Monday, May 04, 2015

Not Until the Fire Truck Comes By

My vehicle was in for a new valve cover gasket and was to be an hour. Open at 0800h, so I figured that I could make it to work at 0915h.  No sirree, we want you to fume an extra hour while we inexplicably take our time.

At about 0930 I looked in the shop and my vehicle wasn't there. I asked at the counter and they looked too, and said there was "paper work to be done". Another half hour goes by, and all the while the ambulatory gangstalking circus parade goes on around me while seated in the customer waiting area. Then the fire truck goes by outside, sirens and lights flashing, and within 5 seconds of that stunt, they tell me my car is ready. Thanks a fucking bunch.

Among the staff at the shop/dealership, the usual queasy looks, no explanation as to why a hour job became at two hour job when it was the first one of the day. No sorry, or any excuses, just the stares of the discomforted staff who attended to my bill. I had a quote, and they stuck to that, not billing me for the extra hour. But why did the paper work take 30 minutes and where was my vehicle all that time as it wasn't in the shop or lot?

And we know it is a big deal for the perps to have me make a financial transaction, so perhaps an hour of fuming and then the flashing light show was just what the assholes wanted. Then again, maybe the perps have their shop somewhere in town.

The concurrent events to the above was that I was to drive to my employer's vineyard, my regular job, and then proceed 5 km further for the tractor driver who drove it to a repair shop. But owing to all of the above chicanery, I was of no help, as he got the tractor repaired and was back to the vineyard about the same time I arrived. That exercise served to have me communicate at least 6x via text messages as to my expected return time, where to pick him up etc.

And what was the point of this background drama, except to piss me off all the more?

I felt bozo-ified today, cognitively clobbered and not allowed to know much.I had been case flipping all last week, and "somehow" forgot, and was about to flip a pallet load that was already flipped. Never have I been so uncharacteristically been so stupid as to not know what I did for the majority of the prior week.

I was labelling wine bottles for much of the day; a particular run was in 500ml bottles and sealed with glass stoppers. The bottling and labeling machine could not apply these particular stickers over the stopper, so it had to be done by hand. The  red headed girl of last week came back to help out, and for once I wasn't the slowest person on this task. It seemed that my workmate was slower, but he did have other distractions like moving pallets with the forklift etc. conferring with the owners as to the best orientation of the labels etc. Time without fail, the perps make me the slowest one of any endeavor, from vineyard to winery and anything else where there is a valid comparison, and for the first time ever in all this insane abuse, I wasn't the slowest.

"Boxing day" of a kind; I am the assigned garbage-hand, the one that arranges the refuse and recycling alike and takes it all to the curb at the winery/vineyard. The corrugated cardboard was tied up into bundles and put at curbside. And lo, if the garbage pick up crew didn't take it, leaving a notice that it was too long, it could only be 3' long maximum, and this was 4.5'. And so I had to pull them back from the curb, and bring them back to the garage to sit out the weekend.

And later in the day, a large cardboard box with another one inside arrives, the contents of a online order I had made the previous week. The perps decided I needed a 18v grinder, when an AC grinder would of been 1/3 of the price of the total package, grinder, charger and batteries.

Saturday. and finally a visit to the drop in clinic, after a cluster fuck at 0900h to get in, and then a 40 minute wait, though most of it was spent elsewhere getting the laundry done at the laundromat. The medical receptionist is way cute and friendly, putting on some make-up for the first time in the three prior encounters. The perps like to do "slow build introductions", by having the person, if they are a repeating encounter, to have them without makeup (if female), and then progressively wear nicer outfits and makeup. I have no idea why, as the actual face-to-face encounter time cannot be more than a few seconds, as she has her head down most of the time, attending to particulars on the LCD display.
One of the previous medical assistant gave me heck for having an unreadable medical card, when it was readable a few months ago at the very same location and wasn't used anywhere else . As it turned out, the card was readable by way of the magnetic stripe, one of those inevitable after the fact rejoinders the perps deprive me of.

And lo, if I wasn't found to be anemic, or at least going by the test results, with a re-test to follow next week. And the reason for this supposed blood loss might be resolvable with a colonoscopy the doctor said. I knew this was coming as it "happened' to my brother in 2002, only two months before the assholes went berserk/overt in my apartment in 04-2002. And it "happened" to my sort of then-girlfriend within a few weeks of my brother's. Some 5 years later my brother had another one, and in 2013, my boss had one too. In the latter case, I drove her to the hospital, as it "happened" that her husband hadn't made it back by then, as ordinarily they kept their business and personal activities separate from mine. On the way there, not only was the vehicular gangstalking in full deployment, they even ran a vehicle down the wrong side of the road for 100' in busy traffic, outside the clinic where I was to drop her off. When I got back to the vineyard, two members from the vehicular gangstalking parade (one a brown colored vehicle), were parked in the driveway, blocking the gate. I had to get the mofo's to move, and asked them what they wanted, and said they were "chatting". They stayed blocking the driveway for at least 30 minutes afterward. I had never seen anything quite so deliberate as that, before or since.

And with the assholes moving me off drinking coffee by invoking this urination urgency problem, and toning down the chocolate intake, (but not enough by my standards), it is apparent that they are "de-browning" me, and a colonoscopy would be the ultimate de-browning event. Besides, who else can remotely invoke anemia, though, as the doctor put it, a "loss of blood". Since there isn't any apparent loss, why, it must be the real-time body invaders, not only of mind and action, but of all (or nearly all) physiologic processes. And particularly so with respect to brown substance processing, one of their most intensely researched subjects (of all animal species, not just us).

Going wrong of late;
  • Samsung phone.. lots of data exchanges that I seem to not be able to control
  • Bosch grinder came with a cutter disc that was bent in the section of a protected box for crissakes
  • Bosch's 18v battery two pack has only one of them fully rechargeable
  • Denon headphone headband broke up about three weeks ago, and so far, two inquiries to their service department and one to their parts department have drawn no response
  • no reply from a phone call about a tool that I am interested in
  • legal music file down loads are taking 10x the usual time today (and of course) I found out that after I purchased 11 albums, enabled by the new checkout (batch buying) feature. Formerly, it was a single album at a time.
  • A CD file had a read error on it and Exact Audio Copy took at least an hour to (successfully) read one track, when it normally does an album in less than 10 minutes
More "boxing day" action; taking the boxes from the recent amazon deliveries was a major gangstalking event at the recycling depot. One Fuckwit  did four back-and-forths in a semi berserk pattern that made no sense at all, he in the baggy shorts, part of a ridiculous black and white track outfit.

Enough for now, and to get this posted.

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