Sunday, November 11, 2012

Science Stalled

This the eve of return to Standard Time, as well as my decision to move out from this FUD-scene from the landlady and her recently revealed curious notions of her gardening work for remuneration. A long way of saying I found her to be totally incompatible when working for her on property maintenance. She did send me an email offering reduced rent to do leaf raking for the next four months which was a good deal. Alas, I wasn't allowed to be wholly rational about it, and am going to move to a motel unit for the next six months. This summertime holiday town is full of empty suites the owners like to have occupied just for the cash flow.

But after listening to the above landlady and mother quarreling again, as well as the continued heavy footed pounding, excessive floor squeaking and clunking overhead, I "decided", per remote influencing methods, that saving $800 in rent over four months wasn't a sufficient inducement to stay put. And of course I wasn't allowed to weigh this at the time of "deciding" as in true perp managed FUD-ing, it only occured to me after the fact. That is a lot of coin for a minimum wage worker, so count another financial hit for the Malevolent Forces.

Anyhow, I finished reading "The Secret of Life" by Georges Lakhovsky, a Russian who resided in Paris for most of his scientific career. First published in 1939, he postulates that there is no vacuum of space, and that there is an energetic ether of cosmic radiation, which can include electromagnetism, light, radio, ionizing radiation and others. He came up with the name of "Universion" for this synthesis of all radiating forces. He goes on to state that the radiation transversing the ether "permeates all material bodies, even those of the greatest density". Furthermore, "the presence of of terrestrial elements, the concentration of matter and the appearance of life... are but manifestations of these rays. Finally, the "motion of the stars is maintained by the energy transmitted by these cosmic rays". And to make it complete in scope, "Universion and cosmic rays will extend the bounds of science and enable us to solve the most absorbing problems of life, -including telepathy and transmission of thought". And don't us TI's know about the last-most features of the energetic ether, exploited and rubbed in by Malevolent Forces, or whatever name one wants to assign them.

And of course none of this is in any school science curriculum, as it seems to be that although cosmic rays, and neutrinos in particular, are coursing through us millions of times per second, and are accepted as a physical reality, they don't ever equate this to an energetic ether. The astrophysicists and cosmologists still maintain that space is a vacuum. Call it Universion, the omniplasma continuum (best name IMHO), the sea of neutrinos or just the ether; it just astounds me that science hasn't added two plus two on this topic.

Enough cosmic ponderings, and to close out this piece on Lakhovsky. He developed the Multiwave Oscillator, as a means to address disease due to his concepts of cellular electromagnetic properties, e.g. induction, capacitance and oscillation. And it worked to even cure diseases caused by radium therapy, the rage at the time for treatments despite its abysmal track record even then. In other words, Lakhovsky wasn't just a theoretical physicist, but applied his theories to create working remedies to disease, which he saw as an imbalance of localized cellular oscillations. And it just astounds me that science as it is taught in its current form hasn't got this far in understanding cellular processes or treating cancer, which was a predominant use of the Multiwave Oscillator.

One more grind about the lack of Lakhovsky's work being understood in the wider context. He goes on to discuss the property of soils and how some have insulating properties, and the denser soils have conducting properties. This would explain why the perps are so intensely interested in my soil contact, as well as its color. Lakhovsky makes a point that the denser soils are conductive and result in higher levels of cancer. He also discusses water supplies and how it contributes to background cancer levels because of cellular disequalibrium with the water supply. And lo, if I don't get harassed and fucked with as to the water supply I use, whether for hygiene, swimming, plant irrigation or whatever. TI's wishing to understand the broader context of the perps' methods and intentions are advised to read this tome that should of changed the world, but was parked on the sidelines instead. Call it Physics Uniperversity.

