Sunday, October 21, 2012

Buzzed Out Monday

Mondays are almost always fraught with extra perp abuses and stunts. Today it was being in a cognitive fog for most of the day, and combined with not very much to do. Or at least, that was the planted perception. The Pinot Noir was happily gurgling away after I started in Friday, and even to the level of a cap forming that needed to be broken up and stirred in. No rotary fermenters here, just a paddle. The six acres of Pinot Blanc is to be picked this coming Thursday, which means picking will continue through the weekend. No big deal, as I don't have a whole lot to do then, save yoga.

And the perps have been interupting my yoga attendance, and then stacking the class with many extra Unfavored parties, and tripling the overall attendance. See the prior posting for what they were up to. Why cannot they leave me alone so I can do one thing consistently? They screwed me out of swimming with the swim club, they screwed me out of running, they screwed me out of going to the gym, and now once a week yoga is getting the planned interuptions. Even being on broadcast email gets interupted; they cut me off at least three vendors, and off KELB.

And a two day blocked toilet is still continuing, all "from" a mere half cup worth, and now it is blocked in a most peculiar way. Only the shredded toilet paper is in evidence besides the Liquid Plumber that isn't doing much this time. So I must bail it out into the bathtub to try again, as the perps had it nearly brimming with plain water and Liquid Plumber after each flush attempt. That, and a few other toilet habit modifications must be mighty exciting for them. And lo, immediately following changing my clothes, when a sudden crap "need" came on, and so I drive down to the mall as a shit refugee again. I thought this inane prank session was over after I moved to my own place, but no, they had to resume this abusive nonsense. And lo, if the three tone brown dressed creep wasn't there in the parking lot to lead me into the mall, doing his trademark "lookaway-at-nothing" head turn for me to see. And of course I wasn't allowed to recognize it as such, when it is a near daily feature of the gangstalkers. And lo, if there hadn't been a recent toilet flood, and for a change, it wasn't sprung on me. I got the kiddie dialog while on the throne, something that has been very consistent for these shit refugee events.

Last week's two time lead ahead vehicular gangstalker leading me for 5km or so on my way to work,"happened" to show up again this morning, doing a mid-street U-turn. A deeper toned silver-grey van lead me from two different starting locations last week, the latter one being coming from a parked situation and proceeding ahead of me for the majority of my 5km drive to work. And today he was nowhere near the last two originating locations, but instead, doing a U-turn ahead of me and coming the opposite direction. Funny how these supposed regular commuters can change their minds and track me down over differing start times in the morning.

Other vehicular gangstalking behavior that is new is a vehicle dropping out of the sequence, pulling over to the shoulder, and then rejoining the train immediately following another vehicle. Shuffling the serial sequence it would seem on this two lane arterial road. Eastside road for the locals. And I see that Google, or someone else, has buggered the map display so I cannot make a link from it.

And too, they are doing blasting and rock removal partway along this road; a great excuse for a "holdup" and having traffic wait and pass through using only one lane. Yet another rock/earth removal job that erupts along my routes or near my work. Funny how that has "happened" for decades. It just wasn't enough to do ashphalt patch jobs all summer long and have the Ironman triatheletes pass over them twice, bicycling and then running.

The toilet made a mighty burp by itself last evening, and lo, if it didn't clear itself. More than a day of toilet obstruction, and if they want it blocked, it stays that way, no matter if it was just pee or toilet paper. To be fair, it did have at least two cups of liquid plumber in the bowl, so that would be the putative/conventional reason it cleared. After their shock-and-awe apartment invasion in 04-2002, one of the personnel who did arrive there after it was mostly over, put an inflated balloon into the toilet and flushed it so to obstruct it. As to why I let him do it I don't know, as I would of been pissed off if I had my own mind and wasn't in some kind of altered state. And ever since then, about 95% of the time, the toilet will block with solids in it, no matter how small a load.

A day off tomorrow, in advance of me working the weekend, as the grape picking will commence, with an expected crew of 12 or so. The boss says I will be busy and it will be long days. Having worked in past farm jobs some 100 to 110 hours in a two week pay period, I will reserve judgement. As one can discern, viticulture work is positively civilized compared to potato farming work.

Wedesday, and I had to run a red wine sample that was in my fridge overnight to the wine lab. Needless to say, the red colored vehicles were all around me on my five minute drive, and the vehicular gangstalking was intense. Mind you, at 0820h, any town would be busy with school and work starting at 0900h.

