Sunday, June 22, 2014

Re Wine Sample in Vehicle Equates to Red Vehicle Gangstalking

My temporary vineyard helper ditched the red shorts today, and put on black slacks. Not that they were any help in the all day rain, but at least they didn't look ridiculous as his red sloppy shorts that went down almost to his gumboots.

I showed him the garage cum winery, and even drew a red wine sample from the tank and had him taste it. He seemed to be appreciative of its flavors and offered some relevant, if not insightful observations. Not bad for a 19 year old male. Then to do vine thinning and tucking, he on one side, me on the other.

I took the red wine sample to the lab at the end of the day, and quickly became surrounded by gangstalking vehicles all around me and large oncoming pods/formations of vehicles going the same speed. At the corner of  Hwy 97 and Ekhart, where two lanes of traffic turn L when N bound, why, there were four red vehicles around me and another two nearby. All deep burgundy metallic red, with some variations, but no scarlet reds or other major hue differences. There were some white vehicles and silver-grey ones too, all to accompany me in making a L turn. I suppose the red wine sample was for perp color calibration purposes and I suppose having a 50ml that was left over at lunch time was another added bonus for the perps.

All this relentless and abusive insanity because the perps don't have the gumption to declare themselves and their purposes. Kind of like how aliens do business too.

Yoga tonight, always a subtle swarm. No other dude with his absurd wheezing and gasping. Though a new girl took my usual location ahead of me (I got delayed in arriving "forgot" my mat), and I was parked by myself near the E wall. Sometimes they do this, when all the class members cluster elsehwhere as if I am radioactive (or something like it). Other times, they rotate the Unfavored featured ones nearby, the tattoo acts, strange shaped butts, and the like. A new woman was artfully blocking my reflection in the W wall mirror, the only one I can readily see. She was  in short shorts, with plenty of leg to see. When I entered the room she was in place and doing some warm up routines, and got my immediate attention with her L breast draped outside of her L leg. Not too big, not too small, but in reality I don't really care about female breast size, though the perps make it a much bigger deal than I want them to be. Call her Short Shorts for now, though that may change, read on.

The vineyard owner chose expedience to get the shoots tucked in the wires for the second round. We were thinning them first, and then tucking but that was 3 or 4 rows per day, and being a numbers guy, he didn't appreciate the slower progress. Even if our thinning was affirmed by two outside viticulture personnel last year. (And the owner was away sick for three weeks). So now, it is just tuck the vines, no matter if cramming them in. Having airflow is for vines on a trellis is vital to prevent powdery mildew, which erupted two years ago. And it takes three years to get rid of it. As I said, expedience before prudence, ergo, another perp theme; lets have more things go wrong.

On the financial transaction protraction front, I transferred some $2k to my daughter to deal with a hit from the recent overpayment benefits disaster that has nailed me beyond my means to pay back. I thought I would send her the money to keep her out of this debacle, as its trajectory is still unknown. And so I got screwed around with incorrectly entering her email address, and the undeliverable return message failed to inform me. Not until she gave me an alternative work email did I find that out. A lost day, and so she waited for my email the next day, and it didn't come, and got sick in the afternoon and only then did she broach the notion via a text message that maybe my first-time email got trapped in her junk mail folder. Some more text messages back and forth, and now 06-20-2014, no word as to if she received the transfer or if she felt better enough to go to work. Like WTF; can we have enough delays and protraction with two days of text messaging then a sudden cessation of the latter to leave me FUD-ed out? (As in a Fear Uncertainty Doubt invocation).

An extra three hours of work at a vineyard across the lake, the same one as last week. And next door to the propane cannon that goes off every 4 minutes or so, never timed to be consistent intervals. Ostensibly it is for warding off birds from feasting on agricultural crops, cherries being nearly ripe. BUT, the cannon sounds have an unerring knack for being timed to my thoughts just like nearly all other regular noises, e.g HD motorcycles, hot rods, ill maintained vehicle mufflers, overhead aircraft, dog barkings, etc. And so it is with this fusillade of booms and pops; should I shift my attention to something else -boom, challenge the absurd level of planted thoughts over the latest new babe at yoga (three days ago, and I hardly saw her from across the room and really didn't pay attention to her much, save her short shorts).

