Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Off

Rare to have a weekday off, and I will have two this week. Today, because it was lieu of a national holiday, Remembrance Day yesterday, and with the broad hint from work was that it was a day off. Though that never stopped us from working statutory holidays in the vineyard in the summer.

And so, they pulled a snowfall overnight, with me as the obligate driveway shoveller until I depart this rental situation at month's end. The landlady returned last night too, from her near week long time away, and she retrieved the snow shovels from the garden shed last night. (And got into some emotional wrangling with her elderly mother yet again, though it lasted only a few minutes. I get to hear way too much living downstairs at grade level.)

Even more curious was that I got up at 0800h, and neither was up until at least 1000h, after I had cleared the driveway and come back in. Only two days ago, the granny was getting up at 0600h on her own (before the caretakers arrived), coincident with me, and then again the next day at 0700h. Anyhow, the overhead "coincidences" and then their sudden cessation aren't anything new, but I always like to map it to some kind of other event the perps find interesting; e.g. moon cycles, work schedule change, new package of coffee (think brown), or whatever else turns their collectively insane crank.

And it might of been the bloody mess on the pillow case the perps decided to create; it is rare I get this form of invasive abuse, but it has been ramping up in the last week, only  from nasal build up though. That begat laundering all the bedsheets, two white striated sheets and the pillow case, while I was out shovelling snow. Color continuity? -maybe. Then the pillow case didn't come clean and had to be relaundered and hang dried, giving it a different signature from the bedsheets; no doubt of exciting perp interest to change up the laundered item history.

A "need" to then continue this tanning obsession planted on me, as I really couldn't care less until doing outside farm work in 2008. The shiftless males duly arrived after me, and then when making my exit. The very cute new salon attendant was on duty again, and she seems to be a planted distraction to say the least.

Then onto the LD store where they packed the parking lot three ranks deep, almost exclusively greyscale colored vehicles; white, silver-grey, mid-grey and black. I don't think I have seen such a concentration of this color theme before, save the the line-ups at the ferry parking lot, as past photos can attest.

Again, the shiftless males arrive after me at the checkout, the fuchsia haired girl was in the next checkout, and the sheepdog haired young male cashier was unusually chipper. Most often I get grim, and very grim (as in scared shitless) at checkouts.

A putz day at work, as the co-owner was out most of the day. The winemaking isn't too demanding of late, which I told them, though I am sure the perps made sure it was known as well.

Though the perps made it interesting by have a floating lid gasket, much like an inner tube, blow up and scatter two cups of cider just where I was about to resume working on insulating the garage door. Not only did I get put through the wrangling adversity to get the spare one on and centered in the track of the lid, but I also had to clean up the mess.

And this was a repeat of this morning, when moving the transfer pump out of the way, why it dumped at least a liter of water on the floor, again, just where I was to work. That had to be cleaned up too. There have been times when I have seen wet splats arrive from nowhere, just where I have mopped up. Nothing new in these water mess games.

When I got back to this residence, why, the code wouldn't work in the outside door. I tried the alternate door and lo, it didn't work either. I rang the bell at the landlady's door, and eventually her 90 yo. mother slowly descended the stairs. I explained the problem, and the (obese, almost grotesque) landlady came down and told me she reset her codes, but no other, but "somehow" my keycode got deleted. She said she would fix the problem and would meet me at the door. And so she had to get her keycode, and ask me mine, and reset them. (I haven't tried it yet).

When I got in I saw she left a note earlier about a parcel in the shared laundry area. I retrieved it and opened it up and looked at all the tool and gift items I had ordered. Then once I looked at them all, a sudden need to take a shit came on, and I had to deal with that. No toilet blocking stunts thankfully. And so it would seem this whole fucking charade was to have me go to two extra doors at other locations in the house, keeping me delay me outside, and then finally allow me to get to the BROWN parcel. And too, the overhead noise started up as I was looking at each item from the parcel. As has been mentioned many times in this blog, the perps are besotted with the color BROWN, and always are judicious in how and where it is arranged. And since a huge amount of items are shipped in brown cardboard boxes worldwide one would think the perps have this one figured out. But no, they must harass the living shit out of me and then engage in the all too familiar parcel delivery jerkaround event. Bring on the UPS vans for the next week.