It would seem the perps want food and objects in my fridge to go mulitple directions; lunch food (in me), and now to a business not too far away. As part of this, I suspect that eating apples, plums and table grapes directly from the plants when having lunch at the vineyard also suits the master plan of studying food energetics. Such food would not be subject to food handling by others, storage and transport and then display and purchase at a grocery store. Nothing new there, but comparing the two, in all its energetic and color interactions continues as part of this entire life abuse and harassment theater, now running over ten years. And just to think, the perps have had many millenia to figure this out, long before food handling practices evolved, and here they are putzing away, trashing my life and grinding me down to minimum wage jobs in agriculture, at best

And while out downtown, some apparent high school dudes larking and running about playing mock tag, and lo, if it wasn't in front of the very store I was headed. They had no conventional way of knowing that of course, as it was downtown with side by side stores for four blocks or so. I hadn't been to this store before either, going there based on my search results and loosely knowing (per mind fuck dithering of recall and knowledge aquisition). And of all things, both of what I was looking for was there; longer black laces for the shoes that were delivered in yesterday's parcel, and a small pump bottle of waterproofing compound for same.

And on the fourth time (very odd store hours and mind-fucked as to recalling them), I got lucky and the alterations woman was in her store front, though it was a cute setup. At first they plugged up the parking so I had to drive around the block with one vehicle ahead, and another behind me, then a dude with a camo cowboy hat was in loiter mode outside the shop. The alterations person has the door locked even if her shop was open, and when opening the door she "somehow" dropped a pin and then couldn't find it. Neat trick that, delaying entry through a door, which so often "happens" since this abuse was sprung on me. I get in the store with my two items for alterations, and lo, if she doesn't have a pair of men's shorts on the table in the same camoflage pattern as the now-gone cowboy stalker dude. Hilarious, as in NOT.

Then when back, I spray the waterproofing solution on the shoes outside, and lo, if the perps didn't arrange a helicopter to sit and hover in one place, about 400' overhead. Like WTF; I get countless passing helicopters, but this must of been a big event for them to have it remain in place overhead. The waterproofing solution took about 10 minutes to apply and clean up, and the navy blue and white helicopter was there for at least eight of them. Only one other time have they had a helicopter stop overhead, and that was when I was at a farm job, sitting much closer, maybe 100' from the ground, and all white.

After that, the "need" to sharpen three knives on my diamond grit sharpening stones came on, as it had been delayed for two weeks or more. I use a spray bottle of non-oxidizing water (a product addition) to spray on the sharpening stones as a lubricant to cause the metal particles to be washed away. So..., big excitement for the perp planners, using two different spray bottles, one just acquired and applied outside to the new shoes, and one year old spray bottle for the sharpening stones applied inside the suite. Normally, the latter has always been done inside, but "for some reason" I elected to use it inside (still sunny and warm today).

Another toilet blocking stunt began this morning, and with the additon of Liquid Plumber, it was finally resolved this evening. Ten years of this abusive inanity, and here they are, still hounding me over taking a crap.

Back to vineyard work; picking botrytis afflicted grapes today, to save the regular pickers from selecting them tomorrow, when they start. The picking bins and pallets arrived by large semi-trailer truck, with a on-board forklift. Late in the afternoon, the owner got the forklift stuck in the gravel driveway. It started to bury the front wheel, the even tread tires not getting much traction. Even the tractor couldn't pull it out, and it buried its wheels too. Eventually, a tow truck came for $115 charge and got it out. And lo, if the end of my activities for the day didn't coinicide with the tow truck preceding me all the way into Pentiction, about 5 miles. Even more strange was the driver parking the tow truck at the far end of the property and then walked back some 100m to then deal with the bill at the house. Like WTF; why didn't he just park it close to the house once he pulled the forklift out, as that is where it got stuck. The perps had me load my vehicle and timed to see the tow truck driver coming toward me, to get the bill paid for. Then the perps reminded me they fucked me out of retrieving my pack in the house, so I had to go back and get it. This recall depletion stunt gave the tow truck driver a head start in departing, as he was at the gate, and I could then close it, rather than he. And lo, if I don't see him in profile (from the side), and he is sporting a ridiculous pony tail. Regular readers know I despise male ponytails, and male long hair, and yet the the perps keep up these antics. I have no idea how they know I might have abreactions over this kind of male hair, though it might fit the biker crowd, as it seems the perps like me to see and hear motorcycles all the time.

A busy day in the vineyard, humpfing grape bins on and off the tractor. These are the empty ones in knockdown form, made of plywood. The side action was getting the winery supplies ordered, as the owner seemed reluctant to get on with it. I was dispatched to talk to the supplier rep, had the quote changed to reflect the newest reality of four bins of botrytised grapes, something we didn't plan on last week. This was over the phone, and it seemed that she could update the quote in real time, as she was online.

