Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thwarted Intentions Again, and Again

Working at the vineyard,  and I wanted to start fermentations, but the boss kept me busy all day on crushing more grapes, and still more to go. Why he had to crush three batches of red yesterday, and then have them sit for today, and likely tomorrow is beyond me. One of them was Cab. Sauv, and it got picked way too early, still with a high acid that I will need to reduce somehow. Another make work project no doubt, the perps' specialty

A formal blood sample this morning, and I got to likely view one of the Psychopathic operatives, this 60 y.o. fucker was giving me the stare across the waiting room, and again when I was exiting. And crossing the room from his chair to look at the magazines beside me to shuffle through them and then not select anything. That spells Perp Asshole to me. Bringing in operatives to stare at me no less, while the ten or so "locals", many dressed in red, all had their heads down, per usual. And lo, if they didn't come in red vehicles, a copper colored vehicle, and maybe a brown one too. They take  your health care card as part of their new procedure. Good trick that, having someone's wallet contents while they are in the room.

Yesterday, a job interview at a winery in the Naramata area, and all seemed to go OK, if not leading me to understand that I had the job no less. The job is winery work, called a cellar hand in the jargon of the business. Just before I departed from the current job, a mighty wind sets up in the valley to cover me on my way, while at the interview and on the way back. This being Thanksgiving Day in Canada, about a month earlier than in the US.

I told the boss that I had the job and he seemed all happy about that, as he prompted me to look for cellar hand jobs two weeks ago.

And what is it about the Mexican connection in all of this reign of abuse? I saw Frida, 2x in the severe abuse Fuckover days of 2002, I worked with visa Mexican farm workers in 2009, 2010, 2011 and have a new found interest in Mexican music (at least three different artists, plus LR of last weeks' posting),

Today, the boss goes pissy on me, I am to turn down the job or I won't be allowed on the property again. I have 24 hours to "think" about it.I know I have mentioned this theme before, but what was the boss thinking if he didn't have a back up plan for my absence? Bizarre.

This morning, the boss asked me what my decision was, and I said I would go with the job offer, though he somehow "forgot" about his threat.

A total setup/jerkaound over the job offer as a cellar worker at a larger commercial winery this afternoon. Earlier in the week I told the boss that today, a Thursday, would be my last day. And at the 11th hour and about ready to leave for good, why, I check my now (as of this week) functional email via my phone, and lo, there is the fateful email to say that they hired someone else with a whole lot more experience. (When the job ad said high school graduation was sufficient). In other words, I was gamed; a job that I thought I had was withdrawn, never mind the long stream of plantedcognitive notions that supported it all work week. (For example, "what would my first day be like", "will I work morning or afternoon shift", "what gangstalking will be going on there", etc.)

And the mystery of the boss' behavior of promoting a job two weeks ago and then having no apparent back up plan in my absence is now solved. The whole thing was a setup from the get go. I had no intention of applying for a cellar hand job after early September because I didn't want to leave him high and dry. But he suggests that I look into cellar hand jobs two weeks ago, and then puts on this act about needing me when he must of known it was a total setup and jerkaround stunt.

I busted my ass all day today, and the perps kept hitting me with forced "forgets" over switching pump valves, the same fucking one each time when I swore I had done it.

A screaming rage show tonight; the chocolate bars somehow got wet in the shopping bag, and lo, if the gold painted wrapper didn't disintegrate into micro-sized gold flakes that had to be cleaned up. That was on the kitchen counter and stovetop, but they also mysteriously got onto my sweater arm, and so that had to be taken off and put into the laundry. I did a rare mid-week laundering again as the grape juice is so sticky and all over me each day. I am doing wine-making duties now, and making wine for the owner.

Payday today, and the bank/ATM parking lot stalkers were there in advance, one parking transverse to the parking stall lines and more perversely, said light grey monster Ford sedan was 100' away under an lamp standard. The vehicle wasn't near any business or other vehicles and the driver was sitting in the driver's seat. Don't these assholes have a day job?

And the follow-me dude at the ATM arrived in mid-transaction, and the perps made sure I took longer by dithering me in my command of the controls/buttons. And I see the assholes ran my account down to my last $15, and this is the paycheck I need to save for my rent in two weeks. No wonder my perp-abetting mother asked about financial help on the phone a few days ago. And how is it I am supposed to make ends meet? A wage of $14.50/hour doesn't cut it in this town when the Living Wage is $18/hour, (each, for two wage earners in a household). And what is the reason for the perps to grind me down to a paycheck-to-paycheck existence? This is agriculture for crissakes, the bottom of the pay scale, as affirmed by hiring Mexicans from Mexico on annual visas and paying them $10.33/hr. Long time readers will know that the perps have ground me into overdraft situations in 2007, 2008 and 2009, and only the farm work saved my ass from my meagre disability (har, har) income. This time it is full time farm work, and the expenses to go with it.

After rent and food, the biggest expense is a vehicle of course, and one needs it to get to work on farms and vineyards. So where is all this forced penury going? Perhaps it is to seed Fear, as in the perps's FUD mandate. (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt; said to be the unofficial customer treatment credo of IBM salesmen).

Winery work today; plenty more forced "forgets" and dithering of my fine motor control today, though not as bad as yesterday. Plenty of snaggings of wires and hoses, and they did allow the pressure washer to run for the most part. I finally got the white wine juice clarified and then the pump jammed up. Another dismantle job, and surely most TI's know that the perps are obsessed with liquid transfers, e.g. hoses, pumps, pipes, connection fittings etc.?  I finally got all five fermentations started, two completed today. I have a mountain of cleaning to do, and it will likely be there next week as the boss man won't deign to get his hands wet.

