Monday, May 11, 2015

Text Message Recipient Arrivals

I was responding via text messaging to the boss lady yesterday, her preferred method of remote communication, and she arrives as I was creating the message, This occurred twice yesterday, and in this TI World of arranged coincidences, that must be the perps looking for some kind of  common psychic signature of communicating, via text or live person to person or in past instances, phone and email.

I was on bark mulching work today, and I got a helper, a 20 y.o. girl; in shorts, and it was difficult to miss her lovely legs all day today. It does make me wonder what the perps' objectives are that they must arrange this, and no doubt, all other women's legs comparisons. And they have me stare at my legs at other times, particularly when newly waxed and/or tanned. I don't have a clue what this is all about.

I made three trips to the place where they sell the bark mulch in the vineyard owner's pickup truck. On the last load (to be), why, someone had scooped the rest of that particular dark blackish kind. I asked the loader operator if there would be more soon, and so we went to the office where the manager was detained on the phone for five minutes before we got to speak with him. Normally, the staff at these kind of places the staff would tell me to go (alone) to the office while they got on with other duties. But as this loader bucket is huge (fills a pickup truck with one bucket), the tires are 7' tall, I suppose the perps needed me to stand side by side with this guy, a pleasant fellow, even if his hair was down to his shoulders. And we know who is nuts about rubber tires, and the bigger the better.

All manner of instruction variations on this bark mulch distribution; the boss lady instructed my helper on some tasks, me on others (that the helper wasn't working on), and then the helper instructed me when I helped on a task she was on after mine finished. As mentioned before, where/who I get my information from is of intense perp interest, aka epistemology, 

Epistemology is the study of our method of acquiring knowledge. It answers the question, "How do we know?" It encompasses the nature of concepts, the constructing of concepts, the validity of the senses, logical reasoning, as well as thoughts, ideas, memories, emotions, and all things mental. It is concerned with how our minds are related to reality, and whether these relationships are valid or invalid.
The definition from this link; The Importance of Philosophy. I have yet to map epistemology with research with respect to quantum energy, psychic energy and whatever other themes the perps like to beat on.

And what is with this legal music download site? Thre times I had to ask them to add to my account, then some files have no songs, then FLAC format is 0, when MP3 files are normal size.

An emerging pattern emerged with respect to the perps interest in having me listen to music, as well as acquire it from various sources and formats. I get a CD in the mail, play it (spinning disc in player), then digitize (rip) it, and then listen to it from a FLAC file via this here PC, but via the same player which connects to the PC to play files as well. Then the legal download purchase "urge" comes on, and I duly purchase other albums, sometimes by the same performer, and listen to them. I don't understand why the perps are so cranked as to where I get my music from and in what form.

More downloading music fuckery; the very two of eight that wanted to download, "happened" to have an erroneous spec indicating that the file was empty. All the rest of NG's download files were fine. This will make it the third support "issue"/jerkaround sent this past week. Seems like they want me to get to know them, even if it is from an anonymous sender, i.e. "admin".

I was packing a pallet of wine cases this morning aka "building it" from different kinds per purchase order. As long time readers will know, the perps are possessed/obsessed over all things cardboard (and by extension, brown), and as well as pallets too. Nearly everything we purchase comes via pallets and cardboard boxes, and I suppose that these all contribute some kind of energetic signature to the contents in the boxes and pallets.

More bark mulch from the supplier arrived, and so I did bark mulching in the afternoon, no helper today. This is a black colored blend, and it seems that coal dust has been added to it, as this dust comes off and it has that particular smell. More perp research into "earth energies" it would seem, be they in the bark and from deep below in the coal seams from where it was mined.

A sunny day, but I was kept inside at the warehouse as a large amount of orders were getting packed at once. The orders were for wine club members, and as many as 200 cases were made up the same. I was with the boss lady, another tasting room staff member, and a part time tasting room staff member. Later, the first and the last moved on for the last hour of packing and were substituted for a younger female and her boyfriend, with the same first name as mine. This added to the FUD-scape (FUD, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) immensely, as whenever someone called for "John", both of us were immediately at attention, and yet only one of us was the person in mind.

There were plenty of cluster fucks and "get-in-my-way" stunts while working with three others in limited working space, as well as walking over where I had just stood, ass-in-face, clustering around me or closing in on me from close proximity, Been there, done that, just different perpetrators on with the same script.

Garbage day at the winery, and the all too perfunctory instructions "you got five minutes to get it in the pick up".  What is this upbraiding all about, as in subtle rudeness to the victim? The perpetual victim, as in 13 years worth. Solution; come to work early on Fridays.