I told the owner about the order and the delivery options, one dependent on a 1030h cut-off time, (0830h then) and he decided to wait awhile, as he wanted to get the bins out in the vineyard. So... two hours later, he got engaged on the topic again, and had me complete the order, including using his business charge card. I phone the office, go over the quote, and lo, if the changes I made some two hours previously didn't get on the quote. So.. I go over that again, and finally deal with the delivery options, and it seemed the 1635h bus freight was the best. One item had to be cold packed as it is to be kept at a fridge temperature, and I was told they would utilized cold packs, which was "OK as long as it doesn't spend the night in the bus station" she said.

In the meantime, as part of this building scenario, the assholes cut me off the cellular network for my phone. The "solution" in the past was to pull the battery out and put it in again. It worked the last time. But not this time, and along with messing around with the protective case and taking it off again, why the battery had suddenly discharged all by itself. (I had charged it the night before, so there was no conventional reason it was dead). I was phoneless, and contact list-less as well. Very convenient when I want to pick up a parcel for someone else at the bus freight office and my name isn't on the papers.

I leave work a little early to pick up the order at the bus depot, but enroute I "decided" to go home first because of an imminent crap sensation. I do, shower after a sweaty day, and then look for the owner's phone number online, just in case I had to phone him from the bus freight office. I figured I had lots of time as the owner's wife said the bus depot was open until 1900h. After a series of web page crashes, I finally get the owner's phone number. I head off to the bus depot admidst a heavy vehicular gangstalking show, e.g three white vehicles in front of me and one silver grey. Many others were doing "pop outs", e.g. turning onto the thoroughfare in unison with another vehicle a block further. I get to the bus depot a 1700h  and lo, if they aren't locked tight, closing at that same time. A couple of loafing camo dudes were outside, and a woman pretending to be a bus passenger also erupted ahead of me as I went around the building to find out if the freight office was open. But no, the whole place was closed. And so, a total skunk/jerkaround after being set up to retrieve this parcel for further winemaking activities tomorrow. My vehicular gangstalking posse was all over me for my return trip, and even the loafing dudes managed to show up again, two blocks away after I got held up in a vehicular cluster fuck.

And all that opened up the "FUD-gate" as they now inundate me with scenarios as to the fate of the cold packed items, along with that artfully prescient statement, "as long as it doesn't spend the night in the bus station". Thanks a fucking bunch you insane dicks.

A busy day of harvesting grapes on the vineyard. Or more like it, the pickers were busy, and I was on bin drop off duty, then unused bin retrieval (so the tractor could get to the full bins unimpeded), and some winemaking planning. I picked up the winemaking supplies at the bus stop this morning, and took them to the vineyard. Apart from making up the malolactic fermentation starter culture, most of my time was spent in harvesting support. Fine with me, all part of the viticulture experience, and what I came here for.

And my Android phone is totally dead still, the battery pull-reboot didn't work, so now what? No pics of the grape harvest, or the contrails the idiots decided to perform. And not just the regular cloud lines spanning the horizons, but discontinuous contrails. It is my pet theory that the contrails aren't always a chemical application, e.g. "chemtrails", but serve the perp aims of color games in the sky, not unlike the much more dynamic vehicular gangstalking show I routinely get. And also, the striated plasma and maser beams that are much more fleeting. Not forgetting back in May when it was warm and sunny one Sunday, and I went to the beach to tan, and there was a huge amount of contrails crisscrossing the skies. And lo, if that evening, there wasn't a news story from the Vancouver network TV, which depicted many sky shots showing the same contrail patterns in the sky. So it would seem, the perps wanted a greater audience for viewing these same contrails than just the Penticton folks (and me). In other words, the perps use the media to get mass exposure to whatever their theme/research agenda is.

A day of grape harvesting and then juicemaking; I got to handle the juice of the grapes I had just picked hours earlier, and then handle winemaking for the rest of the day. The 8 bins of Pinot Blanc were processed after the red grapes which were first thing. The big deal seemed to be about keeping me near the plastic bins and pipes while the grapes were being destemmmed and crushed. I also did my winemaker role, adding anti-oxidant to the Pinot Blanc, and pectic enzyme too.

I also added the malolactic ferment stater to the Pinot Noir, and lo, if the perps weren't up to their tricks again by placing 10"x1" long green colored plasma over the cap of the grapes when I took the lid off the fermenting vessel. This at least the second time in these same circumstances where they needed to have a green color over top of a deep red color. Exciting times in Perpvile for sure.

I have been working long days, and through this weekend, and working tomorrow too. I will post this without further ado and call this one done.

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