Sunday, May 19, 2019

Camo Man Coverage

I went to Kelowna to see the doctor of recent surgery. Its at a private five story health sciences building, not a public health facility. And lo, if this shiftless shit dressed in green camo ("Camo Man") with a matching green colored broad brimmed hat doesn't manage to hang around me at the elevator door. Said elevator also "complied" by taking its time, a first for this particular building and the some 10x I have used this particular elevator. Which, in gangstalking terms, offers more "hang time", aka loitering excuses. Said Camo Man (gangstalker) then takes off just before the elevator arrives. Well timed I say, or perhaps, just more curious public behavior.

Then 15 minutes later while in the doctors' waiting area, why, Camo Man "happens" to show up in the waiting room and sits three seats away, 90 degrees offset. And there was plenty of other open seating around, so why so close? And not that he saw a doctor's receptionist or anything, (at least seven doctor receptionist desks to chose from) he just slithers in from the elevator and "happens" to find me 4 stories up in one segment of this office building. Well done asshole; tell me how how you found me the second time.

Which begs the question as to where the Psychopaths find these shiftless shits; are they staff and they dress them up in these ridiculous faux army outfits, or are they some pick-up  dweeb they particularly wanted? My speculation is the perps want a certain outcome at certain locations, (elevators or stairs (elevation changes) are prime stalking locations), and may just have staff or else they have a pick-up stalker pool on hand. My speculation on outcomes is two fold, and not necessarily both at once; there is the promotion of abreactions (subconscious traumatization reactions from my recall deleted years when age 2 to 5), and also their need to extract certain bio-energetic interactions based on the gangstalker's particular genetic make up. I don't give a shit, just leave me the fuck alone and quit posting these shiftless shits around me. I am disgusted enough with humanity as it is, and don't need any more reminders of how low the "scum-inal" bar is set.

I got busy, and in the evenings too, hence the paucity of recent blog postings. I finally got a music server and got my music and music playing function completely off the wretched MS Windows platform. And just in time, as they pulled another "upgrade" a few days later and hammered the PC audio again. That is, no audio on the PC for the third time in 2019. Well done Microsoft. And also a prompt to get me off Windows 10 so Netflix and Youtube (and other web sourced audio) won't be subject to MS (seemingly) driven sabotage. There is nothing like continued perp sabotage to generate yet more projects, even if I think it should be put off until next year.

Getting the audio files moved to the purpose dedicated music server took some artful navigating of the abominable supplied PC software, but once on the music server, it runs very well, and is wonderfully simple with dedicated buttons and none of the touch screen hell that is a rich field for perp fuckery. (One can deploy an optional Android phone interface, but I say, hell no). It is exceedingly rare that I encounter an electronic device or attendant software that is a ergonomic treat to use. Arcane multi-modal design concepts are the usual order of the day, compounded by erratic touch screen behavior; the now-norm in my experience. Though to be fair, the perps and their fuckery know no bounds to exploiting human interfaces to infuriate me at every turn. The "worst-in-class" (that is, most adverse and infuriating) human interface that I know of is the so-called "smart phone", at least the Android platform. The Apple interface design thoughtfulness has really made the company what it is today, while dear old MS has lagged in the consumer market. And they still don't get it, but at least are trying harder, though still failing, per the above mentioned PC audio clobbering .

And getting all those audio and PC boxes tucked into my server rack was another round of renovations of a kind. I had to get plywood, have it sawn to size, as well as other fittings to get these components installed in my server rack. It was me doing the installing; tools and supplies strewn about, all the way to the kitchen. And the Psychopaths do seem to have a compelling need to have my tools in the kitchen for whatever reason, and even making meals with tools close by. Anytime I work on the server rack things go very wrong, with intense and continued infuriation. As to what this particular invoked adversity offers the assholes I have no idea. I got the whole rig set up and the wires tidied up, in pic below, and lo, if the assholes didn't take out some of the overhead track lighting just to add a electromagnetic variance. Then they took out another adjacent LED bulb (prematurely again), and still weren't done, and took out an incandescent light bulb in the nearby (12' away) kitchen area. Well done assholes; one success (completion) begets more sabotage; three dead light bulbs in two days isn't a coincidence when there is such close scrutiny on my lighting sources.

Said track lighting is of a certain brand that I have used for some 30 years because it is so reliable, well designed and functional. Now that concept has been sabotaged, so here we go again. Nothing good ever lasts, even if it is just a concept in Psychopathic thinking, and they have the unconventional means to deliver sabotage at will. And we call it "quirky" or other excusing techno trite-isms.

It was only a few months ago that tool use became evident (after 17 years of this intense abuse) as another event that was of significant interest to them. Originally I thought it was tool handle colors and my bio-energetic reactions, but of course any original "idea" is suspect as the assholes have been known to plant them in mind all the time. Wrong ones at the outset especially. That I spent four months last year on a construction job using others' tools, my own (new ones too), and lending out a few, both inside and outside, must of been another perp "tool use study" on me.