And to add that, the perps pulled one of their very favorite jerkaround stunts; obstructing doorway/lock egress. I cannot count the number of times they have done this, but my perp-abettting mother has deliberately locked me out of the house at least four times in the last 2 years. Never mind the perp guidance, this was conventional knowledge based. It is just so funny for them to have their victims attempt to open a locked door. One can imagine the level of juvenility that forms this notion, and keeps at it for ten years.

Another utilitarian work day; helping out getting a pallet load of wood pellets for the vineyard owner. As the owner's don't have a pickup truck, they often require the services of a local handyman, who has one and a trailer as well. First a trip to the dump to get rid of old kitchen stoves in the trailer, and then an hour highway drive to Westbank to get the pellets. As it was a ton, and on a pallet, and the pallet is a $50 charge, it was declined and so we loaded it ourselves and left the pallet behind. They were in 40lb bags, and the loading went reasonably quickly. More than planned as it "happened"; a semi-trailer truck was loading at an adjacent bay, and lo, if the truck driver didn't come over and help us load. Freaking ridiculous to say the least. Plenty of road traffic on the highway, as in vehicular gangstalking. And a special day it was too, as I was the passenger in a metallic red maroon colored pickup truck.

Which was true for 40 minutes yesterday as well; we dropped off a surplus dryer to my landlady who needed one. Not that she deserved it, for she was enough of a pain in the ass that I gave her my notice last month, and will be moving from my shortest tenancy, a whole three months worth. Call it pissing off the "help' (that's me) once too often. Said landlady was still kvetching about the dryer set-up, and I told her I would look after it when I returned in the evening.

And course I had to make a few sorties to my suite to get tools to get the old dryer out, and lo, if there wasn't vile red colored plasma squiggles in my sight that persisted from shared laundry room, into my suite, and then again when back in the laundry room. This was the never-before event of returning to my suite in the middle of a working day. Exciting times for the perps, and all the more so as I entered via the front foyer of the house, and not from the back door.

Anyhow, more ruminations over the load of woodstove pellets today; about the most opposite one could get to the loaded logging trucks that are arranged in such frequency around me. Over the years there has been large loads of timbers, and the ubiquitous semi-trailer loads of dimension lumber, invariably wrapped in plastic. All this in the service of "wood stalk", for whatever that means for the perps. Regular readers will know I have a forestry background, and often measured live trees in the forest as part of wood volume sampling activities. And too, working with fallers on one project where the trees were measured standing, then again by scalers after it was felled. A significant amount of my past job history can be added upon, but one gets the point; when my life has been orchestrated, scripted and arranged since birth, along with participating quisling personnel (including family) down to the the last microsecond, one can safely assume that the perps have a HUGE interest in some kind of  tree/wood/wood composite products energetic connection with me. I would be the last to know exactly why, though I have read that trees are deemed to be living energy pumps. And who knows; the very trees I measured some 40 years ago may now be in the form of lumber or other wood products. It would fit the perp pattern.

And the prickly landlady is off tomorrow to travel to Seattle. Now three for three know trips where she has managed to follow my old footsteps; W Washington State, Victoria BC, and now Seattle. Plus last week she was away for a week and never said where. I am suspicious of these large, childless and homely women, two in the last two years, that seem to arrive into my life.

As I was fixing the dryer last night the landlady came to "chat", and tried to put on the squeeze again to have me stay, paying full rent but no landscape maintenance requirements, but I told her that I had already made a financial commitment to the next place. As in moving yet again, the fourth residence this year, not including early January. She made out that she was "so stressed" again, though she has no progeny, husband or works at a job. Not that she provides any supporting detail, which makes me suspicious too.