And on the planted ideations front, above mentioned new yoga class member Short Shorts has been talked up yesterday (Wednesday) and today (Thursday) big time, and as I mentioned, I didn't have any reason whatsoever to consider her as any kind of romantic material. And if I was so taken with her visage, then why wasn't I dizzy about it the next day after the yoga class, Tuesday? It doesn't add up except to indicate remote influencing in real time. Besides, I don't consider myself to be any bit attracted to someone who is likely a shill or planted operative. I say this because it has been abundantly clear over the past 12 years that my existence (not a life), is regulated and abused with constantly and relentlessly, and no one gets near me unless they have clearance from the Psychopaths of the Fourth Reich, down to all possible minutiae of this orchestrated 24/7 nightmare, such as even a glance. I am kept in a deep labyrinth ridden rabbit hole, and don't have a clue how to get out. Why would anyone be attracted to that, assuming they have the free will to consider such in the first place?

A strange night indeed; I was awakened around 0200h with leg cramps, a first, save from my swimming days of 1986-99. I got up and had some coconut water and added sea salt and went back to sleep. In another half hour, more cramps. I drank  some more coconut water and the cramps ended. It was a strange precursor logic though; "somehow" (read planted notion while asleep) that I figured I could end the cramps by moving around, but I couldn't. After I turned the lights out, there was this incredible display of lights in my room; the Thousand Points of Lights thing again, and too, keeping the incandescent bulbs of the ceiling fixture glowing even when off for at least 30 seconds. Then some black 6"x 1/4" black flecks were arranged all around the room in a semi-random effect, blacker than anything else in the unlit room. I closed my eyes, and the TPL lights came back, so I put my arms over my head and that slowed them down for a half minute or so. Just the usual unusual light invasion games.

So it would seem that some asshole needed to test me with coconut water in me, and sea salt, in the middle of the night for some reason. Not when I usually imbibe beverages.

After the above disruption I was given this dream where I was in dialog with the Queen of England and the Canadian former prime minister, Brian Mulroney. Like WTF; I never dream about political figures and now this. Then they wakened me before the alarm, I shut it off, and then they sacked me for another 15 minutes of sleep. Go figure.

At work, vine tucking and plenty of helicopter action today for some reason, bringing out at least four different models to fly over. There is a helicopter flight school at Penticton airport, but only the EC-135 models belong to them.

At the vineyard there was the dueling dog barking for much of the morning; the son-in-law dropped off their yappy/yelping/squealing dashound mix, and the Rotweiler joined in with its big dog bark. Both dogs specialize in pointless barking, and excessively at that, as they rarely investigate the source of a noise, but bark in place instead. I have had four different dogs (of two breeds), and never did any of them stay in place if they detected a noise/unusual event. They all went toward the source to figure it out; if OK, then the barking stopped. Not these two, and so they barked in unison, then as a tag team, one on bass and the other in its screeching yelping. And too, a propane noise cannon is going off in the next property, and that had an unerring knack of going off with the barking dogs, as well as going off while following my thoughts or actions. One example, was a few drops of rain to hit my hat, the first of the day, and I thought "you assholes" (as it would of been caused by the perps), and boom, the propane cannon went off.

I got up too late to get in and out of the Go Fresh laundromat without a freak show and gangstalkers going out of their way to pass in front of my washing machine 30 seconds or so before I got there. What I didn't expect was the human odor pong that came on when I entered, and stayed there even when the scum-inal nominative cause departed. Said scum-inal made sure to perform excessive flicking of his just laundered pants a little while later. Not too different from the proximate plastic bag flicking I get at most checkouts. And the same as a proximate gangstalker, a male "ball cap", the ubiquitous head gear of the stalking-class, who just had to flick his black plastic garbage bags opposite me at the table when I was folding my just-dry towels. Other freaks were a party of three, one female with a do-rag and sunglasses in a black overcoat to her knees, with girl in blue and green colored hair, (though with a tasteful color transition), and a blonde with gorgeous hair, but too bad about the pock marked face.

