Saturday, December 24, 2011

Brief Update + NEWema*laddres

A very short update now that the job has ended. And recently, someone chose to hack my ema*l address enough so I had to close the account. That means a change to the physical and ema*l addresses in one month, as I will be moving out soon (by month's end). My new ema*l addres isjhughes964ATyahooDOTca.The capitalization means to substitute the symbols. Pardon the run-on words, but anything to not get my ema*l hacked again. Which meant, that messages went out under my ema*l but were not from me (not in my Sent box). Someone sending Viagra ads to my 21 y.o. daughter was the last straw. Even the Yahooaccount termination page got hacked, and I couldn't terminate the account for an extra week, just so the assholes could persist in their insane games.

More news later, maybe in a week or two, as everything is so up in the air; house moving to a new city, ema*l address changes, living in at the FIrst Feral Family house and this entire Xmas and New Years nonsense. Pardon the cynicism, but after getting gangstalked with so many red vehicles and red dressed ambulatory gangstalkers, I now get it; it is all about the colors.

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