My music downloads went very fast this morning; 3 minutes for a CD instead of 2 hours like for the last week, similar size. That meant I got it done, instead of protracting it and having my PC on all during the day.

Boxing, and deliveries; one last night from the landlord who heaved them in front of my door at about 2000h when out with the riding lawn mower. As it "happened", I was busy in the bathroom and thought it was another door pounding from the perps, and lo, if my parcel didn't stay outside all night, discovering it in the morning when about to take the garbage out. And what is that so many people insist on being so rude or abrupt? The landlady often keeps me up to date with text messages and could of easily done so.

More cardboard boxes to move out of the pick up truck this morning at work....

When I returned to my residence, more deliveries, though in plastic pouches, no boxes. The replacement Bosch batteries arrived from Amazon last night, and both charge. So the old pair go back in a brown box to them. The perps get no end of mileage out of batteries, an unbalanced dipole in energetics-speak.

I was doing de-surckering on the vines today with the boss lady to make sure I got it down right, which is OK by me. ;We lift up the carton and strip off all the shoots (suckers) so there are only a few at the first trellis wire. Near the end of the day she encountered a large snake in the cartons which protect the young vines. Thankfully it just sat there and didn't move or make any defensive action.

Vines in milk cartons

An easy job, right? Not so in TI World in where they impose finger/motor control fuckery to slow me down as well as infuriate me for a better etheric interaction (me thinks). The perps also arrange the shoots to snag on the cartons when I replace them, and sometimes snap the shoot off, the very thing that needs to be preserved.

Saturday, and for some curious reason, the perps had me awaken at 0600h.  The laundry at the laundromat is one of their favorite harassment themes/sites. They even put on a skinhead to stalk me at grocery store, popping up at least 6x in 10 minutes. One of the "pop ups" was when I speaking with the almost-too-close young woman staff member who was helping me through the endless supplements choices, and then this freak pops into view. I had been monitoring his seeming shopping habits, and this was a totally gratuitous freak pop-out. I let the skinhead go well ahead of me at the checkout buy doing some more shopping. Then at the checkout, why, it was the same woman staff member who helped me out. I haven't had such obvious grocery store staff stalking as this before.

All this morning while doing errands while my laundry was on the go, I had no end of extra aircraft coverage, even a team  formation of the same aircraft, possibly P-58 Mustangs, four in yellow, the trailing one a blue color, a blue yellow. Also, the blue, yellow and white A-star helicopter, and later, the passenger aircraft, two Q-400's.

There was plenty extra vehicular gangstalking coverage while on errands; major red colors, possibly because I washed my vehicle yesterday evening at the car wash which had red colored detergent foam coming from the foam brush. And lo, if my R hand wasn't still colored from the foam somehow.

And the couple who run the laundromat were busy folding red sheets this am when there.

A 2.25 hour nap-attack this afternoon, and an hour of tea making and drinking to recover from it, feeling so wasted from mid-day naps, just at the perps like it.

I finally cleaned up the myriad papers on the floor, consolidating 2014 files with the archive from last year. The perps put on simultaneous motorcycle noise and hot-rod muffler noise, presumably to do their deeper mind-mapping games

An afternoon start hike today, on a regular trail, and what is it with this deep fuschia (??) unnatural) hair color?
 Red Hair colors Blue Eyes

I met four parties on the hike, and in each instance, a woman had a similar hair color (above pic from a hair color website and was not one of the on-trail red-hair "girl gang").

I had one tailing party on the way up, and lo, if they didn't arranged themselves 100' behind me on the way down. I haven't known any party to catch up to me on a trail, and somehow they pulled this off along with their adroit timing.

The last party was two women in each in black tights, and both with no blouse but with black brassieres, standing beside some sage and taking pictures. (I have seen women in Europe hike in brassieres, so I didn't think too much of it.) One had the above red hair, and the other was blonde. I thought they were in-bound, as I was headed back to the trail head.

My usual exit from the trail by myself wasn't to be. The perps pulled a loud rattlesnake noise beside the trail and I backed off, only to encounter the tailing couple. There was an alternate route out, and so they and I re-traced our route, only to encounter the two women now with tops on. As it "happened" they had explored the alternate route, but the gate was locked. They assured me that the snake was likely gone, and if we stamped our feet it would flee. With me in the lead, and the red dyed hair "girl gang" (three women, two with red hair, one blonde, and one guy) walked on and lo, there was no rattlesnake noise. That whole stunt just to have me in proximity to two other parties with this particular darker shade of unnatural red hair. Go figure.

Enough for a posting and to start a new week of who know what perp arranged beserk-ness.

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