Monday, May 14, 2012

New Vineyard

This is a six acre vineyard where I started a new job today, overlooking Skaha Lake for a beautiful view all work day long. The last gig was short term as I only there untill the Mexican visa workers arrived, next weekend apparently. And too, I see the obligatory faux (no)-job posting on Job Bank, something the vineyards and farm employers are to do, even if the Mexicans were arranged six months ago, as is usually the case. Understand that it isn't even competitive at all, just an obligatory go-through-the-motions job posting for vineyard workers when they have absolutely no intention of hiring locally qualified personnel. Yep, we Canadians get to become second class citizens in our own country that gives the jobs to the Mexicans who send the money there, with none of it aiding local businesses. Go figure.

A day of tying canes with some final pruning cuts if the but count on the cane is more than 10, and cutting the last two canes down to two buds each if the long tie-down canes have their 10 buds.

Tying vine canes down to the trellis wire all day today; always extra noise, commotion or verbal engagement when I am ending a row and changing direction in a new row.

When I get back to motel unit, there was a red ball-capped dude in a pickup coming the opposite way, so we crossed paths to park our respective vehicles. Said dude hangs back to cross my path again while walking, leads me up the stairs, hangs back so he could be seen at the door of the adjacent room, but turned to face me for some curious reason.I haven't had gangstalking quite so blatant as this in a while, and I hope it is the last time.

A disproportionate number of of pickups on gangstalking when I am driving back from the vineyard job at 1630h. Sometime four or more in a single train on the two lane road.

The perps made my face extra red again; SPF 60 should block me all day, when it seems it cannot last two hours. On at 0800h, re-apply at 1200h, and the assholes make my face red as if I had burned it. they did this two weeks ago when starting the short term cane tying job in Oliver. [05-14-2012; I put on the same sunblock once at 1000h, and "forgot" to put more on at noon, but my face wasn't red with non-stop sunshine; go figure]

A "need" to go to the tanning salon after my shopping yesterday evening. And for the first time there (after some 20 visits), they didn't put on a vehicular cavalcade to come by immediately before and afterward. It is only 25' to my parked vehicle, but there was always traffic crisscrossing my path as I walked fromt the adjacent parking lot to the door of the tanning salon. And no one else there either, save the attendant putting on another cleavage show with a tattoo and a pendant that kept dangling in the way.

Then ... tanning, back at the residence, a piece on Pres. Bill Clinton on PBS' American Experience. Very interesting that he somehow and uncharacteristically blurted out "gays in the military" in response to a reporter's question, and that became the reason he pursued the issue, to save face. And that led to the ridiculous "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Hmm..., the perps have me blurting out some imprudent things I didn't intend so I wonder if Pres. Clinton wasn't...... You fill in the blanks.

Double vision on the way back from tanning. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for this to occur at all, and post salon-tanning seems to be a bigger gangstalker moment than beforehand. Given that the perps arrange outdoor lights and headlights on me all the time, aka pit-lamping, having the victim lie down among 6' long flourescent tanning lights must the perfect perp arrangement.

An alarm clock jerkaround this morning; awakening at 0700h when the alarm should of rung at 0530h. No time for the usual breakfast rountine. No coffee, just the food, then do the dishes, no shower or shave, just use Deep Clean to wash my face, my usual dental hygeine, and then get lunch ready and packed to leave at 0730h. Call it what you will, they haven't pulled this shit on me since 2007 when they screwed with me and the berry picking job. I had been awakening at 0500h for the prior two weeks by setting the alarm faithfully, so it couldn't of been me, and it was a normal bedtime.

Extra aggravation for the morning routine; extra and persistent crumbs, hairs, lint, teleportational comebacks when the lint/crumb/hair was dispatched to the garbage. Also imposed fumbling and dropping of objects, imposed "forgets" of daily routine items.

