Sunday, June 16, 2019

OS Upgrade and Kill the Audio

I think this the third time this year (2019), or maybe the fourth, but MS Windows has done it yet again; they upgraded the OS and killed the audio. I was so utterly pissed with this sabotage feature in 01-2019 that I finally executed on a long running intention and acquired a Sony music server so that my stored audio files could be played without a MS Windows dependency. And I am glad for that, as I am now listening to Carolyn Wonderland, sans PC. But that doesn't deal with web sourced audio such as Youtube and Netflix of course. (Visuals come in fine). So... I'm halfway there in getting away from MS invoked audio feed sabotage. Give it a week, and it will likely "recover". Perhaps it is the J River Media Server set up that is conflicting the situation. Call me old-fashioned if you want, but there aren't any dependencies except an analog signal (when wire connected) with dedicated audio components. But on the other hand, one might grant me an exception having been down the path of senseless upgrades, feature bloating, sabotage-ware, ergonomic interface confusion featurization and other like (ahem) upgrades.

Update; and I got the above all wrong. Yes, there was a MS Windows upgrade that day, and as it "so happened", also a power failure while I was away working. Normally these would have nothing to do with each other, but as my amplifier volume control resets itself to minimum when the power is cut or switched off (a very sensible feature), I did not think that it was the amplifier volume control that was the problem, and instead (per above), blamed it on the MS Windows upgrade. Largely because I have been conditioned on this being the problem, per past experiences this year. And so, a case of misplaced blame, though with the prior conditioning and the "happenstance" of a MS Windows upgrade with a power failure that same day. Well done. Add another Psychopathic theme into their long standing objectives list, misplaced blame (aka, erroneous blame assignment).

All this occurring on another day of dealing with the most infuriating interface and fraught functionality of all time, the so-called smart (Android) phone and its ever hyper touch screen that somehow fires off into fetching commands for which I had no intention of selecting. (As if I don't have enough fraught sabotage going on without this one added to the mix.) No device has cost me more grief than that fucking interface/design, and I am not including its klutz-prone keyboard in this polemic of techno-loathing. I was so happy with my Palm Pilot, and I would upgrade the physical device every two years or so, and it was so stable and consistent. I hold out hope that the Samsung Galaxy Note can take its place, once I can get one at half the present usury prices, currently $1400CAD here. And it seems that the older models somehow "hold their value", which could be translated into price supported somehow.

A partial day at work, having to deal with my vehicle making some peculiar noises while running, even when rolling. At first I thought it was related to the recent struts and shocks upgrade, but no, another "coincidence" event to cause me to take it back to the same shop. There they found crud on the driveline splines and cleaned it off, and it was OK. I was thinking it might be a wheel bearing or universal joint (the factory supplied lifetime kind, har, har), but no, it was a simple fix. Presumably an event to force the vehicle back with the shocks and struts installed for a week. Not unusual in this long running parade of "come back again", "repeat" and "return" stunts.

Then off to the dentist for wax impressions; a wide metal plate loaded with soft wax for me to bite my teeth into while the dental technicial hung onto the tray, about 5 minutes. Twice as it "happened" (repeat stunt perhaps). But seriously, $273 for 20 minutes to sink my teeth into soft wax as it hardens. At least the dentist showed up for a few minutes and I got the lowdown on the sequence of impressions.

All the while there was a hammer drill sounding off next door, presumably a new tenant begining alterations. I made a joke about it being the wrong kind of drill for dentistry, but I don't think she knew what a hammer drill was.

And all the while, the infernal noise of lawnmowers outside, only to find that the landscaper laborer "happened" to be finishing up behind my parked vehicle. The 8' wide and 80' long berm was duly mowed by then, and he was just cleaning up. And have I mentioned how the perps love to chase me with cut grass and lawnmower noise? Many times, and of late, they have been highly energetic in delivering this noise when I am outside. Not to mention that I spent the morning weed eating, some 5 hours worth.

