Sunday, May 06, 2012

Lots of Rocks

A busy day with the owner of the vineyard arriving and demanding that certain landscaping items be attended over cane tying. So I worked under his direction with my commuting and classmate pal, doing rock raking and shovelling for some five hours. The owner did appreciate our diligent efforts and the clean up job completion. No wine though. And lo, this evening while watching the hockey game,  the same noises of rolling and clattering rocks wasn't slipped into the sound feed. I turned the sound off once I was allowed in on this trivial fuckery.

A single helicopter morning; a slow and low yellow and blue one that I later see at the Penticton airport when returned that afternoon.

In the vineyard, it was cane tying, but worked shorter hours to yet again, attempt to get reliable internet access. I was exceedingly pissed that the motel where I stay had a dysfunctional wifi again, as it was working fine the evening and day before, and even allowed me to get my income tax return submitted online

Now, instead of the self locking (and vexing) Samsung Galaxy Note cell phone, that can serve as an internet connection for a PC, I got a Ovation USB modem/aerial that connects through the cell phone networks. Having a phone and a modem in one device was way too sabotage prone.
My online registration of my cellphone took three tries to login before I gave up, and this was conflated to five, and I was booted out of my carrier online login. Another example of what goes down for keeping me in constant vexation.

In the vineyard, a light off-on rain with low cloud. I ended up in all black clothing; toque, raincoat, work pants, socks, and light blue undershirt under a navy blue sweater. We placed trellis wires all day, moving the tucking wires out of the way, one below the fruiting wire, two at the top of the top of the post.

Two mid-grey helicopters in close formation flew past this morning, in low cloud conditions, following the sirens of 20 min. earlier. No identifying marks or insignia on them, and it was most odd that they had permission to fly so low and in clouded conditions where fixed wing aircraft wouldn't fly. As indicated in past blogs, the arrival of helicopters is often, sometimes sitting only 100' overhead and doing apparently nothing, other times the regular commercial scheduled flights just "happen" to be going overhead. The all time obvious instance when last year at the food crop farm, when I was cycled from outside field pumpkins to carrot bagging inside twice, and at one point of exiting the building, why an orange helicopter was loitering overhead. (We are talking about orange crops as the theme).

A haircut appointment first thing, as no one is answering the phone. And when making the appointment in person, the gangstalker dudes decend, one ahead, one behind. The one ahead was wearing a do rag on his head for crissakes, and making a haircut appointment, getting ahead of me by seconds.

On the way to the interview, the perps also scrambled me, as I got lost on a single road, though no street signs didn't help, let alone the instructions I was given at first. All this seemingly arranged to have me make my first call on my new cellphone to get instructions, but at first, I was out of range. All to have me retrace my path, and have me make a phone call when in kine of sight (80m or so) of the person inside the house recieving my call. Exciting times in perpville; dumshit games with cell phones.

A job interview was relatively normal this time, though he was over-acting some, as in hamming it up with such stock questions. When he asked me why I got into farming work I said there were imposed conditions that would not allow me to continue. And did he ask any further, wanting to know why some citizens have their rights stripped from them by insane psychopathic juveniles? Why no, of course, because this is what every other inquirer does, including the reporter from the New York Times with whom I conveyed my story to so she could do a hit piece on TI's.

A rain squall and dark clouds to "join me" on the ride back after the job offer. Vehicular gangstalkers all over me afterward when I do shopping. IN Windows, long hacked, the cut and paste fuckery continues  online as I attempt to get a case protection for my new 4G phone. The mouse is corrupted and run to drop the selection, to obtain only part of the selection, to copy the wrong thing altogether, to copy too much and any other variations of mouse selection one can imagine.

And in the afternoon, beauty treatment time; haircut and then legs waxed, the latter taking 1.25 hours, a student training school. a yellow-cream colored wax this time, and to no surprise, the same colored vehicle on the way home. And too, the ambulance with flashing red and white lights to aiding the cause by having them parking on the wrong side of the road, facing the R. lane I was driving in. Nothing new there, the perps go extra skitzy (double entendre) after haircuts and body treatments. All those folk touching and fussing in close is a made-for-perp gangstalking event. Why else would I be doing it, now with a never-before vanity streak? And who else would of arranged those red vehicles to be in view through the windows while I was getting my hair cut? And copper colored fabric curtains on three sides (privacy curtain) while I was getting my legs waxed? Who else hounds me with copper colored vehicles so often?