It is always interesting to see what else the perps pull on the same day as these abbreviated morning time stunts. It was my third day of work at the new vineyard, and the first day I watered the specified landscape plants as the wife-owner was out of town, and she said her husband was hopeless at doing the job. And as regular readers will know, the perps are absolutely beserk about watering (irrigating) plants, and the color of the hoses. Today, it was a black rubber hose to water the plants near the house, and a green one feeding into a red one when watering the plants at the fishpond, some 80' away. Not forgetting that red and green, common colors the perps like to place together as they are energetic opposites according to JK Harms. Yesterday, when walking past this same red hose as it lay on the ground, the perps flashed a projection from it that was colored green for at least two seconds. Such ghosting and image projection happens all the time, though mostly of sub-second duration and in white or light yellow. I get high hundreds of these a day, but this one was particularly notable as it was dark green, identical to the hose diameter and layout and hung in the air for about a whole two seconds as I was walking along.

Another arranged gambit was that the housecleaners arrived immediately ahead and behind me, effectively escorting me into the property. The lead green vehicle was sitting at the roadside on the L. side no less, and once I appeared pulled across the road and made the corner in one arc. Then the driver pulled into the driveway to attend to the gate while I was left hanging there in mid-street. Out gets this older blonde woman, and she was huge, a massive butt to say the least. Anyhow, the green vehicle proceeded to the house while I parked in a pullout by the driveway. The black pickup followed and did the same.

I was still in my vehicle putting on my sunblock when the husband-vineyard owner came by in his vehicle, and he stopped to mention a few things. I was without my glasses on, a common perp arrangement (or derangement, if you prefer), and my window was half down. And as it was electric, it wouldn`t go down as the ignition was off. So... here is talking to me as to which vine rows to avoid as he sprayed last night (cutworm problem), and visible without my glasses and some sunscreen smeared on my face, and partially through one pane of glass of my vehicle. And as he would of seen the employment start forms I filled out yesterday, he mentioned how young I look for my age. (I am 57, and look younger than 37 for those who don`t follow this blog frequently; due to perp sponsored age reversing energies applied to me back in 2004). He said he was envious, and like clockwork, I said don`t be, though not alluding to how this was done to me. Even the TI`s I met in 2010 in Nanaimo agreed that I now look younger when I showed them the photo of me pre-abuse and harassment onset in 04-2002. Though most curiously, they were totally emotionally flat about it, a very common reaction I get from just about everyone, leading me to suspect the TI get-together was perp sponsored.

Anyhow, I get to the house and "find out" that the two vehicles that escorted me into the property were the cleaners that were scheduled. As I get to the house, why a young attractive blonde was at the door, an effective switch from the fat older one who got out of her vehicle at the gate. I mention to the young one at the door that I don`t need to go into the house, just to get my supplies on the veranda outside. Call it ``blonde switching`, a common tactic of the perps, switching an Unfavored sight-visage (fat, older) with Favored (slim, attractive, blonde female).

Ongoing motorcycle noise outside tonight, continuing the same noisescape from yesterday, and the recent past weekend, which was near nonstop. And if the motorcycle noise gets too silly, say at 0700h in the morning, why, substitute the hotrod noise instead. There is no biker bar nearby, it is a public park across the street, and it is not a major thoroughfare either. (The long way around to Hwy 97, when traffic would ordinarily take Westminister from downtown to Hwy 97. And have I indicated in past blogs just how much I loathe the sound of loud motorcycles, particularly the HD brand. I don't know why the perps have started with such fervor on this noise since last month. It was the weekend only, and now it is into Wednesday now. Expanding the most-loathed noise of the noisescape to all week it seems.

In shorts all day; though the wind was turned up in the afternoon to the point of getting too cold, so I put my sweater on with 15 minutes left to work in the day. Goose pimples on my legs for most of the day. Maybe the whole concept is for me to admire my recently waxed legs, which is what they seem to do when I am in the bathroom and taking a shower.

Mouse fucking again, the sport of the perps; having it not select, or the click action not be recieved and momentarily faking me out as to if the mouse click worked. Absolutely hilarious abuse for some sick perp ass, having been doing it to me for over ten years now. As in NOT.

Hotrod noise alternating with HD motorcycle noise now that I am back from working in the vineyard. A mixed weather day, with enough sun peaking through that I put sunblock on at noon, and still the assholes turned my face red by 1600h, as if it was burned some.