Sunday, and the throngs suddenly emerged for yoga at 0930h this morning. Not only vehicular escorts of 10-15 in file on the way there, but when yoga was typically six to eight others, and now is 25, one has to wonder what the perp imperative is. Flexing one's spine is always a big perp need, so maybe with the cast of freaks around me, closer than usual, this was the agenda. And women with tattoos placed around me on three sides, especially that very fugly one with then down her arm and onto her shoulder. One class member knew the instructor enough to do the infernal "huggie" greeting next to me before class started. Why I get these outbreaks of hugging next to me is beyond comprehension, but the perps have an agenda over this one. And they stoked up on a few more males in class, four others I counted. One male wore a ballcap the whole time in a semi-hot yoga, about as ridiculous as the woman wearing a sweater at first. Another male was in semi military dress; a green camo shirt and a fugly bright green shorts, those absurd baggy ones to below the knee. The woman in front of me came in white draping pants, another reminder of the Unfavored. Though thankfully, she didn't keep them on. I don't get it why I have this undressing parade around me. Or else if I am undressing, say, taking off track pants for shorts at yoga, why this clusterfuck gangstalk erupts around me with plenty of banter. I often get noisestalking each time I change clothes in the quasi-privacy of my residence, and it is less prevalent now than it was for the last ten years. Some relief; as in NOT.

I got sacked for a 1.5 hour nap this afternoon following reading 15 pages into a new book. I don't think this is the first time of this particular "coincidence" construction, and I can only assume they want me in a more psychically accessible state after reading. Often, when doing garden work at the First Feral Family house my perp abetting mother would go for a nap. The landscaping, plant tending (cultivation and weeding), or like duties are a huge perp interest. Hence them keeping me in farm work job since 2008, then this year, viticulture. Which has been extended to winemaking, having those yeasts grow and become active, as if 20 years of hobby winemaking wasn't enough, which seems to be the case.

More shit games at work today, covering two different aspects; pressing the red grapes, then in the afternoon, when propagating the malolactic bacteria for a secondary fermentation (tart tasting malic acid is converted to smoother lactic acid). As in the perps leaking shit out my ass, just enough to feel it, and in liquid form in the first instance. In the afternoon, when doing the malolactic bacteria propagation, they forced me to take a crap just before adding the red wine to the yeast starter. And lo, if they didn't back the toilet up too, having not done this last week when they pulled the same stunt.

And it was the first workday on standard time, and it seemed it was a big enough deal to have the overhead landlady get up at the same time as me and pound the floor overhead with her very heavy frame. Though, I suspect that the perps enhance the physical event and create more vibration and noise than would be normal. Call it "noise enhanced reality". They have been doing this for over ten years now, and not just for noise. They routinely, like 200x/day or more, poke or jab me as if I am contacting objects near me or in my hand when if fact they didn't. It always happens when the item is not in my central vision, but when I get poked or jabbed, I look to see if was legit, (was it possible), and almost invariably the answer is no. The particularly like jabbing my fingers, nipples and feet. Such fun; as in NOT.

 Winemaking work again, attempting to stop a fermentation early to keep the sugar level up for a dessert wine. It still won`t stop after two rounds of additives, and today, I attempted to filter it to no avail. The filter just gummed up and it bypassed it seemed, though I don`t know how it did. The boss man seemed all perturbed, but later he tells me this problem occurred last year. So it would seem that this year`s cooling equipment, a Rub Goldberg affair he rigged up, was an attempt to address the problem, but it was never tested in advance. Anyhow a day of futility, and do the perps ever like to arrange that through their proxies.

And today, I got some yellow ochre colored yeast sediment on my jacket (from white wine), kind of looking like shit in a way. Yesterday it was red slime on my jacket from pressing the red grapes and a profusion of same deep red colored vehicles escorting me on my commute back into downtown Pentiction. And today, more yellow colored vehicles in the vehicular gangstalking cavalcade. Exciting times in perpdom, along with me picking up my Rx on the way home which contained yellow and white colored pills.

And it would seem the perps are getting serious about introducing more yellow colored in my existence. The new jug of laundry detergent is yellow colored, and represents a significant departure from white (mostly) colored jugs. I cannot bear the sight of orange-red Tide containers, so that might be their final laundry detergent test. No doubt it will take another ten years to get to that.

Why is it that I am bombarded all day long with notions that this current vineyard-winemaker job is going to end soon. (Question marks aren`t working tonight in any application). This BS, aka planted ideations about work, has been going on for a month or more. The boss man said there was plenty to keep me busy after winemaking, until mid-December when I am going to flit to the gangstalking capital of Canada, Victoria, BC.