And a de-acidification job on the wine crush today, the perps making sure web-based sources were either vague or in imperial units. The perps often put up barriers to information access, and this was no exception. I am sure they got great mileage from forcing me to go online before going to work, and then viewing the same websites at work as well. I needed to find out how to de-acidify grape crush, as the boss senselessly picked one variety too early when he could of left it on the vine for two more weeks. He gets into self-induced panics and then applies the same mentality, i.e. grape picking, to all varieties. The boss is on a highly restrictive campaign to limit winery supplies, and it just "happened" that de-acidification supplies were on hand these three vintages, having being left from the former owner five years ago, and there when I first organized the winery, cum garage, in 2012. It amply demonstrates the perps are well organized and have a considerable planning horizon.

Saturday, and I drove to my workplace to do wine making work. Only for an hour as the owner is very expense conscious and wants the minimum extra working hours. That was "punchdowns" and measuring temperature and sugar levels (in Brix). Punchdown is the task of stirring the skins back into the juice as they get lifted up into a cap with active fermentation. Now that I finally got all five fermentations going, it requires regular attention. Besides, the perps just love it when I measure things, and put on extra noisestalking when I do so. That would be hot-rod muffler noise at the vineyard, being outside the city.

At the vineyard I was forced to park under a foliated cherry tree, as the sprinklers had been on when I arrived. It is perfectly normal to do so, as the vines have been without supplied irrigation for nearly two months. I did my winery work, and headed back to an extra vehicular gangstalking contingent; motorcycles, one flashing his headlight at me, to tell me that the police were ahead, which they were. The RCMP was parked on the side of the road, and lo, if he didn't do a 180 degree turn behind me with an intervening silver-grey vehicle in between. I suspect the perps were interested in the results, in whatever form that is, of my vehicle formerly parked under a tree. They often put on extra gangstalking when I pass under trees, and too, when hiking and transitioning from a treed area to an open one. The back-lane neighbor was also in on this, as he had the lane blocked with two vehicles, one towing a white trailer. He parked one pickup with a camper on it outside my residence, and the other pickup with trailer blocked any through access. I backed up and went around the opposite direction and got to park  in the opposite direction, something the perps find interesting in their all consuming study of all things anisotropic. [Different properties in different directions].

I had lunch, read some of the Fabric of Reality, and then got hit for a two hour nap attack in the afternoon. I had nine hours sleep last night to begin with, but someone figured I needed some more. And then onto laundry, which has been quite disrupted this past week as I have laundered twice in mid-week to deal with grape juice covered clothing. And lo, at the laundromat, they had a person (freak) wearing only their underwear there. presumably doing a total load.

Said freak (male, long hair in dreadlocks (three Unfavoreds)) in underwear, "happened" to have his laundry in the dryer below mine, and "happened" to cruise in close when I was about to depart. And my load somehow was unbalanced, which kept me there for an extra five minutes until the cycle could complete. Sabotaged washing machines are nothing new since the my TI world began in 04-2002, and there have been a number of laundry thefts along the way. Once, a Fuckwit stole my laundry and then was wearing one item of it when I happened to come by.

Upon my return to the laundromat, why, the freak and freakish girlfriend unloaded their dryer onto the floor and blocked access to my dryer above. Not only that, but a coffee slinging ball capped dude arrived and was chatting to them in French to slow the process down. Ergo, another ten minutes watching the TV in the corner until the laundry cum freakshow was over. A Fat Girl also came to grace the place for a few minutes, and worse yet, she had red hair (Unfavored).

I exited the laundromat and was about to back up my vehicle and lo, if a white pickup hauling a white trailer didn't "happen" to arrive and out pops a dude for whatever reason. The truck stayed put and there was enough room to exit, and lo, if the truck's headlights weren't on to illuminate me, aka, pit-lamping me when making my vehicular exit. To the perps, this would be "gravitational lensing", where, "According to general relativity, mass "warps" space–time to create gravitational fields and therefore bend light as a result." And no doubt it perturbs the etheric energy field, and too, the extra magnetic radiation they stream at me all day and night. With reference to the latter, I have measured a magnetic field of 200 Gauss, in 2002 when all this insane abuse began, and sometime in 2009 or so when a purported local TI showed me her equipment she used to detect anomalous radiation. In the latter instance, the meter registered some 1600 Gauss; one could deduce that I am constantly kept in a densified energy field of multiple origins.

Back in the perps' pre-overt/berserk days when I lived in Seattle (year 2000) I had a SPECT scan on my brain to determine if I had Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), which I did. Also showing up on the surface of the cortex was this wavy look, called "scalloping" in the clinical term, and the report suggested that possible reasons were drug abuse, heavy smoking or toxic chemical exposures. Since none of those applied in my case, it left me mystified as to what would cause it. Well, now that I know I have been harassed and have lived in a Potemkin Village all my life, (as in totally arranged), such brain anomalies might well be from being irradiated all my life. I shall put the scan here sometime when I get my records from Victoria, assuming someone hasn't pilfered them, which has happened in the past.

Sunday, and a trip to the vineyard/winery to set things right and do punchdowns. Nowhere near the level of vehicular gangstalking there was on this same short visitation yesterday, not having parked under a tree.

Afterward, a shut-in day, and doing my September month end accounting, as the Assholes won't let me get this done daily.

Anyhow, nothing too exciting to report and so to post this one.

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