Sunday, February 10, 2013

Browser Hacking

Temple pressure, both sides, always relievable for a few minutes if I rub my head. Then a malware attack that got through my antivirus software. The browser got redirected to another along with a tab bar l cannot get deleted. Then a round with "ransom-ware", a malware detection download that finds the malware but then wants $50 to get rid of it. Manual deletion worked.

The recovery (re-ripping)of 38 CD's of music, metadata augmentation, attendant file moving and a new backup has cost me the whole weekend.

Wine making work; the plans for a blended rose got dashed, the owner didn't like the combinations that represented his wines on hand. Rose wines are tricky in that the ratio of white wines to red limits one's options as to blending. To be fair, the owner is moving ahead with getting apple juice ordered, and another fermentation vessel, along with a pump and filter.

The darling pixie yoga instructor was back after having a two week holiday somewhere warm with her family. And tight shorts and a cleavage revealing top didn't hurt, even if the latter was in red. Another red shirted male hanger-around posted near my room at this motel after I walked back from the class.

The big blonde yoga instructor "happened" to be hanging around at the entrance door to yoga, in her long coat and with her son. Doing a family gangstalk I suppose, in streetwear too. And for the last three weeks the perps have pumped me every day as to her real identity, and of course I don't know, nor care. But having family does make it highly unlikely she is who the perps make her out to be, initials ML will suffice for now.

A mighty browning-around event this morning; a B-train, a tractor trailer with a pup trailer behind it had one of those trailers that have fabric sides, and lo, if they weren't all brown, the first trailer and the towed pup behind it in identical dark brown. It has to be the largest brown vehicle they have put together in ten+ years of this abuse and all the browning around they have done to date.

And speaking of which, the co-owner of the vineyard is getting a colonoscopy in a few days. I don't know much about this particular clinical procedure, save that they flush all one's shit out and ensure no remnants in the lower intestine. But as it "so happened", in the months immediately before the perps went berserk/overt on me in 04-2002, both my brother and my hang-around pal Ms. L had colonoscopies within two weeks of each other. Which is a long way of saying that the perp's relentless and abiding interest in excrement just might be served by this particular medical procedure. No doubt I will get it done to me sometime, though the perps have kept this from me all these years. Meanwhile, last year. my brother gets his second one done, as the prerequisite interval had come up.

And while on this grim topic, one of my roomates at the hospital where I was illegally incarcerated in 2003 "happened" to be a patient who had his lower intestine and/or bowel removed and had a bag attached. Why he was kept with me was a mystery at the time, but no more, given the long brown streak (metaphorically) the perps have laid behind me all these years.

And speaking of associated events, the vineyard co-owner told me how to work her new washing and dryer, as it has all these lights and dials on them, far removed from what I would know. And why is she telling me this? Are more shit events planned this summer? I pray not.

An online parts order got totally sabotaged; I made a long and deliberate effort to get them all correct, and then the very parts I needed the most got converted into other parts I didn't need. This is just fucking insane. I would like to say I was screaminglly infuriated over this $100 jerkaround, but it was more like an hoarse whispering of total infuriation as to my order sabotage, so no one would hear through the walls.

Winemaking work, then taking the owner to the hospital for a colonoscopy as her husband hadn't returned from his outing to obtain and juice apples over two widely dispersed cities. So yes, we are on the brown topic again, though I really didn't want to go there. And with someone new in my passenger seat, in a long brown down coat and travelling to the clinic to get her brown irrigated, it indeed was a mighty perp gangstalking. So much so, they sent someone down the road in the wrong (opposing) lane for 100' in a same colored vehicle as mine and eventually they got onto the correct side of the road, as in RH drive. And the front door of the hospital was good enough for two ambulances and a police vehicle to converge there.

I get back to the vineyard and two vehicles are parked in the driveway in front of the gate. This is a rural area, and one vehicle backs out to give me room to get by. When I get out to attend to the open gate, I approach the camper van and ask if he wants to come in, rather than me closing the gate on him and seen to be rude. "No" he says, "we are just talking". LIKE WTF; two drivers of two vehicles somehow agree to convene at a small vineyard gate after the mightiest brown event of the year so far, and maybe for a few. The other vehicle was a dumbshit-car, a so-called Smart Car that I had seen on the road when driving my boss into town. I went into the house, changed into my gear for pruning, and walked about 2/3 of the way back to the vehicles that were still there. They stayed in place for another 40 minutes or so, and when they got the call, they both departed downhill toward town. Like WTF; why would anyone drive to this obscure place and plant two vehicles blocking the driveway for all this time?

Various winemaking duties today, the big one was adding 900g of bentonite into water and stirring so no lumps formed. And too, the solution went from turbid to opaque, finishing at a tan brown color. Exciting brown moments again.

And what it the deal with the extra mud-flicked/sprayed vehicles on gangstalking duty now? Another was tailing me with a tow truck for 80% of my way back after tanning tonight, shining yet more light on me as it had very bright HID headlights and was higher up so to spread the headlight beams through the cab of my vehicle rather than them pointed at my trunk. And too, the traffic lights were arranged some 6 in succession for this vehicle to yet again, arrive behind me while I was waiting at the red traffic control light.

