Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cancer is Expensive

Cancer is expensive, and I am only talking about the supplements, not the medications. I am not in the league of the latter, and don't expect to be if it comes to that. I am talking about prostate cancer, something the perps delivered on the date of my daughter's birthday last year, and thereby crafting an entre for me to tell her about it in a later phone call. Which is about the only phone call (or discussion) I have had on this topic with her since then, 06-2016. She isn't alone in the First Feral Family indifference, though I expected better from her.

The expensive part is all these infernal supplements; $250 for five items that might last 6 weeks. (Which is short of the eight regular items, and ten in total). Last year's $10k drain was due to this, and I am not expecting any reprieve if I continue on this particular program. Yes, it helped to get my PSA number down to the normal range, but of course that isn't an accurate indicator of cancer. So onto other remedies, though they aren't cheap either. No wonder my mother gave me some more money this past Christmas visit. And one has to wonder if I get conventional treatment (aka, cut, burn, poison), what kind of supplements I will need to deal with the collateral damage, aka, "side effects".

Just to think; we had very effective cancer remedies in the 1930's with the Rife technologies, and still we have 600k going down every year in the US and Canada. That is World War proportions, and at a rate of every year. And we have conventional medicine barking up the wrong tree for all this time, calling it a cell mutation problem. It is a cellular repair problem to be sure, and the cancer cells have some unique properties such that they don't ever self-destruct, under go apoptosis. And we have the AMA beating up on anyone, including MD's, who has effective alternative cancer treatments, including Rife. One prominent alternate treatment clinic in California will not treat cancer patients, as the clinic head indicated that he doesn't want to conduct medicine with a target on his back.

So what is it about cancer and conventional cancer treatments that so interests the perps? Hammering the piss out of the immune system seems to be a big thrill, ahem, non-consensual human research agenda item. And if that weren't enough, they pulled HIV on humans on top of auto-immune diseases. Another agenda item that is long familiar to this TI is disrupting the victims lives, which includes financial ruination. And finishing up with taking them out prematurely, another component of this harassment that seems to add into the picture. Don't think for a minute cancer is some background gotcha; it is much more prevalent than 20 years ago, and it can be remotely invoked. Dave McGowan blew the doors off the military influences of the 1960's genesis of rock music and the whole counter culture foment as it began in Laurel Canyon by researching and authoring the book "Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream" in 2014. In Feb. 2015 he was (healthily) promoting his book in an 42m interview on Antidote, then by May he was diagnosed with metastasized cancer, and died Nov. 22 2015. Interesting choice of date on the perps' part too. But as his daughter says, "[he was] a heavy smoker for over 40 years, he also had a job that exposed him to asbestos and other cancer-causing agents." Exploitation of the obvious or natural cause?

Though I have not read his previous book, "Understanding the F-Word: American Fascism and the Politics of Illusion", I am quite sure it too brought him the wrong kind of attention, that is, having a target painted on his back.

Yoga today, and the room was over-populated when I was a whole 10 minutes early of the 15 minute break between classes. Lots of young pretty things this time, no tattoos, but instead a negro woman for the first time. I suppose consuming a dark brown chocolate pecan cluster 10 min. before setting off would of been a good food color match to her skin color, she being located three mats away. And some lighter brown E. Indian girls too, but they placed Caucasian blondes on either side of me. The whole yoga thing seems to be such an important part of this harassment campaign, all those spinal stretches and all.

What is it about January that the perps need to hit me with late hour get-ups? I am talking about getting up at 0900h or so, and then by the time breakfast, shaving etc. it done, it is nearly 1100h. Another hole punched in my day.

I had been attempting to get up much earlier with an alarm clock, but they whack me with more sleep after I turn it off. An 0800h appointment tomorrow, so we shall see how this goes. This morning there were some things I wanted to get done, and so with minimal breakfast and no shower or shave, I got onto them. Then of course they had me "forget" that I had missed this when I got back.

The perps have been doing this for decades; January is the month I simply cannot awaken without severe tiredness.

 And I thought Dave McGowan's site was serious read of alternity. Until I came across Miles W Mathis' web site; fake deaths of Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Sharon Tate and co. and the list goes on. Then add in more treatises on Bob Dylan, the 1960's folk scene as a CIA plant, and many more that I haven't yet read, and it will take a week of thoughtful reading to digest all of this. A serious re-orientation of one's world perspective is in order. Particularly the wide and complete penetration of the media, art world, cinema and music industries by the CIA, MI6 or its forerunners (or who ever they are). A major paradigm shift indeed. Trove through the annual updates.

Then nearer to the action, though I won't go into details, I read (eventually) "The Monica Lewinsky Scandal Was Faked" by above mentioned Miles Mathis. And that Bill Clinton is gay, as is Hillary. I might of been parked in a cave for a while, but this is a huge revelation to me; have a read, 23pp.

Friday, and with no pressing work commitment until next week, I got nailed with another late get-up (0930h). (I didn't two days ago when I had an 0800h appointment, when in fact, I was awakened earlier than the 0600h alarm). I set the alarm for 0800h, and got hit with more sleepiness. As always, sleep deficit considerations don't figure in the situation.