A second day of filtering wine, this time changing the pads every few minutes or so. I at least had sanction from the boss to go through some 200 pads, 10 at a time, to get the sweet wine clear. Though there was some other sabotage the perps did on me with respect to winemaking that I won't get into here. But it was successful, getting the wine clear, or clear enough that the fermentation will stop. I won't get into the Rube Golberg cooling system either, but it didn't help much as it turned out.

A relatively minor event on the day, but this is a typical perp stunt, though of no great consequence. I arranged my hair cut and wax appointment for the 17th (a Saturday), with a male at the other end of the line, and he seemed to be cool about it all. Later in the morning, my boss notes that there is a wine chemistry course on the 17th, and would I like to go. Why yes, as I had scoped it out some weeks earlier and "forgot" about it. So I phone back the outfit doing my hair and wax and explain that I would like to move the appointment to a day earlier, as I arranged to take this as a saved day off. The supervisor woman, who knows me and is reasonably friendly, answers the phone, and then she tells me to hold for a minute, and then the same guy who answered the phone the first time takes my appointment change and is cool about it, and both were moved to the same time as before, except one day earlier.

So here we have a number of perp behaviors that have been absolutely consistent over these ten years of insane abuse and a scripted existence. One, changing appointment times; a big deal for the perps to fuck with my appointment times, usually "caused" by other scripted contingencies that erupt in due sequence. Another, is this bait and switch game of swapping a male with a female, or vice versa, be it over the phone, the middle of a checkout transaction, or like swapable arrangements. Or even placing a male on the location where a female was, such as the last yoga class (a scripted zoo); the female and friendly instructor had her mat in place, and then when the class count was getting very large, she pulled her mat up and freed more room for yet more yogis. So who effectively takes the very same physical location as the instructor gave up? Why, this never-seen-before dude in half camo (shirt) and half bright green baggy shorts. (Unfavored; male, shorts, hairy legs, camo or military type green colors). So why are the perps are so dutybound to swap out males for females or vice versa and why are they making it so obvious? Psychics can sometimes detect someone's former presence and also whether the person had female or male energy, so maybe this is what the perps are on about. And given their likely litany of abuses in my  memory deleted years, age 3 to 5 (at least), it just might be that there was a preponderance of males as abusers, and in military dress as well. NOT MY PROBLEM; so why am I the centerpiece victim in this fucking insane litany of scripted abusiveness, and monitored/harassed literally up the asshole?

Another day and TWO toilet/shit stunts; one in the morning just before setting off to work, and when a work. They blocked the toilet with less than a half cup of solids, and I put Liquid Plumber in it and left for work. About two hours into work, they started the shit leaking game, and when I went to the bathroom, why, I suddenly had to unload. And a substantial one it was, and this particular toilet is about 80% blocked, and lo, if it didn't clear after two plungings. I get back to my place, and test my toilet, and even with Liquid Plumber in it all day, it backed up again. So..., having just finished one bottle, and purchased another on the way home, it would seem that the perps are engaged in having me swap bottles of Liquid Plumber for a single (and protracted) blocked toilet event. Exciting moments for the Supreme Juveniles indeed.

This game of swapping new for old is something they play with the toilet paper all the time. They somehow arrange one roll to finish, and for me to start another in one sitting, so to speak. It never happened before they went beserk/overt in 04-2002, but I can count on at least two of these toilet roll swappings in mid-crap per month.

A busy day of winemaking, getting the Pinot Noir racked, that is, removed from the sediment to a new vessel.

The place of purchase of Liquid Plumber was on light on gangstalking, truly a rare event as this happens so infrequently anywhere, let alone this particular box store. But once at the checkout, some elder-male is waving to the cashier while walking by, ensuring that his hand covers where I was standing and gets way too close, as in interpersonal distance violation. Then in the parking lot, strangely vacant, another elder-male was coming through the parking lot, and then re-aims his vehicle at me, I move to get out of the way, and the fucker re-aims his vehicle again, missing me by six feet or so. With all the room in that parking lot, why would any sane person choose to aim their vehicle at the one pedestrian? All to keep the headlights on me as one reason. Meanwhile, a second vehicle, some 80' away was sitting in a parking stall, and had his headlights aimed at me. Get it, one stationary vehicle with distance dependent headlights approaching (aka pit-lamping), while another was moving.

