Sunday, September 14, 2014


A rare instance of lots of energy when I got back from the vineyard job. though it was no normal route home. First a stop at Value Village to drop off my employers unneeded clothes, and I was met by a male ponytail act at the door. Then onto the West Bench of Penticton to take a red wine sample for analysis. And of course, extra red colored vehicles around me for the ride. I spoke with the lab owner, son-in-law of the vineyard/cellar owner, and got some left over sample wine to drink up (in a brown cardboard box), and he also supplied me with a brown moving box that needed to be taken back to the vineyard. That is, the latter brown box stayed in my car outside all night. They cannot get enough brown coloring things around me, but only in measured doses. And yes, the brown gangstalking vehicle count has gone up to perhaps as many as five for a 20 minute trip.

With this unusually abundant energy I got to it and made dinner. Just about always they have me in a enervated [enervate:(verb) to deprive of force or strength; destroy the vigor of; weaken] slump after work, but not today. I was all done by 1730h or so, and then looked into some recipe books for tomato soups. Yesterday I thawed the salsa I made earlier so I could pass it through a sieve to re-freeze the now thicker salsa and keep the juice. Then the tiredness came on and I put the books down and could not do anything while seated. I could not get up, I could not sleep, and I could not read any more. I have experienced a five hour nap attack after starting to read a viticulture book some two years ago, and it would seem the perps are pulling much the same today. About two hours later, I was "recovered" enough to go visit the LD store where the staff-like stalkers were on full display, loitering around doing the pretend shopping, with three of them clustered around me at the checkout. Then a 8 y.o. boy came to hand around too, all in a warm up to make a financial transaction of purchasing something.

A cold windy day at the vineyard even if sunny; I did not get into my shorts at all. The standing caveat applies; my shorts are mid-thigh spandex and not the near universal male baggy-to-the-knee-or-longer look. Though I should elaborate on my shorts some, as the perps roll up the thigh length material and make my shorts look like trunks, in a single horizontal line at my crotch. I don't know why they do this, and I don't know why all my attempts to get longer and plain black colored shorts with an elasticized hem that stays put are defeated. Either they aren't to be found in my version of the internet world, or longer shorts that I have get botched by the alterations person.

I got hit with a 2 hour nap in evening which effectively nullified my evening time.

I am still in "left alone" mode at the vineyard, the owners away for the second week. After a summer of tag-team away weeks, where one of the couple is away, returns after a week, and the other couple member takes off for a week. It has been like this all summer, the last three months. This present scenario has them both away (together), now into the second week. I look after the cat, and they took the dog.

Though this was a busier day, as the cleaning lady came, but as the owners weren't there, there wasn't a whole lot to clean. I found a few more chores to do, and eventually invited her out to the vineyard to help doing de-leafing on selected sections and rows.

It didn't get warm until noon, but finally, I got to wear shorts. Two of the owner's friends came to attend to the vegetable garden in the afternoon, "happening" to be next to where I was working to get rid of the powdery mildew from the bank facing side of a short row beside the concrete driveway. I got to explain, again, what this particular affliction is and what it looks like. As mentioned in a recent past posting, the perps seem to have selected this particular vineyard disease for me to learn about and experience. The viticulture instructor of two years ago spent much time on this topic, to the exclusion of two other bunch rot afflictions that occur in this viticultural region.  I have no idea why the perps are obsessed over powdery mildew, but it seems that the vineyard owner knows, as he doesn't seem to fussed about it. Most strange IMHO.

The noisescape was also busy today; the HD motorcycle noise following single engine aircraft noise, and a serial background parade of noisy mufflers, either ill-maintained or the "performance" kind, the gurgling hot-rod sound.

And the saga of bedsheets takes a strategic turn for the perps; they have been ripping my white cotton sleeping bag liner sheet slowly but surely over the past month. And so to get a new one, as this particular sheet configuration is best for sleeping on a cot as I stay enclosed in the sheet and don't have it pulled off me in the night. And as it "happened" the replacement sheets were $50 and there was a different one on Amazon for $20 in a poly-cotton blend, mid-grey color. It arrived yesterday, a cross-Canada shipment taking a phenomenal (ahem) two days. Today, I washed the new bed sheet liner at the vineyard, as I have permission to use the washing machine and dryer there. And of course, the detergents are the smelly Tide and the like, and after the first laundering somehow "failed", the second one didn't, and I got the sheet dried in time to leave. And so tonight, I make my debut in a bed sheet other than white or off-white.

Saturday, and the dude force is out on display, walking their children around in strollers, sometimes with a spouse. When one sees three of such in one block all heading the same direction, it does begin to look strange. That said, they don't seem to be headed to a single venue or event.

And laundry done today, the Hwy 97 laundry owner (male) seems to be chatty, and seems to like me to see his very hairy legs and arms, all in concert with the greater perp objective of me being exposed to male features. As mentioned in past postings, this seems to be related to the years they wiped my recall when aged 2 to 5, 1956-59. I have no idea where I lived or what happened to me, and I suspect there was plenty of abuse at the hands of males, the prime abusing gender, then and now.

 A hair cut only at the student school; I must reduce my expenses all over, and so waxing isn't going to be so regular. It seems that streaks of unnatural hair color are in; blue with black, fuchsia with brown etc. That didn't also stop them putting a true redhead on display, nor the stylist with two round studs through her face, below her lip. One woman washed my hair, she seeming to be freaked out in interacting with me, though doing a decent job. Then onto a different person, the stylist to cut my hair. Normally one person does it all.

And a twice/year event, washing and waxing my vehicle, which takes about four hours as I don't have any power buffing tools. No matter, my vehicle was parked on the grass outside my place, and with the pleasant weather, it wasn't a chore. And as usual, the parade of noise; hot-rod mufflers, ill-maintained mufflers (hoarse sound), HD motorcycle noise (4x), single engine aircraft, and still the suburban favorite, the distant lawnmower.

I am getting into making soups this evening, and needed supplies (freezing containers), and went to the SOF supermarket.  I thought that at less than an hour before closing at 2200h I would get less gangstalker coverage. Not a chance, the staff were in on it, now in black T shirts with a white and orange logo on it, and even went the extra distance of getting in my way, not to mention one doing the strut with a yellow plastic milk box held behind her back for crissakes. Who but a perp abettor would want to be seen in such a stupid pose?

More good weather, and off to hike to McIntyre Bluff, and finding a private spot, save for aircraft pass-bys, to get some tanning in.

I should get this posted so it isn't hanging on me for the next week.

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