Sunday, September 21, 2014

Milka Bar Emulation

I  had tea and two 100g Milka bars before heading off to yoga.

The instructor pixie was in good form, and I haven't had a class with her for 4 weeks due to holidays and instructor substitution. Only three class members, which is most strange as there has been 10 to 15 regularly. One Fat Lady in leopard skin outfit for crissake, and the woman with the near square ass. the Fat Lady has been three times before, and I assume is a new regular member of the yoga gangstalking scene. She has an unerring knack of putting her coat next to mine on the rack, it being 3' long and with no other coats. She has pulled this each time, aided by all the others in the class and the next class following in not using the coat rack for some strange reason.

Anyhow, on the way back from yoga class there is this kid running down the road in the the opposite lane, some 4' from the yellow center-line. Strange to be sure, as I routinely get jaywalkers, but no, this kid was running straight down the street toward me. As I get closer I see he is a negro with a lavender colored sweater on and black pants. And have we not done this before, dressing up a negro in the same clothing top color as a Milka chocolate bar with prior consumption (just before yoga) of the same?

Why yes, we have, perhaps a year ago now, four blocks away on this same street a pedestrian negro woman in a lavender sweater or coat and a black skirt, "happened" to be at the corner when I arrived in my vehicle on my way to work one morning. I waited for her to cross in front of me, and when done, I pulled away, crossing paths in the all too-common gangstalking action. Only 1.5 hours earlier I had consumed a Milka chocolate bar with the identical lavender color packaging with breakfast, my then common food for that time, eaten while drinking my coffee. As mentioned in the past, negroes are rare as hen's teeth here, and I find it to be an astonishing coincidence they are dressed in identical colors to that of a Milka chocolate bar packaging having consumed same 1 to 2 hours earlier.

At work, a trip to the local dump, meaning landfill/recycling center with the boss. He isn't good for much manual labor, so I do the heavy lifting for him. We were also hauling a Uhaul trailer that he had used to bring up more belongiings from Vancouver. And so I got to drive to each part of it; refuse (everything else), metals, papers, wood, cardboard, e-waste, etc. That we spent 30 min. for it to open up at 1000h wasn't a fluke either, as the perps like to keep me in place, as much as they like to parade garbage trucks past me or drive over my parking location at this residence. And today, I got to visit the dump itself, sans intermediary garbage trucks. Two weeks ago they had three garbage trucks in file ahead of me in the organized vehicular gangstalk along with other vehicles. So perhaps they are "getting their garbage on", so to speak.

It was a Tuesday that should of been a Monday. The forklift, new to the vineyard, is to be the means to put unneeded items in a shipping container some 200`away. And so I did my very first fork-lifting, picking up a piece of filtration equipment that isn't working and won't be used for wine-making in the coming months. All went well, though I am much slower than an experienced driver and the perps scrambled me at least twice on each lever, the lift and the mast angle (tipping back to make the load more secure). And yes, there is much more to it than meets the eye, but I suppose if the perps have had me covetous of fork-lifting and driving one for the the past six years, this was a big day for them. And so it was, I even unloaded it into the shipping container and backed it up to then move the wheeled item into the container. When I went to restart the forklift, why it wouldn't restart, and its barely-there battery gave up. The good news was that it wasn't blocking the driveway or anything else important, though the bad news was that it was unavailable for other activities were planned.

So I had to do a lot of hand hauling, moving 1000L wine tanks on a pallet jack not meant for rough ground, and with a small adverse incline.

And while later, I broke a bottle of wine, which made a mess, which invited the fruit flies to buzz around me even if it was all cleaned up.

Then the power washer wouldn't start, and have I mentioned how often power washers go wrong in my proximity? (Many of the shift keys are doing something odd, so there won`t be much correct grammar). Probably not this year, but with two down, and a third one that was repaired this spring, I was due to take on a fourth one. It worked, and then I shut it down, and then attempted to restart it and it would start, either electrically or manually (engine pump runs on gasoline, but the heater for the power washer runs on diesel.

Tonight, I am totally tired for some reason, as I usually recover quickly from manual labor.

