Monday, November 17, 2014


Remembrance Day here, a national statutory holiday. Unlike Armistice Day in the US, where there isn't a mandated national day holiday. And for the record, I don't buy into co-opting Nov. 11 for TI's or other abusees, even if applied by military personnel (very likely in my case, given the profusion of military motifs in the gangstalking scene).

And so, on this Tuesday, I get to start this blog posting in relative comfort and introspection, not to mention better trivial harassment recall. Often times, end of the day recall is highly limited, and by rough measure, less than 10% of the harassment/abuse litany gets a mention in any given posting.

This is the post yoga day, always a big deal for the perps it seems, and a rare full day off afterward, going by the calendar. Though, I have had plenty of yoga classes on other days of the week, but it seems that Mondays are a big deal for the perps, the first day after the weekend.

I wasn't going to go to yoga yesterday for fear of the heavy Wheezer+Gasper Dude arriving beside me as for the prior three sessions. The prior "internal" (read, remotely planted thoughts) dialog of the last few days was that three stakeouts with this cat was too plenty and I would go to yoga on Wednesdays. And so I came to understand, again from this dialog, that I was going to be made to go nonetheless. And yes, once back from vineyard work yesterday, I duly got dressed for yoga and went to class, if nothing else that to admire the female instructor and work on stretching and poses. Regular readers will know that yoga is of particular interest for the perps, all those spine stretchings and twistings, often times emulated by the excessive frequency of ambulatory gangstalkers on the street and in the stores doing their "bend-overs", seeming partial poses.

When at yoga, the class mat placement and location of me and all others is of seeming major orchestration, and my regular spot had a new female visitor in place, and so I situated myself in the latter half of the room, with her partially in my view of the instructor. She was very large (Unfavored), and with a red top no less, always a red rag to a bull, as in an Unfavored color. Anyhow, others trickled in, and the class filled up with some 16 women, and save one, not a single tattoo on display. (And the Wheezer+Gasper didn't arrive either). The exception was Star Girl, who has three star shaped tattoos on her wrist, though with her placement (often near me of late), I did not see them the entire practice. Thank goodness for small mercies, not seeing tattoos that is.

I am getting bummed out this week due to the fact that my job winds up this week, and that I have next to nothing in my bank account. It seems the perps just revel in making me broke, and I cannot count the number of times they have pulled this, against my own instincts and sense of fiscal prudence. This goes back decades, and for the perps, there was nothing better than having an abetting (then) spouse who would pull these same financial stunts. As in, stress the victim some more, with a fill-in-the-blank option as to the rationale. But since the perps went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002, there was a considerable escalation as to stressors, all pointing back to the Thems I came to understand. About the only positive outcome in all this abuse and whole life orchestration is the realization that it is from a single central source, and only the delivery means and players vary, along with the theme and associated rationale.

Onto other perp hijinx; last night they had me somehow "miss" in getting into my sleeping arrangements (in the dark) and also having me not register the fact that I went to bed and to sleep underneath my mid-grey colored bed sheets, and directly on top of the teal colored foam pad. A first for the 1.5 years of staying at this location, but not too surprising in that the color of one's bedding seems to be of prime interest to the perps, as with clothing colors, and the color of all else, seen or touched or ingested. And no less, they woke me up in the early morning to have me find this out, but kept me too sleepy from doing something about it as I was still warm enough. Go figure, but it wouldn't be the first time these early morning "realizations" have been laid on me, for seeming trivial reasons from my perspective.

And why this intense dude gangstalking coverage whenever I am shopping for mushrooms in the stores? I get a dude with his ass backed up to the mushrooms chatting (aka Cheersing) with someone else in an orchestrated set up/malingering to stop me going there at first. A few days ago while at the mushrooms at another store, I had the "Dude Convergence" stunt, where two or more males appear to be coalescing abreast to then come right at me. This puts me in a momentary panic, so they must be fishing for some kind of abreaction I have to such past encounters, though I cannot recall any. In the latter example, only one of the two dudes arrived near me, an apparent staff member to putz with a price display tag 2' away. The other dude then moved on with a bag of tortilla chips in hand, the very same kind the perps make me routinely purchase. Then at the checkout, another follower had a cooked chicken on the conveyor belt, the very same kind I regularly purchase. Purchase emulations are nothing new for this gig.