And yesterday, the cleaning lady at the vineyard house got paid by the owner, and then launched into a soliloquy after she was paid by the owner, complaining to me, while eating lunch (and captive on the couch) that she doesn't get enough work hours, when she formerly worked at at fence post operation where she got 80 hours each two weeks. And of course she doesn't fill in the details as to why she doesn't work there any more. Like WTF; she drives a late model Ford SUV that has the self parking option; it just doesn't compute. Or, put it another way; why keep me in suspense as the story doesn't add up given the lack of detail? Why is it I am this chosen receiver for all these tales of woe, particular financial and job related, when I don't have much engagement with them in the first place? The latest perp planted similie is "faux woe"; cute.

And I see the perps screwed me out seeing, or even knowing, about last month's charge card bill. A whole $400 or so, all charges that I somehow "forgot". As in Not; if I receive a bill I don't forget and pay it on time. There has been more than once when they have messed with bill payments, either stopping the bill or redirecting and obstructing payment (via mail). I have no idea why they need to do this, though it would seem to be time related.

A Friday weekday off in advance of attending an all-day course tomorrow. The upstairs clunking, squeaking and thumping started within minutes of me getting up, though to be fair, they are going to Seattle for two or three days. Apparently for some medical evaluation, though it does strike me as curious that they didn't leave a day earlier, as it would be a late afternoon appointment to get there on time. Not many specialists are open Saturdays. But as there is no end of BS streaming from the landlady I have given up on anything she says, be it the apparent conventional explanation or if an operative of the Fourth Reich of the Psychopathic Confederacy to roll two of my most used names together.

And I get to putz online in the morning before heading out to my hair and leg wax appointment. The perps like to "get me ready" by whatever nasty stuff, along with the color transitions exposure, they are pumping out of ubiquitous LCD display panels.

And as part of this morning's activity, more shopping/viewing online, and lo, if a sudden need to take a shit didn't come on immediately following putting an item into my online shopping cart. But that wasn't enough; the rarely-outside landlady found some reason to be outside adjacent to the bathroom, and then the perps decided to make it messy and block the toilet. So, another shower to clean up, and just as the Liquid Plumber was dumped in the toilet bowl (aka chemical ether interaction), why, and overhead clunk suddenly erupted. Ten years of constant toilet games and here we are, still noisestalking me over this.

And why did they take so long to do a wax and haircut? So I could get screwed for a parking fine, another jerkaround I get from time to time. A whole fifteen minutes over, and the Fuckwit who gave it to me was across the street attending to other parked vehicles. And I get to send a check to the City of Pentiction, no online payment allowed.

And the cosmetology & haircut school owner was on site today, and was friendly, even calling me by name though I hadn't met her before. Like straight out of perp harassment training; have the business or property owner come by for a gangstalk too.

And post haircut (always a big perp event) and post leg wax (always a big perp event) I went to the tanning salon to get browned. Or to invoke the vanity excuse, to keep the tan that I got from the summer. No doubt I was duly glowing afterward when I went to the supermarket to get a few things. They were all over me there, including the ubiquitous stocking/stalking carts and their brown boxes they like to place near me, or where I am to go.

A Saturday, and an all day course on Introduction to Wine Chemistry, on behalf of my employer. He and his wife will be there too. The second half next week. Hopefully there will be no lab exercises, as past chemistry courses haunt me on these alone. I always wondered why I was so scrambled for following the steps in the long ago lab exercises, and why I could never recall what to do even if I studied ahead of time. Now I know, the Fourth Reich was on me then, making sure I was incompetent in a chemistry lab.

Back from the wine chemistry course, and I had to say it was interesting. The instructor had interesting experiences he conveyed, and the harassment BS was down to the low setting for once.

Missing Sunday here, best get this published for Monday.

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