Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Switch Operation Harassment

And why is it that I am not allowed to operate a simple on-off switch? The last monitor had a plain on-off switch and the perps would either pull my finger off as I was about to depress it, or else bugger the switch so it didn't work after being depressed. This insane abusive fuckery went on at least once per day for the last three months at the old place. That is where it first erupted on a daily basis, though this kind of fuckery has been going on with less frequency since 04-2002 when I was first aware of this abusive hell I am cast into. So..., a new monitor and a new place, almost coincident to the day, except that the old monitor had to be installed first as a prior test for this new IPS LCD. Then a week later, why, the perps are harassing me the same way; pulling my finger off just as I touch it but don't depress it. They have yet to apply their switch malfunction games, but give them another week. Just another example of the functional decomposition games that go on.

Another day of vineyard work, getting the grape clusters freely suspended if they are merged into larger clusters or if hung up on an occluded shoot or leaf petiole. I am the only vineyard worker at present, so it is a little daunting as it takes a day to do a row. I got sent on some other errands on the property after coffee break, so I missed out on optimum tanning time in the vineyard, as they "pulled a cloud" over the sun for the afternoon. You read that correctly if you are a new reader; sunlight irradiation is a HUGE aspect of this harassment-nonconsensual human experimentation abuse, so they wanted me out of the vineyard for two hours or so while doing watering jobs for the vegetable garden, landscaping and vineyard roses. The sun was out finally, after early cloud cover. The forecast called for sunny, and no clouds today, and we got much more the the latter. It was only 22C at 1500h, a far cry from a week ago.

So.., after getting blocked yet again by the cleaning lady loitering in my house access area, I did not fill up my water bottle and proceeded to do vineyard work. I think it is 8 of 8 occurences on Wednesdays that the mid-50's tattooed cleaning lady "happens" to be in the lower house portion where I enter a room and go the adjacent washroom, anytime from 1000h to 1200h (noontime). And sometimes she brings an attractive young miss as a helper, and lo, if I don't encounter her too, though a lot better to look at. One time a young blonde woman was in the room as I entered, as I "needed" to get to the work log just then, and she "just happened" to be coming the opposite direction. Last week it was a thin black haired girl who said "hello" as I was passing through the adjacent corridor. She drove a late model white BMW, not the usual house cleaner's wheels. Whatever; I have given up on rational analysis of the comings and goings of the containment-scape in which I exist.

I got the phone music player working to play my Eva Cassidy playlist while working in the vineyard in the afternoon, and that was close to blissful as it gets. And lo, if the aircraft noises didn't start up, followed by 2 cycle engine noises of adjacent ATVs in other vineyards. Same as last time (last week) I play my favorite music. No helicopters today for some curious reason. Though the STRATCOM high altitude aircraft were busy laying down their background noise, and contrailing the sky. Putzing with cloud formations started early and culminated in the high overcast of the afternoon. Back to the above mentioned "pulling a cloud"; there has been a long consistent pattern of clouds coming from nowhere, or longitudinal clouds turning 90 degrees inside of a minute or so, and many other weather anomalies that seem to erupt just at key moments in this harassment, that weather manipulation is a given in my circumstances, as one of the more abused TI's that I know of. I am quite sure that they don't pull weather games for all TI's, but it seems for me, under non-stop gangstalker patrol, that weather games are routine. Not forgetting that us earthbound plebians have discovered weather engineering and yet so little is done about it. Trevor James' work is groundbreaking (here and here and here), and yet largely unknown.

I stopped in at the grocery store on the way back from work for hemp seed as I "happened" to forget last week for the big once-per-month sale they have. The parking lot was staked out with greyscale colored vehicles, all lined up against the building. I had to park nearby as all the building-adjacent parking stalls were occupied. I enter, and some sentry woman in black is standing over the plastic baskets and isn't moved to step back when I reach for one. In other words, positioned to be almost in the way, and not budging an inch. Not exactly a greeter, an not pretending to be one. About five seconds later on my way to the back of the store, the perps flash a picture of one of my former swimming team lane mates who went on a year sabbatical like at least 8 of them did over that 9 year span. And of course the perps have blanked out her name from recall, not that I would mention it  on this blog, but it has become this evening's recall bugbear. (That is, a planted notion of a memory "failure" (read, remotely invoked blank out), that often goes on for the whole evening, sometimes a day or two).

Another gangstalker was positioned exactly over the one place I was to go, so I had to get something else instead. The store was totally out of the regular cheese I buy as well. Later at the checkout this long haired 6'2" mid-fifties male is loitering around, doing pretend shopping. And lo, it was the same Fuckwit who was loitering at the checkout (obviously so) at a hardware store when the perps pulled a six members ahead checkout obstruction stunt. That was the Saturday, and today Wednesday; so why don't these strange checkout loitering dudes (mostly) get a freaking day job and leave me alone? Strangely, for a older male, he didn't have a gut hanging out in front. The perps have been heavy on "gut stalking", aka, planting obese gangstalkers around me in the last two weeks, though most have been female for whatever reason.