Like a Monday (after a day off) but on a Wednesday. I wonder what perp synchronicity is in this arrangement. Most often I regard the perps as fucking insane and have no interest in their games over day of the week, numeric arrangements etc.

A day unlike any I have spent, save some sawmill graveyard shift back in 1978; I participated in a night picking of frozen grapes on the vine, aka ice wine harvest. The temperature has to be less than -8C, and the grapes are to arrive at the winery in a frozen state. At $20/hour, and my bank account drained, it would of been foolish to pass it up. And so I joined this 30 strong throng to "flock pick" frozen grape in the dark. We were issued head lamps and harvesting shears, and worked six rows simultaneously, three on each side of a central tractor that carried a bin that the swampers put the fully picked buckets into. No ordinary tractor, but a Yanmar T80, fully rubber tracked no less. (And have I mentioned the perps and their abiding preoccupation with rubber in all its forms and uses? Many times, but this one was different in that it was a tracked, not a rotational tire, vehicle that was in our midst).

No question the gangstalk thing was going on, but as I was busy heads down picking, I wasn't accorded much loathing time. And then to finish it all off with a "payday moment", as in lining up to get paid, why, it must of been out of the perp employment games playbook. And too, another research theme of theirs is changing diurnal light levels and how my vision adjusts, specifically the rods and cones cells in my eyes. And of course at about 0530h the dawn starts to break and this truly is a high perp moment, just as dusk onset is.

And all those people nattering the whole time, moving about from row to row, "helping out" etc., because that is what "flock picking" is about; we pick altogether and fill in where pickers are getting behind, so the row is picked clean. And of course, without the sense of guardedness that piece rate picking would bring. All those LED headband lights was also a likely interest of the perps, though rarely did I catch a full beam in the face. Anyhow, as fluid as it all seemed, one can be sure that the perps had a research field "day" with all those factors at work together; rubber, diurnal eye/light physiology, fruit harvesting, colder temperatures, and the inevitable clustering of participating personnel.

Other perp manifestations during the ice wine pick were that they giving me pain in the nuts, a generalized dull pain with a definite onset, and sometimes coincident with someone else coming in to work near me. For the past 2.5 years I have worked at a vineyard with overhead high voltage power-lines on one side of the property, and I am sure they wanted to test me out without this EMF aid, as in etheric (or whatever term one wished to use) person-EMF energy interactions that were not so close to said power-line that runs up the Okanagan Valley to Kelowna. Long time readers will recall in 2010 and 2011 that I worked at a farm with overhead power-lines, and whenever we worked the field underneath it (pumpkins then), the "nut hunting" (aka general genital) pain would come on for a few minutes and then back off. No doubt the perps were calibrating their powerline proximity research. And too, helicopters on some hikes/farm jobs have flown overhead of powerlines in my presence and proximate shills.

A sleep for four hours this afternoon, much needed, in conventional terms. Regular readers will know that the perps can routinely manipulate my sleep needs at a whim, and can have me stay up all night for three days in succession without any apparent daytime need to catch up. Imagine, one of the most central physiological adult human needs, sleep, can be dispensed with if they determine if there is some kind of immediate research benefit. No doubt they are working, or perhaps even know, all the physiological energetics of sleep and human development through to adulthood. Another one of their tricks relating to the above mentioned adult sleep need elimination, is to invoke a giddy or derealization state after three successive days of sleep deprivation, as if this was a consequence. I have experienced such derealization sensations back in their panic attack invocation games of 1986-89, and have come to know from my ADD research days of 1996 to 2002, that should one's temporal lobes be de-energized to some extent, then derealization will occur. And have I not mentioned that this part of the brain is the locus for physic research? Not lately, but it runs central to this whole nonconsensual human experimentation gig, and may well have other ramifications for the perp's seeming quantum energy research objectives related to the "Measurement Problem" and "Many Worlds". Such a huge agenda to be sure, but then again, IMHO, it includes the human race, not just us beleaguered TI's on the front line of the human abuse imperative.

A job interview this afternoon; I felt tongue tied and mentally sluggish; I have had such sensations in job interviews in the long past, and wondered why I seem so dull when I should be up. Now I know why this "happens". Suffice to say it went OK, which means no expected success. The two interviewers seemed kind of dullified as well; a whole 30 minutes interview time. They even had one of the interviewers walk past me twice beforehand while was waiting in the lobby. The same person gave me the mushiest handshake I ever had, post interview. And an avoidant gaze to go with it. At one point in the interview she was shooting the HR guy a nasty look while he was looking down. All too weird, and all too contrived, so why did they put this act on? Not that I expect a job offer or anything, but if all my job interviews in the past were orchestrated, then why did these cats put on an act of seeming exclusion? Go figure.

