Tuesday, January 03, 2017

2016 Harassment Wrap Up

With all the year end wrap ups  on TV, particularly the obituaries the perps like me to see, this is my version. Though I see a few more celebs passed away while at the First Feral Family house, and of course with its exposure to TV-land, something I abhor as it is such a manipulative medium. Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and George Michael, none of whom I followed to  any extent. In fact, I was flabbergasted that GM sold over 100 million albums as I had never followed his music and never heard much from him. In terms of celebrity mind-share (mine only), I put him in the same category as Prince; vacant pop. They did in David Bowie (IMHO) while I was here a year ago in early January, another celeb I didn't follow much as the act was more important than the music, which I didn't care for anyhow. (I am a folkie mostly).

In 2016, the perps;
-gave me prostate cancer and pulled his relevation on my daughter's birthday- thanks assholes.

-and in continuing this, no one in the First Feral Family seems to give a shit, or has any sustained interest in what I am doing about it. I have half a mind to eat pounds of sugar each day and call this bullshit abuse-athon done. And of course, naturopathic treatments serve to drain my limited financial resources, even if it is supplements and not those god-awful chemo poisons. Just the usual; fuck the victim some more, and in every way, this time have him run through $10k.

-my perp abetting father died, though he of 14 year's Alzheimer's sufferance, and from whom I received the $10k. And an obstinate Luddite before that, and of no major support after age 12. He isn't missed.

-my health care was interfered with yet again; the testosterone and DHEA medications were woking great until they got pulled by the doctor because of the above mentioned prostate diagnosis. Back in 04-2002 I was on a ADD medication that was very helpful and the assholes pulled an almighty stunt that had this medication pulled.

-on the related dopamine deficiency front (the essence of ADD), I have been blown off by 4 doctors in 2016, and due to the prostate cancer diagnosis I didn't get back to testing "periperhal pathways" (not the brain) for this until late December. I haven't yet got the results, and presently ponder if they got lost in the mail somehow, which might be another $250 wasted.

-and I find out that dopamine deficiency is associated  with prostate cancer for crissakes, only in 11-2016, not that any doctor told me. How I will  be effectively treated is still a mystery, as dopamine deficiency treatment tolerance is a real problem; ask any Parkinson's patient.

-and it the course of my recent dopamine research I see that dementia, imbalance and other complaints of old age are likely causal. So what to I do; go into old age knowing the landscape is fucking hell health-wise, or eat pounds of sugar and bail on this? Never mind the relentless perp abuse and insane harassment that has every prospect to continue.

-the perps had a big research/harassment accomplishment sometime in mid-2016; they pulled  a plasmic fireworks show in the running shower, a sign of complete neural pathway control (they tell me). I suspect this was my attention pathway, as they never seem to script noise anytime my attention is diverted to something else, either me "cycling" to another pending activity or else a planted distraction. Note that these plasmic fireworks events happen after an electromagnetic fluctuation ("kick') in my proximity. This would of been the shower door closing as it has a magnetic latch. And past such plasmic fireworks have also been accompanied by such a EMF "kick"; turning on my PC one time as an example. Do the perps now have total control of me now? I don't know, as they have been so close for so long that I gave up monitoring their noise games each time my attention switched.

-my long wanted gig with a commercial winery turned into a minor bust, 10 to 11-2016. The assholes set me up for failure by remotely applied neural fuckery at least 20x/week, and add in the forklift stunt, and the wine spill stunt, and the seeming operative who wrapped up my power cords twice for no seeming reason, I could never be allowed to get things done in a timely and  efficient manner.

-that, and the still continuing fuckery, and it seems the perps were bound and determined to make me stupider in 2016. And it seems they are continuing in this vein, having me "forget" the obvious, stumble on normal words etc. And when they begin such a sustained campaign, they don't let up. Old age beckons they say. Pass the sugar I say.

Anyhow, nothing too uplifting here, but I wanted to get it on the record.

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