And if all that commotion wasn't enough, why, it was full time vehicular gangstalk city; a 200' long traffic line on Skaha Lake Rd. to prevent me making a L turn, and so I made a R turn and took a long way around. That didn't stop them from tailing me with a vehicle all the way to the PO at LD. I suppose taking this 3x normal routing was just too exciting, and so my vehicular escorts were on full duty. I was taking my headphones, yet again (4x in 5 years) to the repair depot, and between that and taking time off in the afternoon, an irregular event, it was just too exciting of a gangstalking moment to pass up. As mentioned in past blog postings, the perps go absoutely nutty when I travel in town on an irregular day, say week daya.

Or is this gangstalking shit show over the fact that I was running a weed whacker for 5 hours this morning?.....

Then a 1.5 nap attack in the evening, though this might be in fact warranted due to later evenings and early mornings. As in a real sleep deficit, though this never bothered the Psychopathic assholes in the past, who so like to manipulate my sleep hours.

Some new and temporary vineyard employees today; two young Quebequois women, and two mid 20's males. The dudes came walking in a few minutes later, and put on a show of high rudeness, or was it just plain orchestrated rudeness. Same difference; one was a frizz hair, the other a do-rag (both Unfavored features) and they both were walking down the newly paved main driveway, coming straight at me for 80' on a 10' wide driveway. They walked side by side, and the do-rag comes straight at me and passes by within 6" of me while speaking with his buddy. Like WTF; as if he didn't know I was there. The do-rag doesn't say anything, and after he passed by I say, "good morning", and he replies in kind. Here it is, their first day on the job and they don't feel compelled to ask about where to meet, where is the boss lady, or anything like that? A case of native astounding belligerence or else orchestrated utter rudeness. Getting a Fuckwit to pass so close to me is always a big deal for the perps, and to have two dudes with their heads down coming at me and pretending not to see me has to be the ultimate in fucking rudeness. I am going to go with the orchestrated Rude-Dude scenario, and not assign it to the Quebequois behavioral trait. I have met many vineyard and winery workers from Quebec, many of them friendly, and have never seen anything quite so fucking outrageous as this.

Seems like yesterday's bowel issues passed, another bone of contention/adversity added to the day. The planted notion is that the weed whacking activity of the prior day wiped me out with pollen and dust allergies, though I have never had quite this level of "reaction" before. And of course the Psychopaths amped it up (yesterday) by having me "forget" never to have coffee first thing in the morning as it (appears) to conflict with my medications. And of course, after us regulars agreed to put the coffee on for 1000h, why, someone conveniently put it on at 0700h when I arrived. And of course, for me to "forget" and and have some, all to add to feel rather unwell in the morning. Well done assholes, and doubtless to feed my later afternoon outings, per above.

Although hot, it was a productive day, and we got lots of shoot thinning done. It seems to be a two pass vineyard activity this year; we got to them early but now three weeks later a considerably larger number of shoots have come on. It is likely we will be going back to other areas too.

And too plenty of semantic "coincidences" over "Stanley". My Stanley stainless steel water bottles are in desperate need for new stoppers, and I had spent many hours for many months looking for replacements. Only yesterday, just before the Stanley Cup final was playing did I finally find some on the Stanley site, and after some email exchanges for a few days, they are sending replacements. And too, it was the Stanley Cup final game when they put me into the above mentioned colossal nap attack. And of course, screwing me out of recalling that the final hockey game of the season was on.

Father's day and all that BS. My daughter did deign to call this year, and asked if I received her card. No (of course not), because 9/10 times she never mails it on time. Just why is it that the perps need to perpetuate this shambolic attitude of hers? She has her act together, so why this shit so consistently? Ditto for birthdays (mine). I always get her a card on time for her birthday, but "somehow" she can't get it together for mine. Last year, not even a card. Building the pissy attitude cred I suppose, even if unwarranted.

Anyhow, another week done, and the typo sabotage is now getting out of hand and typing any more is getting extremely tedious. Plus, there are many more masers floating around between this LED screen and me. And only a few minutes before, they kept peppering me with the fuzzy ball zingers while I was handwriting an address from this LED screen to paper. High excitement for low minds.

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