Friday, April 13, 2012

Interview Games

Interview games again; this time the prospective employer makes a near-impossible (to me, temporarily residing elsewhere) demand to interview me "tonight" or "tomorrow" when I am 400 miles away. Then when I reply that it could be the day after tomorrow, (to give me driving time to return), why, the prospective employer doesn't reply. This is at least the fifth such stunt, as I am going to call it, in the past two years, where they have an unerring knack for taking advantage when I am out of email contact or else cannot immediately respond because I needed to take the city bus. This time, I have a vehicle, and lo, if this bullshit doesn't erupt when I am out of town, but in email contact, and even with my USB drive with my resume at the ready.

The perps have rendered me flat broke yet again, and they still persist in screwing me around over getting a job. I got four years of farm work, I have three full-time months of viticulture training, so why is this so fucking difficult to get a vineyard job except by arranged adverse circumstances? Needless to say, the concept of employment, having it or not, and getting a job and the rest of it, is of intense perp interest. And recall last year's ridiculous group interview at a certain vineyard, and when hanging with the other prospective candidates afterward, I find I have the most farm work experience of all of them and I don't get hired.

And, the interview for the tractor operator I had two weeks ago, the first since 2000, I learn after the fact was even more bogus than I knew. My farm-worker "pal" told me they must mention the pay and the start date for it to be a serious consideration, and this was not mentioned. Add that on top of the owner's dismissal of an inexperienced candidate, and the interviewer arranging a locked tractor so I couldn't be tested on it, counts as another extremely perverse job hiring experience. Perhaps the perps are getting more nuanced about employment obstruction; from flat-out email obstruction so there is no interview, and now to constructive interview obstruction where it is a scripted, feigned and perverse (in hindsight, not being allowed to perceive such at the moment), jerk-around event.

I check my email, and the prospective employer (per above) says the job has been filled. In other words, the job was filled before the first suggested interview appointment time. (I asked for a day later). Never have I experienced so many unusual or bizarre behaviors around getting a job. From the past almost non-interview, just "when do you want to start" over the phone, (again, no mention of pay rate), to this bullshit when they filled the job before their suggested interview time. I have eliminated the jerk-around excuses by having a vehicle, and now the assholes are exploiting the fact that I don't have a cell phone for instant contact. That still doesn't cover the fact that the prospective employer didn't get back to me for 18 hours to confirm an interview time. He replied to my initial application in an hour though.

Busy digging weeds, sowing grass seed, and transplanting; big neighborhood noise eruptions and even helicopters for the latter two activities. This at the First Feral Family (FFF) house, those perp abetting quisling family members who make no bones about where their loyalties lie.

My perp-abetting mother was doing her level best to criss-cross my path, or get in the way to where I wanted to go, arriving seconds ahead of me. Same deal in the kitchen these past 10 years, but now she is doing it in the backyard. Normally she takes off in the vehicle when I do landscape garden maintenance, but for some strange reason she was directed to dog me outside today.

A persistent light rain, continuing on my way into downtown, while the vehicle was at the tire shop, and on the way back, and into the afternoon. And for me, a sign that the perps are putting extra resources to aid their human experimentation games. That they had me swimming on a fitness swim team for 13 years wasn't any fluke, and here they are, playing water games again.

New tires for my new-to-me vehicle, giving me 45 min. downtown. One stop was the bank, and  getting my online credit card access resumed, and part of which involved this loopy phone conversation with an E. Indian; "Not logged out" means "logged in" to me, and when I asked what he meant, he comes up with a diversionary response, changing the topic altogether. Twice this occurred in the conversation at the bank counter, also revealing my personal information to all within earshot, (which included the brown overcoated vagrant act that tailed me inside). Afterward, the customer service person said "sorry for putting you through this ordeal". No private office with the cute babe this time, when they last screwed me out of having online credit card account access, and then again, by making me "forget" to use the 24hr password to reset it. Fucking bizarre.

I got a tank of gasoline for the vehicle on the way back, and only a moderate gangstalking posse around me, as it is the first time I have filled it up. Given the perp's obsessive use of petroleum tankers in the vehicular gangstalking milieu, and all other things of petroleum origin, I expected a full-on ambulatory and vehicular gangstalking, but it wasn't the case. 

Then in-town brother arrives 10 seconds in the FFF house driveway after I do, in his silver grey truck with brown cardboard boxes in the box. Then he has be outside to look at the brown canvas tarps to the pile of weeds under them, that I want him to haul away. I call this "brown calibration".

In the afternoon, I was power washing the driveway, including where the vehicle sat with its new tires for a an hour or so, and then I parked on the grass boulevard to get it out of the way. All very exciting for the perps, shuffling vehicles around, and they do like to put a good power-washing show every so often.

Later, the vehicular gangstalking ramped up while I was under the front yard 8' wide pine hedge doing weeding, then helicopters too, and more aircraft noise from float-planes, and not more than a half dozen STRATCOM B-52's for a half day.

After that, four recycle garbage trucks lined up opposite the FFF house, end to end in front of a neighbor's house, some 100' away. They were buzzing around here all morning as it was pick-up day for the recycling, with one navy blue recycle truck doing five pass-bys for no seeming purpose after they first emptied the curbside bins. Later, a white recycle garbage truck of the same size with the assistant riding on the passenger side  running  board, the white garbage truck going at full-tilt in these suburban streets for no seeming purpose. Then in the four strong street-side line up, the first navy blue one departs, then the white one in position three, then the navy blue one in position two, and finally the last-most navy blue one. Who is the choreographer, and what is the purpose of this bizarre nonsense over arranging garbage trucks? (I have long pondered why garbage trucks are often used for vehicular gangstalking, which occur more than the redi-mix concrete trucks and petroleum tankers. Only the brown cardboard box packing parcel delivery trucks outnumber the garbage truck gangstalking).