The brown B-train semi-trailer and pup again, though at least 20 min. earlier this morning than two days ago. I did a fair amount of outside work, cleaning snow in two areas in preparation for the arrival of the apple juice. The 5,000 liters of apple juice was to arrive late today, but for some reason was delayed.

When I get back to my motel suite, I see the city has arranged an excavator nearby, sitting on top of a 4' high mound in a small park. And I see one of the perp's favorite trademarks on the sidewalk, painted lines as if a digging job is planned soon. In the past ten years of this abuse they have dug many places around where I lived, or on the way in my travels, but there were plenty of sidewalk painted lines they did not dig up and arranged to fade out over the course of two years or so.

And I find that some of the electrical circuits not working in my suite; the fridge and stove, each on different voltages. I ended up making a chicken salad instead of quesadilla, the stove was found to be not working after putting a pan and coconut oil in it. The same oil was poured into my salad - an exceptional dinner whereby the frypan/metal energy and transferred into a blue plastic bowl to mix salad. My kettle is a stove top model, but I found a plug-in kettle, with the only findable outlet right at my feet as I type this.

 A new shaving razor insert today, usually replaced on Fridays, and with follow-on extra hassle and unwanted attention. Friday is the day my room gets made up; new bedding, towels and some cleaning, which might fuel extra perp antics and stupidity.

A hectic start to wine making this morning, as two 500 liter tanks need to be freed up within a week. Added into this was a futile mission that in hindsight didn't make any sense. But as I get one of this every week or so, futile exercises aren't new.

While doing a wine bench test and pouring wine into a funnel over a graduated cylinder the perps blanked me out twice in succession, causing similar spills onto the bench, floor and me. Then they pulled a third mess/spill while involved in bench testing different concentrations of bitartrate seeding. Never in my life have I watched myself make a mess, being totally disconnected from what I was doing.

Full electrical power back in my suite today; I thought I was done for a weekend long jerk-around. Extra neighbor noise tonight, mostly voice and hacking.

A Saturday and a mellow one at that, getting laundry done this morning. The perps have an obsession over laundry, but strangely they have left me alone apart from the lounging dudes smoking and hacking outside their suites. It is a $500 charge if guest/tenants smoke in the suites. That should change behavior, but in perp-land everything gets distorted; not only conventional physical events but also human behavior.

The perps started pounding and vibration from an adjacent suite under the guise of renovations when they have all the weekdays of the week to do this. I departed for awhile for a significant vehicular gangstalking coverage as it "happened". It seemed the perps wanted me out of here after purchasing a very dark heather-brown sweater at nearby sports store. And that is significant event as all my brown toned clothes were either separating at the seams in the washing machine or getting green stains on them while hanging in the closet. They purged me of all brown colored clothes in 2003. This would be the very first brown colored clothing I have owned, (and presumably wear) since then.

Much increased human voice noise this evening while reading The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock. I would reservedly recommend this book for TI's to get a better appreciation of what the perp methods are, though I find the author is over-eager to connect some findings to make his case. In the main, it is readable and likely represents the physics that the perps apply to their victims; e.g. teleportations, modification of physical objects and surfaces and control of all materiality. The author connects many of the "dots" of solid-but-get-no-respect science; Kozyrev, Larson, Expanding Earth theory, Grebnikov and many others that were new to me.

Sunday, and a mellow start at first. Then I went to get the car cleaned at 1130h, and lo, if there wasn't a huge back up of waiting vehicles, so screw that. This is the second day in succession where huge back up at this same car wash was arranged (IMHO). Onto the LD store where the Sunday freaks were out in force, not to mention the shiftless males loitering near the few locations I needed to go. And an aisle blocking cluster fuck of five women talking in a group in the center of a main aisle. A strange combination of young light skinned Middle East persons and a Caucasian granny among two others I don't recall. The Middle Eastern women came by again on a gangstalking reprise at the back of the store a minute or so later. Just as I was approaching an aisle end, why one came out and turned L, and her sister (it seemed) came out behind her and turned R toward me. Fucking bizarre, but not too different than the vehicular choreography that goes on.

And three separate dipshits while driving failed to proceed at a green light until 10 seconds later, and another waited at an intersection as I was approaching to my R and I thought he was stopped at the stop sign to allow me to pass, but no, at the last second he decides to turn his monster pickup, the identical color grey to my vehicle, in front of me and I was obliged to brake to let the fucker get by. In other words, deliberate incursion to slow me up, and occupy that revered space that I was to drive over with minimal time in between the Fuckwit and me passing over the identical location. Exciting moments in this Perp-town.

And the perps pulled another blocked toilet stunt, the first in two weeks or so. All to direct me to piss in the bathtub until the toilet has had sufficient working time with Liquid Plumber. Most of the new toilet designs nowadays, (or at least the ones arranged for me), are not circular and so do not work with a plunger.

Masers now follow me all over my suite; these blackish blobs that float into my vision, or more now, persist in the same location I am looking at to interfere with my concentration. Even looking at familiar objects or locations isn't allowed any more.

Month end (January 3013) accounting turned out to me a major pain in the ass. And it doesn't help that the totals or numbers change each time I look at a new window. Another missing $20 from cash again, which is why I hardly ever use it any more. Last year $1600 went missing, and I am a fanatic about keeping financial records.

Enough from Victim Central and onto posting this. Please let me know if this blog is worthwhile reading as I may have less time if I pick up a weekend pruning job for the next two months.

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