Sunday, January 19, 2014

Change the Plans (Again)

The landlady came by, and her request for me to check for parcels at her house turned out to be check for all mail, no big deal. Then a discussion about the heater, and I said that the thermostat remaining on the wall from the former wood stove "moved by itself"  (reads independently and without any supplied power or attached devices is what I meant) and she goes to great lengths to exclaim that it physically moves by itself, which it doesn't. All to exploit/reveal the language that I use related to other objects being teleported into my proximity, dust, hairs, crumbs, litter etc.

What is it about the perps that they need to change their plans so often? My landlady said she was going on holiday with her husband Saturday for three weeks, and by Monday, she said their trip was postponed. I was to stay at my employer's house for five days while they took a hotel in Kelowna, and lo, if that was only one day away and they are back today.

The one day stay-over was coincident with yoga that evening, followed by relocating a shelving unit in the bedroom and drilling some holes in it for a hangers and attaching it to the wall. The shelving unit had to be relocated at there was mold on the wall behind it, the second mold outbreak, even if there was no dampness. It would seem that someone wanted me out of the house for the rest of the evening after the furniture moving and modifications. Which fits the general plan of the perp research; screw the victim, and sometime later, screw the victim again but vacating the premises. As in more of that distance dependent trialling they put me through.

Then I was hit with an one hour nap attack tonight when I was fucked into an hour's extra sleep last night. It is January, historically the month of great sleep disruptions, giving me much more than needed. Though too, having me start work later seems to be part of the game as well.

Vine pruning mostly today; sunny and warm and even some redness on my face, likely perp fuckery though. Who can get a face tan in the N hemisphere in midwinter(49 degrees latitude)?

A pissing match with the perps over ordering a specific appointment/diary for 2014 erupted. Long time readers will know that the perps just love to screw me around over the acquisition of appointment/diaries, and after three years of relative calm in getting the same acceptable 3.5"x 6" wire bound type, why, they decided to jerk me around. It wasn't available at Staples, nor the small independent office supplies store, nor LD. I attempt to order online via, and after going through the details of ordering, why, The Great Disintermediator springs a message on me to say that this particular diary cannot be shipped to Canada. So far, all my online looking for this particular 2014 appointment diary has been nullified.

Key hassles of late; vehicle key went missing from my wallet, a safety deposit box key went missing and I will mail the one remaining key to the bank and take a $50 hit because I cannot find the supposed second key I got. Funny how these coincidences are confluenced.

Pruning vines mostly; cold and with low cloud (less than 1,000') but the helicopter made it out, doing at least two passes, maybe three. A big throbby Bell helicopter as best as I could make out, not the whispering EC 135's which frequent the airspace in these here parts.

Audio listening is getting fucked again; a new CD won't play through my Grado headphones; too much fidelity at once so it would seem. Translated, we cannot fuck you fast enough with the Grados on, so we will delay the onset of listening to music through them.

I tried a new CD disc, its files and two players (incl. Windows Media Player), and still no sound from any of them. Usually, in these games, one of these combinations will somehow play. And no amount of yelling at the assholes will change it either, often a last resort "work around". I have had nothing but fucking hassle, playing CD's (from the label's disc), CD players going on the fritz, ditto on decent headphones, and now this abuse with three media players somehow not playing.

Later, I got the music to play after removing the headphone jack and re-inserting it. The perps have it in for me to purchase live performance recordings of late; all that clapping and applause seems to be a big deal for them. I see that "One Fair Summer Evening" arrived yesterday and I got totally wiped (recall deletion) I had even ordered it. All to find that is was a live album and I have most of the songs in studio recordings anyhow. That is how it goes; remotely befuddled at the time of ordering the item, total recall deletion that it was to come (no shipping email either), and all to find out it wasn't that useful of a purchase in the first place. The perps must think I have money to burn, when in fact they know a whole lot better than that.

