Monday, April 30, 2012

Employment Jerkarounds

On and off loud mufflered vehicles as I type this, which somehow get through at the same volume with my hearing protection off or on, it doesn't matter.

A day of tying down canes in the vineyard, and decent weather as well. That is, the pruned vines are tied to the horizontal trellis wire. The weather was good enough that I might wear my shorts tomorrow, that is, above the thigh, and not those absurd baggy ones below the knee that the gangstalker assholes favor, and like to present as Unfavored. They even put a baggy shorted male 200' away, hand digging his farm's water pipes to install yet more PVC pipes. At least one of the crew was also wearing a mid-calf pair of shorts, in plaid no less, and he was a native Indian. Go figure.

And why is so freaking difficult to get a vineyard job in wine country, when I have a viticulture certificate and four years of farm work experience? The jobs suddenly dried up, and only five or so in the last five weeks. Other sites seem to be similarly compromised, not having vineyard jobs. But as I have said many times, every facet of my existence is arranged for maximum adversity, and this is only one example. In 1989-90 I spent ten months full time training on GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and couldn't get a GIS gig. My employer promised it, but it never came in the nine years I worked there. In other words, that training was essentially wasted by the perps, and they are full value in pulling the same vile stunt again, this time in viticulture.

Tying down vine canes all day, and as well, attempting to not knock off the delicate leafy florets that are emerging from the buds. And much frustration with the perps pulling the things from my hands, I am sick fed up of being sabotaged while applying the viticulture training I have taken for the past three months.

A new worker today, a beehive hairdo girl, but with dreads making up the beehive, and green tinges too. Someone must know I cannot stand the sight of dreadlocks, so they put them on a girl for me to encounter at various points in the day.

She is the third sub-30 yo. woman on the crew to have an extra ample ass. This cannot be a coincidence. The fourth woman is extra ample everywhere. And on the visual scene, baggy shorts predominate, especially with plaid; absurd.

I fourth job advert at this one vineyard, the latest posted was yesterday. So I stop in as they are not far away from this temporary worksite, and  I got the reply "we don't need anyone" (E. Indian of course). Prior job ads were pulled, saying must speak Punjabi. The next day at the employment center with a physical job board, I mention my experience in person, and she pulls the ads from the board, and mentioning this  might be an immigration scam, though she did not want to say anything more.

Rain, even a rain warning...  new wiper blades put into use, purchase five days ago and installed, and RainX was beading off water on the windshield, though not its usual excellent effectiveness. And we do know about the perp's obsession over wiper blades, even nicking new ones to leave a streak at every occilation cycle.

Wearing my Blue Storm rain gear, only two other workers, one being the beehive dreadlocks girl, now wearing her dreads down instead of upcalled off at 1100h. The rain got worse and then the wind started up, making it considerably colder. Lots of new perp things today; rain pants (worn once since last year when I bought them), rain coat/shell, never used for over six years, and then I use it today.

And in my usual parking stall when I get back early, why a LH drive Toyota Landcruiser with a big winch on its front. (The perps like to arrange braided cable around me when they have half an excuse; odd that there was drums of cable next to the location of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon). (I have a 1997 Toyota Camry, as of two weeks ago, my first allowed vehicle ownership since 2006). And two stalls over, why, a Toyota Camry identical to mine save the fugly grey-purple paint color, though likely the same greytone as mine, a mid metallic grey.

I am using Notepad notes for blog, once it gets online. The wifi internet has been very sluggish or not availible for three days now. It impedes essential job searching and banking, and I am getting mighty pissed that this motel isn't getting on with fixing it.

Another day of cane tying in the vineyard. I putz away, getting my finger motor control dithered and messed with by an undeclared malevolant force; extremely frustrating when one depends on one's motor skill to make a pittance of a living.

A vision attack while driving back, just as I made the corner at OK Falls; thankfully only one eye. The game might be all about making my eye red, and then use that as some kind of reference for the endless red vehicles that are arranged around me.

I wore shorts today; even if sunny, not much of a tan and no sunblock on.  Unlike last week when they reddened my face even if using SPF 60 on it from 0800h on, and re-applied every 2 to 2.5 hours. Which suggests that skin color reaction to sunlight is arranged too.

Sunday, a day off from work, though never for harassment, ever.

Internet access is still obstructed at this motel, one more month to stay before I must move. and no movement on getting a longer term working gig. Income tax returns are due tomorrow, and I haven't started due to this internet access obstruction. Just when I need the internet the most, why, poof, the motel is putatively putzing with the network, now in its third incarnation in two weeks in terms of login protocol. Though, that should end today if all goes according to plan, getting a cellular network device and plan, so I can move around with it. That and a new cell phone service too, so I have telephone number portability. (I use the motel's phone service for local calls). And of course, they could mess with the customer situation at the network provider, as I was in the store three days ago to do just that, and lo, if there wasn't a customer swarm to tie up all the store personnel and create a too-to-wait obstruction. One can be sure the perps like to arrange dry runs, partial completion to cause task resumption and all manner of means to protract anything I do, especially if a rarity, e.g. new phone service, new residence, new vehicle (three interuptions to conclude the deal that day, including a dental cleaning appointment).