Then the vehicular gangstalking went crazy once I departed with the bottle of Liquid Plumber (silver grey (Favored color) plastic container with a red (Unfavored) cap). I stopped for fuel (gasoline) and they arranged for one vehicle to arrive, circle all the pumps and seeming refuelling customers and then depart without stopping. And going absurdly fast, so I suppose the whole deal was scripted; no innocent bystanders for this gig.

Saturday, and a usual day off. Though today I worked for relatively little, but that was OK as I volunteered for a harvest of Reisling grapes at vineyard that was on our winery field trips in January's wine class. A certain amount of herding and clustering around me, particularly the children, was evident for half the day or so, but for once it was near normal and not the stilted scared-shitless look I usually get. Plus, I got to see how they did the harvesting and crushing, and that is always a bonus, if only from the personal perspective. The usual masers and plasma beams were abundant but not invasive, or at least, that was the managed perception.

And a ruse to start the day; the upstairs water was running all night and into the morning, and as the granny doesn't have the landlady-daughter staying there here right now, I did the good samaritan thing and phoned and explained it, and volunteered to look into the problem. And it was the perps's perennial sabotage item of choice, the toilet, this time in run-on mode. And lo, if they didn't let me fix it after putzing with the flap valve. Toilet tank water contact is always a big deal for perp stunts, this one just before heading off with my vehicle warming up outside.

Music listening tonight, continuing from last night, the first time in 18 months or more that they let me listen to music samples. Interesting albums/performers are retained by way of bookmarking them in my substantial bookmark library of all things interesting (music, cinema, books, hobbies, tools etc.). They have wiped out my bookmarks once in the past, going back to the early days of harassment in 2002. I was fucking pissed about that, and still am. Now I have ten years of bookmarks, and still they won't let me back up my data. And  many of those years were spent idling away, web surfing most of the day as they wouldn't allow me to work. And the "art" of bookmarking an album is a big deal with the perps; cutting and pasting the bookmark title content to have performer first and then album name second is of constant sabotage. Not to mention that they also mess with the bookmark title, say from Amazon, to force me to type in the performer name as one example of their many senseless games.

Rememberance Day, aka Veteran's Day in the US, though a national holiday. Yoga was scheduled, and the freak show duly formed around me again. I get there at 0915h for a 0939h class, and I am the first or second person usually. Then everyone else forms around me, though some social chat with the instructor first. The native Indian contingent came again, lined up at an oblique (to the walls) angle, and not in the usual (3x) cluster in front of me. I get one disgusting tattoo act to my L front, and with the space to the R I was sure they would fill it in with another native Indian. Sure enough, she arrives after the class had started, and as I am in a forward fold, this pair of tattoo-ed legs comes past me. Yuk; more fucking tattoos, and truly an Unfavored feature the perps continue to dog me with at every turn.

And as that wasn't enough, the caretaker for the granny upstairs, (daughter away) just "happened" to be pulling my damp laundry out of the dryer as I went to restart it after yoga. And lo, if she wasn't a native Indian with a freaking tattoo on her arm. She explained that she didn't know if I was gone for the day, and was about to make room for her laundry. I said I had come back from yoga and was set to restart the dryer. (The dryer is fucked with so 80 min. for two towels and a pair of jeans is insufficient duration). She put my laundry back and restarted the dryer. Like WTF; the native Indian yoga neighbors are moving their mats closer to me, and now a native Indian is making excuses to handle my laundry 30 minutes later, never mind the tattoo bullshit. And too, the perps have a long managed arrangement of my youngest brother living with a native Indian woman for 10 years or more, as if they need me to go through whatever exercise it is they have in mind with ethnic association and skin color.

Not a whole lot of activity/bizarreness for the rest of the day; masers and plasma beams abounding as usual. I was finally allowed to get my Felco pruners sharpened. I see the perps have bent the 2" blade, and it cannot be honed on the flat side as only the bent portion gets abraded and sharpened. Never did I expect a new pair of Felco pruners to slowly acquire a bend in the blade which also causes a snap sensation while pruning. But as regular readers will know, especially if TI's, the perps are totally obsessed with cutting tools, especially if applied to plant material and food. One time when moving the bosses' household, the TV/internet installer was there setting up the connections, and later I see him at his van parked near a bush, and there he was using the wire cutting tools to cut the bush shoots for no seeming rational reason.

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