And back to freaking shoelace problems, this time over new laces. Formerly, the shoelace problems were the assholes unfastening my tied shoelaces, even double tied, whenever they wanted, usually in public to slow me down and force a bend-over to tie them up. This idiotic assault was at least 2x/week in the helter-skelter Fuckover days of 2002, but they dropped the frequency down to perhaps 1x/two months after that. Even less now, 4x/year, in the last 4 years. Today, the shoelace jerkaround was new laces that weren't long enough, even if the package indicated that it was for 4 hole per side. These were 24" laces, and the assholes screwed me into "thinking" the laces weren't even 24", as they were way too short. I took them back, always a perp stunt, and they measured them, and sure enough, they were 24". Another Fuckover First; not being able to know what 24" looks like. So I get the 30" laces after all that, and they are barely long enough. And this whole idiotic jerkaround started because the supplied laces broke in short order, and I got ribbon-style laces to replace them, which looked like shit. Finally, after getting jerked around for over a year ("forgets"), I get to replace them with round (dress) laces and then the assholes put me through all the above mentioned bullshit. And what is the point of all that anyhow? I could go on about all pairs of my boots and shoes that have shoelaces and give a history of the fuckery and premature wear that "happens", but I think you get the idea.

Sunday, a shut-in day, which means Monday will be an intense gangstalking day. Assuming that I find an excuse to to outside, as it seems these cold windy days seem to be so inhibiting to outside venture.

And after reading Miles W Mathis for five days straight, save the art world critiques because I have no interest in them, I am getting a little spun out, or perhaps over exposed to so many things that are nothing of what them seem in the public arena (until now). Not that I disbelieve them in the main, but reading too much of the same genre in one session can be too much. Or perhaps, my perceptions of reading tolerance are being screwed with. Or perhaps that so much seems faked that I need to retreat and ponder it all. In the least, I am an numerology agnostic, though he is not.

Though, I am not 100% convinced of the fake JFK assassination, but he does bring up many interesting anomalies that have not made it to the public domain before. Like, why were the crowds so sparse at Dealy Plaza. And why did the presidential motorcade stop three times enroute? It is also an interesting notion that LHO was given a black sweater to wear before he was "shot", possibly to mask the appearance of blood, as there wasn't any. Not in the article, but why on earth would Jack Ruby, an active organized crime member, volunteer to do in Oswald at police headquarters and then languish in jail? I have never figured that one out. The notion that JFK is alive and well and running the show from behind the scenes seems a little stretched. I don't know what all these high profile guys would do when suddenly removed from their normal habits, residence and family; I cannot imagine themselves being content to sit it out in a vacation residence for the rest of their days. Anyhow, what is the point of all these faked deaths, singly from Monroe, JFK, RFK, and so many others, all the way up to the Tate murders, Sandy Hook massacre and the Boston Marathon terrorism event? In the course of this infernal harassment, I myself have been subject to witnessing faked vehicle accidents in 2003 to 2006, as seen from driving by; e.g. such as missing crash vehicles long before the tow trucks arrived, so yes, nothing is what it seems. Except now, the faked events as researched and presented by Miles W Mathis, is at least another order of magnitude bigger.

[This paragraph was modified one day after publication, and the next paragraph was wholly added]
The perps certainly do like people to believe the wrong things, be they temporarily mis-heard words, long held concepts or world events, and this may relate to their information source, aka epistemology, research agenda. Too, they like to arrange misplaced emotion and beliefs especially toward figures that are seemingly dead but may in fact be alive. A related angle is to have family believe one of theirs died, but is in fact alive somewhere. In fact, the 9/11 events strongly suggest that Flight 77 did not crash into the Pentagon, which begs the question as to what happened to the passengers, and are they in some camp while their families believe they are dead. Certainly the mismanagement of the Vietnam POWs, some seeming to reside in Vietnamese prison camps long afterward suggests the same. Another very likely passenger/family separating event was the downing of KAL007 09-01-1983. According to Wikipedia, not always the most reliable source, it appears the aircraft was shot down, per Soviet fighter aircraft radio. Only 13 passenger remains were identified but 231 shoes, and no luggage or other personal effects. Later research (and here) suggests the aircraft landed or ditched and the passengers were removed, and the children were orphaned out and the adults imprisoned. All the search craft found on the water was their footwear and above mentioned remains. So what interests the perps about human connection when at least one party thinks the other is deceased? I don't know, but it seems to be a considerable part of their agenda.

(One can add war mortality onto this list as a significant item. Or how about that dumbshit stunt where the rescue officials of a mining disaster (this one?) got the survivors and the rescueds list mixed up and had informed families of the wrong outcome. A mistake it wasn't IMHO).

Anyhow, the latest is to have me get up late, 1000h, and not get functioning until 1200h, and then not eat lunch until dinner time and have only two main meals a day. Considering all the testing the perps do on when I eat something and the respective timing as to whatever else, why am I surprised? The latest is to have me "forget" to eat the breakfast time supplements until an hour after breakfast, that being around 1030h or so. All these delayed meals and differing times to ingest the next thing, and messing around with food colors is just so important to the perps of late. Possibly because I start a vineyard gig in three days time, which means little opportunity to piss with meal timing 5 days per week. We shall see. As always, starting a new job always brings trepidation as the assholes always create some kind of cognitive dissonance, enough to get my ass reamed out for something, even if trivial. Failing that, someone within earshot gets their ass reamed out. And if that weren't a regular theme, starting a new job means someting is going to go wrong for sure, with the same outcome. I don't get the impression my foreman-to-be has the greatest sense of humor or resilience. We shall see.

Anyhow, enough to get this posted and onto other managed and orchestrated ventures for this coming week.

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