etc.

Yoga; the fat male oaf made a beeline to place his mat next to mine, this time on my R side. More of his wheezing, puffing and gasping, which was becoming very irksome. The perps told me his noise is related to sexual abuse. I don't recall any, but I have three missing years from my life aged 2 to 5. I don't care what the perps' excuse is; three weeks in a row he hangs beside me. Staring at the gorgeous pixie instructor isn't enough compensation for this major Fuckwit. He is over 20, fat, in fugly shorts; get this fucker out of my sight and earshot.

And way attractive woman next on the L side, best yoga practitioner by far, as well as being lithe and limby. So here I had the consummate yoga practitioner on my L side, and this gasping wheezing oaf on the R side, way out of his league.

More red wine samples to the wine lab, and lo, more red vehicles clustered around me and oncoming. In the latter formation, four red vehicles in a single lane, no other vehicles between. Then add another two beside or near me in the opposite direction, making turns off the highway.

More mold; the landlady came over etc. And I found more mold on my safety -toed boots, ones I have never worn.

Vineyard work; some moving things about today to get the vineyard winterized; that is, moving them into an insulated shipping container which will have some electric heat on all winter.

Again, red wine samples to lab in the dusk lighting, prime-time for red vehicle stalking, the highlight being four in a train with one white vehicle among them.

A  stalker woman exiting her same grey vehicle at the specialty grocery store, and then kept hounding me for at least three gangstalkings before the ridiculous act at the checkout when she came for a shopping basket to put the items in her arms into. Like WTF; who on earth goes into a grocery store with multiple items in mind, as well as browsing the shelves without a shopping basket or cart? Only in TI World, and they had this stalking Fuckwit to cover as many Unfavoreds as possible; tight curly hair, and fugly female.

Who are these "bend over" acts while shopping? And for some reason, all female shoppers and checkout personnel until the last moment when a male stalker shopper "happened' to be there.

Continual mental sabotage over getting a cover letter together tonight; two minute of effort then gets defeated by a sudden attack of restlessness to move to something else, like journalling in this here blog.

Winemaking work; three reds needed to be racked (pumped to another vessel, leaving the sediment behind). So...plenty of extra red vehicular gangstalking during the dusk onset when commuting back to Penticton.

Winemaking, reds again, and vineyard fruit clipping

Motorcycle drive-by and noise of course, the HD kind, the most loathed of all vehicular mufflers/noise. And lo, if it doesn't erupt when I am at the row end, turning 180 degrees to continue fruit clipping in the opposite direction on a new row.

A rock crunching/scraping excavator about a km away, digging in rock as part of a subdivision development I suppose. The perps love to have rock drilling, loading, hauling etc. in my proximity.

Given the perps interest in me and rocks of all origins always make me curious as to their earth energy agenda. My perp-abetting father was a geologist, specializing in coal and a little in petroleum. I always wonder what he was doing for the perps and how was he directed; witting or unwitting, though I think there is a mixture of both with the long term abettors.

Saturday, and normally I do my laundry, but I had to get on with a visit to the clinic to get my Rx, and then to the winery to add MLF culture, a 10 min. job. Then onto a certain organic farm to pick up my 25lb of storage onions. Some prior action to get the cash at the bank for them, and as the farm is the trailhead location for a two hour round trip hike, I added that in too.

Somehow, the 25lb of storage onions, that was to be $50, turned out to be 50lb for $50 when I met up the worker at the farm.  And of course I wasn't allowed to think that one through, as what does one do with 50lb of storage onions, as in storing them in a dry, cool, and dark place? Well.... I packed 20lb in the fridge, and the rest are in the cardboard box that is covered over with some fabric to block the three holes in the box. Along the way, I displaced an empty box, only to discover more fricking mold, this time at the bottom of a closet off the kitchen. I had to clean that up, which was relative simple as there wasn't much mold coverage. Then more cleaning where the mold was, only to find it on the ski jacket that got molded in the past winter and then was dry cleaned to rid it. Now I have a number of sweaters and jackets on my bed, that seem to be mold free, but are they? Or must I review all my clothes every day or two and look for mold? And of course we know who dithers one of all good preventative habits, and all the more if it is the same party who created the mold problem in the first place.

Anyhow, I best post this for the past week, even if this is a little "content light" and cursory.

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