Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day Glo Road Check

Why is it the perps needed someone else other than the police to do a road check? Because they needed another party who wears day-glo overalls (yellow-green) to check my drivers licence for no reason whatsoever than perp purposes. It was the Commercial Vehicle Safety  Enforcement. (CVSE) who had an unsigned road block, though working with a policemen as well. Why were they stopping private vehicles on a secondary arterial that has no regular commercial vehicle traffic at 1530h today? (Skaka/Eastside Rd. for locals). And all they wanted to see was my driver's licence, which the perps buried in my wallet and it took a minute or so to find it. Then he asks was I hiking or cycling (dumb, no bike outside the vehicle, though one could of been stowed in the trunk), and I say I was working. Which should of been a segue into checking my insurance to see that it was rated for to-fro work and less than 10km one way.  But he didn't; all he wanted was to hang out in day-glo overalls and see my driver's licence. Ridiculous by my standard of what passes for normal around here. Wrong department (I was a private vehicle and not a commercial one), and wrong road to check. All for the day-glo moments while I got fucked into not finding my driver's licence right away.

Later, I drove to a former landlady's and paid her money (wallet action again) for her special tea and garage-sale-to-be items, nattered to her and he daughter-in-law for 40 min. and then departed. Then a EC-120 helicopter flew low overhead, but as this is the flight path to the airport, I would not say it was unusual.

Once I got to my place, only five min. later and unloaded my vineyard clothes and acquisitions, why four black fighter jets flew low, opposite in the direction of the airport and not planing to land there. This is the second instance of black fighter aircraft this week, and there is no mention of them in the local news, and no airshows nearby. The closest Canadian base is Comox, and these might be CF-18, the dual tail configuration was an obvious clue. Last year's hiking had a EH-101, doing 60 minutes of stalking/undeterminable circling and hovering, and is also stationed at CFB Comox. None of this surprises me too much, as it was obvious the perps had the US-Canada border shut down at one crossing in 2002 to make me miss a ferry sailing.

The vineyard owners are away due to family emergency, and I am the only one working at this crucial stage of tucking the shoots between the wires, and thinning out the foliage for airflow. A visiting biddy in vineyard to deliver a brown  envelope, and somehow found me finishing at the end of row as I was exiting for lunch. A UK accent, and I have heard way too many of those to find it a coincidence. How is it they know where I am in the vineyard?

I took a break from work and went to look at a bottling operation at a vineyard not far away. As it was a rare weekday departure from the vineyard, there was a major vehicular gangstalking, and extended brown vehicle time, leading ahead.

And the mobile wine bottling service was an interesting operation to see. At least 3 employees, and 3 volunteers, plus an attractive blonde woman in the middle of the mix. Then a short wine leakage that "happened" to fly through an open door of the trailer. I suppose the perps wanted me to see  the wine as it had passed through filtering equipment at that point. As in energetic response to the interim state of the wine, after pumping to the bottling reservoir, but before bottling. The winery owner was glad to see me and gave me a sample to taste. And lo, if he hadn't just finished running his hand over a brown box (with white coating on it) just before shaking my hand as I was about to depart..

Every day so far, a yellow-green day-glo stalker somewhere. One tailed me into Staples two days ago, and "happened" to finish there after me, and tailed me out. How is it that the perps can find people to look so ridiculous in day-glo, and I am talking about joggers and the like, not your erstwhile job site worker.

Day-glo yellow-green roadside markers today for some kind of cycling race or whatever has been organized. A big triathalon town this, a 20 year annual run of Ironman ended last year.

And the propane canons noise of adjacent farms protecting their fruit crop from bird predation has begun. It is a popping noise, like squash balls, all day long, today and yesterday. Back in 2007-2007, they had me confined to a rooming house, and next door was a squash court. And lo, if the perps didn't run this same popping noise as if the ball was hitting the wall. But as I have played squash myself, it wasn't a realistic noise, just one the perps wanted to create for long term purposes. (Maybe distant guns). Once, they put on some real squash players/noise, and it wasn't anything like this endemic popping noise. This same popping noise erupted at my apartment from 2007-2011, and I was six stories up and nowhere near a squash court or other source. Never mind, the perps decided, we want to inculcate you with this noise everywhere you live or work, even if there isn't a plausible cause. 

A new cashier at the specialty grocery store I frequent. Oh my, a gorgeous one, after a long string of dowdy ones, save the young one with black hair and blue eyes. She did the "happen to be passing by" strut as I stepped into the store, and passed in front of the baskets I was to access for shopping.

Speaking of which, I was at a checkout a few days earlier, and a young and attractive auburn haired woman with blue eyes was in front of me at the cashier. She wasn't looking at me or making any kind of small talk, which is normal, even before the perps went berserk/overt in 2002. (I lived a stage managed life though, for all of my 47 years then). But as she was finishing up at the cashier, this attractive woman turns to me and says she could take my basket to put back with the rest in the stack, (as she was putting hers away too, on the way out the door). I said, sure, thanks very much, and gave it to her. Like WTF; she makes a point of not even looking at me, and then later turns to me and asks me for my basket. But as I have no end of store staff fussing over the shopping baskets after I am finished with them, and my groceries are on the checkout belt, this wasn't too strange from the harassment perspective.