Vineyard work al day, alone. I am thinning and placing the grape bunches to hang freely. Much of the grape clusters hang up on stems and leaves, or else merge into a bunch of of bunches. Those dreamy pics of grape clusters means that someone went in and arranged them, otherwise they become so entangled.

Lots of music listening today, and I noticed fixed wing aircraft when switching artists (four on the day). And when listening to Jann Arden for four songs they stopped the playlist and I was obliged to listen to someone else. What was that all about? Barely warm at 23C, though enough to go in shorts alone.

Sunny all day long, though cooler, 23C or so. more shirt off and shorts on time in the vineyard. the perps like me to look down to get wire ties from my tool belt, and in doing so, see my more than ample gut they have imposed (IMHO). The reason I say that is no matter what I do, from halving my food intake to engaging in exercise, my gut will not go down. If starting farmwork anew at the begining of the season, my legs will shape up but my gut won't. Regular readers will know that the majority of the over 40's male gangstalkers have a gut protruding from their front, and they like me to see it, both head on and in profile. As always, if I cannot stand the sight of fat folk, why is it that I am being pursued by this very Unfavored sight?

The perps did something I consider strange; I should of finished this particular row of vines for bunch placement and thinning inside of four hours, but instead it took all the working day (eight hours). I cannot figure out why it went so slow when I was busy all the time. Sure, there were hundreds of second by second imposed adversities like finger fumbling and grasping sabotage, but I sense this was different, kind of an imposed slowness but not being allowed to know it.

They ran down the battery in my Android phone so no music to listen to today. which is usually the case, as they like to give me "fallow time" after extended music play. And too, they like to pump song snippets into mind from the prior day.

And why is getting a booking for vehicle service such a hassle, one with a she-he tag team it seems. I give all the particulars to a woman in service, and then she says she will phone me back in a few minutes with a booking for the loaner car. Like WTF; surely you can do it all in one call. No call back in a few minutes so I leave the phone alone, About two hours later, I get back to my phone and have a message to call a male at the service department. I return his call, and he is taking at least 15 minutes extra for lunch based on when he said he would be back. Later I call and get the same male, and he makes some excuse up about needing to go over the items I mentioned, so he does. I ask him about a loaner car and he says no problem, Wednesday next week (four working days later). So what was the big deal over getting this she-then-he tag team to go over the same items, and then the excuse from the she needing to get back to me to book a loaner car when the he could do it in the same call?

Per above she-he dialog, I sometimes get cashiers swapping in for the one who initially accepted my items, and lo, if many aren't she-then-he shows. Not forgetting the perps are absurdly beserk anytime I engage in financial transactions, so this would be prime Fuckwit games time.

09-08-2012, Saturday
I am a Mon.-Fri. vineyard worker this year, and it still feels strange to have weekends off compared to other agricultural jobs. A legs waxing this morning, and in combination with being tanned, they look great if I say so myself. I had plenty of errands to do after the appointment, and getting skunked at the 6 bay carwash as it "happened" to be busy at 1100h.  Then before that, I got skunked at Staples as they "happened" to be out of magzine boxes, the kind that are folded from cardboard flats. The perps then forced me to take a piss at the in-store washrooms, and my did the prior person stink the joint out. Real bad, and I was glad to get out there. The desk lamps were too pricey, or at least, that was the predominant ideation, though the LD store didn't have anything appropriate either. That leaves that freakshow and gangstalk nexus, Walmart as the only alternative apart from online sources. After last week's events, detailed in the prior blog posting, I am reluctant to go there ever again.

The legs waxing is at a local training school, and it was at their new location in the heart of downtown Penticton, next to a tattoo parlor. But I didn't make any mistake in finding the place, even if the receptionist had this tattoo on her R. shoulder that would come into view as she leaned forward. That she was in a bare shouldered top aided the not-at-first fugly tattoo exposure. She was a big girl I could see as she was seated, and then when the perps had me look down at her ample hips, I then realized she was a very big girl. So two Unfavored exposures in one person, a tattoo and an obese condition, and curiously, both weren't entirely evident at first, only after she either moved or my gaze was directed to see more. Fortuneately, I got to sit down and read some of O Magazine in the waiting area. I was told J--- would be my esthetician, but when this young girl in a white jacket came up, she introduced herself as E---. These name/person switcheroos are now very common since the perps went overt/beserk on me in 04-2002 and outed themselves as a beligerent and malevolent force in charge of my circumstances every mortal instant. But there is no question the perps manage my library of names and faces and also withold introductions althogether to the point of painting the host as a total rude-ass. And too, gratuitous name dropping is common; in the course of the leg wax treatment J--'s name was mentioned at least twice for me to overhear as part of the managerial banter that normally goes on with a busy establishment. And too, E--'s name was mentioned at least four time for me to overhear, as it seemed her next appointment was going to be transferred to J---. I don't know who J-- is, but I heard the name plenty enough, and it is all very curious as to why the perps must totally jerk me around with no introductions or else have me overhear names of those I do or don't know. Go figure, another considerable aspect to the abuses of the Fourth Reich.