The perps got me "ready" before going out by infuriating me with a classic obstruction stunt; I am ordering accessories for my new phone, and get them added to the shopping cart and for "some reason" the payment page was totally skipped, so at the final "Submit" button, I get an error message saying I hadn't paid. True, but how was it that the page wasn't even presented to me in the first place? Then when entering payment details it bombed out on another unknown error, and it did it once more, and I gave up, stinking infuriated. But as the perps have been pulling this transaction obstruction stunt for ten years, plus all those time it "happened" before, what is so freaking important about me making a financial transaction that they put me through this insane, juvenile, beserk fuckery?

It is all confirmed now; new vineyard employer in three days (Monday) while I finish up with the current one who was to replace me with Mexican foreign workers in two weeks. (I knew that going in for this short term gig, and I don't resent this particular circumstance). Though I am miffed at the many vineyards that advertise for needing vineyard workers Jan. through Mar. when they have no intention of hiring any. This is just a ruse to declare a shortage of local workers (by not replying) to then rationalize them arranging Mexican laborers on a 8 month visa. So in other words, it isn't even competion for locals, as the contracts for Mexican workers are arranged from Nov. in the prior year to Feb. of the current year. Though I sense the deep hand of the perps in this, as they are obsessed over food handling and processing, and skin color has something to do with their covert energetic research games.

After three days of blocking my login to register my phone, the perps finally let me in on the problem, and lo, if their system isn't suddenly unavailable.

Then my internet connection goes down just seconds before I send an email, and the connection indicates that it was dropped. I go to the box and reconnect, and after a minute of blundering around, Yahoo sends my email message. Funny how this keeps "happening". Only last week an email got intercepted and not sent to this same person.

At present, evening time, excessive and horrendous pounding from running kids outside this room, plus their yelling and carrying on unsupervised at this motel. This particular noise arranged while I do entry of my financial transactions in Quicken, always of intense perp interest.

At work in the vineyard today, it was more lifting trellis wires, to get them positioned prior to new leaf and shoot development. At least 10 B52 overflights today, back from a day off and working this Saturday. Plus motorcycle noise, at least 20 in one group, and do I loathe HD motorcycle noise big time, and why is it that someone arranges much more of it than normal?

A day off, and full of noise parading outside. That is hotrods, harley davidson motorcycle noise, plus the odd vehicle with no muffler at all. The perps have been very consistent in delivering this noisescape over the years. As it is a Sunday, they backed off the commercial heavy duty vehicle, but the odd souped-up pickup truck fills the bill. This was my last day at this vineyard before I start a new gig.

Finally allowed to do all of April financial reconciliation on Quicken, manually. Quicken is such klutzware, and the banks don't help much either, as they could provide the same software and no need to manually reconcile the two. Sure, Quicken can download it, but it becomes clobberware, wiping out existing transactions and renaming the payees according to the cryptic bank name. Besides, I have the perps on my ass at every keystroke to infuriate me as they piss with the dates and transactions as shown on the display, changing them when I flip between the two. And for today, about  6 to 10 Harley Davidson motorcycle noises per minute, especially when screaming at the assholes for pissing with the page content while I wasn't looking. I got so pissed off that I had to print the page and it seems they can jack with that dynamically in realtime too.

Some five emails sent out for room share/apartment inquiries, and not a one of them has replied. Back to the phone method again. In other words, a whole day off wasted when I could of been looking at places to rent, and the assholes kept them from me, assuming I wasn't blocked when I sent them. All part of the FUD-scape.

Later now, one respondent about room rentals, and I had a look at it. Ok and all that, but how will the harassment play out? At this point, any relief from all day long Harley Davidson motorcycle noise and throaty hot-rod noise is a welcome relief. Now, a car alarm starts up. These noises are slowly getting less, but what is it that brings them out all day long, three weekends in succession? I suspect it won't change except to get worse until this town closes down, post Labor Day.

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