Saturday, October 06, 2012

Nap Attack

Sunday yoga in the morning, and then a total stakeout gangstalk show at the CT store. For a Sunday 1030h there had to be 10x the normal shopping population while I looked for something that may not exist. The planted ideation for bleach cleaning pads so I could use them to disinfect my pruning tools was a notion that floated into mind a few weeks ago. But, even if there was a gangstalking pair posted at the cleaning supplies, I didn't see any such product. The perps just love to set up these dashed expectations, aka an acquisition skunk, where an item wasn't to be found in the store.

The trend seems to be for overweight women yoga instructors it seems; the third such specimen in four weeks. There is something the perps want me to notice about a massive ass, even if I don't care to gaze at it for long. Yesterday's haircut had this oversized woman (230lb) parading by at least four times, and she also transacting the payment and making the next booking. This large woman is the receptionist, but it seemed they wanted a slim woman in her place at first, as the haircut instructor was at the reception desk when I arrived. I call it switch and bait; Unfavored (fat folk) being temporarily swapped for a Favored (slim and attractive) woman. Go figure, but has been consistent for over ten years now.

A half hour of outside tanning time, rather incredible for this 49 degree latitude, after an early lunch, turned into a noise show of increasing proportions so I packed it in and went inside and lo, if a nap attack didn't come on. It became a two hour hole in my day on this sunny afternoon; quite the piss off as I had a number of things to do. The upstairs landlady and mother vacated the premises too, keeping the noise down. But when here, they somehow know where to find me and make noise directly overhead from extra creaky floorboards. And note, I was in no way sleep deficient to warrant a two hour nap in the afternoon.

And landlady and mother are to travel to Victoria two days from now; there has been a few people doing the Victoria trek for reasons that seem odd to me. My boss, the vineyard owner went there about four weeks ago. There is always a reason, but it seems the perps need people to follow my tracks, having lived there for 9.5 years before coming to Penticton in 01-2012, (this year).

A day at the vineyard/winery; the week-old power washer sprang a leak and won't operate at full pressure. And why would I be surprised when power washers are a favorite gangstalker prop, or have been sabotaged in the past. Even back in 1991, 11 years before the perps went beserk/overt on me, I rented a power washer once and it worked for all of two minutes and then the pump failed. The rental shop had their excuses, but I was mighty pissed off at them. And so another mystery of long ago is solved; it was the perps and their power washer fetish/fuckover games.

Windy all day, and cold too, my black fleece toque was on the first time since July when the perps finally gave up their winter weather onslaught and allowed summer to arrive. I did a survey of the grapes today, and wasn't impressed with their ripeness, and it is picking time. A sunny September was good, but we need two more weeks of good weather to compensate for the earlier poor weather. I asked my boss/vineyard owner about how last year went, and he said there was no grape ripening after mid-September as it rained from then on. Many growers got stuck with grapes they couldn't sell. My boss didn't seem to pleased about last year's weather and looked at me strange. OK, I get, it was the puppet masters jerking everyone around, and it wasn't me. Funny how all these little vignettes happen, and then go slightly strange.

And this garage winery is to be ready this week, and hardly any equipment is cleaned and checked out to see if hoses connect etc. The perps like to arrange onerous effort in the face of continued adversity, one step from futility which they like to arrange all the more.

water went on, got me up at 0215h to find out why as I am the only person staying in the house this week. the other tenant departed and the landlady and mother are in my old gangstalk town of Victoria.

I checked the house but no leaks thankfully, then outside; some sprinklers were on, some were off, most strange. And with the 10-01-2012 windstorm all day, no end of pine needles were down, and the landlady gets fussed about that. Ergo, the perps had me walking on a layer of brown pine needles over green grass at 0215h this am. Some were wet from the sprinklers some weren't. This evening, I raked the pine needles up in the last evening hour and into sunset, always a perp fave time for abuse and stunts. That, and the 6x/minute vehicular road traffic started up, hotrod-like noise, though often they are pickup trucks, a perp fave for vehicular gangstalking.