Saturday and the start of a new kind of conditioner; white gel in light brown bottle, unlike the last kind, light brown in a white bottle (and the perps dicked with the conditioner color once to lighten up the brown color). That made for all manner of later eruptions which followed.

The gangstalker wacko in the laundromat of last week (and motel residence before that), and three successive gangstalkings with his truck and camping trailer at 0630h, Wed. Thurs, Fri. this week made another appearance at the same laundromat. That makes four days in a row for this ballcapper/shiftless elder male. But a new ball cap today, and lo, if it wasn't the exact yellow of the yellow jug of Arm+Hammer laundry detergent he was grasping. Hilarious.

Another shiftless elder male standing outside the laundromat for no reason, and lo, if he doesn't come inside and read the supplied paper and magazines. Note to perps; If a stalker is going to look less than obvious standing around, put a cigarette in his mouth next time.

More bizarreness at the laundromat; a mid-brown metallic pickup from Oliver (30 min. away) arrives beside me with one empty stall between, and the male putzes at the hood and is facing me. The woman gets out and takes a plastic bag from the truck and puts it beside the cast concrete garbage bin about 20' away. Then they depart. It is too early for any other businesses to be open, and to come all this way to deposit garbage that will be beside my walking path to the laundromat for two more visits is plain insane, unless this serves the perp garbage fixation imperative.

A haircut, no other hair work today, -maybe someone wanted a hair sample from today's new conditioner bottle usage. Which might of explained the insane amounts of vehicular gangstalking today, including one Fuckwit about to pass me on on residential street. And plenty of metallic tan colored vehicles, at least 20 for a whole half hour of driving time.

my one grocery store stop, and a "holdup" with a return and no reciept. That gave the blonde girl time to stand around for longer, and the person of the vitamin section arrive with a price tagging roll that was 6" diamter of day-glo, in fushia-red. And it so happened that one such vile colored tag was on an item that I had selected.

Noise onset to go with my outside activities of using my Fein Multi-oscillating tool to sharpen my Felco hand pruners. As most regular readers will know, the perps are most obsessed over the application of cutting tools, sharpening them, and the color of the sharpening stone/substrate. The motorcycle noise was on full bore at times during this. Possibly to complement the school of some six riders doing some kind of motorcycle training class. If I don't like the sound of motorcycles, nor the sight of them as it now seems, why do I get this continual barrage of motorcycle noise and over-obvious visual presentation of these things? The female chat started up, then a male was introduced, and then it became all male banter from another direction, all the while I was using a diamond file bit on the tool. I would reckon the perps are looking for some kind of earth-energy interaction with the steel of the blade. As both the diamond, the steel substrate and the steel cutting blade all likely came from different geographic locations, there must me some kind of etheric energy perturbance the perps are attempting to quantify by remote means.

It was also a day for using the paper towels; cleaning my boots, then applying waterproof compound, and then later, with the boots nearby (less than 2'), of cleaning the pruners with paper towel and the lubrication compound. Exciting times in Perpville, and it has only been 11 years of this, and as I see their progress rate, another 10 years before they get to where they want.

Extensive ideations planted in mind today about working in a "man camp" and how I will end up being the local tool sharpening expert. Like WTF; I don't have any interest in going to a remote camp and I don't have the skill set beyond laborer (though the extensive immigration direct to these job sites does make me wonder if it isn't part of the perp imperative in exposing them, of many skin colors and geographic locations, to the soil and petroleum extraction industries, and serve to fulfill the perp's petroleum and soil color imperatives).

A dayglo dressed child for crissakes, yellow-green about a year old.

The bathroom sink drain is on the fritz, now draining very slowly to leave a band of scuzz to be cleaned up with a face cloth. Why should I be surprised? This is the fourth of the current and last three residence locations where the bathroom sink drain "malfunctions", and requires extra mopping for the scuzz/swarf etc. And too, the next-bigger picture is the perp's obsession over hair, cut hair, plucked hair and the waxing "need" that started 1.5 years ago. Not to mention hairs from elsewhere (decidedly not mine) that arrive on me, in my bed and where I am about to perform an activity. These hair arrivals are most common after a shower, and can even be eyelash hairs that are twice as long and thick as my own.

A hike, and lo, if the UK accent member of the party just ahead of me didn't get near exclusive banter/blather time so I could hear it up at McIntyre Bluff. And he also "happened" to find me again, this time off-trail where I was having my lunch and tanning (shorts on). Not a Scottish accent thankfully, about the worst of all the English accents, likely because I have subconscious traumatization associations with that CIA sponsored brain trasher of the day, aka Dr. Ewan Cameron when I was in Montreal 1956 to 1958. Nearly all recall has been somehow deleted from that time, at least three years.

More strange and vivid dreams this am.

Anyhow, time to publish and get to bed (2140h).

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