Another male act that just had to go out of his way to sweep immediately in front of my laundry in the active washing machine, foregoing the double wide aisle down the middle of the laundromat. Then there was the faux muscle dude who also came to do a "bend over" to look at his active washing machine next to mine, then proceed outside again, but looking back at me twice when I stole glances to check on his outbound status, all to find him leaning on a table and staring at me for absolutely no reason. Then he proceeded outside to sit in his vehicle. And have we not seen this absurdity before, when someone comes to stand and look at their laundry going around and splashing through the front glass window for no seeming reason? Why, it was a negro mofo some six months or more ago. The washroom stank big time when a forced piss came on to facilitate the faux muscle dude's gangstalking arrival in my absence. A skiff of soil was added to the walkway outside, and later arrivals an dithering Fuckwits at their open vehicle doors forced me to walk close by. Add in two dogs from above two parties sitting in vehicles outside, and one would know it was Another GS Day at the Laundromat.

I am three weeks late on getting my May month end finances entered in Quicken, and lo, if the session didn't time out, and when logged back in, why, the month of May does not show up in the pick list (e.g. last 10 days, last 30 days, June, May etc.). That is, the first one shows up on the list, and the latter ones show only as non-selectable blank lines in the pick list. Not forgetting that I wanted to get this done three weeks ago, and all these reciepts kept piling up to my greatest annoyance. And finally on this sunny hot Saturday, why, the banking application pick list suddenly fails. It wouldn't be the first time though, about a month ago, I had to phone in to request that the CRA (income tax folks) could not be added to my Payees list because there was no "Next" button to conclude the addition. When I mentioned this to the person on the phone, they didn't seem too motivated to get to the bottom of someone entering their banking system and messing with
 their online application.

Another logout and then login "solved" the above TD Bank account pick list problem. Then another two hours of entry and then reconciliation between the two (online TD and Quicken). Will we ever get to a day when one's accounts are hosted by the bank and so we will have a single financial picture? I doubt it. It is more fun for the perps to have me screamingly infuriated over balances that don't add up (while listening to my favorite CD playing in my headphones), line items that appear on the second visitation to the page but weren't there the first time, totals that change between pages and to have deposits that show up and then disappear -making it out to be an administrative oversight etc. The above mentioned (06-18-2014) amount that was transferred from one account to another and then to my daughter, then recovered, then paid out again the next day was severely mind-fucked so it took at least 20 minutes to figure that out alone, all the while infuriated over some kind of fuckery between Quicken (local) and the online bank app. Funny how that "happens".

In all of the above, I discover $100 cash gone missing from my new wallet, and it would not be the first time this year. If, as it seems, that the perps steal food, lotions, and other common household consumables (in situ) from my place, then it makes perfect sense to me that they would steal money from my new wallet,- just another experimental item that needs to change according to their color games agenda they so often play. Curiously, the wallet that was stolen two weeks ago, and then re-appeared in my vehicle four days later at a location I looked at, re-arrived with all the cash that was in it. By then, the new wallet that I had purchased some six years ago and never used, replaced the old one. The cash disappeared from the new wallet, as I suppose because they needed color/energetic data on it, versus the old wallet that had at least 20+ cash disappearances over the years I had it.

Another (second) part time vineyard work gig today; but wholly different from the prior part time and full time jobs. This lady is a trained viticulturalist from France, not older than 30 y.o. and has 20 years experience as she grew up on a vineyard where her father was a manager. Quite the revelation as to how to do the job properly to say the least.

On the perp's diet front; no brown tortillas to eat the quesadillas in, but instead, the contents (chopped chicken, tapenade, nori seaweed and some sauce) are made into a gumbo and I put it into a sealable pan I take to work for lunch. Then for breakfast they choked down the supply of yellow corn tortillas, so I had  gluten free white ones with my coconut spread for the past two weeks.

On the supplement front, I am on an iodine kick, a seeming subject of huge interest to the perps, not forgetting that most of the world got an extra radioactive dose when the Fukushima reactor in Japan belched some out under its supposed "damage control" (read, controlled lies upon lies) when the tsunami filled the installation with seawater in 2011. Well done, as a perp stunt, and to ponder all the world's thyroid problems in aggregate and the supposition that just maybe they are all about nonconsensual human iodine testing too. (Though, the thyroid is not the only organ needing this apparently little understood molecule in various forms and complexes).

Anyhow, I am too tired to take on another round of observational cynicism, and so I shall post this one for the week just done.

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