More cleaning wine fermentation vessels today, the last of the stainless steel 1000liter ones. And when I worked in the vineyard for an early two hour stretch, why, the hotrod and performance muffler noise was nearly continuous for the first ten minutes. One noisy vehicle emanated from the adjacent vineyard, drove up beside where I was, turned around in mid street, followed another adjacent road, and then came back within five minutes to repeat this noise again. The driver works at a vineyard next door, so why is doing the slow troll around me in his noisy vehicle during his working hours?

After a week of no contact, and some disinfo from my perp-abetting mother on when her trip to Kamloops was (she said Oct. 08, but it was Oct 04), I get a sort-of invitation to join them for Thanksgiving dinner there. I say "sort-of", as it was posed as a question, "are you coming?", to which my reply was "am I invited?" and the answer was something about the dinner being on Sunday, not Thanksgiving Monday. (This is the Canadian Thanksgiving). And so goes the First Feral Family communication, as the perps had me doing ideations all week as to whether I was going to get an invitation or not.

And work at the vineyard was a relative easy one, a trip to Kelowna to visit winery suppliers, tool suppliers, a CO2 supplier for carbonic masceration of the to-be-picked Pinot Noir, all 200kg of it. Not much by winery standards, but the owner really wants to make this varietal unblended with anything else. And the vehicular gangstalking was in huge numbers today, the two hour trip up, back, and at least 2 hours in traffic or the three stops we made. They even put on a two-tone brown vehicle about 200' ahead for at least 40 min., doubtless using the fugly brown color as a reference between me and him. And have I mentioned how I don't like the color brown, and the perps put on selective shows of this color? As clothing on the Favored and Unfavored alike as a common example, but only rarely on vehicles, though they are getting a little more common after a run-up of prior greyscale colors, reds, and yellows.

Other perp excitement today would be that I shaved with a new razor insert this morning, the usual face and torso shave they want me to do each day. It is something about that teflon rub-strip on the razor insert.

And having a perp operative jerk walk toward me, after parking next to our vehicle was a minor stunt they repeated twice today. They cannot get Fuckwits over where I walk, stand or sit fast enough it would seem. The boss man left me to hang around in the pressure washer section of Princess Auto, never having been to this store before. That was the call then for the staff to lay down three sections of thick electrical cable some 100' long next to me, and have me walk over at least twice, once with the boss when he came back. And can we get fuglier staff dudes next time? One skinhead, one ridiculous short wearing one and one has-been semi-vagrant. Then a parade of dudes kept coming on, with two attractive blonde women thrown into the mix, but at least eight dudes kept popping up while the boss man fucked off on me. Regular people behaving strangely is nothing new.

And I got paid today, another big perp event. At the vineyard, they even arranged to have me change my clothes just beforehand, (wiping my recall as I had no clue it was a payday), as the trip departure time was delayed so I changed back into my working clothes to mess with cleaning activity. Later, I was all set to saw off a strange metal projection on the steel bench so I could gain 1/4" to place the bench 12" closer to the wall, and lo, if that wasn't the call to get ready for the trip. Another interupted job.

A pair of 12" long, straight, jet black, intertwined hairs somehow arrived on my bathroom floor this morning. As I am brownish haired, and none are longer than two inches, I have no idea where these would of come from or whom. (Sort of; there is a certain ML of some renknown who is touted to be part of the harassment and abuse crew, and I have seen her at least twice now in these ten years of insane abuse (since 04-2002). Chances are she has been arranged to be in morphover form more often so she wouldn't be identifiable. Other planted notions, with an odd correlation episode, were that she was arranged to be in my orbit in 1995 to 2003 in various guises that I won't go into for now).

