Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Adroit Timing

I changed my Amazon account information about three days ago; new physical address and new email. I had an outstanding item on order which I had "forgotten" (read, mind-fuck as I don't usually forget these kind of contingenies). So what happens? Amazon tells me today that they have shipped the item, sending to my new email address, otherwise I would not of known, as the old one got hacked so bad I had to terminate the account. BUT, they shipped it to my old physical address when this was updated at the same time, to that of Penticton, BC. Like WTF; how did they do this, take an up-to-date email address and match it to the old address when both were updated at the same time?

And too, this would of been no big deal as the parcel would of been re-directed by the Post Office like Amazon usually does, as I filled out a re-direction form and paid them to put it into their system. But no, they sent this by UPS, just to make things more awkward. UPS has this little ritual where they must make the first delivery attempt and then supply the little brown and yellow tag with a phone number on it. Only then can one phone and have them hold it for pick up instead of making more delivery attempts. I will be out of town by Jan. 05, so it would seem that Amazon purposely chose this delivery to be as inconvenient at possible; right in the middle of a move to another town, a 10 hour drive away with a carrier that has the most awkward means of changing the delivery method.

And furthermore, Amazon had some kind of rare powers as they claim they billed my credit card, but lo, if my credit card wasn't suspended for some strange reason, some four days ago, and I have to investigate it to find out what the problem is.

So it would seem that someone chose this item's delivery to be a major pain in the ass, and made sure they picked the most problematic options availible. This is one example of how the perp like to jerk with one.

Earlier today, the perps pulled a rain storm for when I was moving boxes out of my apartment with my in-town brother. All of them were rain splattered, so I put them in the First Feral Family house without stacking them so they could get dry. More freaking hassle.

This is likely to be my last posting for a week or so until I get relocated to Penticton and start my viticulture laborer certificate course. This PC will be taken apart and won't be set up until Jan. 06, 2012 or so. There is the FFF house computer, so I will be able to monitor my email. Needless to say, December has been a highly distracted month, with working full time, a house move/re-location organized (almost), and then the email hacking hassle which resulted in terminating my email address that I had for the past 10 years. Maybe it was Yahoo who supplied the password to the hackers so they could get rid of long time email users, 3550 messages in my case. Or maybe it was the perps doing their harassment escalation thing, piling on more hassle, like the Amazon/UPS shenanigans mentioned above.

Onto another city and to ponder what is my harassment fate at Okanagan College in Penticton, BC.


Rachael O. said...

Hey John. Sorry to hear about all this. I've learned to be almost paranoid about keeping up on stuff like this. Keep an eye on the weather. Keep mail and UPS on thier toes. Try to make nice with the people in charge of your stuff-deliveries etc. Keeping one step ahead is the only way. : l

KDJ said...


I just moved over the holidays also
Forwarded my USPS mail.
It was in effect about 10 days ago
now 2 parcels are in limbo somewhere
one says delivered one says left note.
drove by the old address, no note no delivery.

and seems I have gotten no mail at new address in the last few days.
wonder if it is being sent to limbo also??

perps seem to have had to throw in one holiday wacky season "fuck around".

more linguistic perp harassment they just have to slip in. little time bombs that dont blow up til later. little stuff left by the perps just to remind me they are still there, as they has said before "to mess with me"
I am getting tired of the fucking zoo again, this dog pound for way ward dogs, this habitat for us defective humans. their constant testing to see if the dog pound dog is ready to be sent home with his new master or if the stray dog still will bite or run away or dig in the yard or chew the masters shoes or piss in the house.
I am sick of their fucking poking and prodding and testing.
Yes yes bow to the masters. bow to their fake shit, their fake world with their fake contradicting fucking rules, with their fake fucking TV news and made up bullshit stories. I am sick of this shit. I am sick of being nice.
If I could find them I would shit on their feet and piss on their shoes.
I am sick of this fucking game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AJH said...

Answer to: Hey John. Sorry to hear about all this...

It has been a high hassle month, so now that I am relocated in Penticton and got my internet access running after more imposed adversity, it just may settle down some. Though, the citizens have been briefed and arranged to be just as persistent gangstalkers as in Victoria, BC. You know, the "just stand there's", the "back and forths", the redcoats, the red light running, the debit card transactions being slowed down and re-entered etc. (same as the last place) and so it goes. I must catch up on your blog, as I have been so busy in the last 8 weeks. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I just moved over the holidays also...

I can empathize with your adversities in re-locating. I have come to conclude that Christmas is more about the color games and temporary adornments for whatever purpose the perps have in mind. My relocation is done, and I did manage to visit the UPS office before I departed and got them to re-direct my parcel (containing a CD) to the First Feral Family house. It is just that I won't get to the parcel for a few months, but I can live with that. I don't have any notion as to why the perps wanted one of my parcels delivered to my former address, catching me in mid-relocation as they did. But as I drove for some 6 hours yesterday with at least ten cardboard boxes in the back of a Ford Escape, and had plenty of brown cardboard bearing vehicular gangstalking enroute, (cardboard boxed large screen TV in back of pickup (at least three)), I suppose there is something cosmic/psychic or otherwise energetic about it all. Yes, I am sick of this game too, getting the extra staring in this town on the first day, as well as cashiers looking at me as if scared shitless. I think we are good for at least two years in this sunny clime, though who knows why this town is so perp-important. My perp-abetting parents, took me here with their "new-found" interest in wine back in 2006, and then continued annual fall visits through to 2010. And so the perp's long term plan comes to fruition, having me reside here, taking a viticulture laboring course after four years of seasonal farm work. Woo-hoo, putting lipstick on a pig as they say. Thanks for the comments.