Sunday, November 02, 2014

Mold Games

Monday, and the large male oaf came back to yoga. Last week he came in late and arrived at the mat-space beside me for some curious reason. This week someone scooped my regular spot, and so the oaf was on my L side behind me. Not out of earshot though, as I could still hear his wheezing and gasping. Apparently the logic of taking an introductory course first, before this Power Yoga class hasn't dawned on him, or is it that someone else is jerking his chain, like it seems always for every scenario.This time they installed a late coming babe beside me, on my R side. Much better landscape all told.

An evening time discovery of mold on suitcase and briefcase; leather with cordura fabric. Worse yet, it seemed to originate from an internal wall, and not the outside wall. They molded boots, stretch pants, a pair of gloves, suitcase, backpack, briefcase and a few other items.

Lots of work with red wine, and predictably, lots of deep red (metallic though), vehicles around on my way back at day's end.

Heavy helicopter coverage tonight, at least six since sundown, normally they don't fly in the dark. But they could be practicing instrument (night time) flying of course.

 They got me up 30 minutes late this Wednesday; hence no front torso shaving. Have I mentioned how often this "happens" on Wednesday, the day the cleaning lady comes to the house? Why, it was last week. Seemingly, the teflon coated rub strip presents some kind of remotely sensed analytical problems even after 12.5 years of this abused tenure.

The assholes had me put my leftover dinner food on top of the fridge instead of in it, something I have routiney done everytime for the 12 years of this insane abuse. I discover the food on the fridge in the morning when getting my lunch together and I was screamingly furious. I tossed it into the garbage, which is likely what the stunt was all about in the first place.

The vineyard/winery  owners left for Vancouver for a few days, in this ongoing scene of one or both of them in their tag team travels. And lo, if lots of harassment to cause me to vocalize my dismay.

I discovered that one of my fermenting wines was at wrong pH for the last two weeks because I didn't get an email of the test results, and no one told me. Needless to say, I was furious, but not outwardly so.

I tried to move a drum of just-fermented wine, with a plain (unmotorized) drum lifting tool, and lo, if it didn't spin out of my control due to a sudden gravity wave that caused me to fall over and the drum went over too, and even with the lid on, it sprang a leak and lo, dumped red wine all over the place. At first they dithered me into not knowing what to do, then allowed me to spin the drum  so the split in the lid was at the top, which staunched the flow for the most part. And then I had the strength to pick it up in one big jerk back to vertical. The spill lost 25L of wine, though it looked a whole lot more.

I was cleaning it up for 5 min or so, and lo, if the neighbor's boy of about 26 y..o. or so and wearing a red T-shirt, didn't happen to come over and ask about the owners who were gone as of an hour earlier. Then some cockamamie dialog about vine pruning, as he works on the adjoining apple farm, and then it seemed he and his father would need personnel to prune for the winter. I volunteered myself as I would be done by early December. But then the story shifted some, and it turned out he wanted to do the pruning, needing extra money in the winter. But then it turned out he would be going out of the country to see a "girlfriend" in the Philippines in January, so WTF. Vine pruning doesn't begin until January or Feburary. Anyhow, it seems the perps needed me to vacate the wine flooded crush pad to show him pruning for some reason. As in removing me from the scene of the mess temporarily.

I had red wine samples in my vehicle, six 125ml bottles, and lo, if the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mendacious Plods) weren't stopping traffic on Eastside Rd, the only sensible route, After extreme effort to get my wallet out, he didn't need to see my drivers licence.  An abbreviated dialog was as follows; (He) "Whats new", (Me) "taking wine samples to the lab, with the wine in the bottles, not in me", (He) "OK, have a good day". Like WTF, Wednesday at 1630h, on a po-dunk secondary arterial, and here they are stopping traffic in both directions. Strange that the cop was looking away in the latter part of the dialog; all my prior experience with traffic stops is that they look one in the eye continuously.

Plenty of extra red colored vehicles around me the whole time, and have I mentioned before that the red vehicles come out in abundance when I have red wine samples for the lab- often. and too, of late, when working with red wine as I had been all day today.

Plenty of screaming at the assholes tonight while making dinner; remotely applied adverse finger control will do it every time, as well the number of kitchen spillings.

A busy day of red wine-making again, and major mess on the floor when filling 50L kegs as one cannot see inside to see if the keg is filling up.

