Monday, October 06, 2014

What Was the Boss Thinking

Monday, and always tempered by perp hi-jinx and yoga at the end of the day, which make my week bearable. In the latter instance the darling pixie instructor, so chipper and happy, makes "adjustments" of my (and all others in the class), yoga poses, and has admirable form herself. The lithesome blonde Star Girl, with three ridiculous tattoo stars on her left wrist was on my immediate L again, after been a regular on my R and four mats away at the opposite wall for the prior year. Her lanky and limby form is also something to behold, and there she was in a red tight top and black capris at the counter when I walked in. I see a new ring on her L hand, ring finger, and she did mention a guy's name to the lady at the desk when I came in, so I can figure that out easy enough. Anyhow, besides being a second looker in the class, I really don't find her that interesting, or at least, as the darling pixie instructor. The perps hammer me with imagery and name mention scenarios of the instructor all week, but as mentioned before, she is married and has a family and is not in any way entertained as any romantic interest. I find it interesting that the perps will name and image drop a certain attractive person in mind all week, but not others, say, Star Girl. At least they have my native preferences right.

Seven other women class members in all tonight, three new ones for some reason. No males for whatever reason, though they do arrive for the second class and as usual, like to cluster around my coat and shoes at the coat rack. Full moon tonight, maybe that is what got the perps going silly.

The boss and I pulled the forklift out of the soft ground today, but what a performance. It was stuck at an oblique angle to the driveway direction, and I thought it would be normal to pull it straight back and have me in the forklift to steer it into the middle of the road. But no, he seemed to think that pulling it sideways (90 degrees between the two vehicles) in the opposite direction would do. The tow line was short, and he got the the rear (pulling) tractor forks jammed into the forklift and the tow line tensioned exactly at the same time. So the tow line couldn't be undone, and he didn't have the freedom to move the tractor much. Another one of those, "what was he thinking" moments. Eventually, after doing this sideways shuffle, as in "pull and see what happens", the towline got some slack in it. I took it off and indicated that pulling it straight back would be best and he didn't appreciate that, nor did he seem to have any idea why I would want to add a second length of towline so his tractor forks could clear the towed forklift. I added the second towline anyhow, and lo, if the forklift didn't come free after a tow from the direction the wheels were pointed. Like I said before, I have never met someone so contrary and full of so many self-defeating behaviors/actions as he. I just don't know where he is coming from more often than not.

Suddenly the grape picking, five acres worth, is on just when I thought it would be next week at least. So.. I was dispatched to pick the Botrytis affected grape bunches, the ones the buyer doesn't want. It was very warm today, and the perps went berserk with harassment fuckery They had me:

  •  drop grapes at least 30x today, 
  • scrambled me as to what row I was on, 
  • invoke other perceptual reverses
  • run over a plastic picking bucket by "mistake"
  • put my pruners into the trellis wire, attempting to cut the steel wire at least 20x on the day, and
  • made me a fumbling wreck for the first two hours, like I never handled pruners before.
And a few vocalized rage-ifications to go with the above. And arranging noise all the time; single engine aircraft, motorcycles, loud mufflers, etc.

I was totally frazzed over the day, not to mention them delaying lunch until 1300h, no mid morning break (as in food intake fuckery), no water intake until the delayed lunch and a colossal crap, non-toilet blocking thankfully, at the end of the day.

And why is it I am only allowed a one time access to my email each of the last two nights? I want to print an attachment to an email and it blows up, dumps me out out of Chrome (the only browser that will display my Yahoo email correctly now), and then Chrome won't restart until the next day.

I was getting back to teenage boy infatuations of a certain female singer with the initials of LR on YouTube, and she was doing a show with an orchestra with three other female singers beside her, and for a particular number, the bubble machine starts up. And just as the singers are beginning the song, LR starts laughing and doubles over and looses all her composure and cannot resume. The orchestra is stopped, and LR mentions "killer bubbles", and the bubble machine gets turned off or moved. They restart the song with the orchestra, and no mention is made as to what was the source of LR's mirth. I didn't think anything more about it, though I wondered why they didn't edit it out. I never thought about this peculiar episode for the rest of the evening. But, it wasn't over; as part of the perturbed sleep pattern running for the last few days, why, the perps wake me up at about 0400h the next morning, and tell me that bubbles had floated up LR's dress, hence her hilarity and the remark. Like WTF; I hadn't thought anything more about it that evening, and would never of done so the next day, but the perps seemed to think I needed to "know" (very possible that it did happen, but how would I know). Just a fleeting example of what passes for "normal" mind abuse, in all its absurdities.