Plenty of extra-conventional jerkarounds and forced recall lapses to get me riled up this morning, per usual. One's fingers are not even my control, with plenty of extra jabbings and brushing sensations from nowhere. Plus, the assholes make sure I know about all my unhealed cuts and nicks on my fingers, as they too often "happen" to get nudged and touched to create extra pain jabs. The recent paid work of vine cane tying precludes the use of gloves as they always (somehow) get pinched between the horizontal trellis wire and the vine, creating more difficulty in getting the job done. That is on top of the assholes pulling my hands off the tieing ribbon or wire, the cane, breaking the ribbon, the unexpected sudden release of the cane when being held and tensioned to the trellis wire and countless other physical perturbations of getting the job done. If you ever encountered a string of misfortune, and ask "why does this happen to me?", well guess what, there are malevolent entities that can remotely influence thoughts and one's entire physicality in realtime (aka targeting), and just love to create duress, exasperation and annoyance, if not worse.  Strange and as over-guarded as that seems, and ten years ago before this abusive, relentless, tyrannical and psychopathic ordeal began, I would of never believed such a statement either. Add this blog, and others of similar kind, and read the It Happened To Me oddities that other much less harassed (even "normal") persons have written, and one could objectively come to the same conclusion.

Laundry day today, always a subject of much extra abuse and perp attention. Having the washing machine stop in mid-run "from" a putative load balance problem was running for three or more weeks straight, and now today, that problem has suddenly stopped, for the first load so far, one to go. These were even small loads, one quarter full at most, and were balanced when I loaded them and "somehow" the normally reliable washing machine had a problem running for at least three weeks. And more color games too, with two same model/color washing machines available, side by side, and one with a black plastic vane, and one with a white plastic vane. And lo, if they didn't force me to switch between the two, first having me start on the latter. Exciting times in perpland, pissing around for ten fucking years and counting as to what color the vanes of the washing machines I use. I say "force me" due to various reasons; the only one available, the white one became unreliable (per above) and the white one was scuzzed up much more than the black vaned one. Just another example of the perp's attention to detail that goes on every mortal instant of my existence.

Not so fast; the second load of laundry "somehow" stopped in mid-load with an apparent load balance problem. This was the load that wasn't one quarter full, and somehow it stopped the washing machine? And when I looked inside there was no imbalance at all. The usual routine is to shift some soggy garments around and then close the lid, and why, it completes normally. And this was the machine with the black plastic vane set, and it somehow pulls this off the same as the the white vaned washing machine beside it. I say laundry obstruction. I suspect the washing machine stoppage games are all about having me touch my chosen soggy garment for color interaction testing. If true, there will be years of this freaking nonsense to come, any washing machine, any site.

I tried to connect this PC to the laptop I was given two weeks ago, and no go; not recognized at all, on either side. Surely one can connect two PC's with RS232 cable and have them show up in Windows 7 and XP? I don't know for sure, but it is freaking ridiculous in any event. Sometimes I wonder if Windows wasn't meant to try the patience of everyone and to raise angst and duress all the more. And that ergonomic efficiency (Apple mainly) might sneak in as the marketplace winner after all.

Much to be busy about yesterday, culminating in getting my income tax return done and sent electronically. Payment will be by snail mail, putting the envelope in the mail box, having me done the same thing at the same time last week, applying for a job. The once-per-year login and password for income tax return filing became a flaming hassle, no doubt perp managed. As I did not have the 2010 tax return on hand, I couldn't update my address online, and consequently was to send in the paper version. Screw that, and I hand wrote the new address on the remittance coupon. No doubt I will get it in the ear from the tax authorities, the same ones who requested the same information about my divorce agreement for four successive years, pretending they didn't have it on file after the first time. Can we say directed harassment from the tax authorities too? (On top of police, military, ambulance and border patrol personnel)

And it was also the day of acquiring a new cell phone which can also act as a modem and serve as this (very heavy) desktop internet access. After the shenanigans over the last two weeks of this motel (where I reside until May end) and the up and down shared wireless access, it was long overdue to get the latest and greatest cell phone. And as it seems to be imposed itinerance in chasing vineyard jobs, it is high time that I had my own phone number, not to be revealed here.

But of course setting up the cell phone as a tethered modem wasn't going to work out of the box, and with no Samsung Galaxy Note manual, I was hooped. Event the carrier's tech support was stumped after 20 minutes on the phone. Eventually it appeared there was missing drivers, so back to the store again and get them. Of course he didn't explain it wasn't the drivers per se, but the Samsung desktop portal application that synchronizes with the cell phone, More unneeded perturbations in figuring out what files he gave me. And as part of the FUD game, I wasn't allowed to just run the exe file as it would of been the obvious thing, save for the imposed mindfuck+FUD games.

And having used Ufile tax software for some three years, I attempted to purchase it and lo, if the assholes didn't block the transaction with the game of the wiggly letters which one must authenticate by typing in as text. I even used the audio, and I still got blocked. So instead, Turbo Tax this year; purchasing it was allowed by the Psychopaths of the Fourth Reich. But the real question is, what in the fuck does it matter which freaking tax software I use? And of note, this was done over the just-installed cellular data link, not the motel wifi. As mentioned many times in this blog, the perps have an obsession over which networks and wires I use, and wire metal and sheathing colors, and it seems they wanted me to try a new network access with with new software. Next year I swear, they will drop one of those and have me using the old software on the (new) cellular data link. Their habit is to test me on complex things first, and then when it is time, (and I don't know how they determine this), they change some of the key variables, and test it exhaustively. Another recent example is the recent shaving games, detailed below.

After two years of this new "habit" of shaving my front and arms as well as my face as part of the morning routine after showering, the perps are now creating this time pinch then, and having me shave only arms or front in addition to my face. All part of their functional and energetic signature decomposition games it would seem. It only took ten freaking years of their insane abuse to get to this point. Count another ten to cover what else the life rapists have in mind.

I going to call this a wrap, as in posting it, as I need to get on with the next trial, finding a job and place all in the next month before I must move from these wintertime low-rent digs.

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