They blocked me twice last night in attempting to order a replacement teapot online. (Having arranged a mug to fall on it and break it inside the cabinet last week). The well known Seattle coffee firm only let me know that the item isn't in stock after I submitted all the details for ordering it. Another outfit wanted a ransom in shipping costs so I declined.

I attempted to order a download on men's hormone health  and lo, I got blocked three times for no seeming reason and gave up.

I see my balance for my legal music site also didn't show the transaction for sending them more money. That was last night, and tonight it is the same deal. As always, everything financial is under the tightest control in my TI world, and parsing online orders having different failure points; e.g. transaction goes through but not added to my account, ordering but not paying due to a stocking "problem", the transaction page has an apparent error that makes no sense, and once in a blue moon, I order something and I never get billed for it.

Halloween and all that, though it is distant notion as I don't have any reminders where I work at the vineyard/winery. And I don't have a place that is accessible from the street to entertain trick or treaters. I was thinking of going to get some groceries tonight, because someone wiped my recall that I ran out of certain staples last night, but somehow I "forgot". Normally I am top of what I need to get and for some reason it just slipped my mind tonight.

More wine-making work today, pumping just-fermented white wine into tanks, as well as treating to prevent oxidation. Of course I was harassed with unconventional abuse all day; the lowest point was when I was cleaning a 500L tank and leaning it over to have the water run out the spigot and lo, if the assholes didn't release my hand and have the tank pitch over and about to crash down on the concrete pad. Thankfully they armed me with quick reflexes, maybe extra quick, and I grabbed it before it hit the ground. I was fucking pissed, and let them know out loud (owners away, and no one else around). I look after things, and especially those belonging to others, and all the more if my job depends on it. I have never, ever, let go of any wine-making object, or anything else of value, and had my fingers open up unbidden by me until this abusive hell rained down on me 04-2002 and hasn't let up since.

More screaming at the assholes again while making dinner; maybe it was the fact that I deviated from my usual forced stock meal due to the above mentioned shortages.

Though, with reversion to PST in two days, and the extra silliness the perps have about dusk onset, and the almighty dinge they like to bring on, this might be the underlying rationale.

Tonight, facial hair plucking (cheeks area, not beard) again, a "habit" they stiffed me with since late 2012. As usual, in the harassed TI context, they arrange masers to float beside the just-plucked hair, follow it from my tweezer to fingers and then into the bathroom sink. The masers are in the form of black-ish fuzzy balls or an irregular filamentous trail some half inch long. Nothing new there to see these things zinging about in any given minute or even more frequent. Seemingly, that wasn't sufficient magnetic energy perturbance/surveillance, as they had a head hair arrive (teleported) in my pinched fingers holding the just-plucked facial hair, and they joined the two, end-to-end. The teleported hair wasn't my own, being jet black (I have dark brown hair) and longer than my own. And what is it about hair from all sources that so intrigues the perps? Read on for more hair follies, though no answer to my question.

The "hair draping/arrivals" that arrive on my face more often (about 2x per bathroom visit) are either jet black or else blonde. They often arrive just after I have exited the shower, which would be highly unlikely for my own hair even.

An early (0900h) appointment for a haircut and a leg wax for this humble TI who would rather not spend the money, even if it is student rates at training school.

Prior to the above I went to the Seattle coffee shop two blocks away to see if they had teapot. I had my lead ahead stalker/Fat Girl who "happened" to be at a stylist where I had my hair/wax appointment. Two other stylists were also about and out before I entered the building. Outside the coffee shop there was a 1.5' diameter mess of coffee grounds on the sidewalk for crissakes. A professional outfit like that, and "somehow" coffee grounds mess got there and then lies unattended; only in TI World, where even the provenance of food and beverages (energetics) is an obsessive objective. They even put on a negro barista for me to pass by.

I received my hair cut from a female student in fuchsia colored hair, seemingly over blonde hair. And lo, if they didn't parade red (natural color) haired persons behind me and in the mirror while captive in the stylist's chair. Sometimes they had two red hair variants walk toward each other, crossing paths, and then exiting from view both at the same time. The trainee stylist seemed a little scared of me for no seeming reason, though eventually warmed up. Some conversation ensued, but as we were four decades apart, there wasn't much a whole lot of connection. LOL; her mother is only a little older than my daughter, and the stylist learned of the Spice Girls from her mother. Makes me feel a whole lot older, but since I am age regressed to about 30 y.o., (half my age) I often get these age disjunctive conversations. Rarely do I ever get anyone commenting on how young I look.