Alarm clock sabotage in the night, and I checked it twice before going to bed. I got up an hour later, and had no time to do a chest and torso shave this am. It is the day (Wednesday) the cleaning lady comes to clean the vineyard owners house, and as it "happens" 90% of all alarm clock fuckovers are on Wednesdays. Something about those teflon rub strips on the razor insert seems to cause the perps problems.

More picking grapes today, but at least the assholes didn't render me into such a klutz. Maybe only 20 dropped bunches or my pruners. And at least 50% less rage-fications during the day, though they made up for at during dinner preparation when a quarter cup of water suddenly ejected from a plastic bag in the fridge; it was keeping the basil moist and I had no idea that there was that much in there. After that, a few more water messes erupted, and some cooking oil flickings and spillings. The latest perp stunt is to hide a piece of prepared food under the rim of the frypan on the stovetop while the pan is on the burner and cooking the rest of the same food item. This has "happened" at least 10x in the last two weeks, and I am fanatic about crumbs and morsels and not having any around, but somehow they arrive under the frypans' rim.

A vehicle break-in overnight; a flashlight and two pens were the only apparent stolen item. They put three albums on my seat after finding them in the center console, with the CD's in them no less. It seems they didn't like Basia Bulat, as that was the only artist for all three albums. My player deck was intact, not even touched it would seem, and they didn't even pop the trunk lever to rummage around there. This ruined my timing to visit the blood lab at 0730h, and I had even forgot about it until it was too late.

I had a new swamper/helper at work today, he from Quebec originally, and with major fugly tattoos all over his forearms. Having a do-rag on his head didn't help either in the Unfavored Features department. The perps put on a Sea King helicopter pass today, a Canadian military aircraft that they must of flown from Sidney, near Victoria, where they have a squadron. Like WTF; they fly in a marine aircraft 400 miles inland to "visit" me. I had countless Sea King flypasts when I lived in Victoria from 2003 to 2011.

After work, my swamper needed a lift, so I drove him to Okanagan Falls and dropped him off there. I took Hwy 97 and had an RCMP tail ahead of me, doing the ususal deranged civilian motorist behavior of travelling over the shoulder line, tailgating the vehicle in front (silver grey Honda sedan), and excessive and pointless brakings, presumably to show me his red tail lights.

Tonight, screaming rage shows over Excel and formats blowing up, printing blowing up etc.

A freakshow at the laundry on a rare Thursday evening laundering to prepare for the weekend work.

My email was shut down again on three different browsers, couldn't email the boss' spreadsheet I had spent two hours on.

The boss took over the "shopping" for winery supplies, and to no surprise as he has been totally avoidant on this topic for the last three weeks when I first put the list together for him. And lo, if he didn't disregard the stated supplier in the list and get "substitute" supplies at the local winery supplies discounter, though I haven't yet seen the wreckage yet to know exactly what he got. Earlier this year he got generic bentonite for fining the wine over my strenuous objections, and lo, if it didn't cost him 80L in wine as it didn't settle fast enough. Besides, he saved himself a whole $10 I reckon. And why do I get afflicted with such short term thinkers time after time, job after job? Never, ever, have I been allowed to work with a disposition-for-action high accomplishment employer, when it is my native workplace disposition and synergistic niche?

The last day of the major part of the grape harvest today. Plus some of the red grape vines were picked today. The boss pulled another pissy fit over fuck all, but that is not unusual.

And I see that due to email access obstructions, last night and today at work when I had a chance to get online, caused an missed job interview fuck-up. I gave the prospective employer my cell phone number and told them it was the best way to get in contact as I was very busy, and what do they do? Send me two emails that I could not get access to. Funny how that keeps happening, these constant miscues over meeting someone, and in this case it might be the end of my new job prospects.

And of course, all day today, the perps kept feeding me notions of new job possibilities and exiting the present liars/fools/per-worsity-club. And as of this evening, I don't know if that possibility is open, as they seem not to be responding in the evenings and won't phone me, when I had my phone on me all day and the carrier did NOT take down the network like they did two years ago at harvest time.

To keep this as a regular weekly event, I will post this tonight, and detail the follow-on events in the next posting.

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