A this-and-that day after a morning consult with the boss about how he wants to make the Pinot Blanc wine for 2014. He wants to add a non-fermentable sugar after it has fermented to dryness. (No residual sugar). I have been telling him to reserve some 15% of the juice and put it in a freezer until March or so and then add it back in to sweeten the wine, then use a sterile filter to stop any further yeast action. This way, all the luscious fruit flavors come into play, as well as the accompanying aromatics. He said no, for no good reason, even if he has a friendly farm neighbor who keeps a cooler running over winter for his apple storage. I must say my boss is very inventive and fluent with excuses, though he sometimes gets the facts blurred and merges two years' worth of relevant events and makes is seem a cogent rationale. I term his ability as a "good denial skill set". Like today, and to top it off he flagrantly brags that our Pinot Blanc is better than xzy's. I did not remind him that they won a Lieutenant Governor General's award for their Pinot Blanc last year and although we didn't compete then, our two recent competitions drew no awards. The funny thing is that he thinks he is convincing, when he isn't, especially when he does artful fact merging from two separate vintages of the same wine. In other words, I hit the wall in terms of making rational progress.

My boss also told me that we might have 8 tons of low sugar grapes from one section as it gets less sun than the rest of the vineyard. It is at 14 Brix when 18 Brix is the usual acceptable minimum. I also reminded him that this is common in Germany, and if they don't make sekt (like champagne), they take a "sweet reserve" and add it back in before bottling to counter the higher acid, just like I mentioned in the above paragraph. And still he wouldn't budge for no good reason, and the one that he gave was a total BS stunt. And why is it I get so very many bosses, (some 20 in number over the years) who sit there like stick-in-the-muds for no good reason and obstruct reasonable (to me) forward progress? And ditto for the ex, some 20 years worth of being a "power ditz" especially when it was clear that a new direction was in order. I just don't get it as to why I am surrounded with sandbags, a term from the dictionary to mean obstructing, usually by stealth.

The boss pulled a total rude-ass help himself stunt this morning, choreographed to the micro-second. He was in the house and I pulled up in the ATV outside the house to get some of his supplies he needed. While getting the supplies, he emerges from the house, getting in my way, and puts his coat on while his back was facing me, and then turns around and gets into the ATV driver's seat while it was still running. Obviously I left it there idling in the driveway for a brief stop, which it was, and he then takes over and tells me to hop in. Fucking rude, and just one more of the same I get in public.

There was to be big rain today, but only fairy spatters, one when the son-in-law came with the 500L wine tank he borrowed, covered in a green (polyethelene) tarp. And tarps have been the rage today, and yesterday. So many things to cover up and then others that are shredded after one year outside and needed to be disposed of at the dump (Monday, per above mentioned trip there). I had to pack a number of them away this morning in plastic boxes inside the shipping container, identical color and make of tarp.

The winery supply technical expert was strangely terse over the phone today and yesterday. I asked about pectic enzymes of which there are some 15 products they sell, and she says to use the one we used last year. Well we could, but there are some identified for white wine, what we will be making mostly, and might these be more appropriate? And it was two years ago when we last purchased pectic enzyme, so are there any other products that might be better? I had three of these "tersities" (from the word terse; adjective,1.effectively concise; brief and pithy, as language. or 2.abruptly concise; curt; brusque). Anyhow, she did spoof me once last year over something unrelated to the above phone discussions, so call her done; I do the research on wine making products and I call in my order. End of the enological educational component coming from her direction.

And what is it that serves the perps for the above stage shows that are so consistent; friendly and helpful at first (meeting in person no less in 2012), and then over three vintages, the arrangement becomes more perfunctory (defn.adjective 1. performed merely as a routine duty; hasty and superficial: 2. lacking interest, care, or enthusiasm; indifferent or apathetic).

And of course along the way, someone might mention her name, and the trajectory is such that someone who I once thought of a valued information source becomes more of an order taker.

I got hit with an hour nap attack this evening; I had read some of the book, "The Fabric of Reality" by David Deutch, and was reading a few sections I found interesting, (not starting at the beginning), and this wave of de-energization came over me as I digested some of the snippets of interesting quantum energy, multi-universes etc. And have I not complained about nap attacks coming when I start into a book, particularly if it is germane to the perp's objectives, or in the field of viticulture where I now hang my hat? Why, it was the last posting (last week).

Payday and at the ATM today it was unlike the last two identical visits where there was no gangstalkers for the only two times they haven't covered me at an ATM in over 12 years. Why, a jocular male cluster arrived behind me at the ATM, when depositing a paycheck and getting some cash out. This is what I call a "cheersing" stunt (after the show Cheers) where they just "happen" to come across long lost pals, and cut into jokes and the like. If that wasn't ridiculous enough, one of them, the native Indian, tailed me out of the bank and to my vehicle where he "happened" to meet another long lost pal, replete with a handshake. A repeat of the exercise (in part) inside, now outside and while I was seated at my vehicle, getting ready to back it up into the lane.