A very sunny morning, and lo, after I had lunch, why, high cloud cover "happened" to come over and stay for the afternoon. It was still bright enough to start tanning, but they turned down the light level after an hour, so it was on with pruning some of the excessive overgrown landscape plants at this suburban property I live at. It is part of the deal for rental of this suite; I do property maintenance work at $15/ hour applied to the monthly rent. But it is not totally elective; if I stop doing my assigned duties then the rental agreement indicates that I must move out. Both good and bad; I get to shave down the rent, but I have something over my head that I must attend to. I can see how this can be exploited by the perps, say, if they were to break my foot or some other injury or condition, I am obliged to move yet again.

But of interest, it is the first time they have allowed me to live at a location where I attend to the grounds and landscaping. For the prior ten years when I lived in Victoria where my perp abetting parents live, I had my own place (they weren't allowed to have me stay with them, even if there was room), and I would visit my parent's place to do grounds maintenance, e.g. create compost piles (a perp favorite event given the amount of aircraft would over fly then, noise and all), prune plants, weeding, fix wire mesh fences to stop or curtail deer invasion and browsing, pick up pine cones, rehab mounded areas to then make contiguous with the remainde of the property etc. The only thing I didn't do was cut the lawn; my mother had this shabby outfit come each week of the growing season and fret over their poor service. So.... this is a big advance in the perp nonconsensual human research agenda; having me live at the same location where I do gardening and landscape maintenance. The past three months I lived in the wretched shared house, a suburban house and lot too, but I had no landscaping duties, largely because it was a weed-scape, save the front yard. The only thing I did for property maintenance was to help out in putting the clothesline up. Sooo... after ten years of intense and insane abuse, which included making me relocate my residence six times, the assholes now allow me to live and do (limited) garden maintenance activities at the same location. How fucking charitable.

And to continue on this theme of plant and landscape activities, they first allowed to work again in 2008 on farms, picking bulbs, harvesting crops (fruits and vegetables), aiding harvest machines, planting plants and now viticulture work in 2012. In other words, I have been run (or allowed) to take on successively greater plant maintenance duties a locations I would commute to, but until now, not where I live. And to go full circle on this, the last property I owned was a six acre farm, where I of course, took on substantial plant maintenance duties. (And we also had alpaca animals). Which begs the question, where is this all leading. (Question mark is now fucked on this normally reliable Topre keyboard). Do I get to own a vineyard next and work there too. Not on farmworkers hourly rates with farmwork visa-ed Mexicans as the competition. (Apostrophe mark is now fucked).

As always, noise is arranged at the moment I prune vines or shrubs, and today it was drive-by traffic going up this hill outside. It seems every dude in a pickup truck must now modify the muffler to make it sound extra loud, grating and downright horrid. And then of course, is assigned to drive by at excessive speeds to ensure maximum noise output. Them, and the dreaded HD motorcycle noise. I thought Labor Day would mark the end of this particular noise onslaught, but no, there are plenty of them here. April 2012 was the month this noise source erupted and got to me nearly continuously every minute when I lived in the motel unit from January to the end of May. At the last shared house, in quiet suburbia, and not a thoroughfare, why, six neighbors in the one block had HD motorcycle noise associations-activities inside of the first three weeks I lived there, not to mention the sudden build-up of ones passing through.

Sunday, yoga -15 women there, no men, and I was late and almost all were in place, including that dreaded woman with tattoos down her arm and onto her chest. Fucking awful it is, and lo, if my next door mat mate didn't have one on her ankle. The blonde instructor was way cute, and the perps made sure to transfer my gaze from her to the tattoo case much more than natural.

After yoga, I set off ot acquire garden twine, as it the recycle garden debris day tomorrow. I got screwed around on getting garden twine, twice in one store with the redshirt staff. Extensive red vehicle gangstalking, likely as the build up to cleaning my vehicle at the car wash today, with the pink foam coming out of the cleaning brush.

Chicken Run today, with these ridiculous acts that kept tailing me around the store, reprising in turns, like a deranged tag team. Couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Sharpening pruners, then great onsets of motorcycle noise, performance muffler noise etc when I picked up the long handle (red) pruners and began to take them apart to sharpen the battered blade. Not that I battered the blade, but other knife blades are also getting hacked up of late from no conventional source as I take the utmost care to ensure the blades are guarded to ensure they stay sharp.  But as the perps like me to sharpen blades and trim metal surfaces, especially with the diamond grit hones, it makes sense for them to keep dulling knife and pruner blades.

Reprise dreams of police shooting individuals in a vehicle were vivid after awakening twice in the night. And it is an all time first as I never had the same unsettling dream repeat in the night, ever.

Rain in the night, and lo, if the assholes didn't remind me that the windows were open for daytime heat escape, so I was out there in my rain coat to deal with that. Funny how I was awakened just for that too.

Busy today helping the carpenter out on deck building instead of vineyard work. As I am the only vineyard employee, the work isn't getting done. It is the arranging of the bunches so they are free hanging and not stuck on wires, leaves or shoots and are not merged into a mega-bunch like so many are. Too small bunches are also getting clipped off.

I best get this posted and keep this blog on a weekly format.

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