Said interviewer had an standard size white envelope in hand when stalking me in the lobby. Before that, I was waiting in my vehicle in the parking lot for 10 minutes, and lo, if the black vehicle two stalls away didn't have a white envelope bearing woman arrive from the opposite direction, examine her vehicle on the far side for a few minutes and then came around to the drivers side, visible to me.  (A white parked vehicle on the opposite side). Envelope bearing stalkers are nothing new, though for the most part the envelopes have been light brown or buff yellow and larger sizes. No, I didn't think they were the same woman, as one was taller. If the perps mess with someone's height it seems they need a few days to do it, though there have been tales of shape shifting from animal to human form in minutes per David Icke.

My prediction; the perps will hang me out to dry for at least two months; as in no employment. Such a state hasn't occurred since they went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002. And now that I have been gainfully employed for 2.5 years, why, it is time to whack the victim again. With the only difference of being an official statistic this time, taking EI (Employment Insurance) benefits, much reduced from the current unsatisfactory wage level of course. Even the difference of putting TI's through spells of unemployment taking EI benefits (not since 1976-77) versus Disability (har, har) benefits of the last 12 years is a big deal to the perps. It is another "so what" as far as I am concerned.

It was a 40 min. drive which was relatively free of traffic, save these car carriers the perps like to put on. Two headed S when I was traveling N, and then one more oppositely when I was returning S bound. And no less, an additional truck with scrapped cars on it too, those compressed/crushed vehicles they like to arrange every so often.

The landlords' electrician installed a humidistat in this here residence today, and at 50% humidity the fan has been going steady since about 1000h, now 1800h. No doubt the fan noise will be a constant companion for the next while, perhaps most days. And to run all this time it has to suck air in from somewhere, that being the great outdoors which is at -4C today. And I see the landlady put the heat down 2C to 20C, which means the actual inside temperature is 18C going by the separate thermometer on the wall. Maybe the humidistat will keep the mold down at long last.

A day of recovery after another night-time ice wine pick. A decidedly greater gangstalking event this time. They kept popping up and getting in front of me about 80% of the time I was walking past pickers picking. We pick as a group, picking side by side, and when done one's row length, 4' to 6' usually, then one leapfrogs past the pickers to get to a new section. I got to wear my knee pads this time and saved myself a whole lot of back pain unlike the first ice wine picking. The perps make no bones about disrupting all my good practice habits and then nail me with their tried and true "consequences".

And much more "inadvertent" picker contact; seeming inadvertent blundering, and one once occasion blindsiding me with a picker placed in front of me as I turned from placing a plastic picking bucket into the back of the foreman's red pickup. Some pickers were beside me on one side and then at a certain set point, they got up and went around me to pick on the other side which was usually covered by another picker anyhow. If such  increased contact and coverage wasn't enough, they it became more intensive after the break time when I ate my lunch, the typical turmeric (read, saturated yellow color) spiced gumbo they have me make. They even hounded me when about to take a forced piss; I turned my head light off and went to an area we had finished picking, as in semi-private, but at least six pickers "happened" to be there for some reason. I then went to a row across the driveway we weren't going to be picking, and lo, if the tractor didn't line me up in its headlights as it came down the opposite row.

It was a shorter work night as we finished in 5.5 hours as one vineyard was relatively easy as the grape stems were exposed, and in the freezing conditions the stems were weak and we could pull many of the grape bunches off, faster than snipping them with the harvesting shears. During this first vineyard, they put on full male jocularity, replete with the nonsense rhymes and the like, and never funny, even if they thought so. We finished in the dark, unlike the first pick, where we got to see each other in the daylight at 0600h.

Sunday, and a day of rest, as in getting laundry done. Not too much excitement on this front, just a weird capped male needed to get ahead of me when entering the building, and then later he was hanging at the public PC. It seems he needed to show me that he was temporarily without cap and coat. Nothing new there, the perps often arrange clothing going on or off with their gangstalkers in public. And too, have them looking at a computer or smart phone display.

Got totally brain wiped last evening, "forgetting" to post this as I usually do on Sunday nights PT.

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