Leaf raking, tree pruning, some soil slinging, and some weeding today, all at the FFF house, and in plain view of my "new" vehicle, as it seems the perps like to have it sit there for days on end, unused, save going out for the above new tire set, and getting the front wheels aligned tomorrow.

The lawn cutters came today, adroitly timing their noise and activity when I was under the pine hedge in the front yard, getting the leaves out from under it, and cutting off branches that would trap the leaves, or else jab me in the back. And some weeding there too. The perps cannot get enough of me being under foliage, trees in particular. Regular readers will know that I worked in forestry for many years, and this too might of been perp managed to further their foliage/tree canopy fixation/human experimentation objectives. The perps also liked to have me take the red handled loppers with me as I went under the pine hedge, and then came out to re-enter between the next pair of pines to get the leaves out from under their boughs.

A morning time attendance to administrative things, until in-town brother arrives to gawp at this very LCD display, seeming on a mission for the perps. I had just supplied my perp-abetting mother with the financial details of the next few months, as I am looking broke with a full year's income tax to pay by April 30. I give her the total needed for financial relief, and then she says she will give me a check, and that is exactly when in-town brother arrives "needing" to use the PC, and LCD display. Some kind of color/energy interaction and calibration it would seem, as this PC was only 8' away from where I finished up the prior financial discussions. Then he sits at this PC for at least 20 minutes, thereby squandering his opportunity to get my help to take away the large amount of weeding and gardening debris that has accumulated over the past week or so, all my weeding and landscape maintenance output, save that which is compostable.

I had to get to the Toyota dealer to get a wheel alignment after the new tires were installed two days ago, and was treated to large numbers of red gangstalking vehicles, sometimes 6 at a glance, and covering all four directions of travel, plus a few doing turns. Then they make me wait for no seeming reason at the Toyota dealership, busying themselves with their LCD displays, aka, color calibration games. And maybe to divert me from the the Fat Man who became my counter person. The appointment was for 1200h, just when they take a lunch break, the regular wheel alignment guy wasn't in for "some reason", and they would have to squeeze me in sometime in the afternoon. I was offered a postponement, and they can do it on Monday morning first thing, before I head off to a short term vineyard gig. And to top it off, they have a negro walk along the perimeter of the building I had just exited, doing some kind of negro-energy sweep immediately outside after my exit. I cannot count the times the perps arrange events to be repeated again, setting up these stunts to have me return; e.g., moldy yogurt last week, and a few others.

I phoned a potential employer this morning, having got an email from the college, and this was at the same winery where I had the strange interview for a tractor driver three weeks ago. (No mention of pay, or other compensation, and the tractor was locked so he couldn't test me out, and the interviewer talked most of the time, even subsequently after giving me airtime). It was a different person on the phone, and as they have a small crew, and their Mexican laborers haven't yet arrived, so they need some temporary help. I was  promoting myself and the recent connection I had to this winery on the phone, and he was beating around the bush, not stating if he wanted me or not. Finally he said "when can you come", after I mentioned I was out of town at the moment, and that seemed to be his entree into hiring me. Still no mention of pay for crissakes, so the event of being hired is still under intense perp purview, as in adding FUD into the process. And as this is a short term job, it doesn't fulfill my need to get a longer term gig, so I can re-locate my residence near the job site, which I must do by the end of May. One step forward, and two back it would seem.

My return to weeding in the afternoon got me the black helicopter treatment, doing a few turns overhead; a Robinson 22  it would seem, one of my regular stalking helicopters in this region. The usual barrage of lawnmower noise followed, this time appropriate for the sunny weather, unlike yesterday when they put it on during the rain.

This landscaping at the FFF house for the past two weeks has had me often using a wheelbarrow. And a piss poor one at that, with the tire deflating and staying that way. I have been looking for a flat-free tire of the appropriate size, and I am close to ordering one. But I did find it most odd that the perps have arranged plenty of wheelbarrows for me to see en-route when out driving for the futile vehicle maintenance as mentioned above. Yet again, the perps are going extra berserk over tires, rubber and wheels. The tire ads have been cranked up for the limited TV I see. That and the W*t airlines ads, as I "happened" to take one of their flights Mar. 31, almost two weeks ago. What are the perps on about, in repeatedly showing me reminders of what I am involved in or recently traveled by? And if the world is governed by the perps as much as I am coming to think, why, they pulled a nice stunt, hitting a Victoria-bound W*t flight with a bolt of lightning, thankfully to no adverse affect besides scaring all passengers and crew momentarily witless. The Fourth Reich is run by juveniles, didn't you know?

A phone interruption by the bleating in-town brother and his tired lines about not having enough time to get the pile of weeds pulled etc. and me reminding him that he had me available today, except he was online, and wouldn't even give me his van keys so I could get his vehicle positioned for pulling the load of weeds into the van's cargo bay. Same prattle, and in keeping with the perp's insane obsession over the word "time" and all that it may suggest, or mean.

On that tiresome note, I will post this and call it done for the week, even if two more full days at the FFF house doing more landscaping maintenance work. (I also got extra noise attention when I fertilized some of the plants, and even the neighbors got chatty, he in a shock of white hair, with a white bandage across his forehead. And how many times have the perps put brown band-aids on their shills and operatives? I have lost track).

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