Saturday, this Thanksgiving weekend. The 10-02-2012 all day wind brought down huge amounts of Ponderosa Pine needles (think brown) and the landlady is fussed about them for whatever reason. So..., with the warm weather still, I raked and bagged for five hours. Though that wasn't the end of it as the landlady interupted after a half hour into the job and invited me in to talk about a new rent proposal. This and social banter went on for an hour and a half. Mission accomplished; have the TI victim start a job and interupt him. Straight out of the perp playbook. I though the proposal of a regular rent reduction was absurd when the workload around here will vary substantially. It just seemed like a quasi-gaming session. Not only that, but she made it more absurd in asking for a deposit on my working time, that if I didn't do sufficient house and garden work before I departed then she would have this in lieu of me getting the regular rent reduction. All too odd, and for what? Not to save on logging hours and tasks as I would do that anyway to see if the regular rent reduction is working out. When someone says that they don't want to rip one off, understand it to be highly likely that the risk just got raised. Anyhow, I gained some insight to her health; chronic back pain that can flare up if not exactly seated correctly. But it sure would help if she was 50lb lighter.

Plenty of extra drive-by noise today while I was out raking pine needles. It seems they cannot make their pickup trucks noisy enough in this town, as they must modify the mufflers.

I am onto a First Feral Family partial get-together in Kamloops tomorrow and Monday, so I am going to call this one done for the week and publish.


Anonymous said...

Early this morning, I saw a big SUV, one of those older full-size ones, like a GMC Suburban or something. It pulls up into the parking lot, and there is a lot of steam or smoke pouring out from inside the hood. Right off, my perp alarm went off. It just had "The Perps" written all over it, like I just know when they are up to some skit. The lady gets out, and has a cigarette already lit, which is interesting, because the smoking cigarette is a direct parallel to the smoke pouring out from under the hood. She gets out, and I notice she resembles my mom in some ways in the years prior to when I was born. The short, parted hairdo in particular resembled hers. And she was hanging out, pacing outside her car. Later, a big black guy was under the hood checking out her engine.

So then she comes into the food joint where I'm eating, and she mentions her car breaking down. I noticed how she seemed to hang around particularly close to where I was sitting, making sure I get a good view of her and the conversation she was having. She was mentioning being late for work. I found this a little too odd. Any sane normal person leaves early enough for work that they aren't late, even with a breakdown.

I know the topic of being late for work was important in this little "session" they were having. And she just happened to park nearby, which provided the cover that she needed to hang out close to me so she could keep an eye out on her SUV (which was still smoking).

I know there is a metaphor in there somewhere, that the smoking, broken down, overheated vehicle was supposed to mirror something in my life. Maybe a piece of equipment I sold to someone is due to malfunction on the new owner? That's what I took that one to mean.

Of course, the perps would arrange something like that. I found it interesting that she didn't pull over into a used car dealership that was closeby. Instead, she just happens to pull into the food joint where I am eating, shortly after I arrive there.

And the manager was not surprised; normally, people like that feel all concerned when they see a person in a distressful situation. I can imagine he was having thoughts like "Oh no, not more of these games again".

I'm sure you've seen the broken down vehicle with smoke pouring from under the hood also? I know the perps are trying to tell me something with this skit. I mean, the woman just happening to hang out just a few feet away from where I was sitting just seemed a little too coincidental. And she had the same hairdo as my mom in the time frame I was born, give or take 2 years. And they even added an unfavored trait to the operative.

I fell for this skit all the way. I should've known it was the perps and their huge productions again. They really must be playing with some big time resources to arrange things like this for one TI. And it must be of great importance to them, too. Interesting when her husband comes, he's driving a burgandy Ford Mustang. And it kind of resembles the GTO my dad had around the same era (2 years before to 3 years after I was born). Not an exact match, but probably they wanted to car to be a variant of what type of car my dad's GTO was.

AJH said...

Answer to: Early this morning...

The perps devote a lot of effort to have someone arrive around me, aka malingering gangstalking, who comes via different or unusual means. In this case, from vehicle to hang around you, not purchasing anything or eating. Those that just arrived from vehicles often get gangstalking priority too. I can only assume there are "car and-or seat energies" coming off the driver that they want to interact with you. The vehicle breakdown serves as a diversion for the driver (gangstalker) coming in and directly standing nearby. The perps like to put on heated objects, steaming or overheating vehicles as one example. This would be an example of a localized "temperature ether" perturbance. Just my theories of course, but I don't look for hidden meanings or metaphors unless it is blantantly obvious. The big perp game is about having irregular, but contained, perturbances arranged around the TI. Thanks for the comments.