A large blonde woman customer/stalker at the place I got my haircut and wax made her presence known. And to make things all the more blatant, I get the "facing back" treatment. This is where perps place their operative(s) in a nearby seat, but don't sit in the intended direction, but instead sit 90 degrees offset so their back faces me. I cannot count the number of times this ludicrous perp signature stunt occurred on public transportation, but here it was again in the waiting area. Said large blonde woman, 230lb at least, was at the front desk and departed for outside, with the cashier saying "come back in an hour" (for her appointment). I am sitting in the waiting area after getting my hair cut and before my leg wax for about five minutes, and lo, this same blonde woman comes back in and sits opposite me, some 5' away in the waiting area. Like WTF, I thought she was to be gone for an hour. Then she spins on her seat to arrange her back to face me, and I go, "uh-huh, I have seen this before".

Within five minutes I get called to get my legs waxed and am pointed to the middle of the three treatment bays. Suddenly I need to take a piss and tell the attendant and she is fine with that. About 30 minutes later and when face down,  I hear someone in the next (W) treatment bay coming in to get a treatment, and the female customer apologizes as she needs to visit the washroom and needs instructions. On her return, she parts the curtains of the treatment bay I am in, takes a two second look, and then says "wrong one". Well duh, and take a pass on the manners too big sweetie. It was the same large blonde woman from the waiting area, having recognized her pants and her size, all what I could see from my face down position. Like WTF; these cats got everything covered down to the last microsecond and millimeter; so why did she need to take a gander at me face down with my legs exposed? Don't know, and I would not doubt it that she might have had the same leg waxing treatment given the perps' need to do copycatting in vehicular gangstalking.

This afternoon was spent cleaning mold off brief case, suitcase (both made of cordura ballistic nylon) and some winter gloves; worth three hours of remediation. It had to be done outside, hence them sitting outside my door for the week until today. And I am being made to be extra paranoid about mold for whatever reason as the perps are playing up this, all the way to the possibility of moving out.

The assholes made me "forget" that I paid my bills online on Oct. 19, and then today, at least one of them would be overdue. I got cranked about that, went to the three account sites and printed off the statements, and then looked at my online bank account, and lo, there was one paid bill listed. Then I looked at the pending bills list, and lo, the other two were queued up. I am lucky to have 3 biweekly paychecks this past month (October) which saved my ass. Some $250 after bills is to carry me for the next two weeks. And from someone who long had savings and a reserve before this grievous life abuse torrent began 04-2002, thanks a lot, assholes.

And what has become of ? The blog has been deleted apparently and I miss my shot of TI humor in this grim existence. Maybe that is why the perps took it down perhaps?

A rare Sunday laundry day. All was quiet when I made multiple trips in the morning, but because I did an additional load for more moldy items, I made an additional laundromat trip after lunch. And lo, if a mighty vehicular gangstalking legion was invoked to do all those things like crossing my path, holding me up with trains of traffic to delay my L turn etc. Said lunch and dinners (same meal, just that lunch is leftovers from making dinner the previous day) have taken on a substantial yellow hue due to putting turmeric in my regular gumbo. (Formerly the contents of my quesadillas that I made for 12 years previously). Add in yellow wax beans grown on the vineyard where I work, and one could say that the perps were yellow color obsessed of late.

More dealing with moldy items today; the laundromat has a ozone cleaning system for hockey gear, so I took my suitcase, briefcase, gloves and backpack to get de-molded with ozone. No doubt of huge perp significance, having travel items with a different laundering/cleaning signature than the contents.

(Almost) needless to say, the perps have been pumping me with ideations as to how to deal with the landlord couple regarding above mention mold outbreak. All afternoon, the main notion was to have me helping the landlord tear down the walls from the inside and clean it up. No such luck in Reality World; they haven't been too helpful on the issue so far and haven't taken any such leadership on getting issues resolved, e.g. the hole in the ceiling that was letting in water on their new carpet.

Anyhow, its Sunday evening and time to close another chapter of this infernal existence.

PS; if you live in Boston, catch Eilen Jewell; my current muse of five albums. Smokey, folky, country, jazzy, bluesy and even a little rocky too. Not for the metal crowd though.

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