I have been reading "The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett III" again, an the many worlds theory as well as some of the associated Youtube videos. Some interesting topics have re-surfaced from this book; combinations and permutations of a single event have surfaced. Also the topic of free will... Hmmm, perhaps slavery isn't such a human condition at all, but a rich field for studying their multiple dimensions games. And of course, the Psychopaths make the constant point that I am under their thumb every microsecond and that I have no free will. An an interesting confluence of like situations, though I won't go so far as to call it coincidence (caveat). But it was interesting that my work colleague at a part time job went freaking berserk over the casual mention of historical slavery a few weeks ago, (at a row end no less, changing direction is a prime Psychopathic event). I referenced the book, Mosquito Empires, an excellent history reference, and he still wasn't contained. Another weird-assed farm worker quasi-friend.

Sunday, and three weeks late in getting this posting out. A bout of uncharacteristic lassitude took over these past three weeks. I also have a few other items that have needed attention and they haven't got done. I just don't know why the Psychopaths need to impose these kinds of spells. All part of the permutations and combinations game I suppose, which translated means sabotage, imposed delay and other fuckery. Mission accomplished, so leave me the fuck alone.

Such message was unequivocally, and vocally, conveyed to the assholes last night as they awoke me five times with excruciating muscle cramps to my legs and feet. They spread the pain events from 1100h through to 0400h. Well done assholes, and deviating from their usual routine (what else) of packing these assaults inside an hour or so. But oddly, keeping their routine of allowing me to go to bed "early" (2200h), which has become their signature precursory hint that a round of muscle cramp torture will be applied in the night. The assholes delivered big time on this latter habit of theirs.

It must of been Asian stalker night yesterday at the SOF supermarket, as the usual flush of big-gutted dudes was getting too tiresome. Two Asian females were buzzing around me at the hot chicken counter, and then did the "split apart" gangstalker routine so I would pass between them. Said stalkers were buzzing around me and doing the Pretending-to-Not-Notice stunt in closing in on me and then allowing me to escape between them. I have never met so many Fuckwits who make it look like that they are totally unaware of their personal space incursions since all this abuse rained (or reigned if you prefer) down in me since 04-2002. Call it the Clueless by Direction stunt perhaps. But all the same, it is a sudden and annoying public behavioral change since that epic date they invaded my apartment, per above date.

Other Fuckwits kept hounding me in rotation over the rest of the store, about 4 parties, who each had the unerring knack of loitering at the very location I intended to go to. Then when leaving, why, another Asian woman with a hot pizza was covering me in lead-ahead gangstalking mode, right past my vehicle for crissakes. Then the inevitable pit-lamping from vehicles at every turn on the way home.

And what is with the Naramata General Store that four parties of stalkers arrive behind me and start pulling the same shit today? Loitering where I intended to go, and then arriving at the cash desk ahead of me, one not having purchased anything, but just "needed" to do aisle loitering where I intended to go. When about to pay for my items, a clashing camo clown (dude) arrives besides me and does the time-honored gangstalker move of doing bend-overs, this time in the cause of looking at the newspaper rack. Said Fuckwit managed to block my egress to exit until he moved. (I had to cross over where he had been standing, another classic gangstalker move). Who knew small village newspaper stands were so interesting? Never mind that these Fuckwits all arrived at about 1645h on a Sunday on a long weekend to tail me and then obstruct me all over visiting a small general store. Talk about dedicated gangstalking insanity. So... the last time I visit that place, which was probably their intention anyhow. One of the Fuckwits ahead of me managed to stay in his vehicle while my transaction took place and then tailed me in his vehicle out of the parking lot and on the street for two hundred meters. Well done asshole; I haven't seen it this obvious for a long time, so it will be the last time I go there.


Anonymous said...

My theory is that they have a pool of "available" stalkers to draw from, and they draw from them. I guess some of them aren't "ideal" for the situations they are setting us up in. They do seem to have a pool of favored vs. unfavored demographics though, and sometimes, if there is a shortage of stalkers, you might actually get an unfavored despite the fact that a favored is called for. I guess they have various, shall I say it, needs vs. immediate needs. For example, they probably need someone out at a specific spot, regardless of what they look like, because they need some energetic comparison at the crucial time. When I'm passing through the guard shack, they do put someone there for me to "pass by" an inch of two before I get to the actual door casing itself.

And part II of the hotel stays: I hope to be better prepared this time. For example, I need to have some sort of subwoofer with music on a low setting, like at the threshold of where I can make out the instruments, as a "noise machine" so I can sleep. Possibly, I'll arrange to stay at a "hosting house" instead of a hotel, as Hotels can be sure Hell that I don't need when I'm already stressed out and tired after making a 2-10 hour drive.

AJH said...

Answer to: "My theory is..."

I think you are correct; they may have some critical moments or places for a certain gangstalker, but I get the impression they draw from a pool, usually with a theme. That would be certain demographic groups, certain Favoreds or Unfavoreds (freaks) etc. Perhaps if they are pulling a more high profile stunt they would be more selective. Thanks for the comments.