The seamstress didn't get my ripped sheet mended even if she promised it would be done in a week. Am I supposed to believe this pathetic excuse, "I saw your car driving by and I had just started it"? Yes, it was out, but nothing got done and how do you know which car I drive, and how did you know I was going to stop (further along)?

Some more digging in picking (apples) bins at work. All this exotic hardware and supplies, e.g. two dimensional materials (TDM), and I am supposed to know what to do with it? The spouse came out to help me, so at least some things were identified, but these little furnaces, metering devices, blending devices etc. were from a past when he was working on nano-materials in Texas.

A 2-4D herbicide stink from 20' of lawn that I cross to my vehicle or back. And lo, dandelions are growing strange with helical stems. And it is true that 2-4D does not harm grasses (mono-cotyledons, monocots for short) in the botanical parlance), but will accelerate growth enough to cause di-cotyledons (most all other plants) to accelerate growth. (What do you think is in those magic substances to help your plants grow for your vegetable garden?) Anyhow, the perps have a serious minded herbicidal effects objective in their program, and I have made note of it in some blog postings. Though to be fair it doesn't happen every day that I know of.

A strange repeat of plasmic striations, today, this time while in the foul plume of a older VW diesel as I exited the specialty foods store. Said asshole who drove it "happened" to be waiting for this big opportunity, as he exited the store when I arrived. He didn't return and tail me inside, but instead sat in his vehicle for the 10 minutes while I was inside, and timed crossing my path with the plume of particulate emissions and odors that is the hallmark of older diesel vehicle engines. And while this "happened" these 45 degree purple plasmic striations erupted around me, and tailed me into my vehicle. There were much brighter than the "usual" venetian blind like patterns that I get, as each striation was regularly discontinuous; 4" of plasmic light about 3mm wide with a 4" break in this pencil line of light, and then a lighted section, alternating. And there were at least 8-10 pefectly parallel striations high. They covered me with this identical set of beams the day before while entering my residence.

One more day to the fall Equinox, always a little more perp activity then. Certain moon phases will also drive the perps to greater excess as well. Anything that perturbs the gravitational, electrical, magnetic or light conditions will have them going extra silly, along with their augmentations like training headlight beams on me when outside, and so many businesses keeping their outside lighting on in the daytime of late. Will any prominent scientist publicly and flatly declare that we live in an energetic ether, and will our dear psychopathic closet dwelling abusers ever allow this to happen? Don't count on it, as Einstein didn't want to further discuss orgone energy with his fellow expatriate Wilhelm Reich after their two meetings they had in the land of the free and brave, USA. A man of Einstein's curiousity with genius level mathematical chops could of hit another home run in his latter years, but he ducked it. Ho hum.

All Wilhelm Reich wanted was others to verify his results, (where is the truth?) and so few physicists have taken up the cause. I could go on about this topic of theoretic physics and the litany of cancer (Feynman, DePalma), murder (Mallove), accidents (Willick) that lurks in the shadows, though not just in that business, but I will let my readership follow their own instincts and hopefully my links (here) will be sufficient to prompt individual inquiry. Another "parking lot" of the theoretical physicists is the "get no respect" theme, e.g. Russian scientists such as Koyrezev, Grebennikov, though Pons and Fleischman in the West got the rabid discreditation treatment when they should of got a Nobel Prize. Ho  hum.

Caveat; all of the above links were cherry picked to some extent, and it is incumbent upon readers to do their own corroborative investigation. Another caveat; Wikipedia isn't the last word either, the site that removed "gangstalking" as an entry. I suppose they wanted to be the universal encyclopedia and felt this would besmirch their name. Such is the sell-out of success, no stranger to any of the above researchers mentioned.

Some pics from a recent download from my camera; breaking up the head band plastic takes particular dedication as it isn't exposed to much force, but "somehow" (yet again, now 10x over three different pairs) the headband is breaking up. This pair also got sabotaged two years earlier and had to be sent away to get one driver replaced. Little fissure cracks on the upper headband, and one big break in the lower headband, but still wearable. No known force or malicious methods were applied, as I take care of my belongings because I am kept in the barely-making-it economic tier.

And this is a house they are building down the street, eight houses away; note that it is an old roof on a new structure, as well as being too short. There are no connections to the vents on the roof either. Unbeliveable but true, unless there is some rational explanation for this.

Enough for this week, onto posting.


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