Though, the perps do love to arrange "futility exercises"; recall some 6 months ago when I ordered two different tweezers, both with serrated mating faces. The reason being that the smooth faced tweezers were slipping when pulling hairs, another perp planted (read, imposed) obsession. It was a Monday when the parcel came, and I duly opened it and tried both sets of tweezers. And lo, if my hairs didn't "somehow" slip through the serrated faces, performing worse than the smooth faced tweezers they were meant to replace. I put the new tweezers aside in a place where I don't expect to use them ever again. Then off to yoga to do all those back and spine stretches the perps just love, and also have their gangstalkers do in public as well. In other words, a futility jerk-around was followed by spinal stretches and the rest of the yoga exercises they so love.

Major silly gangstalking at LD today, the perps setting this up by screwing me out of getting everything I wanted there last evening. The assholes blew the light bulb in the stove hood when making dinner, when it was only six months old, and used sparingly. And was I allowed to pick up a light bulb along with chocolate, skin creme etc.? Fuck no, I had to make a separate trip this morning to get the light bulb. For some reason they laid on heavy gangstalking, starting with a 180 degree reversal of an oncoming gangstalker I recognized from somewhere else, who then lead me toward the aisles, and at least another three did the R side loiter, and then to get skin creme, why, two Fuckwits were posted exactly where I wanted to go. Screw that, and off to the chocolate section, but no, another two Fuckwits posted there (one last night tailed me from the chocolate section to the till), and off to the light bulb section where only one Fuckwit was posted. Now that regular incandescent light bulbs are not sold in Canada as of Jan. 01, 2014, I was fucked around as to what to get, as I loathe the compact fluorescent bulbs with a passion. A quick grab as to what looked to do the job, and then lo, when I was about to exit the aisle, a two dude cluster fuck, both taking turns to get in my way. Then obstructions at the three open cashiers, with more Fuckwits arriving to get just ahead of me. Then when queued, the procession of freaks-as-faux-customers came by, as this particular cashier is arranged next to the entrance. I still haven't figured out why they look sideways while walking forward, but this has been totally consistent since all this abuse began in 04-2002.

The "warm up" event to the above LD obscene ganstalking coverage was going to an electronics store about two blocks away. I come in, and the male staff at the counter just stand there looking at me, even while I was standing where pondering where they might have remote keyless entry devices. (The perps fucked the set I have in the vehicle, and then have disappeared the remaining spare key). After some 30 seconds of this ridiculous Mexican stand-off, one of the staff males deigns to ask me what I am looking for. I tell him, and he says that xxx will come out to help me. Well he did, and all his tattoos up and down each arm. Like WTF; I loathe the sight of tattoos, and he had two armfuls. I do the honors of being interested in his product, which included him retrieving a little brown box with the keyless entry module in it. There are at least a half dozen tattoo places in this town, and more of their handiwork is evidenced that I care to look at, but the perps always make sure I get a faceful of tattoos.

I had just finished reading Mary's Mosaic, and was perusing the notes section and got hit for a three hour nap attack, 1630-1930h. It seemed the last hour of the nap was spent attempting to get up but I couldn't and lapsed into more sleep than I expected.

Getting the last three months of the bookkeeping accounts done in Quicken. I expected a whole lot more harrassment than I got, e.g. dithering my recall and sending me back to the page I viewed two seconds earlier. I did some reports for the year, and it seems that the perps stole $600 cash off me over the year. I can account for nearly everything in my checking account, but somehow, despite keeping all reciepts and being diligent about my cash expenditures, all this money goes missing somehow. But as the perps just love to have me pay cash at various times with these colored Canadian bills (nearly all are polymer based now), I am not too surprised that they wouldn't steal some for their own nefarious research ends. Back in the wild and excessive abuse days of 2002, they stole my WA state driver's licence from my wallet overnight.

A visit to the tanning salon this morning, and yet again (exactly like last week), no one waiting when I got there, but when I exited, why, a motley entourage of at least six unlikely tanning types were arranged for me to pass them by on my exit. Then onto the laundromat, and what a mistake that was; a freakshow crowd of at least six loitering there, though the curly haired male in red pants had to show off his same red shirt as it was hanging on the basket trolley's central post. He was also duty bound to tail me outside into the parking lot. Red coats and shirts on males are ridiculous enough, but red pants?

Anyhow, another week is past and I would be remiss if I didn't post this now.


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