While I had my shorts on underneath my pants, it was too cold to change, so another day of extra clothing for no need, a bigtime perp setup/game. Underwear (recently given extra damage in the washing machine), shorts and pants are all black, so needless to say, I got plenty of black colored gangstalking vehicles on the way back, including a motorcycle that appeared from nowhere in front of me. It wouldn't be the first time the assholes have teleported a motorcycle at speed in my proximity.

On the highway leg, an over-width load of two 10' diam. x 4' deep fiberglass tubs was in the R. lane, so I pulled into the L. lane to avoid the slowdown. Just as I passed it an uber-cull pulled in from a side road at a too-close distance, and then an oncoming L. turning vehicle moved on encroach on my lane, moving behind the too-close vehicle. I slammed on my brakes, and my wonderful Pirelli P4 tires didn't slide (or was that the ABS brake system's doing?), and I wove around the encroaching oncoming L. turn vehicle one third into my lane, though it had stopped. So here the perps arranged two uber-stupid drivers, one intentionally visually obstructing the other temporarily, and forcing a near tire screeching stop in the freaking highway. Then the next traffic light was "somehow" knocked out and reverted to flashing yellow in all directions, with the usual idiot show following four-way stop rules. One vehicle stayed put for at least three cycles of vehicles coursing through the intersection, probably longer.

A day of cane tying, me and the neighbor's daughter who will be attending journalism school at the University of Chicago in September. Red hair, and why is it the perps like to arrange red haired individuals as a member one one of the Unfavored demographic groups? Some abductees have encountered aliens with red hair, so who knows if I have subconscious traumatization experiences-associations during the memory deleted years, aged 2 to 5 y.o.?  [Cue two motorcycles tem seconds apart heard through earmuffs as I type this up].

Heavy motorcycle and hot rod noise tonight, about 4/min. and especially prevalent while sharpening my hand pruners with carbide, then the diamond files. I don't know what the perps' insane obsession over sharpening, filing, cutting with a knife or blade and the rest of their ongoing interest in such matters. Humans have been cutting each other in battle and surgery for a millenia, we eat meats from slaughtered animals and the rest of it, and here they are hounding my ass each time I make pruning cuts (all day for the last four weeks almost, especially when using a just-honed pruner).

Back in 2003 they didn't like my carbon steel 9" chef's knife which could leach rust if left wet and unattended so they changed the composition of the steel in situ (in place, in the kitchen) over a week or so, so now it is a different kind of steel. I suspect if I swallowed iron filings that would really screw them up, all that iron oxide coursing through me while they play their magnetic bombardment and harassment games on me. I haven't been able to find any iron powder on the internet that is available in Canada, and I am not sure I would eat iron anyway.

A two day weekend, something I not familiar with when working on farms, though viticulture is a little more scheduled.

Shopping first, then vehicle cleaning, using a commercial vehicle washing center, and then vacuuming out the vehicle. I suppose the big deal for the perps was that the foam from the cleaning brush was pink colored, and of course I cleaned the whole vehicle with it. Then I rinsed it, and then to the vacuum cleaners to get the debris in the vehicle cleaned up. Endless gangstalking today, for these exciting perp moments, me driving around in a just cleaned vehicle. Up to mid-2006 I had my Volvo, and the perps were all over me after it was cleaned in the same manner. Though they only had me use pink foam only once in the then four years of insane abuse. Many more red colored vehicles out now, often leading or embedded with grey-scale colored vehicles, white, black, grey and silver grey. And the staff of a well known Canadian hardware chain store whose employees wear red shirts was also all over me when getting car cleaning supplies. Plus, older men in baggy shorts below the knee were out in force too; I don't know what is driving this particular demographic group or dress habit. Worse yet, most of these fugly shorts acts were plaid fabric. Sometimes I wonder if even weaving and clothing trends aren't perp directed as they like me to be around weaving activity, and plaid is a perfect excuse to vary the colors in both the warp and the weft directions of a fabric. My perp abetting mother still does a bit of weaving, though not as much as she did. She was a knitter before that, likely another perp abetting activity, especially with plastic knitting needles. The interaction of humans with various plastics is also very much a perp experimentation imperative, and I suppose starting today with a new razor insert, (read teflon rub strip), and that I did a full frontal shave plus arms was all the more attractive for the perps to send in additional gangstgalkers this morning.

There were a few younger dudes on the gangstalking too; doing back and forths and one walking toward me looking back as he was talking to his buddy, and then stopping and turning back. These "walk at me" games have been going on a long time, and one way they use to reduce the threat level is to have the gangstalking asshole invade my personal space but looking elsewhere, pretending to be oblivious. I was spared the jab in the ass from a plaid shorted Fuckwit in the adjacent checkout, as it "happened" when canoe paddle (4' long, wood) bearing Fuckwit pretended to be oblivious and jabbed the customer in front of me with the paddle end. Like WTF; what moron swings 4' long paddles, or 4' anything, around in confined quarters, holding them horizontally? I think they must know that keeping me just short of outrage as permanent state of this criminal Fuckover abuse isn't to be triffled with in public. But one never knows, as the checkout/financial transaction gangstalking has been a constant, and pulling an enragement stunt might just be their next Fuckover move.

Three hours waxing and car cleaning, plus going to the cleaning place and doing another round of vacuuming inside, as the seats move far forward and more debris is accessible to the vacuum cleaner than yesterday

I used a mid-blue cotton cloth, a former T-shirt to apply the wax and then another one to buff it. No wonder the sick-assed perp gangstalkers were all over me when I took it for a drive afterwards. I was dispatched to look for tool belts, part of my upgrade to my new schtick as a vineyard laborer, a 6 month M-F gig and the most regular work the assholes have allowed me since 2002. Things are changing on the abuse front, to be sure. The Men From Plaid the theme of the gangstalker show today, and too, add in Large Gutted and with Baggy Shorts, such as; The Large Gutted Men From Plaid in Baggy Shorts, aka Gangtalkers of the Fourth Reich, or the Psychopathic Confederacy.

Just insane amounts of HD motorcycle noise today, and even more when I was on the nearby beach getting some tan time this Sunday. What are they all doing here as there is no biker club around, and most are too yuppified to be part of that ilk. Then the hotrod muffler noises also are added in, more in the evening for some reason. Said muffler noise can come from any vehicle, including the plethora of pickup trucks that are the vehicular gangstalker's first choice. The even added a speed boat with a hotrod muffler sound.

Anothe stunt they pulled while toasting myself on the light brown sand was to surround me with red plasma spots at each direction I looked, and I had to finally close my eyes to end this particular fucking abuse. If I don't like the color red, why is it a ten year long insane and relentless ordeal of abuse, conventional and unconventional?

The assholes even ran a motorcycle underneath this apartment unit last night, scaring the shit out of me. Some of the rooms sit over the parking lot portal at this motel, the perfect situation to obtain more juxtapositions of motorized vehicles in and around me.

A screaming match with the perps over my email linking to this blog account. The assholes wouldn't let me change the supplied Gmail account, blocking the select/cut action of Windows for a couple of rounds. All I want to do is to get this written up and posted, and it was obstructed for a good ten minutes. Recall that a GMail account creation was blocked for at least a year, as they kept failing me on the anti-spam word test. I even had it verbally, and still they wouldn't let me create an account. Then when getting the cell phone, the store assistant created one for me no problem.

And a few screaming matches with the perps over the import of contacts into GMail. First from the Palm Vcard file I had, and then from the Yahoo mail account I have. I don't know how I got into GMail yesterday, but for the last two weeks they kept blocking me and inserting the Yahoo account and not letting me change it. All too curious, this fucking insane obstruction over creation of contacts in Yahoo, then exporting it to GMail, and even more of it tonight when I wanted to update one. Doesn't GMail confirm that it saved some information when editing, and then exiting. Not good enough, or else I have a custom obstructed GMail account.

Today and yesterday, the perps are going extra beserk over contrails in the sky. They had seven arranged in one direction while I was having lunch. Yesterday, while sun-tanning on the beach in the afternoon, they had one contrail turn a deep red color for two seconds or so, a section of it, not all of it. Just to tell me they were thinking of me, and to correlated to a similar deep red colored private aircraft, a flying boat, that came low over the city, a half mile away.

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